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Suck List: Week Four

Suck List: Week Four




As you know I intentionally left out the week three Suck List because nearly the entire team was on it. As we head into the Vikings game, here are the suckers as they stand right now.





Once again, for those not familiar with the suck list, here's the skinny.


There is no statistical analysis, or fancy flow charts to the Suck List. A player's status can change from week to week or month to month. It is arbitrary and uninformed. A simple mental error, or game changing mistake, can shift you from one side to the other. Say something stupid and you might suck before you know it.


This has nothing to do with performance, but simply the amount of breath I waste each week screaming, "You suck." With that in mind, here is the Week Four Suck List.

Long Snappers

Brett Goode: Doesn't Suck. (Barely known, but hasn't made the list yet.)


Mason Crobsy: Sucks. (I almost removed Mason until he shanked that extra point.)


Jeremy Kapinos: Sucks. (I watched the Rams game, not the best performance.)


Aaron Rodgers: Doesn't Suck (Still gets the benefit of the doubt.)

Matt Flynn: Sucks (For lack of a better reason he takes 10 percent of the Crosby blame.)

Running Backs

Ryan Grant: Sucks (This guy is turning into one of the bottom ten back in the league.)

Brandon Jackson: Sucks (You got hurt in a walk through? You are doing nothing for this team.)

DeShawn Wynn: Sucks (It's hard not to not suck when you don't get the ball.)


Korey Hall: Doesn't Suck (Korey is holding his own right now.)

John Kuhn: Doesn't Suck (Kuuuuuuhn. Heck of a job last week.)

Quinn Johnson: Sucks (Until you play, you suck.)

Wide Receivers

Greg Jennings: Doesn't suck (I hate to say it, but dropped passes and limited catches are pushing Greg toward the middle.)

Donald Driver: Doesn't suck (The model of consistency.)

James Jones: Sucks (Drops, and lack of production. Period.)

Jordy Nelson: Doesn't suck (Some nice play by Jordy, but you got to hang onto the ball. This close, Nelson.)

Brett Swain: Doesn't suck (Making up for Jarrett Bush on special teams.)

Tight Ends

Donald Lee: Doesn't suck (I am torn on this one, when do you put line blame on the tightend?)

Jermichael Finley: Sucks (The endzone has not been owned to this point.)


Scott Wells: Doesn't Suck (Has stepped in and done okay for the most part. I will give him one more week.)


Josh Sitton: Sucks (The whole line sucks, penalties don't help.)

Jason Spitz: Sucks (See Josh Sitton.)


Daryn Colledge: Sucks (Primarily at tackle, which unfortunately is where he plays now.)

Allen Barbre: Sucks (The fact that we haven't called Tauscher makes this a double suck.)

Defensive Ends

Cullen Jenkins: Doesn't suck (Continues to play like the Cullen of old.)

Johnny Jolly: Doesn't Suck (Love the untucked shirt, love the intensity. LOVE the blocked punt and turnover.)

B.J. Raji: Doesn't Suck (I don't think he is healthy yet, but showing some flash)

Michael Montgomery: Sucks (Thank god we have Raji coming around.)

Nose Tackles

Ryan Pickett: Doesn't suck (The Big Grease is doing his part.)

B.J. Raji: Doesn't Suck (Yes, he is on here twice. Two chances to suck at every position played.)


Aaron Kampman: Doesn't suck (Right on the edge here, but getting it done enough.)

Brady Poppinga: Sucks (Continues to suck, and probably will suck this week too.)

Brandon Chillar: Sucks (Big Okie or not, that was a terrible game Brandon.)

Nick Barnett: Doesn't suck (Is improving every week, and toning down the attitude too.)

Desmond Bishop: Doesn't suck (He definitely sucked on one play, but the eight others were okay.)

A.J. Hawk: Doesn't suck (Again, shut up Hawk haters. Ten tackles. He missed a couple too, but not enough to piss me off.)

Clay Matthews: Doesn't Suck (You can just tell this guy is going to be good, and intense.)


Charles Woodson: Doesn't suck (MVP)

Al Harris: Doesn't suck (So much for those problems in zone.)

Tramon Williams: Doesn't suck (One of the top corners in the league.)

Will Blackmon: Sucks (Looks a step slow, sorry.)


Nick Collins: Doesn't Suck (Way to tough it out Nick.)

Jarrett Bush: Sucks (Jarrett you are pathetic. You SUCK.)

Matt Giordano: Doesn't Suck (Nice tackles on special teams gets you on the list.)


That is my list as it stands today. If you see a name missing, it is safe to assume...


"They suck"

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IronMan's picture

Kapinos? He had career high averages of 50.0 gross yards and 44.3 net yards. He also placed 3 of his 4 punts inside the 20.

RonLC's picture

Feature articcle on "Kapinos finds his leg". It was a dome. I resreve judgement for a rainy/snowy day.

PackersRS's picture

I only disagree with Kapinos. And with the statement that Ryan Grant is a bottom 10 RB. 14th in yards, 15th in YPG, 5th in TDs. He sucks alright (I still have hope), but defenitely not a bottom 10.

