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The Six Pack

The Six Pack

I don't have a monster breakdown of this weekends draft. I thought it was boring but solid. However, here are some options to get caught up on all the action, and as always, some other interesting tid-bits.

The Six Pack

1. As always, great coverage by Jersey Al at Jersey Al's Packer blog. I agree Al, everything seemed backwards.

2. Here is a nice list from Total Packers on the undrafted free-agents that everyone is so excited about.

3. Is fishing really bigger than the Packers?

4. I would be a travesty to not mention the great job done by Aaron Nagler, Corey Behnke, and Brian Carriveau during the draft. Catch a re-cap of everything as it happened in real time.

5. Anyone who thought Brian Westbrook was going to be a Packer might need to think again.

6. I mentioned in the last week's Six Pack that Gilbert Brown was having a bad year. Now, he's just getting pissed.

Have a good Sunday...

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Jersey Al's picture

Thanks Alex. Bizzaro Ted Thompson rules!

FITZCORE1252's picture

Al, if Quarless gets his shit together, that could be a serious double TE set we could trot out. Blocking TE's are a dying breed anyhow.

Have you ever seen that show Paranormal State, with those kids from Penn State? I hope that's not your boy, 'cause those kids are nuts. LOL

Jersey Al's picture

I'm calling it here first - the "Pick Six" Formation. 4WR plus 2 2TE who may as well be wide receivers.

I've never heard of "Paranormal State" until just now...

PackersRS's picture

There can only be 5 skill players, if I'm not mistaken, Al...

The base I set is 2 TE, 2 WR and 1 RB... So, there should be 2 TE, and 3 WR...

FITZCORE1252's picture

Well, you need 5 linemen. 5 linemen + 6 receivers = zero QB. So maybe if one of the receivers takes the snap and then goes and runs a route,
or, OR... THROWS IT TO HIMSELF!!!??? You're on to something dude.

Erik's picture

That constantly changing icon that Total Packers has makes an otherwise decent blog almost unreadable.

LesleyInJax's picture

In re: #4
Bravo, guys! Alex, you didn't suck either. The chat was great and a welcome respite for those of us who live in the wasteland of another NFL market filled with "fans" who know nothing of pro football other than that the beers are expensive at the games.

See ya next year when we're picking 32nd!

FITZCORE1252's picture

Some outside analysis on the drafted players:

FITZCORE1252's picture

So, I'm sure everybody heard the news about Jeremy Thompson (too bad, good luck to you, kid). We are dangerously thin @ OLB (does Brady even count, I mean, really?)

Just throwin' it out there... Adalius Thomas? Just released. If for nothing more than a quality backup. Cut Brady, sign Thomas. Sure you'll be paying more, WHO CARES. He's a 2 time pro-bowler, stout against the run, can rush the passer (not really known for it). Only 32, got a couple more years left, I would think. On second thought, keep Brady around, just hope we never have to play him. We need bodies.

Also heard once Merriman signs his tender he could be trade-bait...



Wiscokid's picture

Thought provocative as always Fitz but we both know that TT never coughs up big free agent money (well, hardly ever with Woodson being the possible exception if you want to call that big). He would be a nice addition to this years team.

What do you think about signing Lynch? We would have to give the farm for him like say giving up Bush and a 5th round pick. OK, that's not the whole farm, maybe a sick old horse who should be shot to be put out of it's misery and a 5th round pick.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Yeah, I'm definitely not holding my breath. It just seems like PERFECT timing though.

If you go watch Teds' post draft interview (, he was asked about the OLB situation. He said they were looking to add a couple of players. Probably just means UFA's, but, maybe he heard it through the grapevine somebody may be available soon?

The draft has come and gone... didn't address OLB.

Ted learns today that one of the youngsters they'd hoped would push for playing time... is retiring.

Oh, just so happens THE SAME DAY, a well known OLB (who knows how to win mind you, don't discredit that) gets cut, and is looking for a new home.

Of course it won't happen, makes too much f'ing sense.

As for Lynch, I dunno. Who's gonna go? Ahman probably won't be back (but I'd imagine Starks takes that spot). Grant stays, Jackson stays (I don't see Ted letting him go, being one of HIS 2nd rounders and all), plus I heard from a source Coach wanted to carry 5 FB's on game day this season.


Wiscokid's picture

Didn't Ted have his eye on Lynch? That was the same draft he picked Harrell. Could be a sort of salvation for that draft. Besides, moving from Buffalo to Green Bay would defiantly be good place for they to repent his sins (so to speak). How about this, we take both Thomas and Lynch. If he did that, this would be a stellar off-season. Draft for the future and depth on both lines as well as helping this years team maybe get to the next level. Wow, we should have Ted's job and Jamarcus Russell's money.

Wiscokid's picture

Ok, I screwed that up a bit. I meant to say a good place for Lynch to repent his sin, but you knew that. Sometimes my typing skills suck.

But really, Russell is making a butt-load of money and probably never start another game! What a country.

Wiscokid's picture

And you are right, you can never have too many full backs.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I just don't know where Lynch fits (who leaves). Yeah, Jamarcus friggin' Russell, God Bless America... I guess.

Ted has been busy @ OLB, just came across this (James Harrison was undrafted, I think, maybe not, sounds good, we'll go with that), maybe the next Harrison???

FITZCORE1252's picture

Nobody gives two shitz 'bout typing skillz, you're good. Unless you wanna get buzzed and argue the correct time to use certain words (yours truly). LOL

Wiscokid's picture

I have a dream, that someday all teams in the NFL will have nothing but fullbacks on their team. A league comprised of fullbacks as far as the eye can see....and we still won't be able to get a yard on a third and one.

FITZCORE1252's picture

HEY, what gives? Those guys weren't in the picture a few days ago.

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