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Safe But Solid

Safe But Solid

I thought I would be super excited today. For some reason, it's just not happening. The Packers made a solid pick in Bryan Bulaga, however, it's just not that sexy.

I like the pick, don't get me wrong. It fills a FUTURE need and offers a little insurance this season. I think the Packers got a solid player that can anchor the line for years to come. Did they get a game-changer that can be the extra piece that put the Packers over the top this year? Well, probably not.

The bottom line is this. Bryan Bulaga, barring injury, is simply not going to contribute this season. He's not going to rush the outside, shore up the secondary, change the pace in the backfield, or even return a kick. Bryan Bulaga is going to sit on the bench, probably for the year. Does this make the Bulaga pick bad? Not necessarily.

I don't think Ted had too many choices, and I will go out on a limb and say that judging by his press-conference, Ted had a much different plan in place before getting to 23. I think Ted missed his guy somewhere around pick 16 and subsequently ended up with a no-brainer miss pick when the time came. I don't think Ted wanted to take him, but I do agree he had to. A top 5-10 tiered player fell into lap unexpectedly filling a future need at a hard to fill position. Thompson had to make the pick. Was he happy about it? I really don't think so.

The bottom line is that our GM will need to put his team over the top in rounds 2-7 this year. There are plenty of players available, but it will be hard to watch the likes of Sergio Kindle, Taylor Mays, and other immediate impact guys fall into the laps of other teams and divisional opponents this evening. I predict a lot of moving up today, we'll see if that pans out.

In the meantime, we got a great one for 2011. We can talk about that next year. Or, we can talk about it tonight during virtual draft party day two.

See you there.

Here is a re-cap of last nights actions with all the picks and all the clips.

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Andyman's picture

It reminds me a lot of the Rodgers pick in '05. Maybe a little less dramatic than that (since at the time we all thought Favre was going to live forever) but same in the sense that we took a guy that probably shouldn't have fallen that far in a position that does need help. TT has rarely been a guy to go out and fill an immediate need, so the pick doesn't surprise me

Stan's picture

Sometimes you just gotta plan ahead. I honestly don't see it as a problem. There's plenty of quality in later rounds.

Shawn's picture

You seriously think that we just need a rookie in order to put us over the top?? Don't get me wrong I love the Pack but we are not one player away from a national Champ.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

That would be a World Championship, but yes I think we are one dynamic player away from being a serious, if not THE best team next year.

Asshalo's picture

I think Bulaga can help immediately in other ways (per a potential post I just emailed you).

I think many would agree that the packers ability to improve is highly related to rookie contributions in 2010. Also, I think there would have been considerable pressure in rounds 2-7 regardless of who was picked, as depth on the entire roster is an issue.

Mr. Bacon's picture

Alex I don't think your ready for all that jelly.

Long live the Whale!

TD's picture

I bet you he winds up challenging Colledge at LG. He may not stay there more than a year or two, but if he's one of their 5 best linemen, they'll find a spot for him to get reps.

Max's picture

I think it's safe to say Clifton gets injured at some point during the year. Don't get me wrong, I definitely do NOT want to see that happen, but I think it's inevitable. I think Bulaga will see plenty of action this year and we will find out if he's the Packers tackle of the future.

Stan's picture

Totally, Clifton won't last a season. I'm happy to hear Philbin say he's not going to be tentative with him.

FITZCORE1252's picture

'IF' the kid turns out to be our 'FUTURE' @ LT, it's a great pick. I don't see him as a LT @ the next level, hope I'm wrong.

Kindle AND Hughes fall into our lap, and we pass on both. We could've had CM3's partner in crime for years to come... Hope Brad Jones is 'the guy'. I hope Bulaga works out.


Stan's picture

That's a lot of hoping. I guess that's the downfall of playing mainly with the Draft, hell of a lot of pressure to get it right.

FITZCORE1252's picture


Stan's picture

That's a lot of hoping. I guess that's the downfall of playing mainly with the Draft, hell of a lot of pressure to get it right.

Joe's picture

I agree with this article completely. My mind tells me this was a smart choice and even if he does not play LT right away BB will improve our line. I wanted TT to go defense with this pick seeing as how we got burned in the playoffs but can't make a lot of arguments against this pick because we did need to upgrade the OLine.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Yeah. It's hard to be pissed about the pick, it appears to be 'solid'.

Greg C.'s picture

Yeah, I was hoping for a pass-rushing OLB because it would've been more exciting and would've had more potential for immediate impact. But OT was an equal need, and maybe even a greater need in the long run. Thompson has been on the budget plan with offensive linemen ever since he got here, and it hasn't worked out very well. He needed to spend a high pick on the offensive line.

It's very interesting how Bulaga slid down the draft boards just before the draft, and it exactly parallels what happened to Aaron Rodgers. The three mocks that I read had Bulaga going at #5, #5, and #6. Mel Kiper, on the other hand, thought he would be around for the Packers at #23, so let's give the devil his due. (I know that Mel is not really the devil; he just looks like the devil.)

I have not heard an explanation for why Bulaga fell so far. Some have mentioned his poor performances after missing three games with an illness in his final season, but everyone knew that already. I'm thinking maybe the real reason is that people came to believe that he is already performing near his ceiling. The book on him is that he is a bit slow-footed but has great technique. He doesn't seem to have the athleticism that is expected for an elite left tackle. That concerns me, because we really need a left tackle. I think T.J. Lang has already shown that he can be a solid right tackle.

The best case scenario, which I think is quite possible, is that Baluga and Lang are our bookends for the bulk of the Aaron Rodgers era, and we will never again have to watch Aaron running for his life like he did during the first half of the 2009 season. Now THAT'S something to get excited about.

By the way, I think it will be fun to watch Clay Matthews light up Bulaga on the first day of training camp. That will be a good test for him. If he gets his feet back under him in a week or two, we'll know he's a keeper.

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