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Stock? Don't Mind If I Do.

Stock? Don't Mind If I Do.

I plan on buying stock in the upcoming Packers stock sale. I am not being duped; I knowingly want to pay $200+ for a piece of paper that calls me an owner. I live in Cincinnati, so the shareholder tickets are nice, but the odds I’ll be able to make that trip year in and year out is low, so not really a selling point to me. I am not buying this expensive piece of paper for any sort of discounts and any flashy extras; I’m buying it for one word, “Owner”. Apparently this is the dumbest decision I could be planning to make. According to Homer and Thunder on ESPN Milwaukee yesterday it would be like me buying a ticket to a movie and thinking I now own Marcus Theatres. Yeah. Let that sink in. Besides being the world’s lamest analogy, it brings up the semi-valid point made by stock sale haters time and time again. It’s a useless piece of paper. On the show, Homer offered to sell pieces of paper that with the word “owner” on them for the discounted rate of $100. I hear this time and time again, with more frequency now that the Packers stock sale has been approved by the NFL, the people who buy Packers stock are not thinking clearly. If they wanted to donate to the team, why not buy a jersey and get something more tangible in return? While buying stock technically makes you an owner, one of many, it gives you no rights. You can’t vote. You don’t have a say in who gets drafted, and the stock will never increase in value. Who on this planet would buy such a useless thing, especially when a jersey would be worn? I’ve come to the conclusion that when it comes to the stock sale, you either get it or you don’t. Either you understand that kind of fan mentality or you don’t. The idea of being an actual owner has much more value to me than a jersey that will fade in time. I know they won’t take my advice on coverage routes or who to draft, but even without stock, most fans think they’re GMs anyways, what’s a little piece of paper going to change in that delusion? The Packers mean the world to me, in kind of an unhealthy-I-might-have-to-seek-mental-help-someday kind of way. Right now we’re in the living together stage of our relationship. We’ve been together a really long time, but nothing’s official. It’s a fan’s marriage license. Will our relationship change when I get that piece of paper? No, but now I can frame the document and hang it on my wall and have a mini-celebration as each year passes. If this doesn’t make sense to you, well then, I’m sorry for you. But please STHU about how I’m being duped or whatever. I get it. Most of us get it. I doubt anyone who buys stock is going to show up at Murphy’s office the next day with a pad of paper and a list of ideas. Homer and Thunder and all the other stock haters, you’re the ones who don’t get it. And you can keep calling me names and likening this sale to someone claiming false ownership to a privately own movie theatre company, but trust me, despite your objections, my stock and I will be very happy together.

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Packers football's picture

I bought the last time and it's been well worth it just for the 20 or so times I've been able to tell friends/colleagues, "Yes, I own part of the Packers."

They are, without exception, blown away..even if you have to explain the actual concept to them.

Jayme Snowden's picture

so true. Whenever I tell someone not from Wisco that I'm a Packers fan, they almost always ask me if I own stock. Hate saying no. Look forward to the say I can say Yes, yes I am!

djbonney138's picture

I am with you Jayme. The thing for me is, this is a unique thing for just us Packer fans. A little way for us to feel even closer to the organization we love. I haven't heard of any other pro sports teams offering this sort of thing and that uniqueness is something I want to be a part of. I usually enjoy Homer and Thunder very much but I was a bit perplexed at how adamant they were about how bad of an idea it was.

Tracy's picture

Yep, I get it. The stock certificate shows your dedication to the team. Sadly, players come and go. It's a part of the business we (as fans) don't always like or agree with, but we have to accept. Money spent on jerseys is split among the player, team, league and the retailer, and is inevitably "worth it" for a short period of time. This framable piece of 'memorabilia' is forever, for better or for worse. I own several jerseys and will proudly be a co-owner as soon as they go on sale!

aussiepacker's picture

Man i hope i can get my hands on some stock and if i can it is getting framed and hanging with pride in my house

ron's picture

I was under the understanding that Packer shareholders do vote in the board of directors.

That is a significant right that comes with owning stock.

FanSinceThe70s's picture

As a shareholder of the Green Bay Packers you do get to attend the annual stockholders meeting that is held in historic Lambeau Field.

That is certainly worth the price for me.

Chris's picture

I would get one .. question is just: How? As I live in Germany, it probably won't be easy.

Matt's picture

Right there with you Jayme! I've been talking about this potential stock sale with my wife since the first time it wasn't mentioned and she just lets me be excited. She doesn't get it, but she knows how much I love the Packers and that is all that matters! Can't wait to say i'm a co-shareholder in the very near future!

Pat B's picture

Born and raised in Chicago, been a Packer fan
since 1964 (9 years old) went thru tough times in the 70's and 80's but when I bought my 1 share in 97 it was worth it. All my neighbors know I have that little piece of paper and always have to look at it when they come over, the last year has been great and looking forward to another 8-10 years and hopefully a few more SB wins.

rochelle's picture

Please tell me how to buy this stock. I have to have it.

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