P_Nic's picture

If you don't mind... let me add to your great work by doing a TOP 3 suck list

3. Mason Crosby... Mason, buddy, you almost got off the suck list by banging home 3 quality FG last week, BRAVO! but then... then... YOU MISSED AN EXTRA POINT? Seriously? That little automatic kick that comes after a TD, you actually missed that? YOU SUCK!

2. Jarret Bush... once again my friend you find yourself in the crosshairs of my scorn. Why are you still on the team? Last time I checked the NFL does not require teams to have talentless numb-nuts who only know how to do one thing, get penalized in crucial situations. You SUCK! TT please put this man to sleep, he is suffering.

1. James Jones... My patience is wearing thin with you, when you came to this team you lit it up, people immediately started to compare you to Sterling Sharpe (Hail SS!). Unfortunately here are the facts, you can't catch the ball... when you do, you often fumble it. In your rookie year you were solely responsible for the Packers loss to the bears, that was 33% of our losses that year. Then the next year TT drafts a white receiver out of the perennial football powerhouse Kansas State (tongue firmly in cheek here) who promptly kicks you off the rotation. I Love Jordy Nelson, but seriously... he is a white kid from Kansas named Jordy... look at his NFL mug shot ( , the guy looks like he just fell off a turnip truck and rolled into Lambeau. Get it together man, do something... YOU SUCK!

PackersRS's picture

I couldn't disagree more. Jarrett Bush isn't the suckiest player? Are you kidding me? The only way this happens is if you put him in a category of his own. Jarrett Bush is the worst player on our team, including Practice Squad. Heck, including IR! Bustin Harrell with his injuried back is better than Jarrett Bush. Do us a favor and ask to be released, Mr. Bush!

Greg C.'s picture

Jones has been a disappointment so far this season, but number one on the suck list? That's just silly. I'm not even sure how much he's been on the field with all of these max protect schemes.

Have you noticed that the O-line has not been playing all that well this season? That might be a good place to start looking for suckiness.

And Jones did not lose that game against the Bears in '07. The Packers were still in the lead after his two fumbles. Mike McCarthy lost the game by benching Jones after the second fumble, depriving his team of one of its biggest weapons. Luckily for all of us, McCarthy did not make the same mistake again in the playoff game against the Seahawks. Ryan Grant fumbled twice early, but McCarthy kept him in there and he gained over 200 yards.

Jersey Al's picture

Here comes the broken record: The best RBs we had for the ZBS is in Carolina and on our practice squad.

Lace's picture

Oh my god, you're still going on about Sutton?


Stan's picture

Just watched that left handed catch by Driver again.... damn it was good.

Imagine if one day Jarrett Bush didn't suck (*gasp*). I'm sure the shock would put him into a coma.

TD's picture

Tramon Williams may not suck as a whole, but if you break him down on an appendage by appendage basis, his right hand, and his left hand, both suck.

Franklin Hillside's picture

My suck list begins and ends with Jeremiah's Johnson.

Stan's picture

Jordy Nelson most definately sucks. The guy had a big gain pass (possibly even a TD) go straight through his hands. That mutha gets you entry to sucksville.

Asshalo's picture

Wynn activated over Montegomery: Less Suck

Jersey Al's picture

Jones over Thompson - more less suck.

Asshalo's picture

I forgot all about him. what an inflated offseason

Wamzlee's picture

<blockquote cite="comment-5860">

<strong><a href="#comment-5860" rel="nofollow">Stan</a></strong>: Just watched that left handed catch by Driver again…. damn it was good.


I am quite surprised that people find that catch so amazing. Too me, that was just an average catch from Donald. I mean, its Donald Driver! Should we expect anything less of a spectacular catch?

Jeremiah&#039;s Johnson's picture

AROD Sucks..

Jeremiah&#039;s Johnson's picture

I'd like to see...

Holmgren: GM
Cowher or Shanahan: Coach

in Green Bay Next Year.....

Anyone else have any recommendations?

Alex Tallitsch's picture

This may be the one thing we can almost agree on Johnson. If McCarthy would happen to be replaced by Cowher, I would not shed a tear. Cowher brings something that MM doesn't seem to be bringing right now. I like McCarthy but Cowher would be a great pick.

It would also save Ted's job. So, it probably would piss you off in the end.

Asshalo's picture

Shannahan wants GM duties-- supposedly that would have saved his job in denver. no thanks that never works out.

If we pick-up cowher does that mean Capers is out? If it's a close call I have to think McCarthy is going to get the benefit of the doubt with the new scheme and all.

Greg C.'s picture

It only took Cowher 14 years to win a Super Bowl in Pittsburgh, so the clock is ticking on McCarthy. Ten more years. He better get his ass in gear.

DH's picture

Jarrett Bush SUCKS!!! I cannot emphsize that enough! I send a text message to my younger brother everytime that Bush fudges-up, and I was charged $30 extra on my phone bill for over-texting during the first month of the season. Jarrett Bush...that $30 fee was ALL YOU!!!

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