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Suck List: Week Two

Suck List: Week Two




Now that week one is out of the way, it is high time to update the week two suck list.





There is no statistical analysis, or fancy flow charts to my list. The status can change from week to week or month to month. It is arbitrary and uninformed. A simple mental error, or game changing mistake, can shift you from one side to the other. Say something stupid and you might suck before you know it.


This has nothing to do with performance, but simply the amount of breath I waste each week screaming, "You suck." With that in mind, here is my suck list as we head into week two.


Here is the Week Two "Suck List" as I see it. Good luck to all those who made the leap to non-suckitude.

Long Snappers

Brett Goode: Still doesn't suck.


Mason Crobsy: Sucks (Mason has been removed from the non-suck list until further notice.)


Jeremy Kapinos: Doesn't suck. (So far so good.)


Aaron Rodgers: Doesn't Suck (nor will he ever)

Matt Flynn: Sucks (bring in a veteran)

Running Backs

Ryan Grant: Sucks (and continues to suck)

Brandon Jackson: Sucks (yes I said it, you are letting me down Brandon)

DeShawn Wynn: Sucks (nothing from the Wynn so far)


Korey Hall: Doesn't Suck

John Kuhn: Doesn't Suck

Quinn Johnson: Doesn't Suck

Wide Receivers

Greg Jennings: Doesn't suck (and if he did I would be afraid to mention it)

Donald Driver: Doesn't suck (a couple more drops and this could change quickly)

James Jones: Doesn't suck (very close to sucking)

Jordy Nelson: Doesn't suck (again, kick returns saved Jordy from his drops)

Brett Swain: Doesn't suck (nice job on the fake punt, Brett)

Tight Ends

Donald Lee: Doesn't suck (nothing flashy but solid)

Jermichael Finley: Sucks (no catches, and a whiffed block that could have gotten Aaron killed)


Jason Spitz: Doesn't Suck (a refreshing move from the suck list)


Daryn Colledge: Doesn't suck (solid game)

Josh Sitton: Doesn't Suck (there is an argument the whole line should be on the suck list)


Chad Clifton: Doesn't suck (it's Clifton)

Allen Barbre: Sucks (ugh, yeah this is a no-brainer)

Defensive Ends

Cullen Jenkins: Doesn't suck (Jenkins is studly so far)

Johnny Jolly: Doesn't Suck (nice job working your way off the suck list)

Jarius Wynn: Doesn't Suck (way to make a name for yourself Jarius)

Justin Harrell: Sucks (bustin' Justin)

Michael Montgomery: Sucks

Nose Tackles

Ryan Pickett: Doesn't suck (the Big Grease reamins in the land of un-suckitude)

B.J. Raji: Sucks (nothing to say otherwise right now)


Aaron Kampman: Doesn't suck (this will be the last year that Kamp will see the list)

Brady Poppinga: Sucks (you are slowly rolling down hill Poppinga)

Brandon Chillar: Doesn't suck (Chillar is playing lights out)

Nick Barnett: Doesn't suck (way to come back Nick)

Desmond Bishop: Doesn't suck (but doesn't play either)

A.J. Hawk: Doesn't suck (all you Hawk haters can shut it)

Jeremy Thompson: Sucks (all hype)

Clay Matthews: Doesn't Suck (playing with emotion, just needs to get the playbook down)


Charles Woodson: Doesn't suck (again, facts are easy)

Al Harris: Doesn't suck (nice work proving the doubters wrong)

Tramon Williams: Doesn't suck (can't say enough about Tramon)

Will Blackmon: Sucks (you can't play, you suck)

Pat Lee: Sucks (see you next year Pat, at least for one practice till you get hurt again)

Brandon Underwood: Sucks

Jarrett Bush: You SUCK (and you always will)


Nick Collins: Sucks (you suck Collins)

Atari Bigby: Sucks (Bigby is the most overrated player on this team right now. Just because he made a couple of hard hits for half a season means nothing. We have a guy like that, his name is Aaron Rouse)

Aaron Rouse: Sucks (you have your chance this week Rouse.)


