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Too Emo Tional

Too Emo Tional




When I first started blogging, strangely enough, the process had absolutely nothing to do with the Packers. For the most part, neither does this post, or does it?




I've had it up to here with all of the sensitive fans and sensitive followers of the Packer blogosphere. Some days, it's impossible to write, do, or say anything without someone crying about it.


Around here we call them "emo's."  You know who I am talking about. Those guys, you know the ones that are misinformed sometime around ninth grade that the chicks are really into thin skinned dudes. Soon after falling for that bullshit assessment, they start to listening to some sappy band like Fall Out Boy, and dressing like total losers, complete with scarf, all with the hope that some hottie will think they are sensitive and listen to them whine about how the world doesn't understand them.


Eventually, after they have thoroughly discussed how everything in the world is ultra depressing, the young lass wakes up one day and realizes that emo boy isn't actually emo at all, he's just a pussy. She dumps his ass and he goes home and strums a Flock of Seagulls meets Pet Shop Boys medley on his acoustic guitar until another emo chick comes along and falls for the same crap.


I see a growing trend of emo types in the Packer blogosphere and it disturbs me. Seriously, you can't say anything more without offending someone, hurting their feelings, or generally making them think you are the anti-christ.


I don't get it, and maybe it is because I have been born and bred in the heart of Wisconsin and that's just not how it goes around here. For example, when any number of my twenty of so buddies calls me and I pick up the phone, the standard greeting is, "What's going on dickhead?"


When I am out playing golf with the guys and one of them sinks an amazing 60 foot putt there is not a multitude of high fives but rather a chorus of "You sucks."


If I tell someone I am not feeling good, I more often than not get a serenade of "Wah" or "Wie Wie Wie" instead of a hot bowl of chicken soup.


If my voice hurts, it's "Now you know how we feel."


That's the mentality around here, in general, and concerning the Green Bay Packers. We don't sugar coat our feelings, and we certainly don't take crap from anyone. I don't run into one or two Packer fans everyday either. They are everywhere, all the time. It's like living at Lambeau without the game. This morning for instance I had to run to the gas station because some dumbass forgot to mention that we were out of toilet paper. Anyway, at 7:30 a.m. of the five people in the station, there were three Packer sweatshirts, a Packer hat, and the 55-year-old lady behind the counter had a Packer button on. And trust me, each and every one of them had something to say and most of it was offensive. And if you offend them back, they will not hesitate to tell you to get bent.


It's a far cry from the present Packer blogosphere where we find people whining and crying about every little dig, hint of sarcasm, and general differences in philosophy. Seriously, can you people grow a pair already or what? This is Packer football, not some pussy game of soccer. There is no room for purring, no room for being offended, and absolutely no room for emo's. If you want to get all uptight and emotional about things go hang out on the Viking's forums.


I am happy that the Green Bay Packers are certainly in the contention for being called America's team. But, America needs to figure out what being a Packer fan in Wisconsin is all about. It's about waking up crabby on Monday morning and bitching because the cat is in the way. It's about going to the store and having the 60-year-old woman behind the bakery counter give you the smashed roll because she is cranky as piss about yesterday's loss. It's about going to school and getting twice the homework because you can tell your Professor is upset and not in his usual Packer attire.


I understand that many fans across the nation don't know what it's like to live in Wisconsin as a Packer fan. It's a lifestyle, but don't expect anyone around here to hold back just because you happen to be sensitive. There is no room for sensitivity here, and even less room for it in football. I root for the Packers because they don't, or at least used to, not take crap from anyone. I've had it up to here with all of these uptight fans and bloggers coming out of the woodwork with their rainbows and bowties. Give me a break. Put on a pair of jeans, top it off with a Ford hoodie, and if someone offends you man up and tell them to go get fucked.


I've said it more than once, and I will say it again. I don't give two shits what you think, and anyone, and I repeat anyone, who suggests I need to muzzle what I say has another thing coming. If you don't like it that's on you, I don't have time for it. Quit coming around. This place will be fine one way or another.


Or, just delete me as a friend on Facebook.

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Asshalo's picture

Emo's beware or man up. If someone else can dish it out, so can you.

TXPackerFan's picture

You should be a Packers fan in Texas!! Don't hear too much whining when we lose, but it is unbearable if Dallas loses!

On the other hand, it is great when we win and Dallas loses!

Wamzlee's picture

I can't help but to post this.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

LMAO. I love the lyrics.

"Wah, Wah, Wah and I Wah some more."

Mr_Fastbucks's picture

Following the Packers as long as I have has dulled my senses somewhat. Now I don't get overly excited when we win or lose. My goals are simple:

1) Beat the Bears twice.
2) Get to the dance.
3) Win the division.
4) Win a bye week.
5) Win home-field advantage.

Yes, in that order. All the other crap that has nothing to do with achieving these goals is just theater. God made us all different so some will be emotional and some will be analytical. Fine. Just don't distract me too much.

Franklin Hillside's picture

Lack of T.P. always makes me mad too.

Alex Tallitsch's picture


<blockquote cite="comment-5763">

<strong><a href="#comment-5763" rel="nofollow">Mr_Fastbucks</a></strong>:
4) Win a bye week.


Mr. Bacon's picture

Welcome to the ultimate Wisconsin Monday morning hell.

The Badgers lost
The Packers lost
The Brewers are not in the playoffs
The Bucks suck

PackersRS's picture

Stop whining about emos and grow a pair, will ya?

PackersRS's picture;feature=related
That's real soccer. Not Europe or Beckham.

PackersRS's picture;feature=related
And this is what happens when my team is in bad mood. Grêmio: blue, black and white stripes. That's my team. Pussy soccer, huh?

Stan's picture

My own mother calls me a dickhead when the packers lose...... bitch.

Hofschneider's picture

First, Beckham sucks. That's the reason he plays in the US. We didn't need, didn't want him anymore. Backham is not = europe soccer. US-soccer is pussy-soccer. periode.
"wa... wa... we can't extend our season to 18 games, cause our Runningbacks get tired... wa...wa...I need my 9 months of free-footballtime a year!" or "wa....wa... Im a big Nosetackle, earn around 100million and I just played 4 to 5 snaps back to back, I need two full trains full of oxygen, NOW! ..wa...wa" who is wining now?
dudes, you footballers are so tough, man!

I just delete your friendship on my german-facebook account, bitch! ;)

Alex Tallitsch's picture


PackersRS's picture

Cmon! European soccer is pansy! When was the last time you saw an elbow hit? The last time you say a fight? With the exception of Materazzi, they're all pansies.

Hugo de León. Libertadores.

Stan's picture

I think Alex has sparked the worst in us all............ shame on you, YOU FUCKING DUMBASS DRUNK BUM!!!

Hofschneider's picture

stan is right.... jerk!

Hofschneider's picture
Stan's picture


I think we're gonna silence those damn critics in this game. I love games where critics have to back track and explain their complete lack of faith.

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