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Sutt Up

Sutt Up




It's back to school day which means back to reality for this blogger. But, I thought I would take a brief opportunity to tell you all to Sutt Up.




I can't believe the number of people who are up in arms over the waiving of Tyrell Sutton. For god sakes, you would think we just let Ladian Tomlinson go.

Tyrell Sutton was a nice story, the same kind of story we hear every year. He was a long shot that showed a couple of flashes. This is hardly a reason to be crowned by Packer nation as the next greatest thing since Dorsey Levens. We let a third or fourth string guy go, get over it.

There have been a long line of Tyrell Sutton's in year's past. Samkin Gado, Travis Jersey, and even Jersey Al's crush Kregg Lumpkin have been heralded. They all made some splashes against the scrubs, but never panned out in the long run. Even if Sutton had made the squad, barring injury, he would have seen the ball just as much as these guys too, which is coincidentally next-to-never.

Picture this, it's third and one from the two yard line against the Bears. Jackson, still hurt has sat out the whole game. Ryan Grant, gassed from a 35-yard run hits the sidelines for the final play against the Bears. Who do you want coming in?

I tell you what, it's not Tyrell Sutton. It's DeShawn Wynn.

Let's remember to not get excited about a guy who tears it up in the third and fourth quarters of the preseason. We want a player who already knows how to get it done late in a game that actually means something. I personally would not be comfortable with Sutton in the backfield with the contest on the line. Apparently, Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy were not either.

Tyrell Sutton is just starting to write his legacy. DeShawn Wynn has already read the book.

Good luck in Carolina Tyrell.

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Greg C.'s picture

What about Herbert (Whisper) Goodman? Sutton was kind of like him--fun to watch but smaller than most RB's who play for the Packers. Goodman didn't make the team either. I think an argument could be made for Sutton getting a roster spot, based on what we saw in the preseason games, but I'm not upset that he didn't.

Erik's picture

All excellent points. I agree. I would add in that apparently he couldn't pull his weight on special teams. A lot of fans seem to scoff at that logic, but then almost all of them would agree that special teams play was awful last year, and not just by the specialists. The two areas the Packers needed to get better this year are defense and special teams, so I applaud them building up these two areas more so than the offense.

And as you've pointed out, special teams is really the only place Sutton would have made an impact.

MrBacon's picture

If DeShawn Wynn has read the book, what does that make Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, Tecmo's Bo Jackson.

PackersRS's picture

I totally disagree it was about rushing with the ball. The main reasons, IMO, was the lack of pass protection and ST play. Like you said, the guy would never play, being the 3rd stringer. The only time he would see the field would be during 3rd down (in which he would be asked to block A LOT), and in ST. As he couldn't do any of those right now, he was let go.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I agree it's not about rushing the ball, which is precisely why no one should be upset. The main argument on keeping him was his ability to run, something he would not have gotten a chance to do.

Asshalo's picture

The title made me lol. I knew what it was going to be about before I read it. You also should have wrote about how TT gave Sutton a hug before he left. TT is very sensitive and knows how we're all feeling.

Carriveau made some decent pionts about the opportunity cost of keeping 3 FBs. If we could land a trade for one, it's not worth keeping Sutton. He makes a stronger point about Smith being better than Rouse. But I can't help but think of Nick Collins during last year's preseason. The guy has a break-out year during his 3rd season. This seems to be the case for Desmond Bishop. Maybe we can expect the same from Aaron Rouse. Probably should have told him this. Think I will right now.

Stan's picture

I think this article is very harsh on Tyrell Sutton. The guy was a breath of fresh air in our stale running game.

Deshawn Wynn on the other hand is funky morning breath that won't ever use mouth wash and you can't bare the stink but it won't go away.

3 FBs....? Wynn's only real use blocking blitz's? I aint too hot at math but that don't add up.

Asshalo's picture

that's because you have to judge what his role would have been which is a third RB. Can he pick-up blitz or play Special teams better than Wynn? No. Is he a better runner? Maybe at the moment, but does he have any pro experience and how well does he know our system.

Right now Carriveau's point about the secondary concern me much more. And as I always complain about...the depth of the DL

Stan's picture

Since we're in a division with two (perhaps even three) very good QBs secondary depth should have been top priority. Two names...... Underwood and Bush *shudder*

Stan's picture

P.S - don't we have enough Special Teamers??? (errmmm 3FBs??....... that just keeps coming up.) People need to stop jumping on the "we don't rate Tyrell Sutton" bandwagon, it's on every packers site now and it's a darn disgrace. The little dude worked his butt off for our team and gets no love for it.

Goodby Tyrell "second coming" Sutton......

pack93z's picture

While I agree the impact on this seasons roster and letting Sutton go probably isn't that big of deal.

However, you can't teach vision and quick feet, both are things that Sutton possessed and could have been groomed for the future. With keeping 3 FB's, Kuhn could have supplied that short yardage need.

To me, the biggest tell with this seasons cuts is the Packers are in a win now mode.. more so than in past years.. which at the end of the day is why guys with potential but clearly not ready for Sunday ball were let go.. with the hopes that some would make it back via the PS.. the Sutton gamble we lost.

