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The Pro Football Hall of Fame Should Be Embarrassed

The Pro Football Hall of Fame Should Be Embarrassed

I'm angry.

I'm flabbergasted.

I'm confused.

Think this pretty much sums up the wide range of feelings I have about Jerry Kramer not nominated as a Hall of Fame senior nominee today. And I bet that I am not alone in feeling the same, and there are probably other emotions I left out that others are feeling about the news as well.

I just do not understand why he is not in the Hall of Fame. He is a 5 time world champion. That alone should merit some consideration, right? A 5 time All Pro, meaning for 5 years, he was considered the best in the game that particular season at his position. Three Pro Bowls added to his resume surely don't hurt his case either. Does this sound like someone who shouldn't at least be considered for the Hall Of Fame?

The reason that upsets me the most over this most recent oversight by the Hall of Fame Senior Committee is his being included on the NFL 50th Anniversary all time team. I simply cannot put my arms around why having Jerry Kramer, the only guard selected for this honor, is the only member of this team who is NOT in the Hall of Fame. Please, can someone explain this to me?

My favorite excuse to hear as to why Kramer is not already in the Hall of Fame is because there are supposedly "too many Lombardi Packers" in the Hall of Fame. This is by far the most pathetic rationale  I have ever heard in my life. Since when did being an all time great suddenly become a numbers game? Since when did being a repeat champion suddenly become something that could actually prevent a player from achieving the greatest honor the sport could bestow on them? The Pro Football Hall of Fame should be embarrassed right now.

I hope I'm not the only Packer fan who feels this way. All of us should feel slighted right now, as one of our own was let down yet again by some committee. It's a disgrace.

Starting tomorrow, I intend on writing to the following members of the Senior Committee, telling them exactly how I feel about this matter. I hope others do the same and let them know how much this means not only to Jerry Kramer and his family, but to all of Packernation.

Thanks to Jersey Al for this info:

Jerry Kramer: your Hall of Fame bid may have been cut short again today, but you will always be a Hall of Famer here in Packernation.

Update 8/22/12: Jerry was once again passed over for nomination by the Senior Committee today, selecting former teammate Dave Robinson and former Houston Oiler Curley Culp as the Senior Nominees. Disappointment is an understatement. But I will not stop supporting the campaign to get Jerry Kramer into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I will continue to write to the committee members listed above, and would suggest you do the same.

Here is the entire list of Hall of Fame voters.

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Ken Korsch's picture

WTF? Why is does this nonsense have to continue? The guy deserves better than this. He showed all of the NFL and its fans that he was the best during the time period he played in. Its an insult to him to become a "numbers game"! Come On! Give the guy his due.

JohnRehor's picture

Could not agree more!

foundinidaho's picture

SO. PISSED. Can't even see straight. For the first time in my life I sent a letter to the HOF. I sent e-mails to these guys. And they shit on Jerry again. I note that it's a travesty Robby isn't in either, but this guy's my hero. And it needs to get fixed.

JohnRehor's picture

Preach it!

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

I have often wondered why Jerry Kramer has not been enshrined in Canton. My guess is, and this is only a hunch, he rubbed some people the wrong way with his books (Instant Replay and Distant Replay). Perhaps some in the "establishment" view Jerry as a bit of blowhard. I, for one, do not. But let's face it...politics isn't just confined to government. I don't like it anymore than the next guy but it is what it is. My guess is that once he passes away from this mortal coil, he will be enshrined posthumously. The excuses by the committee not to enshrine him are numerous but faulty. Here is my list of reasons why #64 should be in Canton:

1) The accolades. Pro Bowl, All Pro, Super Bowl, World Championships

2) All 50 Year member.

3) When you think of the defining play of the Lombardi Packers you think of the Sweep. That play is iconic to this day and who do we see pulling? Kramer and Thurston.

These things alone should have made him a first ballot HOFer. The thing that makes me shake my head all the more is that Randall McDaniel made it in before Kramer. Now don't get me wrong...McDaniel was a very good Guard. 12 time Pro Bowler. No disrespect. But let me say may titles has the man been a part of? Was he on the All 75 team? What signature play is he identified with?

I'm with you guys.....I just don't get it.

JohnRehor's picture

Everything you said is exactly how I feel. When you put everything together, it just makes no sense why he is not already in there. The Randall McDaniel comparision just puts it in better perspective, and again, we are left wondering why.

I personally completely disagree with the posthumous honoring of someone going into any hall of fame. Not that they were not deserving of it while still alive, but it almost seems like the guilt of not having them in already catches up, and the honor is then bestowed. In the case of Jerry, he should already be in there.

Wiscokid's picture

Your point #2 makes the whole situation a head scratcher. How can you keep a guy voted to be one of the best players at his position over a 50 year span out of Canton?

That's insane.

JohnRehor's picture

Exactly. That is the biggest reason it makes no sense. He's good enough to be the best ever for 50 years, but NOT good enough to be in the Hall of Fame?

It's not even logical

ecwiscott's picture

It is a load of crap that Jerry is not in the Hall of Fame and who knew this year (2012) that Jerry would be competing with a teammate Dave Robinson to be nominated to get in??!!!
Get new senior committee members in there!!!

JohnRehor's picture

Not sure I would call it a competition between former teammates in Kramer and Robinson. Both were great players on great teams. What surprises me is that Robinson was selected ahead of Kramer as a nominee.

As for the committee that selects the nominees, I agree that some changes should be made. Some new blood may help not only Kramer, but others who are also deserving of being enshrined and cannot get to the nomination phase

Kay's picture

Canton is a joke, period. They are continuing this lousy excuse of a travesty.

JohnRehor's picture

Travesty is exactly the word I used to describe it on Twitter today.

Anita's picture

What a frustrating feeling. A great day for Dave Robinson, and it's kinda being overshadowed by the fact that his teammate, Jerry Kramer, once again got the screw job.

If the Hall thinks that there are "too many Lombardi Packers in the HOF" (a ridiculous argument also used against the 1972 Miami Dolphins when it comes to members of that team getting in), then we KNOW that there was no way the Veteran's Committee would nominated Robinson and Kramer at the same time.

I hope Dave Robinson gets his bust in Canton this year. And I hope that Jerry Kramer doesn't end up like Ron Santo did with the Baseball HOF. Jerry Kramer deserves to be there and deserves to be there to enjoy seeing it happen.

The Man who recognized the opponent's weak player, pointed it out to the Coach, SUGGESTED the play, and MADE THE BLOCK that won the Ice Bowl? Holy cats. What a bunch of bullshit.

JohnRehor's picture

The Ron Santo thing is what I keep thinking about, and I definitely hope it does not end up going down that path.

Much the same as Santo should have been in the baseball HOF years ago IMO, Jerry should already be in the Football HOF. Period, plain and simple.

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