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Suck List: 2010

Suck List: 2010

Making its 2010 return is my Packers pre-season edition of the Suck List. There is no statistical analysis, no fancy flowcharts, and the list is completely arbitrary and uniformed. As a fan sometimes you like guys, and sometimes you don't. If you're a homer, this is not the place for you.

Reminder: Not everyone makes the list. Most rookies and no-names have not established their suck rating at this time, therefore, if a name does not appear on the list, it is safe to assume the default role of suck.

The Suck List

Pre-Season 2010

Long Snappers

Brett Goode - Doesn't Suck

One of the only starters not to land on the suck list last season. He continues his consecutive streak through the pre-season.


Mason Crosby - Sucks

It's a bitch when you have to carry over your suck through to the pre-season at the very least. They called for your head, the brass stood up for you, now it's time to prove everyone wrong.


Tim Masthay - Sucks


Chris Bryan - Doesn't Suck

Only one reason Bryan avoids the list. No college. I just dropped 50 grand the last six years on a degree and this dude already has a bigger wallet than I might ever have. To quote Nagler, "Nice work if you can get it."


Aaron Rodgers - Suc.. Doesn't Suck

Come on, it's Rodgers. Dude is awesome.

Matt Flynn - Sucks

I don't really know why. It just seems he should at this point. Bring in a veteran!

Running Backs

Ryan Grant - Doesn't Suck

To be honest I had a hard time with this one. The guy is good at what he does, but from what I read sometimes it sounds like football isn't his primary concern. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now, but I waver.

Brandon Jackson - Sucks

Brandon has been living off McCarthy's praise and promises for too long. This will be the third year in a row where we will be told Jackson will make a huge impact. Yes, I saw the Steelers game. One half of football does not  a non-suck make.

DeShaw.... Oh thank god.

Kregg Lumpkin - Sucks

He's going to hit the practice squad again this season, barring something strange happening. Sorry, Al.

James Starks - Doesn't Suck

The next great hope at super stardom arrives. It's a long shot, but at least it's a new face.


Korey Hall - Doesn't Suck

Quinn Johnson - Doesn't Suck

John Kuhn - Doesn't Suck

Who doesn't love a fullback in Green Bay? Unfortunately, this season might mark the first time a non-suck player at any position has been dropped from the team. Who's it going to be.

Wide Receivers

Greg Jennings - Doesn't Suck

Greg as always will begin the year with a clean slate and a clean bill of non-suck. Plus, his beard is awesome right now.

Donald Driver - Doesn't Suck

It's Donald, and you just can't put him on the list. He slumped a little last year, but never bet against double D.

James Jones - Doesn't Suck

I gave Jones a hard time at points last season, and he was inflicted with the suck numerous times. However, I have been a Jones guy, and will start the season as such.

Jordy Nelson - Sucks

Most notably at returning kicks. I thought this guy was one of the best kick returners college had ever seen? Honestly, if he was just a receiver he probably would get a non-suck right now. Unfortunately, his dual role is killing him.

Brett Swain - Doesn't Suck

I am pretty happy to have Swain back this season. After he got injured, our special teams definitely lost some fire. Plus, I always loved him in this video.

Tight Ends

Jermichael Finley - Doesn't Suck

The guy is going to be a stud. I worry about it going upstairs. I'll will say this right now, enjoy his contract while it lasts, I doubt you will see another one.

Donald Lee - Sucks

I think that Donald Lee's time may be limited as a Packer. Again, there has to be someone with more upside out there. Perhaps we just drafted him.

Spener Havner - Sucks

DUI is stupid dude. So is risking tons of cash with people like me around who would give anything to have a little taste of that kind of money for our skills. You're lucky you didn't kill someone.

Andrew Quarless - Doesn't Suck

See Jermichael Finley. You better start hoping.


Scott Wells - Doesn't Suck

I will say it one more time, pray that Wells stays healthy.

