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Thanks, Mom

Thanks, Mom



Purple Pills incited a pretty wide range of emotions.  Time for Momma O'Shea to break the Brett situation down.





There have been an unbelievable amount of Brett Favre posts spewed across the interwebs as of late. While I was in the lab writing the Purple Pills video (admittedly and purposely full of bile and contempt), my mom sent me this email; which is an open letter to Brett. Yeah, its my mom so of course I think its enlightening, but I seriously think its the best take on this whole mess that I've read.  She's also a much more talented writer then I am. Outstanding stuff, Ma!   Enjoy.


Dear Brett:


It must be a strange surreal feeling to know that if you ask anyone who lives in the state of Wisconsin, “So what do you think about Brett?” Every single person in that state will know which Brett they are being asked about, and everyone will have a definite opinion on what they think about Brett.


So, I might as well throw my opinion in there as well. I think you are by far the most incredible football player – ever to play in the NFL and play for the Green Bay Packers. In the years you spent in Green Bay I’m sure you heard all the stories about all the players who came before you – from Johnny Blood’s pre-game party habits to Curly Lambeau selling his car to pay football fees. The stadium, the weather, the history, the championships – all wrapped up in a small Midwestern town. Good or bad, you, Brett are a part of the Packer’s history now.


Like most of us, you have had your share of challenges in your life. The biggest difference between you and the rest of us is that every challenge you have had to face has been in the glaring spotlight of either the national media or the fishbowl that is Green Bay.


When you are the most recognized face in the NFL, there are some things that you cannot control in this world. You can’t control the extent that reporters write about you (and you certainly can’t control what they say). You can’t control what the stance of the Packer Management was regarding your departure from Green Bay, you can’t control what team you are traded to, on and on….


However, there are things that you can control. You can control whether or not you continue to play NFL football, and you can control what your lasting legacy will be.


Some day – whether it is now or in a year or two or three from now, your football playing days will be over. However, you will still have a lot of living left to do. It’s been reported that you are throwing the football and working out with the local high school team. Some say it is to get ready to play for the Vikings. Some say it because you might want to coach a high school team. I think it is because you wonder if you can still play the game of football. I think it is because you wonder what your life will be like without playing football.


The way I see it – there are two sides to your legacy – Brett Favre the football player and Brett Favre the Green Bay Packer.


Your legacy as a football player will always be a wonderful legacy: Most wins, most yards, most touchdown passes, most everything… Whether or not you continue your NFL playing days will not diminish or take away that part of your legacy. In fact, continuing to play will only add to those records and those statistics.


But what about Brett Favre the Green Bay Packer? What about that legacy? What about the man who ran out on the field and threw a touchdown pass on 4th down (after suffering a concussion two plays earlier)? The man who played one of his best games in honor of his Father? The man who threw snowballs at his receivers during games? The man we all know can still play the game? The man that will always be the best at “keeping the chains moving” in the 4th quarter? The man that every time he put a football up in the air – we all held our breathes – because we knew the play would either be the greatest, most incredible, how did he do that, you’ve got to watch that replay, game winning pass we have ever seen or the dumbest, most idiotic (what was he thinking), head shaking, gut wrenching pass we have ever seen. The man who is a winner because he isn’t afraid to lose?


By making the decision whether or not to play for the Vikings, you will be deciding which part of your legacy is the most important. You will always have the records and the statistics – that part of your legacy will always be in tact. But is that the most important legacy to leave? Is that what you care about the most? Packer fans don’t remember how many touchdowns Johnny Blood McNally scored or how many games Curly Lambeau won. What Packer fans remember are all the other things.


I truly believe you are the greatest to have ever played the game, but I also believe the Green Bay Packers are the greatest team to have ever played the game.

So, did the man make the team – or – did the team make the man? Or, maybe, quite possibly, was it both?

- Mrs. O'Shea

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Willy B's picture

Leave it to Nancy to be the voice of reason in all this nonsense.

Andyman's picture

Very well said.

Erik's picture

Great perspective. Thanks for sharing.

Jersey Al's picture

I think we traded for the wrong O'Shea - LOL

Pack93z's picture

Kudos to momma O'Shea.

Please now, sit down with your son and have a discussion about class and tasteful sense of humor. ;)

Thanks for the thoughtful post...

Bobby.O.Shea's picture

She's tried for years to no avail!

Daddy O'shea's picture

thats the truth, he got that from me

IronMan's picture

That was very well written.

MrBacon's picture

Sometimes I think why people in Wisconsin haven't commited suicide over this drama, is because the Brewers are now relevent in the league. With the Bucks getting screwed in 01', they have sucked. The UW Football & Basketball program has reached the edge of the dam but never overspilled. With the Brewers winning, we are allowed away from the evil clutches of ESPN, and their coverage of this ordeal for the last two years.

backthepack4's picture

What do Packer fans remember about McNally and Lambeau? Probably that McNally finished his career with the Pirates (Steelers), and that after coaching the Packers - Lambeau went on to coach the Chicago Cardinals (Bears). Or maybe they don't remember that?...

Bobby.O.Shea's picture

Really. thats what Packers fans remember about McNally and Lambeau? Reality couldn't be further from the truth on that one. You might as well say that Lombardi is most remembered for being the GM of the Redskins in 1968.

Pack93z's picture

It is sarcasm at the finest is what it is.. five or ten years down the road, Brett will be remembered as a Packer. All this puffing of the lungs is nothing more than raw emotions working in overdrive.. once the dust settles.. it will be remembered much like Montana finishing in Kansas City.

I think the blundering of the media through all this... them lapping up story lines faster that a 2 dollars bill at the chicken ranch is spent, that will be the memory of all this when it is said and done. Journalistic floundering over themselves to be first.

PackersRS's picture

Favre finishing in New York will be remembered as Montana finishing in Kansas City. Montana didn't play for the Rams or the Raiders.

Asshalo's picture

This is pretty damn objective, but in no way detached. Mad props.

Pack93z's picture

Quote: <blockquote cite="comment-3735">

<strong><a href="#comment-3735" rel="nofollow">PackersRS</a></strong>: Favre finishing in New York will be remembered as Montana finishing in Kansas City. Montana didn’t play for the Rams or the Raiders.


And that should matter how exactly in terms of the Raiders? Geographic location?

Another small issue.. Montana was never free to make the choice.. regardless, the Packer fan base needs to take directive from the Packers.. to move on already. Brett may want to consult that logic as well.

Again.. over emotional tugs right now with Brett thinking about the Vikes.. in the grand picture a few years removed.. it will be noted.. but not the focus it is today.. not even close.

Daddy O&#039;shea's picture

i have had to the in the shadow of the worlds greatest fans, its a trip worth taking

Daddy O&#039;shea's picture


I have lived within the shadow of the worlds greatest packer fans, a wonderful trip worth taking.

Stephanie's picture

I love you, mom!!!!!

Little Sister O'Shea

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