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Seriously? Take Out Tramon on Punts?

Seriously? Take Out Tramon on Punts?

I can't believe what I just listened to. People are actually thinking that Tramon Williams is not producing enough on punt returns and we should pull him.

Now I had heard this in passing, but when I heard the notion posed again on Cheesehead Radio tonight I was floored. I don't know what happened since I stepped down from the show due to time constraints, but obviously they are all addicted to heroin now.

Take out Tramon Williams? Seriously.

The argument for taking Tramon out seems to be pretty straight forward. Either people are upset he isn't breaking any for big gainers, or two, they are still worried about injury possibilities. Both opinions I think are severely misguided.

For starters, you just never, and I mean never mess with a good thing. Tramon Williams returning punts has been just that, a good thing. Who cares if he has a ton of fair catches and hasn't returned 10 punts for touchdowns? You know what kills the punt return game? Turnovers. Of which we have none. Would you rather have the speedy Sam Shields give it another shot? How about Will running up on the ball ten yards and then making a head first dive to field it? Hell, maybe we should give Vernand Morency a call.

Secondly, and for the nine billionth time, you just don't game plan around potential injuries. You start doing that and you aren't playing to win anymore. It's funny listening to people argue that Ted Thompson is being foolish and hasn't gone out and gambled enough while at the same time attacking Thompson for risking the team's success by putting Williams in this situation. The cards ARE all on the table people, enough is enough.

Yes, I understand you could stick Jordy back there, but you don't do it now, not after the season has started and especially not when things are going smoothly.

I guess some people will never be satisfied, but if that isn't good enough for you here are the facts.

What Packer in the last four years has never suffered an injury that took him out of the punt return role? What Packer has led the team in punt return average every single year he has returned punts? Or, better yet, who leads the Packers in punt return average over the last five years?

The answer is the same in all cases.

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Two Jet Winston's picture


Jersey Al's picture

haha... everything "will be fine", Alex. (unless, of course, Tramon gets his knee messed up doing something relatively unimportant that Jordy Nelson could do just fine.) Then the secondary is screwed.

And yes, the heroin in NJ is ultra-pure these days... :)

bozz's picture

I just don't like the mentality of those who think McCarthy should coach scared. If Tramon is the best PR we've got, he needs to be returning punts.

Oppy's picture

It's really obvious:

The Packers need to get the talented, play-making tramon williams out of there, and put some lack-luster, bottom of the roster, questionable talent in at the key position in a pivotal segment of our football team.

In fact, I want the biggest scrub on the team back there. Put someone out there you wouldn't trust to put away your dishes or water your lawn. You need to identify the guy who's talent is so questionable- so lousy that the water boy is licking his chops for him to go down with injury so he can get a shot at the 53 man roster- and put him out there to field and return punts with the entire protection team rushing at him full speed in close quarters, deep in our own territory, where calamity can strike out of nowhere. Especially against the Bears special team units.

How dare the Packers put a talented player back there. Get Williams out of there, he's far to good to have playing an important role.

Jersey Al's picture

Wow oppy, you're usually pretty reasonable, but you're off the deep end on this one. Nobody is suggesting the misguided scenario you are creating here. Just put Jordy back there. He can do the job just fine without fumbling and without risking a starting cornerback on a team with no satisfactory replacements. By your logic, if Woodson was the best punt returner on the Packers, you would put him back there. That's just crazy.

Oppy's picture


Just goofin' around. I'm really not worried one way or another, to be honest. I personally don't think having Tramon back there is a big deal, but then, I'm not that offended by anyone who thinks it's a bad idea, either.

Just being a sarcastic bafoon, is all.

PackersRS's picture

I was always the opinion that you don't plan for injuries, and that Tramon's level of play didn't give him the benefit of not participating in ST, like Woodson.

I won't go as far to say that he's playing in the same level, but Tramon's role in this D is VITAL. He has functioned as the shutdown corner, like Harris did last year, and he's playing lights out. If Tramon goes down, we're screwed. It's not just that there's gonna be a dropoff, like Jennings for Driver. It's that noone, right now, can do what Tramon is doing. Driver can function the same as Jennings. Shields/Lee/Underwood can't as Williams.

So I understand the point in preserving him.

I'm torn. Tramon is doing such a good job with his punt return awareness, and being able to play the shutdown corner role...

I want him to return, but I understand if he's taken out.

SpiderPack's picture

So long as Tramon is "playing it safe" on punt returns (and that's what I'd call it), its scary, but I'm OK with it. He's an intelligent, experienced player, and I'm SURE the coaching staff is working with Tramon to do just that. Its just IF there's that crucial/unforeseeable return where he gets smeared in an unavoidable way, then we ARE DEFINITELY SCREWED. They must believe Al will be back at full force in 3-4wks and they're taking the gamble.

fhornplayer83's picture

Taking risks is necessary, and this is a relatively low risk compared to the benefits.

I agree with Alex... not sure what people are getting bent out of shape about. Let's worry about the real concerns and just enjoy the rest of it.

Tarynfor12's picture

Which is the greater fear,the risk of bad Punt Ret's and field position or the lost of another player in a position with a very shallow pond of talent.
Let Jordy do PR's and BJ do KR's and keep whats left of a depleted DB squad somewhat intact.
Besides if BJ gets hurt,we aren't missing out on much,he's not really here anyway.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

<blockquote>Let Jordy do PR's</blockquote>

Um, I don't think I want Jordy doing anything with the ball after last week.

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