Jason Spitz - Doesn't Suck

Most likely will play guard, either way back injuries make me nervous.

Evan-Dietrich Smith - Doesn't Suck

Some people seem to think the 'Hyphen' is pretty good. Let's hope we don't need him. A rare third stringer that doesn't suck.


Daryn Colledge - SUCKS

I hope Colledge never sees the green of Lambeau again. I hate prima-donnas.

Josh Sitton - Doesn't Suck

I always have liked Sitton. He's quiet.

Not worried about the C/G position? Thats's all there is to note. Too early to put Newhouse on the list.


Mark Tauscher - Doesn't Suck

Tauscher has never sucked in my book, and never will. Long live Tauscher!

Chad Clifton - Doesn't Suck

That is until false start number one somewhere around snaps 5-7.

T.J. Lang - Doesn't Suck

I think T.J. is the future and so far I like what I have seen.

Brian Bulaga - Doesn't Suck

A rare rookie appearance on the list. The kid has done nothing but impress me so far. Let's see if he plays as well as he speaks.

Allen Barbre - Sucks

Do I really need to get into this one?

Breno Giacomini - Sucks

Nice name, no game.

Defensive Tackle

Ryan Pickett - Doesn't Suck

Re-signed and ready to take up the middle. I love this guy's blue collar attitude. Great guy to have around for a while longer.

B.J. Raji - Sucks

Sorry, but last year's number one pick starts out with a suck. I know injuries played a factor, but we need more, plain and simple.

Defensive End

Cullen Jenkins - Doesn't Suck

One of my favorite Packers. Could be his last year too.

Johnny Jolly - Sucks

I would give anything to have a shot at the money guys like Jolly are making. Then, they go and put that, and their team in jeopardy. No excuse.

Justin Harrell - Sucks

Um, yeah.

Jarius Wynn - Sucks

Get's a suck by default. No impact, no glory.

Ronald Talley - Sucks

Even making the suck portion of the list in an honor in this case.


Nick Barnett - Doesn't Suck

I wavered on this one Nick. You used to talk to me on Twitter all buddy buddy and stuff. Now, you're just too huge for the ol' Packers Lounge. I still cry myself to sleep at night. "Loving you is easy 'caus you're...."

A.J. Hawk - Doesn't Suck

I know there is a mixed of thoughts on Hawk. I still like him, so there.

Desmond Bishop - Doesn't Suck and Sucks

In the pre-season and regular season respectively. First player to get dual suck votes.

Clay Matthews - Doesn't Suck

That one was hard.

Brandon Chillar - Doesn't Suck

Everyone forgets we even have Chillar. So, you all suck.

Brad Jones - Doesn't Suck

Talk about a kid who can't even get the time of day from Packer fans. It's a travesty. I hope he lights up your T.V. screen this season, so I can light up your comments.

Brady Poppinga - Sucks

Not a Poppinga fan, never have been. His intensity just never translates into plays.


Charles Woodson - Thinks you suck.

And as far as I am concerned has every right to. Charles is the man.

Al Harris - Doesn't Suck

I hate to use injuries to determine suckage. I wish Al the best in his recovery, and I personally will always be a fan.

Tramon Williams - Doesn't Suck

We all need to give Tramon some good karma. He is going to play an important role this season, especially early on.

Will Blackmon - Doesn't Suck

Another toss-up for me. I hope Will's enthusiasm and shoot from the hip attitude translates into electricity at Lambeau. The guy is growing on me. How about that interview Will?

Pat Lee - Sucks

I really want to say the Lee doesn't suck. But that is more a hope than a reality. Please Pat, comeback and show us something, anything.

Brandon Underwood - Sucks

I like Underwood, but again, even making the list is progress sometimes.

Sam Shields - Doesn't Suck

A very rare UFA appearance on the list. Sorry, I like really fast guys who run straight. Much better than slow white guys that run straight.

Jarrett Bush - Blows

I promised Will Blackmon I wouldn't say that Bush sucked anymore. Keeping my promise.


