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Stop the Insanity!

Stop the Insanity!

At a time of relative quiet in terms of true Packers news, there is little to discuss or analyze. There are no more OTAs, no more mini camps, no more softball games, and (hopefully) no more arrests or investigations.

Posted by: Cheese5

It’s summer time, and the next time we should hear substantive news about football will be in early to mid July, when the higher round draft picks start to sign their contracts. I will also skip the inevitable news out of Minnesota that should also start around the same time.

So today I decided to torture myself and watch on the NFL Network the replay of the Packers/Steelers game from last season. As I watched the first few minutes of the game, I paid close attention to a certain player on the Packers’ defense.As I watched Roethlisberger toss a ball 60 yards for a touchdown, I remembered something I had almost forgotten during this time of content:


Hate is such a generic statement, a mean spirited statement. But time after time, he has proven to be inept as a cover corner. Hopefully his move to safety will correct his terrible coverage skills. Who knows. Watch the “highlight” film to understand.

Now I’m not sure who shouted his name, what girl he saw in the stands, or where the UFO came from, but why during the middle of deep man coverage would he turn his head away from his receiver and slow up? It boggles my mind. I am not a coach, scout, or player-all I can do is watch and review. I do remember when I played in high school something my coaches used to preach to the defensive backs: Never lose sight of your receiver. So what does Bush do? Turns his head and bye bye Mike Wallace, touchdown.

This play got added to the monumental list of screw ups this guy has performed since joining the team. So he can’t cover anyone. Or fall on a football when it’s only the most important game in years. At least he can play special teams. Oh, that’s right. That has already started this year as well. As only Greg Bedard could put it on June 21:

“Bush offsides on FG. Crosby missed first attempt from right hash mark 45 yards. Not kidding”

Same day later on, he partially justified his roster spot. At least for now. Again thanks to Greg Bedard:

“Wow, Bush just made a phenomenal play on punt coverage keeping it out of the end zone so it was downed at the one”

Who knows what would have happened if he had not given up that touchdown last year. Would the Packers have won? Maybe, but we will never know. Would it have changed the outcome of the division, or given the Packers a chance to play a playoff game at home? We will never know. What I do know is “potential” is not something that should keep a player on a roster heading into a season where they are expected to compete not just for their division, but a trip to the Super Bowl.

Bush may have tons of physical talent, but it’s not there on the football field. It hasn’t been there for years. If he does make the roster coming out of camp, I certainly hope the incriminating photos of Ted Thompson are finally made public. It would be the only logical reason he should be on the team this season.

Rant over. Please return to your summer.

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Asshalo's picture

Maybe the 5th training camp is the charm for him to get cut. With that said, I don't really see any back-up who stands out to take his place. Hopefully Harris and Lee can stay healthy enough to keep him off the field.

Wamzlee's picture

The Steelers/Packers game was when I gave Jarret Bush the title of "Pittsburgh Steelers Player of the Game" over Benny boy.

IronMan's picture

*Waits for the "Leave Jarrett Bush alone!" crowd to show up.

jeremiah's picture

well then you better grab a snickers, cause you won't be going anywhere for a while...

bush has proven time and time again that he does not have what it takes to consistantly be on the field. he doesn't recognize things before they happen, he doesn't break on the ball, he rarely gets himself in good position, and when he does he fails to either get his head around quick enough, or some other way to make a play on the ball. when was the last time you saw him defend a pass?

jarret bush is NOT going to get better, he is nothing more than an above average special teams player who commits alot of stupid penalties, and a third string DB, at best. it is what it is, and he is who we thought he was. the guy will make the team, for his ST skills. but if pressed into anything more than occasional dime duty, he will be the achillies heal of this team.

PackersRS's picture

Bush can't even cover himself up at night, what makes people think he would be able to cover a receiver?

Hey, Jarrett, I really don't care how hard you work. You know why? Because I work as hard as hell. Almsot everybody does in life. It's not fair but it is like it is. You suck, and your suckiness hurts my team, and consequently me.

I know it's not exactly your fault that you suck and is put on the field to cover, but I still loathe you. See? Didn't use the H word! Not once.

And the fact that you wear the number 24! UGH! It's sacrilegious!

Here's how much I don't like you. You actually made me not want to listen to a band anymore, just because of their name. (Well, it wasn't you alone, but you had a big role in it).

Tarynfor12's picture

"One in the hand is Worth two in the Bush" regrettfully the hand is empty and we're stuck with the Bush.

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