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See You Later, Al Harris

See You Later, Al Harris

And now for something Packers related.

I might be a couple days late on this, but I wanted to make sure I'd get the final word.

In 1997, the Packers drafted Brett Conway; I was 15.  I loved Brett Conway.  He was hott – yes with two t’s – and clearly he could kick; all Wisconsin Badger fans remembered him from his college days at Penn State.  To me, Conway’s legend was everything; we NEEDED him on the team.  Then the preseason happened, and guess what, the kid couldn’t get the ball through the upright to save his life.  People were calling for his head, and in my 15 year old haze and admiration (read = pure obsession), I wanted to hear none of it.  “We are the Packers” I’d say.  “We don’t just give up on people.”  I think back to that time and I laugh now.  As a 15 year old, madly in love with a man’s dimples, my juvenile approach to the business side of football was mildly acceptable.  Hearing this same type of logic from grown packer fans today regarding Al Harris, is less excusable.

The fan, the homer, in me would love to hug him and ask him to stay around and watch games with me.  That’s also the voice of my 15 year old self who still clings to the hope that someday Brett Conway will play a major role in my life.  My real voice, the one not hindered by unadulterated fan love, realizes that while having been a great member of the Packers for years, there is a logical argument for his release.  He is older, coming off of a knee injury that seems to be taking longer than expected to heal.  He is a competitor who loves to play and be on the field, and I question right now how much we need him in a starter’s role.  The Packers and Al Harris are just not a good fit right now.  That is not the Packers fault; it is not Al’s fault; and no one “owes” anything to the other.  It doesn't matter how long a player’s played for you or how many times they help you deal a crushing blow to Matt Hasselbeck; be it an unproven rookie or a committed veteran, this is a business.  The 15 year old in me is saddened deeply by his departure; the 28 year old in me is excited beyond words for the Packers defense and its potential.

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brad's picture

Basically, yes. Well said.

foundinidaho's picture

Nicely said. I would say, however, that all players and teams in this situation (different than Judas) owe each other something - dignity and respect. Al was obviously unhappy, and that says to me he still wanted to play. However, overall, he was classy. So were Ted and Mike. That is all good.

Chad's picture

So, basically, everyone that's upset Al was released are all 15 year old girls with a crush?

Hahahaha! I love it!

Only kidding, and I'm picking up what you're throwing down. Brett Conway, huh?

Anita's picture

Nice to see that the Lounge is no longer a sausage fest!

It was nice in that no matter how unhappy Al Harris was with the situation as it unfolded, he did not handle it like a certain ex-QB who shall remain nameless. He could have signed with three teams in the division, all of who could use some help in the secondary. He could have signed with a team we have not played yet this season, simply to prove a point and exact some revenge. But he didn't. He went home to be closer to his family. He went to a team the Packers already played, a team in the AFC. He went where he could be happy, not someplace motivated simply by revenge.

Nice job, Mr. Harris.

I remember Brett Conway. Yeah, he wasn't bad!

PackersRS's picture

If anyone watched Baltimore x Atlanta, and Pittsburgh x Cincinnati, they'd know that we have probably the best secondary in the nfl.

Baltimore just needed to cover White, and it was over. So what do they do? Put Josh Wilson in him. Don't need to say much else.

And Pittsburgh, TO almost killed them.

So we're fine with the secondary.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Agree about our secondary. Funny how as a season plays itself out the perceived strengths going in often turn out to be a weakness (Offense) and vice versa...

Tangent alert... Tangent alert...

We're gonna HANDLE the dirty birds in 2 weeks. Watching that game, the lack of pressure on Ryan jumped out at me. Not to mention the lack of playmakers on Atl's D, they are a sound group, but they don't have any difference makers. That's not your Grand pappy's Ravens D either. Ryan looked good, but I really think the Ravens D is still living off of Cred built up years ago. I can't wait to go to Atlanta, our Play/Claymakers will be the difference.


PackersRS's picture

I've been saying since last year, that Ravens D is nothing big. They can stop the run, alright, but their secondary, outside of Ed Reed, is very suspect, and they lack a true pass rusher. Sure, Ngata is a beast, but he's a 3-4 DE, his impact is somewhat limited. No coincidence they're #22 in sacks.

And about the Falcons, the gameplan is easy. You stop the run, you double cover Roddy White, you win. Ryan is an awesome game manager, but he's nothing more than that right now. We all saw what happened last year without Turner and, without their #2 receiver, with people doubling on White. Ryan struggled mightly.

Lucky us, we can stop the run, and we have Tramon Williams.

I'm feeling very confident. If Rodgers is really back, we can beat anyone anywhere. Heck, even if Rodgers isn't his full self, we can compete with any team...

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