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The Intro

The Intro




I know beyond any reasonable doubt, that I will be pissed off tonight before the ball is even snapped. Why? It's all in the intro.







Even though the game is hours away I can already picture it in my head. It will be dramatic, it will be engaging, and most assuredly it will suck some major ass.


I will guarantee it's going to go a little something like this...



Intro Music 


Like the changing of the seasons a recurrent legend finds himself shifting colors tonight against the most unlikely of opponents. This evening, Brett Favre, the three time NFL MVP and Super Bowl champion will rake away his green and gold history and don the purple armor of his former enemy, leading them to battle against the team he took from the bottom of NFL and transformed into a perennial powerhouse.

Unable to contain his love of the game, the NFL's ultimate warrior has led his squad to an undefeated record this season. In just a few minutes, the NFL's all time leading passer hopes to continue that dominance while proving to the franchise who told him he couldn't play anymore, that number four will always be the greatest player to ever hit the field.

Trying to stop this runaway train will be the Packer's second year starter Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers, unable to fill the shoes left by the legend last season, sets out once again to prove all the doubters wrong. Leading the youngest team in the NFL, and surrounded with emerging talent the likes of running back Ryan Grant, the young quarterback hopes to pull off the miracle of miracles and cast that one in a million stone that can fell the NFL's most beloved Goliath.

Let the magic begin. 

It's an NFC North showdown here in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Vikings battle the Packers next on ESPN's Monday Night Football.


I'm already puking in my mouth, see you tonight.

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IronMan's picture

Ha. You should make a video of this. Add in a few clips, and pictures to go along with what you are saying.

PackAttackUK's picture

I'm extremely excited, but I'm extremely nervous at the same...

Asshalo's picture

Unfortunately for ESPN, Brett Favre doesn't play baseball.

Stan's picture

I like it, I've got it as my ringtone, I'm turning it into a play next year.

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

Would you like it to be more like this...What exactly do you object to in your own intro, Alex?

Homer Fans and Media Softening the Blow

As we move into game day for the highly anticipated match between The Green Bay Packers and The Minnesota Favres, the homer fans and media are already trying to soften the blow of a potential Packer loss in an attempt to deflect the blame that Ted Thompson’s regime will undoubtedly be facing as the man that Thompson attempted to force out of the NFL returns to have his say in the matter.

All of the staffers for are picking the Vikings to soundly defeat the Pack 29-20, 27-20, 31-20, & 31-20 respectively and one can’t help to see this as an attempt to force the underdog role on the Packers to manage expectations following the outcome of the game. The plan is a simple one. Predict that the Packers will be outclassed by Favre and Company and you face a ‘can’t lose’ situation as a fan of the Packers. If they win, Ted Thompson is a genius who finally proved that Favre is washed up and shouldn’t be playing in the league while if they lose, its because Adrian Peterson is an unstoppable force and the Vikings are a superior team to our inexperienced yet promising young team.


The truth of the matter is that a dam is about to explode tomorrow night for Ted Thompson and his local lovers in Wisconsin and it just may wash all of the homers out of town if things don’t work out for the Green and Gold. The Vikings SHOULD NOT be a better team than the Packers, period. They have been rebuilding for just as long as Uncle Ted has had control of his team and that fact that they are so far ahead of us is a tough pill for him and his supporters to swallow.

Haters will make this game about Favre, when its really all about Ted Thompson. Its about how his team is on the inevitable decline while his rival’s team is on the steady rise. Its about how the talent level of the supporting positions in Minnesota such as offensive & defensive lines are light years ahead of Green Bay’s. Its about two different ways to run a team, and one of those dramatically failing.

Its amazing the lengths these fans will go to protect Thompson who has clearly set this team back five years. Even the comments on my site:

What happens if the impossible happens and the packers win this week? Will this site explode?

So its impossible now, huh? I thought Favre was washed up and was going to run the Vikings into the ground? Wow, if the Packers win, I must really have to eat my crow, right? Wrong.

The Packers can win. In fact I think they have a better chance than most homer media and fans are giving them. Kinda ironic huh?

Asshalo's picture

in no way is it a can't loose situation-- but it's very close. No one is expecting us to go undefeated on the road in the division. If we loose tonight the truth is we won't know how good this team is going to be for a while. They'll probably take care of business against some bunnies after the bye week.

November things start to heat up. As long as we split against MN I don't really care. If we loose tonight it's not going to end the season, but if we win it will go a long ways for separating us from the bears and vikings. I'm a pretty big skeptic of our success, but the preasure is not on the underdog tonight. And I don't protect Thompson one bit. The undead should remain underground

Asshalo's picture

"The undead should remain underground"

That came out way wrong. The undead probably shouldn't be Managing a football team.

Mr. Bacon's picture

Packers win 31-24.

Jersey Al's picture

Vikes, 27-24 on a Longwell FG. But I pray I'm wrong.

I am going into seclusion and self-imposed silence to properly prepare for this game. Starting now...

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I don't even know what to say to that, Al.

Packers 38 Vikings 10

Stan's picture

everyone has us losing. I mean can we at least wait till we fucking lose before we get all depressed n' shit. I keep reading predictions (I'm talking to you Press-Gazette) where we lose by a good margin. Dudes? What. The. Fuck. Where's the faith in the green-n-gold. Yes Ted Thompson's a gimp and Mike McCarthy could stand to grow some balls, but the players are gonna kill themselves out there for you........ SO STAND TALL!!! GO, PACK, GO!!

Asshalo's picture

Damn, Stan, I was already jacked for the game, but now I am jonesing. Maybe you should write a pep rally piece every week.

PackersRS's picture

Very well said, mister. And I doubt that Barnett and Co. aren't reading those predictions and foaming at the mouth. Did you watch Badgers x Gophers? There were the same kinds of predictions, and after they won, they jumped in front of the Bunyan's Axe and started shouting: "THEY SAID WE COULDN'T WIN! THEY SAID WE COULDN'T DO IT!"

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

Nick Barnett is a blowhard...and he sucks too...

Twitter me that, Nick!

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