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Sanders Fired

Sanders Fired


There is breaking news that Packer's defensive coordinator Bob Sanders has been fired. There has been no official announcement from the Packers.

The National Football post, who is reporting the information, is partly owned by former Packer guru Andrew Brandt.



One can assume that the search for a new defensive coordinator will begin immediately. Coaches that will possibly be considered are San Francisco coach Mike Nolan, former New York Jets coach Eric Mangini, former Cleveland Browns coach Romeo Crennel and former Jacksonville defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

(Stay Tuned)

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Packnic's picture

I know you were just providing information and not really an opinion but, all those names you mentioned as possible new DC's makes me nervous. I think we should stay away from every single one of those guys. they will be available for a reason.

Either go for someone who has been a proven winner in the NFL (none of the above apply) or get some fresh blood in the system and go unheard of. In my opinion Ted and Mike will either go with Moss (not my first pick for sure) or they will get someone that none of us has heard of. Then there will be a huge uprising as to why we didn't bring in some loser like Nolan or Crennel only to be proven wrong yet again.

Alex's picture

I agree Packnic, be happy I didn't throw Haslett on the list. He really has some ties to McCarthy and that name scares me the most.

Dale Z's picture

Mangini isn't on that list because he's a bad coach. Some say he can't handle an entire team(thus DEFENSIVE coordinator) while others say he's a damn fine coach who his players would take a bullet for, but he got the raw deal this offseason because his QB went down the drain and threw games away the entire second half.

Mike Nolan would bring some familiarity for McCarthy, he knows him,etc. This would be another case of HC-to-DC which is an easier gig.

I don't want Romeo or Moss. Don't even interview them.

Dale Z's picture

1. Don't recall ever calling Sanders the second coming.
2. Our first Favre-firster troll of the off-season?
3. Favre IS the reason the Jets didn't make the playoffs, not Mangini.
4. Thanks for helping our website traffic!

Elmo's picture

1. Favre has a torn biceps muscle, or did you forget that?
2. Favre was 8-3 before the injury (but i'm sure you'll say it wasn't because of Favre)
3. Favre doesn't play defense.
4. Favre doesn't call the plays or make half-time adjustments for the whole team.
5. Ted Thompson is the reason the Packers didn't make tne playoffs this year.
6. You're a known Favre basher, and would admit it, if you had integrity.
7. You said that Sanders was a great pick because he was promoted from within and would not have to change Bate's system.
8.I'm sure there is something i'm leaving out.

Dale Z's picture

lol, I don't know where to start. I don't know if I should start with the fact that they don't know WHEN he got hurt or the fact that Favre was never 8-3. The Jets were. I think I'll just ignore you. I look petty when I do this sort of thing.

You keep on keeping on and make sure to check out our next podcast! Thanks for visiting

Alex's picture

1. Torn bicep-yet another reason he should have been on the bench for weeks.
2. It wasn't because of Favre, it was because of the run and Leon Washington's emergence. Not to mention to play on the D-Line by Jenkins a much better pick-up than Favre.
3. No, he only throws it to them.
4. Favre calls plays all the time. Actually, he doesn't. He just changes them half the time after the coaches call them.
5. Ted made the right call.
6. I am a Favre basher-he is a selfish prick.
7. Bates had a nice system.
8. You aren't leaving out anything. Although leaving is the right train of thought.

Thanks for trying to stop by,

Dumbass's picture

1. Then you would have attacked him for not playing through his injuries.
2. Of course. The excuses and apologies roll in. What are your lame excuses for 6-10?
3. The Jets offenseive WR's suck.
4. Good thing Favre does. He audibled out of all MM's lame ass calls last year to a 13-3 record for the Packers. Aaron Rodgers doesn't have the smarts or ability to do that.
5. Ted Thompson is a jackass with a below .500 record. Laughable.
6. At least you admit it.
7. Only thing I agree with. It figures the incompetent Ted Thompson couldn't keep him.
8. Leaving much out. (See. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> for more edification).

Alex's picture

1. No, I would have been happy he wasn't playing on my team with an injury that should have benched him if it wasn't for his sacredly held record.
2. No excuses for 6-10. Not even injuries. Favre would not have helped that with a busted arm and inflated ego.
3. Coles is one of the best receivers in the league. Leon Washington is one the best out of the backfield. Their TE is a stud in the making. Poor argument.
4. He also audibled out of a run to a pick in overtime. Great call, great smarts. Aaron audibled all year, don't you watch the plays of the week?
5. I guess you personally know Thompson.
8. I wouldn't go to that website if I was a Viking fan.
9. Figures you are from New Jersey.

That Guy's picture

Coles is one of the best recievers in the league? Now I know you're just a delusional Favre basher with no credibility. Coles sucks. That guy has completely lost it.

He couldn't even start on the Packers.

Good luck trying to rationalizing another Ted Thompson losing season this year for the Packers. I guess losing has become the new "winning" for you Madden types.

It's all about statistics, not the actual win-loss record.

Alex's picture

It's all about making the playoffs. Neither team did, whether they had Favre or not.

What? Coles isn't good? He has Favre throwing to him. The same guy who made Brooks, Freeman, Driver, and other receivers. Right?

Madden types huh? Now you smell familiar.

P.S. Link me up with one positive thing you had to say about Favre when we were 4-10.

Dale Z's picture

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