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Ted Thompson - Liar

Ted Thompson - Liar




From his interview with Greg Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal, Ted Thompson claims he didn't pay any attention to the NFC Championship Game. We all know he is lying.




Here is the infamous quote in its entirety:


"We were over here doing interviews until late," Thompson said. "Quite frankly, after we lost in Arizona, I haven't watched any football. I use up enough energy when our team's playing and once we're done, we're done. I heard Minnesota lost the game."


Seriously Ted you didn't think we would fall for that did you?


Keeping that in mind I was able to hunt down some Packer's brass and eventually received an anonymous email that contained transcripts of Ted Thompson during Sunday night contest. Here they are for the world to see.


Transcript Ted Thompson 1/24/10

5:30 p.m.


"Screw that guy. He's a seventh rounder at best. What the hell, its 5:30? Dammit, I told you guys I wanted 10 flat screens in here, and I only see nine. How come this stream isn't working on my laptop?"




"The Black Eyed Peas are the biggest waste of a band, ever. Who the hell is Kris Allen? I hope that guy has a day job."




"Damn, that place is loud. Call Murphy, tell him to start looking into retractable roofs."




"Jesus Payton, you guys know how to convert a third down or what? Weren't we number one in third down conversions this year, Mikey? Pretty sure I hired that guy."




"Thomas Morstead, huh? Is that guy available? Will he take a pay cut?"




"I swear these refs are trying to screw me over twice in one season. Come on, our guy gets banged all over the place and gets a no call while what's his face gets a personal foul flag on every play? Someone call down to the field and get the head guy on the phone. This needs to change in the second half."




"Hold on I love this part."

"ABC - it's easy as 123..."




"Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. Stay down, stay down. Who hit him? Both of them? Send a card and dinner."




"Damn, when did they sign Ahman Green? Oh, that's not him?"




"Well boys, it's going to be a long off-season. This Favre thing is never going to go away now. We're staying late tonight, I need another blockbuster draft... like now."




"Hey Chilly, you suck!"




(Unrecognizable yelling and screaming. Ted jumps on the conference room table, and starts pop-locking)


"Go, shorty, it's your birthday. We gonna party like it's your birthday. We gonna sip Bacardi like it's your birthday."





"Heads, heads, heads, heads, heads... NICE!"




"Looks like that phone call worked."




"Jared Allen blows"




"Flag, flag, flag! YES! Whatever, Jennings could have caught that. Great call."




"Inconclusive, inconclusive, come on. Whoo Hoo!"




"Ruudy! Ruudy! Ruudy!"




(Mostly yelling and screaming. Sounds of ass slapping heard repeatedly in the background. Mention of a round of "Sex on the Beach" for everyone. Someone heard humming Joplin's "Cry Baby" in the background.)


I don't know folks. Do you believe him?


Through his teeth people, through his teeth.

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Erik's picture

I agree with Teddy: the Black Eyed Peas blow big time.

PackersRS's picture

“Thomas Morstead, huh? Is that guy available? Will he take a pay cut?”

Matt T.'s picture

Question: Do you, as a Packers fan, feel "vindicated" or have the "I-told-you-so" mentality, since Favre threw that INT in the end? If so, why?

As I Vikings fan, I'm trying to understand this. I understand taking satisfaction in the Vikings not reaching the Super Bowl as a team, but didn't Favre exceed most expectations this year? Since he played absolutely out of his mind (38 TDs & 9 INTs) and had them a FG away from the big game, part of me thinks it was past vindication time. He didn't make 12 bad decisions this year (and probably didn't make more than 3), so by playing better than anyone thought for 18 games should move the conversation on, no?

I'm glad the Packers were humiliated in AZ, but I'm not personally happy that Rodgers fumbled away the game, or that Brady played terribly in round 1, or that Romo was put on his @ss in MN. It's the teams I root against, not the people.

Unless they're @ssh0les like Owens or Chamurra. But that's another story.

