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The Bears Do Indeed Still Suck

The Bears Do Indeed Still Suck

I have been waiting since week three to post this; to once again talk our most hated rival.

There has been some discussion after the brief eruption of "Bears Still Suck" cheers from the Lambeau faithful about the use of the word Suck, the rivalry and class.  I'd like to think of myself as a lady, with some class.  But I will admit that when it comes to football, sometimes all of my etiquette can go out the window.  I've yelled at people in public, had some regrettable football induced outbursts, and made a fool of myself on many occasions - one of which I will admit was crying, no sobbing, outside of Willies in Covington after USC lost to Stanford (I haven't been back).

And as I have aged over the years, and sobered up some from yesterday, I will freely admit that I feel no less of a knowledgeable fan or classy person for chanting along with and celebrating the Bears Still Suck.  There's something about sports rivalries; they have their own rules.  Do I wish anyone harm?  Do I hope the Bears and all their fans get sucked into a big black hole and never return.... um...well, no, not really.  But I do find joy in hating on them.  It's a social interaction of it's own making.

Recently I started a new job, I love it.  Within a month of starting, a new co-worker, a Bears fan looked me straight in the eye and said, "oh, Packers fans, those are the worst" knowing full well that I was an obsessed Packer Backer.  I suppose anyone else probably would have been offended, or scared of the new employment.  But I wasn't.  That's how this interaction works.

I once had someone in my apartment back when I lived in Milwaukee who started singing the Bear Down song.  I told him he either had to stop or "get out of my house".

Earlier this season I posted a week long blog series entitled the Bears Still Suck, highlighting Bears jokes, youtube videos making fun of the Bears and yes  One of the few jokes I remember from my childhood is a Bears joke.

It's been in my family since the beginning.  My Aunt, the oldest of four girls, turned out to be a Bears fan.  Perhaps it's something she "caught" while living in Rockford, or perhaps it was sort of an Alex Keaton syndrome.   The rest of my family lived and died with the Packers.  It was my grandmother who listened to Jim and Max, who used to get so stressed during games she resorted to cleaning the oven every Sunday.  So needless to say there was much jawing back and forth between my aunt and the rest of the family.  One year circa early 80s, my aunt was given something Packers related as a surprise Christmas gift.  This is her reaction.

Maybe I've just been preconditioned to thinking the Bears Still Suck.  Maybe I just don't have a problem with the word Suck.  Maybe I'm just not as classy as I'd like to believe.  But I love rivalry weeks.  And I really do believe, that after further review, THE Bears STILL SUCK!!

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packersplanet's picture

Thank you Jayme. THE BEARS STILL SUCK!!! cmon Wilde, how long have you been writing about the Packers? I can't wait until my 3 month old daughter is ready to go to a Packer game. Packer games are not rated G for family fun entertainment. That's what Sunday School is for. Packer games are a PG-13 party with 70,000 of your closest Packer friends. So if you don't want to subject your kids to some "Bears still SUCK" chants I'd suggest you stay at home and put on the newest elmo cartoons. I will be teaching my daughter the chant before her 1st GB vs Bears game.

Jayme said it right when talking about her co-worker. In fact today I worked with a Bears fan and said "ha, the bears still suck" and then he called me a "butt Packer" and it was hilarious. That's football and it's all said in fun. 99% of people know where to draw the line

PS - I'm wondering if Wilde reads this because this is aimed towards him. I couldn't fit what I wanted to say into a tweet. God I wish Bedard was still around

Jayme Snowden's picture

Doubt I'm on Wilde radar yet. :)

I did happen to find a little girl (maybe three) screaming Bears Still Suck right along with the song on youtube. It made my heart sing. :)

JohnRehor's picture

Packers/Bears week-my favorite week of the year.

Time to chant it loud and proud


foundinidaho's picture

Apparently you are on Wilde radar. And the BEARS ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY SUCK.

Jim's picture

I live in CT, so before Direct TV and the sunday ticket my father would drive us an hour to the closest Packer bar when the games weren't televised. I was five or six and somehow my dad found a "Bears still suck" t-shirt that fit me. Wore it every time we went. Ya know why? Cuase it's true.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Yes Jim, yes it is. We hold these truths to be self evident...

James A's picture

Looks like she is the only one with any brains and my guess is it would take a wide angle lense to get you in the picture seeing as Packer Princess are 350 lbs for the light ones she wouldn't qualify be be one anyway. Eat more cheese

Jayme Snowden's picture

I'm not really sure how much I weighed when I was four - which is how old I was when this picture was taken - but I don't think it was 350 pounds. Thanks for the comment though! And also for calling me a Princess. Nicest thing I've heard all day!

dullgeek's picture

Don't let him get away with that crap! Jayme, you're a hottie, and I'm sure you already know it.

It's interesting that you posted this. Because for weeks now, I haven't been able to get "The Bears Still Suck" song out of my head. Every morning I wake up and that's what's running through my mind.

foundinidaho's picture

More proof that Bears fans suck.

White92's picture

Gather up your crayons James, your mom is calling.

If you can find your remote, turn on channel 32 to see yer Daddy roll your team..that is if your antennae reaches chicago from Hammond, Joliet, or Gary or whatever awful place you probably reside.

Anita's picture

Jayme, here's one better. The number one "irreconcilable difference" between myself and my son's father when we split up years ago? He was a Bears fan. Well, that and the cheating, but the Bears-fan-part is what I remember most.

And I have also cried after football games. Once following the '98 Super Bowl loss(actually, I cried the year before, too, but those were tears of relief and happiness), I teared up when Favre threw the INT in OT of the '07 NFC Championship (I believe I also threw something across the kitchen) and last year when #12 walked dejectedly off the field in Phoenix after losing that playoff game. I cried when Favre retired (the first time) because I thought he actually meant it and when I heard Reggie White had passed away. Oh, and after the Bush Push in ND Stadium in 2005. I don't want to talk about it.

So, yes, the Bears will always suck and I will always be emotional about that. Shrug. I'm Italian. We're cryin', swearin' people.

Jayme Snowden's picture

Glad I'm not the only crier.

When the evil QB before Rodgers retired the first time, I cried so hard that my eyes were swollen and blurry, ended up crying a contact straight off my eye and down the drain. I wear gas permeables. That little move cost me over $100. Just another thing I blame Brent for.

Anita's picture

Oh, and James? Go eff yourself. Why aren't you performing morning fellatio on your Mike Ditka blow up doll in your shrine to 1985, instead of insulting females? You must be one of the unwashed, white trash masses that inhabit Soldier Field eight weekends a year.

Brad's picture

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