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The Six Pack

The Six Pack

This is going to be a tough task especially on a slow news day. But, here is your weekly Green Bay Packers Six Pack.

The Six Pack

1. Even Bedard admits there is not much going on, but hints at a potential pickup in the front office. I like the idea.

2. Sometimes I wonder why I bother with these when Railbird's Daily links has everything covered.

3. Thanks to Pro Football Talk for linking to the Lounge and Ryan Pickett dancing on Dancey Dance.

4. In case you missed it, or didn't already know, Favre used to get hammered.

5. Here's a story about an ex-marine, who decided to become a hairdresser, and is a huge Packer's fan. Like I said, slow news day.

6. I wonder if the Packers know that their Super Bowl rings were made in Minnesota?

Have a great weekend.

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PackersRS's picture

This must've been the hardest 6-pack you've ever made. Kudos, I can't find nothing new, even on forums...

FITZCORE1252's picture

If no news really is good news... we're money!


FITZCORE1252's picture

I always enjoy the six pack.


isn't there something that we can do about the picture that accompanies it? I see no point in having 3 chicks in bikinis if they are being blocked out by two dudes (sure you're great guys, don't need to see ya)... maybe it's just me, I doubt it.


FITZCORE1252's picture


After some time to reflect...

There is the potential to view 6, yes, ***S-I-X*** ***BOOBS*** in that pic. Instead I get 2, yes, ***T-W-O*** BOOBS and what I think is Ironman (grinnin’ from ear to ear) with another dude (also chees'n).

I mean, WTF. I've seen plenty of pics of the bikini girls BY THEMSELVES... whatever these guys paid you Alex, I'll match it (as long as they paid nothing).

I don't like to present problems without possible fixes...

How about everyone submits Packer pics to you (Gameday/family/lambeau… you would have a stockpile) and each 6'er you pick a WEINER, I mean winner, and maybe a brief synopsis of the pic (which the sender would send with the pic... of course)?

Just a thought...


P.S. - Don't mind me and all the incessant posting... Daddy's hittin' the sauce tonight boyz...


Asshalo's picture

1. Yep. With Synder leaving, they have openings.

2. Don't be so hard on yourself, Alex. You found Packer fans in Asia. I bet you can find a bunch more werid, but very entertaining, shite.

3. You see!? Exihibit B of weird-very-entertaining-shite: Pickett thinks he's a tellitubby. Then again, maybe he's preparing for a sack or endzone celebration for the upcoming season.

5. Hahahahaha.

FITZCORE1252's picture


WTF is your stance on BOOBS dude?

Are you in favor of them being blocked by chees'n cheeseheads, or would you rather they be shown in their full glory?

This shizzle needs to be addressed...

On a side note,

I just watched the '98 NFC Wildcard game on NFL network. My old lady was just coming in from work as it was ending. Good thing I have a DVR. I replayed the RICE FUMBLE 4 times for her until she could explain to me the magnitude of that BULLSHIT non-call (1 year before replay... P-H-U-K--- THAT). We would've went to Atlanta & WON. Went to Minnehaha & WON. Then exacted a bit of revenge on John in the BIG SHOW!

God Damn refs.


PackersRS's picture

Cmon man... For a 123 years old, you're a little too riled up!
(I agree, BTW. Major Boobage is awesome. And that, coupled with last years' playoff game, was the worst BS calls I've seen. But hopefully both have the same ending, the Pack as World Champions (of a game only played in North America))...

Asshalo's picture

My stance on boobs is, Ironman, the boob-blocker himself, should come out of hiding to defend himself.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Haha, good math... You've been over @ CHTV.

"Major Boobage", that has the potential to be one hell of a porn. I can see it now... A special ops unit comprised of all females, who's leader is one "Major Boobage" = potential.

PackersRS's picture

.1) Regular in there. Same "avatar" (a.k.a. little figure next to the nickname)

2) It's a South Park episode, actually..

FITZCORE1252's picture

Oh yeah, I see you over there all the time... I know it's you. Don't go getting a big head, but I always read your takes (you're not always right, I'm the only one who's ALWAYS right, you are well informed though), there's only a few people I can say that about.

What's a SP episode? Major Boobage? Did you see the season premiere this past week, about Tiger Woods... Hysterical stuff. Elin stole the show.

PackersRS's picture

I saw it... It WOULD be a great video game... And let's get real, golf is as boring as hell. It's like that film (can't remember the name) with Adam Sandler that he's a Hockey player that goes on to play golf.

Tiger turned it interesting...

(BTW, if you like it, ) ;)

FITZCORE1252's picture

Happy Gilmore, great flick.

Any time you have Carl Weathers (A.K.A. Chubs) getting his hand chewed off by a Croc while playing the back 9... count me in.

Then you have "Shooter McGavin", my 2nd favorite movie DICKHEAD of all, right behind one "Big Ern McCracken". Ahhh "Big Ern", you complete me!


PackersRS's picture

Films about "alternative" sports are awesome.

But nothing beats The Waterboy...

FITZCORE1252's picture


That L.T. clip is legendary for me and a few friends (for reasons that won't be disclosed... EVER). But man, that brings back good memories.

Dale Zawada's picture

wow. Boob fight.

Brady Augustine's picture

Love it that Jostens made the Super Bowl I rings...closest the ViQueens will ever be to wearing one!

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