Alex's picture

I definitely maintain an"I-told-you-so" mentality. Most likely because I told you so.

We have watched Favre play out of his mind for years and years. That doesn't change the fact that in almost every meaningful game bar one, Favre has directly contributed to his teams loss with a stupid mistake when the game is on the line.

Perhaps Vikings fans have caused this attitude with their never ending decision to bash the Packers for getting rid of Favre... but we tried to tell you.

Asshalo's picture

Right, like you as a vikings fan have a relatable experience as a fan. Ask Red Sox fans if they cheer for Johnny Damon anymore. Time that by ten and then maybe you'll have a related experience.

And you're really bringing up Chamurra when your team is infamous for the love boat?

smlutz's picture

Well put's like you took the words right out of my mouth...

Matt T.'s picture're probably right. This year absolutely sucked. Going 10-6 again, with TJack or Sage at QB would have been much better. Last year's Vikings team/season was so much fun to watch with TJack and Ferrotte. Being medoicre might be the best way to go, since losing earlier in the season or in the 1st round of the playoffs is awesome.

Or, at least, I wish they could have struggled through the 1st half of the season, getting my hopes down, forcing me to call for the head coach's and GM's jobs, wondering if my QB will make it through the season, squeak into the playoffs as a #5 seed, and then give up 51 points in the playoffs by a team who was humiliated the next week.

Yep. That's what I hope to go through next year.

By your logic, you're saying you're happy with what Rodgers & the Packers have (or haven't) done the last two years, and that you'd rather not be in the position with Favre to win a game in the first place and that if the Vikings had someone else, they would probably have won the game. Fatal flaw in that argument is that no other QB on the roster has the team in that position, tied 28-28 on the road in the NFC Championship with 2 minutes to go. I'll gladly sign up for that scenario next year.

Alex's picture

Blinded by the Favre...

Paul W.'s picture

The thing here with Rodgers is he's only 26 and played lights out, even with the insane pressure he had on him during the first half. He and the rest of the team bar a few key players (Driver, Woodson, Harris) are all young guys who only can get better. While the Vikings invested in a 40 year old QB who looked about 60 at the end of the Saints game. We're happy because we know with another year under this teams belt we will get better, Our window is just opening and if we can continue it won't be long before we're superbowl contenders.

The Vikings do have some young stars as well but if Peterson keeps fumbling away games then it doesn't matter how many yards he picks up. And without any decent QB's in the wings there is going to be more tough years where you can't rely on anyone to win games for you.

As to why we enjoyed watching Favre lose so much, he pretty much betrayed the Packers by going to the Vikings. It's like if you walked in on your wife in bed with your best friend, or your most hated enemy. We are going to be happy when we see him choke when it matters like he has for the last ten years.

FITZCORE1252's picture


What's that Matt?

Can't, quite make out what your saying with Brent's junk buried in your throat.

I read your stuff @ CHTV too. You, greenbaypackerbob and JJ/pack66 should all get a place together. You could sit up all night holding each other wiping one another's tears away while watching Wrangler commercials, and talking about how that bastard Teddy had the stones to go with the younger, more talented guy. Think about it, you could have cameras follow you around, kinda like the View but with more crying and vagina's.


Alex's picture


Matt T.'s picture

Blinded by the success of the season, I guess, knowing what the alternative was...

I'll give you this: I would trade Favre for Rodgers tomorrow, because I think Rodgers is better than TJack or Sage, and he, too, could lead this Vikings team on a nice run in the playoffs. The team is that close. And we'd have him for 10 more years.

Unfortunately, Vikings don't have that QB of the future, so Favre proved he was the right guy to bring in this season. Anyone who says the Vikings were worse off for having him at QB are delusional. And we'll roll the dice next year, too, hopefully.

Alex's picture

Don't get me wrong, the Vikes are certainly better with Brett. However, you can't expect history to change itself just for the sake of geography.