And so we move on.

wgbeethree's picture

I am a big fan of Wynn's and just think he is clearly a WAY better back than Sutton but I tend to agree with the people who are saying that the reason Sutton was cut was because the things he would be asked to do the most as a 3rd back were the things he was farthest behind on. Blocking and special teams. 3rd backs don't get many (if any) carries so they have to be able to contribute something other than that to the team.
I think one of the hardest things we as fans have in evaluating players is we really have no idea what they are supposed to be doing on a play. If a safety gets an interception but is not where he is supposed to be it looks like a great play to us but a bad play to those who know what his responsibility was. A running back may be told to follow his fullback into the hole everytime or to bounce a certain run to the outside to work on that part of the run game but if he cuts it back and gains 10 yards it looks like a good play to us when in fact he is not doing what he was asked. I think that's probably the situation with why smith was cut because he seemed effective. I would guess that most coaches would rather have a guy who is willing/able to follow his assignments than a guy who ''freelances''.

Paul's picture

I 100% disagree with you here Alex. The most important part of an RB isn't if he can block a blitz or if he can help on special teams. It's like the name implies RUNNING back, it's if he can rush the ball.

Sure I'd rather have Wynn if it's 3rd and 1 but I'd much rather give the ball to a guy like Sutton on 1st and 2nd.

My main problem with the whole thing is that we know what a guy like Wynn can give us, an injury prone mediocre running back. He's not very likely to be the guy who can turn a loss into a win.

Where the thing with Sutton is that he was just such an unexpected surprise that you don't know how good he can be, and like you also said he's inexperience, how is that a bad thing? That can only mean he can get better. And considering how good he already did that could mean he'd be a future star.

So what ever you say about how I should sutt up about him I won't because I'd much rather have a rising player with huge potential then a mediocore power back who has shown he can't stay healthy and 3 FB's.

Stan's picture

Enough of this Packers bickering, we need to talk about how much we're going to kill the Bears.

Now, I'm sure Jay Cutler used to enjoy walking, hell we all do, but I just can't promise he's going to enjoy that pleasure any more. We're out for the kill this season and the Bears..... well........ they're just another victim.

BubbaOne's picture

That the topic of conversation is the 3rd string RB 5 days from the season opener speaks volumes to the strength of our team. Notice that since cutdown day there has been zippo, nada said about punting, depth of the D-Line, or if there are Q's re the O-line (well, maybe a small q re backup T position). These were BIG Q's before training camp which by the lack of chatter among the fan base seems settled.
Re Sutton---A 3rd string RB has to play ST and be able to pick up the blitz. Neither of these was Sutton's strong suit. The most important player is Rodgers and he has to be protected at all cost. If the coaches had any concern whatsoever about Sutton picking up the blitz then keep Wynn over him.
BTW---We go through this 3rd back frenzy every was Vernand Morency and/or Hoah Herron last year. Fans always think we're cutting the next Walter Payton. Rarely is there a Ryan Grant buried on a roster that you can get that performs at a high level and even w/ him the jury is still out until he returns to 2007 form.

Asshalo's picture

I was listening to Chicago sports talk and they were openly afraid of our offense, which looks to be one of the best in the entire league.

Terry Ott's picture

I am very familiar with Sutton, starting with his HS films (and reading of his many honors including Mr Ohio Football), and have seen every game he has played in since then. When he tore up the Big Ten, he wasn't big enough (according to Ohio State). But he was tough enough and determined enough, and instinctive enough --- to gain yardage week after week against everyone, sometimes running behind an offensive line that wasn't all-world. Stature and strength, where it matters most (legs) are not always correlated, you know.

No one seems to ever mention this: He led the nation in career receiving among all active major college running backs. Put him in a screen pass situation and take a look at what happens if he gets moderately good blocking.

I've learned not to underestimate this "little guy", because he plays bigger than he is, gets the extra yardage all day long, makes the right cuts, and holds on to the ball. And he is an upbeat team leader, not a selfish "star".

At NU he went through a short stretch where he turned the ball over a few times (3-4?), and as I recall it was virtually always after initial contact and when he was muscling his way to those extra 2-3 yards. So he was benched, and he learned. That was the only glitch in his career that I can recall.

Those leaving him open in the flat or uncovered over the middle --- they paid for it.

There is an NFL group of 9 that Sutton fits into in my opinion. He is 1/2 shorter than they are on average, and 16 pounds heavier having put on 8 pounds since his senior season. The Packers have bet that he will not become a potential #10 among these, the Panthers have bet that he very well could be. I think the Panthers are right, and I just read a notation on the Carolina board that he turned some heads in his first go against their #1 defense. That was the least surprising thing I heard all day today.

That group of nine, averaging 197, 5'8 and a half?

Darren Sproles
Leon Washington
Steve Slaton
Chris Johnson
Kevin Faulk
Mewelde Moore
Brian Westbrook
Warrick Dunn
Maurice Jones-Drew

Just don't be surprised. We'll see if I eat my words a couple years from now. I think the Packers are very good at assessing and coaching up QB's and wide receivers. Running backs? Not so much.

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