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The Top Ted

The Top Ted

I was going to take the advice of @jrehor and talk about my Spring Break, but that's as boring as Green Bay Packers news right now. So instead, let's review the best (and worst) Ted Thompson bashing of recent note.

All I can say is poor Ted Thompson. The guy can't win anyway you dice it. Here are some of my favorite Ted Thompson slams, smashes, and chuckles. In random order. Feel free to add your own.

1. Conclusion…

Ted Thompson = JACKASS!

2. Face it. Ted Thompson blows…

3. Any time Tracy White is referenced, Ted Thompson gets stung by a three hornets. Fact

4. This just in: “Ted Thompson has the AIDS…”

5. It can’t be as deadly as “Ted Thompsonitis.”

6. TT is a douche!

7. Ted Thompson and Mike Murphy and Mark Murphy must go before I return as a PACKER FAN!

8. ...he bought into the “Cult of Ted” rather than supporting the Packers.

9. Hate to say I told you so, but the only person to blame for this team is the man who built it, Ted Thompson.

10. Packers fans shit your own emotional bed and you are wallowing in your own crapulence… Ted Thompson blows.

11. Brett Favre doesn’t suck, he’s a WINNER!

12. He likes “young boys."

13. Ted Thompson is undead. He’s the first ever undead GM in the national football league.

14. Thompson = GM Version of Dexter.

15. The dead eyes of Ted Thompson linger, linger ever knowing, ever aware of the dark shadows that haunt his being. He cannot escape from his own black hell. Look deep into his eyes, his hollow smile and see the demons that clench at his very being, his very soul. He feels nothing for these “players” as ye mortals would have them. He only desires but one thing, and one thing only, big men, behemoths with good reach and an ability to rush the passer as well as take up blockers.

16. When Ted Thompson goes shopping, he always brings coupons.

17. When Ted Thompson goes to sleep he always has his eyes open.

18. When Ted Thompson goes “poopy” he always pumps his fists and shouts “TOUCHDOWN!”

19. When Ted Thompson goes clubbing he always starts a breakin' war.

20. When Ted Thompson goes home he always looks for a dead dog on his doorstep.

There is a sliver of my life on a daily basis. Hope you had a good laugh on a news free Packer Monday. See you tomorrow.

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PackersRS's picture

Alex: can you name the sentences NOT made by JJ (or pack66, don't remember his nickname in here... He uses one for every site...)?

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Although JJ and elmo share a small portion of these - it's fairly random.

Graffin's picture

#'s 12 and 14 made me laugh out loud

BubbaOne's picture

Why give the mentally challenged people (I won't call them fans) a platform to reaffirm or spew their ignorance.
No matter what you think of him personally TT has built a solid, exciting, team poised to contend for years to come. He remade the team while hamstrung w/ salary cap issues. Winning record; 30-18 over the last 3 years. Brough in impact players, avg'ing a Pro Bowler a year (Collins, Rodgers, Woodson, Jennings (1st alt), Matthews). Has he made mistakes, of course. But I suggest he's in the top quarter of GM's.
For a fan who live through the 70's and 80's I appreciate the product he's put on the field. We're talking about making a Super Bowl run and he's the architect. If we're indeed Packer fans, let's support the administration and coaching staff as much as we support the players.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Not that this needs to be said, but my platform will be used however I feel. Call the complaint department. 1-800-MYH-OUSE. (694-6873)

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

Love you Ted Thompson revisionist NAD LICKERS....

Ted Thompson' record is 42-39...Hardly anything to crow about. And he had his BEST record when FAVRE was leading the team.

You guys are blind JACKASSES who are going to crash and burn supporting CATATONIC TED.....the SUPREME JACKASS...

Asshalo's picture

Good stuff, Alex. Felt like an idiot laughing at a public ITC.

Yes, Jeremiah's back!

wgbeethree's picture

Love you Brett Favre revisionist NAD LICKERS....

He had his WORST record when FAVRE was leading the team....

You are a blind JACKASS who is going to crash and burn (again...just like always) supporting Brett...the SUPREME CHOKE ARTIST

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