Nick Collins - Doesn't Suck

Officially out of my doghouse for the start of 2010. Great work Nick, keep it coming.

Atari Bigby - Sucks

I just don't like Atari. You can tell football really doesn't mean all that much to him. He's a paycheck guy who made a couple of big hits.

Charlie Peprah - Sucks

Why did we bring Peprah back? I would leave him off the list, but I had to say something.

Derrick Martin - Sucks

This guy just gives me a bad feeling for some reason. I don't know what it is.

With that the initial 2010 Suck List has been generated for the season. As always take it for what it's worth. And, if you don't like it, you suck too. I'll be back for mini-camp.

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Stan's picture

Hello, I'd like to agree wholeheartedly about Atari Bigby. I started blocking this guy on Twitter a while ago, he sounds like a minimal effort, maximum coasting-by type. I hope Burnett quickly takes his spot and one of our other safeties kicks Bigby off the team (not likely, but hey). Bigby had the same luxury as Colledge (no one really able to challenge for his spot), but now I think all that's about to change. Cheers Ted!

PackersRS's picture

99% Perfect. All the votes are perfect. I just wish you had put the same comment, but inverse, on Martin that you put on Jordy.

Nelson sucks as a ST player, but doesn't as a WR...
Martin sucks as a S, but doesn't as a ST player...

Oh, and Chris Bryan, the punter, is 6'6 220 pounds. That's got to count towards his non-suckiness...

Mr. Bacon's picture

"Sam Shields – Doesn’t Suck

A very rare UFA appearance on the list. Sorry, I like really fast guys who run straight. Much better than slow white guys that run straight."

Don Beebe would like a word with you Alex.

FITZCORE1252's picture
FITZCORE1252's picture

Good stuff Alex,

A few instant thoughts...

Gollege = spot on

Bigby = spot on-E-er

A-Rod = spot on-E-est

I'm calling it, Morgan Burnett = will never come close to having a 'suck' accompanying his name. HOF class 2025 (1st ballet, he will retire a Packer in 2020... with 7 rings). You heard it here 1st.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Chris Bryan should suck 'till he proves otherwise... 2 first names = bad start.

Asshalo's picture

Being close to OTAs - Doesn't suckj

FITZCORE1252's picture

I got a good feelin' going into this year, if we catch a break and stay healthy...


Asshalo's picture

The first and only episode of criminal minds I will ever watch:

FITZCORE1252's picture

Me too! Go Greg, Go Greg, Go Gr...

Max's picture

Love it.

I especially like that you kept your promise to Will Blackmon.

Aaron Rogders's picture

Bush blows and sucks

PackerHQ's picture

Suck list 2010- Doesn't Suck ! Well done !

A_Lerxst_in_Packerland's picture

Maybe ol' Chad'll just get that first false start out of his system on the very first play from scrimmage this year...

FITZCORE1252's picture


NFL Total Access, 4 downs, 5/7/10...

Who has the best Recieving corps in the league?

Faulk = GBP
Lombardi = GBP
Eisen = GBP

(said with TE's)




Globalpack's picture

Nice article. Love the Suck List. And Atari Bigby doesn't just play for the paycheck, he does it for the bitches.

retiredgrampa's picture

Enjoyed it. Although it seems likely that Clifton won't last 8 games before injury, I would hope otherwise because, while I'd love to see Bulaga sooner rather than later, I want him to have all the time necessary to develop into the LT we'll love to watch for 12 years. We don't need to rush him (I hope!). I share your affection for Tauscher. He seems to share the "imperfect body syndrome" with Marshall Newhouse. I just hope Newhouse comes on like Mark did.

TurtleLakePalo's picture

I would LOVE to see our DBs not suck this year in the playoffs. Woodson can't do it by himself even though he FA pick-up since Reggie. Tired of seeing Bigby and Harris give up the game-changing plays.

I like Hawk, hoping he feels more comfortable in the 3-4 this year!

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