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Suck It

Suck It

I don't know how many times I have to repeat myself. Apparently, it's about ten zillion. That being said, for the ten zillionth and one time, this is your not your house. So suck it.

"If you want to run a site like a professional please do so and avoid the childish name calling in blogs and tweets."

This is my house. Period. These are also my hands that type nearly every word that appears here bar the great writers that choose to include their work on its walls. Everything you see in my house was built by me. I have spent thousands of hours working on my house.

This is NOT your house. You do not get up every morning and spend all your free time working on it. You do not pay its mortgage, you do not answer to its wife, and most importantly you have no say in its content.

This may surprise you, but this is also not a Packers blog. This is a blog about Alex the Packer fan. Alex the Packer fan has absolutely zero responsibility to satisfy you or other Packer fans. Alex is not obligated to be professional, Alex is not required to censor himself, and Alex does not care what you think.

I will say what I want, write what I want, tweet what I want, and do anything and everything else that I want. Why? Because this is my house.

If you ever want my house, you will not get it. My house is not for sale. Therefore, however you think I decorate my house does not matter to me. My house is not the most friendly place. If you are looking for fluffy bunnies in my house you are out of luck. I don't like fuzzy bunnies.

This is not a professional place, nor am I obligated to make it one. This is a place where I write, a place where I write whatever I want. If this offends you, that is too bad. If it really bothers you, take that opportunity to go write about me at your own house. It makes no difference to me, it's yours.

Twitter is part of my house too, the garage. Sometimes I like to work out in the garage. You are not allowed to choose what I build in my garage. If I want to make something in there I will.

My house does not care about your moral or ethical high ground. My house likes living in the low income district.

My house is smarmy.

If you don't like my house, don't come over. My house does not care.

My house thinks you're a dumbass anyway.

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Aaron's picture


Annie's picture

You go, guy!

FJ Dan's picture

It's a nice house Alex and I really like what you've done with the place. It's very kind of you to have us over once in a while to play in your house. Are you sure your house isn't for sale? I was thinking about putting in an offer. Do you fear a potential eminent domain takeover?

Alex Tallitsch's picture

My house does like money...

IronMan's picture

Ha. When I read this, “If you want to run a site like a professional please do so and avoid the childish name calling in blogs and tweets.” in the Arrigo post, I knew exactly how you would respond.

PKRBKR's picture

Well said! It's a great place to hang out and shoot the shit and get different points of view!

cousin fred's picture

I will respect this house. But keep in mind I may come home at bar time and track mud all over the carpet and throw up on the bathroom rug. I may say bad things. Aside from that, I will respect your house Alex.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Just stay away from my frozen pizza stash.

Asshalo's picture

Alex also likes to refer to himself in the third person. Haha, I know, but I had to say it.

I thought this post was funny, but they have a point. You brought up legitimate points about Joe's sources that could be written off not because you're arguments were lacking, but because they may not like your rhetoric. Where do these sources come from? Are all his rumors from one source? Why is the vast majority of the content in his stories 100% rumor? Could these rumors be made up according in a plausible way based on recent packer news?

Then again, professionalism may be more of an idea to certain bloggers. I don't mind the writing because it's just rhetoric. And it's funny. Relax people.

Gumbah's picture

A house ain't a house without lots of knaked chicks.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I call dibs on the couch.


Franklin Hillside's picture


Do you have a deck? I like to sit outside, drink beer, and eat frozen pizza.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Big one... I should have a tweetup.

On second thought, that's not my best idea.

JohnRehor's picture

A++++++++++! Well said Alex!

Robert Greenfield's picture

May your house be free of tigers and syphilis.

FITZCORE1252's picture

What you got against Tigers?

The Safety Of Your Computer's picture

" I will say what I want, write what I want, tweet what I want, and do anything and everything else that I want. Why? Because this is my house. "

The real question is would you say all those things to someone's face? You wouldn't & you know it, because you're nothing but fat slob of a man that would get his shit smashed in, so you rely on the safety of your computer to do & say things you would never say in person. You're nothing but a coward in the greater scheme of things.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Ha, that's funny. You obviously don't know a thing about me. Fat, no. Slob no. Man, more than you will ever be.

See, I print the facts.

Not to mention I really wouldn't ever hang out with those dudes. Or, you.

I've been in situations that re-define rough. When you can say that, give me a call.

OH SNAP... and you covered up your real screen name and you're calling me a pussy. Seriously, The Good Kid...