So far, history has held firm.

PackersRS's picture

Sucess you say?

Tell me, where will you put the giants DIVISIONAL CHAMPIONS banner?

To us Packer fans, the criteria for sucess is a tad harder.

But hey, some franchises and some fans are contented with less...

Matt T.'s picture

Understood. Thanks for the debate.

I think people put too much stake into the "game-on-the-line" argument, no matter who the QB is, but it's the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately world we live in. Even if they've succeeded plenty of times before, it doesn't matter if the QB had led them on 4 scoring drives earlier in a game (including 2 to tie in the 2nd half) or that the defense couldn't fall on a couple fumbles or catch a frickin' INT in OT. Playing the most glamorous position in sports, one has to take the bad with the good, even when multiple other reasons factored just as much into a loss.

As always, I wish the Packers no success and hope I find my way back here in the future.

Asshalo's picture

For me, it's not that favre left, it's how he left. He's not just any other QB to packer fans and it's naive to compare his relationship with us to that of Brady and Romo. It's not that I don't think he's a great QB, so much as I feel some sort of justice was served by him throwing a last minute INT on a horrible throw. He threw plenty of games away in Green Bay for me to appreciate that.

Asshalo's picture

There's one man who knows the value of sound decision making and I think his wise metaphor applies to the career of Mr. Favre:

Gbpfan's picture

Nice. That was pretty good.

Go Pack Go!

Greg C.'s picture

Some classic stuff there, Alex. Just the whole idea of Ted actually having a personality.

But you know, Ted is just kooky enough that I almost believe him when he said he didn't watch the game. I think it would've been torture for him to watch it anyway.

Bryce's picture

Dude, I can't believe you got your hands on this transcript. You should sell it to the JS. Haha, good stuff. "Who hit him? Both of them? Send a card and dinner" LOL!

Mr. Bacon's picture

To clarify, Favre didn't throw a 19sec remaining INT. He wanted to force overtime, and so he threw a punt.

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

OK, jerk offs...

Favre threw the game away?

A 52 yard FG is no "gimme"....Also, the REFS helped the Saints down the field on that last drive, but yeah..let's blame it all on the Favre...if that makes you feel better. 6 fumbles?
Favre must have done that too..hahaha..

and Fitzjerkoff, any time you want to come to Jersey you big pu$$y and find out what it's all about, your welcome you big steaming pile of sh*t for brains..anytime.

FITZCORE1252's picture



Why so angry, kid?

Are you still pissed you missed the last episode of the "jersey Shore"?

Pretty basic, allow me to summarize... bunch of frosted tipped fags with spray on tans fist pumping on the dance floor, surrounded by the most unattractive women I've seen in my life. Followed by cops and dude's cracking chicks across the jaw (like I'd do to your bitch ass), all in all just another day in the geographical "ASSHOLE OF AMERICA" (no offense Al, I'm sure your neighborhood is beautiful)


Alex's picture

"No offense Al, I am sure your neighborhood is beautiful."


FITZCORE1252's picture


There's a fundamental flaw in your post. Nobody WANTS to "come" to Jersey, be honest with yourself. If you lived in say... anywhere but Jersey, I might take you up on that. AAAAAAAAHAHAHA (no offense Al, much love)


Alex's picture

Yeah, Fitzjerkoff. LMAO

FITZCORE1252's picture

Fitzjerkoff, I like it... makes me smile.

Asshalo's picture

Two INTs and a botched hand-off that result in a fumble. Yes there were six fumbles but only 3 were recoverd. You could attribute half of the Turnovers to Favre.

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

Those are "NEW YORKERS"...they're not from Jersey...Fitzscumbag...

FITZCORE1252's picture

JJ, you're growing on me. You've got a never give up attitude (even though you should have long ago, like your boyfriend burt). ":-)

Pack66's picture

Well, Erik...

I try.

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