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Taking a Bath

Taking a Bath

Yesterday as the game clock hit zero the Kansas City Chiefs players, in an act of celebration and unity, showered their interim coach with Gatorade.

I laughed and called it pathetic in the CHTV Chat. Some were taken aback by my choice of the word pathetic.

Good for the Chiefs. They rallied around their new coach and they just knocked off the last unbeaten team and reigning Super Bowl champs. That’s a big deal…when you’re a crappy team. That’s your super bowl, only when you have no realistic chance of making it to the real super bowl. Should they celebrate? Sure. But the Gatorade bath? I wouldn’t.

I feel this way about most celebrations. A couple of years ago the IU basketball team rushed the court because they beat Wisconsin in the regular season. At the time, Wisco was ranked higher than IU, I honestly don’t even remember if IU was ranked, so yes, it was a “big” win for IU. I remember thinking at the time that it said a lot about where the IU program stood. Indiana is an old school basketball powerhouse. And now the fans were thrilled to knock off Wisconsin. The things you choose to celebrate says something about you and your team.

That was an act of fandom though, and fans are not players. But when I saw the Chiefs celebrating with the Gatorade bath, I immediately thought back to that Wisconsin game. One of my favorite sayings from Arrogant Nation (a USC thing) boils down to, I don’t overly celebrate big win because I expected to win.

Apparently by taking this stance, I am a snob, misdirecting my anger at the loss and a sore loser.

I obviously disagree. I also think I’m slightly more of an expert at what I’m feeling than anyone else. Yes, maybe I should have just sat there and golf clapped for KC and smiled cutely as they showered their interim coach with Gatorade. But to me, from me, that’s condescending. To not point out that this is the greatest the Chiefs can do, and that’s sad for their season as whole, that’s just not who I am. Feel about me how you want. But I’d rather just agree to disagree then name call and poop on my fellow Packers fans.

I’m writing this not simply to get a private issue off of my chest, but to address an epidemic that seems to be spreading throughout the ranks of the Packer faithful.

“The Packers lost, who can I attack?” Maybe I chose to attack a Gatorade bath, and maybe some people in the chat chose to attack me. But there’s also fans out there attacking players, attacking other fans, attacking their own image in the mirror. Is this really what a loss does to us?

The game was horrible. I’m not fully convinced that anyone besides Tim Masthay from the Packers showed up. It was as if every issue that anyone ever worried about the Packers having happened at the exact same time. Injuries, the offense out of sink and the defense didn’t create any turnovers. And yet, the Packers lost by 5 points. Five. That's not a lot. Despite still being the best team in the NFL, we’re an angry bitter bunch right now.

So today, fight away. Just keep it clean, don’t directly tweet the players that they sucked, and no hits to the face.

Tomorrow, let’s move on to hating the Bears instead of each other though, okay?

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Richmond's picture

I am with you Jayme, the Packers lost, the Chiefs won, game over. A gatorade shower, or fan celebration after a big win by a much underatted team in college is common (see a homer call of Iowa State over Okie State) and celebrating overcoming the apparent gap in talent, skill, and funding. But in the NFL, were everyteam starts out the season with the same goal of winning the Super Bowl, a gatorage shower after a regular season win seemed a bit much to me.

On the same note, how many of the Packers "fans" who are attacking players, or negatively tweeting them blaming them were around before "he who shall not be named"? Before Holmgren, when not finishing last in the Central was a good season? To those that were around then I ask you to remember how that felt, and now think: This team just won 19 in a row, including the Super Bowl. 1 loss isn't worth tar and feathering a player over a bad game. I feel bad for both 74 and 88 for the flack they are takeing lately. Newhouse in particular because of how he has played, and played relitively well considering the situation he has been put in.

Winners expect to win, and act like they've been there before. Losers are suprised when they do and continue to be suprised.

dullgeek's picture

Wow. I really disagree with this piece. Probably my favorite thing about sports is when spontaneous celebrations erupt from unexpected outcomes. It sucks to be on the other side of that outcome, but I can't help but appreciate the vision of joy.

That said, I assumed that the Packers would win, and took the occasion to take a day trip with my wife rather than watch the game. So perhaps, in the moment, I'd have felt the same way. My comments are less about Sunday and more about what I've experienced in the past.

Kevin's picture

Just remember one thing, BEARSTILLSUCK!!!

Go Pack Go!!!

MLecl0001's picture

Just one thought comes to my mind when it comes to celebrations in sports in general, act like you have done it before.

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