The Good Kid's picture

Didn't I tell you before to shoot me an email & I would be more than happy to meet up with you & fuck your whole pathetic world up? I did, but your bitch ass avoided the question. Send me that email next time you make the trek to Wisconsin for a Packer game & I would be more than happy to teach you a life lesson on how to act.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Ha, loser.

The Good Kid's picture

I'll be waiting for that email, Mr " I've been in situations that re-define tough ". Put your money where your mouth is...

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I don't need to, that's kind of the point. I prefer the big fish.

The Good Kid's picture

Like I said... C.O.W.A.R.D.

Aaron's picture

Alex puts his name behind every single thing he writes. That takes courage. You, on the other hand, are a commenter on a blog who has come to rip him but don't even have the "courage" to leave your real name.


The Good Kid's picture

What exactly is putting my name on here going to do without all my other personal information? Think about you fucking idiot.

Send me the email so I give you back that shirt. Seriously, every time I look at that fucking thing it makes me want to puke.

I'm 6'4'' 249.3 lbs so what makes you think I would be afraid of either of you little internet minions. Have either of you looked in the mirror lately. I would snap one your limbs or put your little bitch ass' to sleep. You have no idea, really, I would break either of you down quick.

I'd be happy to meet up with you too, Aaron. See if you have that ignorant & arrogant tone in person.

LETS DO THIS! Just send me the email, so we can get this show on the road.

Erik's picture

249... POINT 3.

Now I know I'm scared anyway.

The Good Kid's picture

Gotta love the little blind sheep of these sites.

Aaron's picture

1. "what makes you think I would be afraid of either of you" - where did I say you were afraid?
2. You have my email address.
3. How can a tone be "ignorant"?
4. Wow.

The Good Kid's picture

Send me an address or PO Box so I can give you that shit back. This time though don't send me some dumb ass email that has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with what I asked for.

PackersRS's picture

Wow. Someone forgot to take his meds... Really, an internet bully?
Now, explain to my why in the world would a sane person be compelled to arrange a fight because of something someone said over the internet?

Wait a minute... Are you going to want to fight me, also? I'm 5'6'' 180.2, just so you know...

Asshalo's picture

This is better than wife swap.

Pack66's picture

It may be your house, but I you cannot permanently stop me from occaisionally stopping by in the wee hours and shitting on your lawn....(or shooting your front-porch light out!)

So there...

Alex Tallitsch's picture

In theory, I probably could, but I don't make a habit of banning anyone. This has always been a place for anyone to speak freely.

I would be a hypocrite to censor anyone.

The first rule of Packers Lounge... you do not talk about Packers Lounge.

PackersRS's picture

You're so adorable! My dog also shits on other people's lawns! Do you pee with your leg up, too?

Stan's picture

Wow, things are getting heated. It's an interesting topic 'internet obscurity'. None of really know each other (well apart from the ultra candid author of this site). Can anything truly be believed on the Internet though? Who am I? where am I from? Do you honestly care? It's doubtful. We are but lowly packer fans making inane comments as some form of outlet for our in built need to make inane comments.

cousin fred's picture

Hey, The Good Kid,

I would like to meet up with you. Let's meet up tomorrow afternoon so we can straighten some things out. I'm dead serious.

I will meet you at the McDonalds parking lot on Main Ave. in "Da Pier" at 12 p.m. tomorrow. There's a patch of willow trees there. Come with whoever you want, but it's just going to me and you dancing, son. Do not call the police.

Be there tomorrow. I'll be waiting, you punk son of a bitch. I'll be standing next to my sweet ride, 2001 Chevrolet Grand Am with the "Monster" energy drink decals. Yep, you know it.

See you soon bitch. I hope you're ready to get fucked up.

But if I'm not there it's because I have to work through my lunch break at Prudential Insurance, sorry. So, leave me your number on here, so that way I'll call you and you can meet up with me at the back door of the office and we can go over things there. If I have go on a sales call in Appleton then I'll have to get back with you and we can schedule somthing for next week.

Thanks, you wacko psychotic freak.

Alex Tallitsch's picture


Every Kid Boo's's picture

I can't believe I've waited this long to come here.

Why the hell isn't there any more Old Mil in the fridge?

Every Kid Boo's's picture

almost forgot- 6'2", 205.6. Closest thing to a fight I've ever been in is cockblocking my budy Steve at a Rental's concert.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

LOL. 5' 10" 180

ThinkICare's picture

Haha, this is getting insane. Mission accomplished , Alex.

Anonymous's picture

Your house???? Sounds like a childish little kid who still lives with mom

Alex Tallitsch's picture

That burn is so old and tired.

Every Kid Boo's's picture

Old and tired like your mom

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