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Think We Are Trading? Watch Brandon Jackson

Think We Are Trading? Watch Brandon Jackson

With all the insanity floating around about the A.J. Hawk for Marshawn Lynch trade rumor it seems pretty much a given that if the dream has wheels, the Packers, or the Bills for that matter, would never pull the trigger before an upcoming match against each other. However, if you want to forecast the possible odds for a trade, watch Brandon Jackson.

And hope he has a GREAT day.

If there is any truth to the trade rumor, I think you will know right away by how the Packers utilize Jackson. If the Packers are indeed interested in trading with the Bills, I expect them to come and almost go out of their way to try and get number 32 a monster day.

It no secret that the rest of the league is looking as the Packers as buyers right now in any Hawk for running back type scenario. This perceived need, and the way Ted Thompson does business don't mesh at all. However, if Brandon Jackson were to have an overly impressive outing that perception of need would certainly change a bit. Then, perhaps the chips would fall a little more to Ted's liking.

If the Packers are indeed looking for a running back in any kind of trade scenario, expect Jackson to get the ball early and often, and if he has early success, expect a heavy workload the entire game.

The best thing for the Packers, and for the insane fans hollering for a trade, is for Brandon Jackson to tear it up.

I think you'll know right away if the Packers are thinking the same thing.

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asshalo's picture

Very true. Makes us seem less desperate and let's the team know if they really even need to trade for a Marshawn Lynch. Maybe Jackson, Nance and Kuhn can actually pick-up the load. It's good practice to test it out first. Grant came out of nowhere. He was largely untested and so are the guys getting a shot right now.

And Marshawn Lynch has baggage and the Bills aren't giving him up for fair price. I wouldn't complain if they got the guy but what the fans want isn't always right or plausible.

SpiderPack's picture

Nice insight on Ted. That's a step inside, like you've been known to do. I think you're saying that he won't "look about for a trade" unless he feels secure about his RB situation, Eh?

OR, what I'm thinking is... you are saying that he may trade BJax!!!

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I don't think will trade unless the Packers have better leverage. A good showing by Jackson would definitely lower the perceived need at RB.

Rich's picture

dont get me wrong i have faith in jackson he has the stuff to be a number one back in my opinion but just what happens if jackson goes down... nothing we're screwed, not that we need a runningback thats great to win games but it wouldnt hurt i think a switch off between lynch and jackson would be great he would just be a great addition a weapon in our arsenal already, and if hawk isnt really happy and lynch isnt happy whats that going to hurt? we have the depth at linebacker why not.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"we have the depth at linebacker why not."

We do??? We have 8 on a 34 D. One tweaked MCL and we are perilously thin. Could not disagree more.


FITZCORE1252's picture

This is 32's shot. Ted drafted him high, you know he will be given every chance to succeed in this situation(I don't see them bringing someone in unless 32 falls flat on his face, which he won't). I hope he takes this opportunity and never looks back. Fuck Lynch, we got 32...


JimmySmith's picture

Anybody who is paying close attention to the habits and dealings of TT must realize that he goes against the grain (9 times out of 10) So, throw logic out the window, this trade will never happen no matter how much sense it makes.

Greg C.'s picture

Now Alex is starting to think like Ted. That's pretty scary. Assuming, of course, that it's possible for anyone else to think like Ted. There is something truly unique about the way Ted plods stubbornly along.

Another interesting player to watch will be A.J. Hawk. The Bills are a run-oriented team, so Hawk will be on the field a lot, and considering how good he looked in training camp, he might have a big day. That might inflame the speculation about him being traded (I wouldn't even use the word "rumors" at this point), but my money is still on Ted standing pat.

Jordan's picture

If you take Alex's logic a bit further... I bet AJ plays a lot and plays very well, possibly enticing the bills-who are perilously thin at linebacker- to consider the trade more seriously. This game can put the packers in a great position of leverage if both hawk and BJack play well. I really don't care if the trade happens, but I'm very excited about the Pack trouncing the bills this Sunday! Never forget Tampa Bay 09...

PackersRS's picture

Again, this could also be the case, were not for the fact that the Bills are, for all accounts, a running team, and that Hawk is the starter in the base D...

PackersRS's picture

This would be a great point, if the opposing team wasn't the #30 in rush D, and the #2 in pass D...

All logic indicates that, regardless if we're showcasing or not, we run on them early and often. So we can't make any conclusions this week...

Chris's picture

The Packers have 4 inside LB on the roster right now. If they trade one now they need to promote another. Who would it be?
I don't see any Hawk trade mid-season if this question is not answered.
And if I were in charge I would try to get Fred Jackson instead of Marshawn Lynch.

jbeebe1571's picture

Looks like we keep b-jack in if Aaron's take is correct.

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