That is my list as it stands today. If you see a name missing, it is safe to assume, "They suck."

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IronMan's picture

Didn't Jarrett Bush make a nice play in punt coverage when he stopped the ball from going in the endzone, and it got downed on like the 6 yard line? That may have been the play that was negated because of a Matthews penalty.

Anyway, yeah, he probably still sucks though.

I don't think Raji sucks.

Asshalo's picture

Raji sucks down offensive lines.

Stan's picture

And they can't get enough......

Erik's picture

Bush has a long way to go to get even remotely close to being off the suck list.

The only spot I would disagree is that I would take Grant's suck and put it on the line... for now. Time will tell if the line can gel and make smarter blocks and just flat out not suck, but for now I'd say the suckiest part of the Packers is the offensive line, not the running backs.

Stan's picture

Jarrett Bush sucks so much he may be transferred onto the super suck list... an exclusive club I can tell you.

Favre Haiku's picture

Suck list really sucks
Sucks, Sucks, Sucks, Sucks, Sucks, Sucks, Sucks
Suck list really sucks

That Haiku sucks too
Really, really, really sucks
Done now. That's "non-suck"

wgbeethree's picture

damn, your haikus suck!
they're number one on my list.
i hate them so much.

for the love of god,
they're not clever or funny,
please stop writing them!

MrBacon's picture

Alex there is no way you would tag Donald Driver with the tag of "suck". That's Greg Jennings brother, and the last time I checked, I don't think you have him on our fantasy roster.

Then the week comes and Jennings pulls out 10 TD's and tanks your fantasy season.

Asshalo's picture

Two drops, one of which was very uncharacteristic. Too many drops by the receiving core altogether, especially after they vowed to correct that in the offseason. More play, less suck

MrBacon's picture

Everything was fine until you said...

More play. Less suck.

Greg C.'s picture

I think Ryan Grant is the only player I don't agree on, and I admit he's kind of borderline right now.

You didn't mention that Desmond Bishop played on special teams and played well enough to get a game ball. I didn't really see him do much myself, but teams usually know what they're doing when they give out game balls.

You heard it here first: Jarrett Bush will move off the suck list this season, and not just for a week or two. This would be an easier prediction to make if I was the suck list author, but I trust you, Alex.

Aaron's picture

Why do I read these? Why? WHY? For the love of all that's Holy WHY?

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Because the Suck List rules?

Asshalo's picture

Hatin' sucks

PackersRS's picture

Alex hates Grant as much as the Hater hates cats. And Kampman. (Beginning to change about Sackman, but the stigma is just too strong to remove because of just one praise.) Leave Grant and Kampman alone! They're packer people! Go pick on Bush or something.
Speaking of Bush, this list is BS. Just putting Bush on caps isn't enough to demonstrate how much he sucks. It's an offense to other suckers that Bush is just slightly more suckish than them.
And you should put TT on the non suck list just for the fact that he got something out of freaking Tony Moll... Oh yeah, and you're forgetting about Martin (Cb/S) (I hate / players, they really aren't anything), Dietrich-Smith, T.J. Lang, Wells, Guacamole and Havner, but I assume they all suck...

Lace's picture

Yeah this suck list kinda sucks.

IronMan's picture

You suck for thinking the suck list sucks! j/k

Stan's picture

For some reason I always laugh out loud when I read the name "Bustin Justin", or the more popular "Bustin Harrell".

Can I be on the Suck List?

Jersey Al's picture

So let's see... Grant Sucks. Wynn Sucks. Jackson Sucks. Hmmmmm, what other option do we have?

bleedsgreen's picture

Ryan Grant TD run... did NOT suck.
attribution fail.

lilikindsli's picture

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lilikindsli's picture

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lilikindsli's picture

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Rhean's picture

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Dassi's picture

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Veralian's picture

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Lothiliclya's picture

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