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Tebowmania Descending on Titletown?

Tebowmania Descending on Titletown?

Tim Tebow.

One cannot even see his name, let alone participate in a discussion about him, without generating a strong opinion about the man. Whether it is undeniable support of him or blood curdling hatred toward him, everyone has an opinion of him. Because  Tebow is the most polarizing figure in the NFL today, it is almost impossible not to hear him mentioned in the news every day, and as a result, the support or vitriol toward him increases daily.

So when news broke today that the Packers were interested in acquiring Tebow, Packernation erupted like Mt. Vesuvius. Everyone had a reason why he should or should not join the Packers. Some of the reasons were rational, while others were a little more emphatic. What to do scenerios were everywhere, and it was an awesome spectacle to watch develop over the course of the day.

Which is why I'm here to tell you, the Packer faithful, that Tebow to the Packers would be OK.

For starters, Ted Thompson is not going to break the bank to acquire him. He loves his draft picks. We all know this. So if Denver were to say "Give me a seventh rounder for Tebow", does that seem like that much of a risk? If a trade were made, and Tebow were to develop into a legitimate quarterback/running back/wide receiver, the price of a 7th round selection would be peanuts for the return on investment he would provide. On the other hand, if Tebow did not work out, it cost the Packers a low round draft selection. If anyone can reimburse themselves for the pick they lost in this scenario, its Ted Thompson.

Let's pretend that Tebow is picked up by the Packers for a moment. Because pretend time is fun, we can imagine him learning how to be a NFL caliber quarterback. We can imagine him learning how to be a NFL quarterback studying behind the reigning MVP in Aaron Rodgers. We can imagine him learning how to be a NFL quarterback studying behind Aaron Rodgers, and both of whom happen to be coached by Mike McCarthy and Tom Clements. Now imagine what a year or two of this could do for the value of Tebow. It could turn him into a valuable asset, which could in turn be used to acquire more talent to further supplement the roster. And if not, as I previously stated, it would cost the Packers a low round draft pick. The upside is huge.

Is there baggage that comes with Tebow? Sure there is. Tebowmania would decend upon Green Bay like a swarm of bees. However, if there is one city which could handle this, it would be Green Bay. A perfect summation of this was mentioned on Twitter this morning:

Feel like there's no place "TebowMania" would be quieter than in Green Bay. Nobody would care.

While I'm not certain that nobody would care, Green Bay does have the luxury of being the smallest city in the NFL, and the media circus which follows him currently could be replaced with media reporting his play on the field, and much less about the periphery that surrounds him currently.

Do I think Tebow will become a Packer anytime soon? No. Denver is going to look for the best deal they can get for him, and chances that that comes from the Packers is slim. However, in the event that he were to don the Green and Gold, it is not the end of the world. In fact, it could be a blessing for the Packers (pardon the pun). A chance to develop a young, very athletic player into a quality player. A quality quarterback on top of that. Sounds like something Mike McCarthy might be interested in. In fact, he was in 2010:

I don’t know how you can not be positive about Tim Tebow. The young man’s a winner. I’ve never met him; I’ve seen him play on TV like most people. I have not broken down his film yet. I was in the pre-combine draft meetings for the quarterbacks and heard what the scouts said about him, watched a little bit of tape on him.

I’m looking forward to breaking him down (on film). I’m going to find something wrong with everybody’s mechanics, but I don’t think you just throw him away and say, ‘He can’t play in this league.’ The guy has a tremendous will to win. I think that’s something you can’t overlook. That’s just my opinion. I have not put a grade on him, so I don’t know how that will come out. But I know one thing: The guy wins football games. I think you need to be excited about that

Until the decision has been made where Tebow will wind up, this topic will continue to be discussed in Packer Nation. Until then, keep repeating the mantra that gets us through these troubling times of Tebow talk:

In Ted We Trust.

Update: After Tebow was traded, then untraded to the Jets earlier Wed afternoon, it has been reported that he now has the choice of where he wants to go. Jacksonville and the New York Jets are the two options on the table for him. So either he goes to a dysfunctional clusterf**k of an organization, or home. Should be a real tough choice.

Whatever the case, it appears the dream (or nightmare) for Packers fans is over. 


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The Ultimate Packer Fan's picture

It's not Tim's fault he is what the media has us believing what he has become. The media turned his career into a circus, not for his but their benefit. His stellar college career stumbled him into the NFL and hence the professional spotlight. Failure is what the media thrives on and I don't believe for a minute Tim is a failure. However, I do believe given the right environment he will succeed but I don't think Green Bay would be the right fit for him to succeed given the age and progress expected of Aaron Rodgers. I think the best place for Tim to play in would either be Miami, Tenn, or AZ.

Wiscokid's picture

To quote Nancy Reagan "just say no".

Devil Doc's picture

I'm not a believer in the Tebowmania, but if it was for cheap, why not? I don't think the circus would follow as mentioned in the article, either way though, I don't think I'd really care.

Kathy's picture

IF he came cheap, IF he is willing to sit on a practice squad for one to two years, IF he wants to be coached up by two of the best in Clements and McCarthy, IF he wants image lessons by being mentored by Aaron Rodgers... I say "why not?". Get the young man back on the right track and use him for trade bait in two years. Good gracious, how can anyone NOT see the value in placing him among the 80 (?) in camp.

KP's picture

LOL thanks John for using me as an example.

JohnRehor's picture

You're most welcome :)

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