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Rooting Against Favre

Rooting Against Favre




We might as well all get used to it, fellow Packer fans: Our former hero is now our enemy.





One year ago today, Packer fans never would have imagined that it would come to this: Brett Favre is now just one healthy arm away from putting on the purple and playing for the Minnesota Vikings. By this time last year, Favre had privately requested to return to the Packers; the general public would not find out about it until early July. And when his request was denied, it was not long before the Minnesota Vikings emerged as the top contender to land Favre. Packers management took great pains to prevent such an embarrassment from occurring, but only for one year. Perhaps they underestimated Favre’s determination to stick it to them.

There is a school of thought among some journalists, players, and fans that if Brett Favre wants to continue playing football, that is his business and nobody should complain about it. Rob Demovsky of the Green Bay Press Gazette is the most recent example. In a chat last week, Demovsky compared the situation to that of an employee who is no longer wanted by K-Mart, so he goes to work for Wal-Mart.

It is astounding that a sports journalist could be so tone deaf, and a couple of Demovsky’s readers wasted no time in obliterating this line of thought. One of them pointed out that Favre had retired voluntarily and then decided to come back after his replacement had been groomed for several months. Another pointed out that nobody cheers for their favorite discount store in the way that they cheer for their favorite football team.

One might also add the obvious fact that for Packer fans, the Minnesota Vikings are not just another team: They are public enemy #1, or at the very least, #1A along with the Chicago Bears. It is true that Favre’s familiarity with some members of the Minnesota coaching staff  (particularly his former QB coach, Darrell Bevell) makes that team a good fit for him in some ways. But where Favre really showed his true colors last year was when he stated that he wanted to play for any other NFC North team, not necessarily the Vikings. At that time he made it clear that his main objective was to play against the Packers.

More recently, Favre has been coy about the matter, pretending that the Vikings are the team that he just happens to want to play for, and that’s all there is to it. And nobody does “coy” better than Favre. After he allowed his pal Michael Strahan to sack him to break the single season sack record, Favre played dumb, pretending that the play was legit. Many fans were disappointed that Favre would have so little regard for one of the most coveted NFL records. At the time, the play seemed like an anomaly in the career of a great competitor, but in light of the past year’s events, it may prove to be Favre’s signature moment. It was the first proof that the buddy system mattered more to Favre than the integrity of the game.

What we’re witnessing now is the buddy system in reverse. Favre feels he has been scorned, and he is going to get his revenge. He doesn’t care in the slightest about the feelings of the fans who cheered for him, bought his gear, and ultimately made him a very, very wealthy man. It is noteworthy that Favre and his ever-narrowing fan base have focused almost all of their rage on Ted Thompson, in spite of the fact that Mark Murphy and Mike McCarthy have been outspoken from the beginning about their solidarity with Thompson on this issue, and it also appears that there was general agreement within the upper ranks of Packer management that it was time to part ways with Favre.

What we’re left with as Packer fans is a very peculiar situation, and one that we’re not likely to feel good about regardless of the outcome. If Favre’s arm is healthy enough to allow him to play, we will be cheering against him. Whatever success he achieves will now come at our expense. There have been similar examples of this in sports, but perhaps not any this big. Johnny Damon putting on pinstripes is nothing compared to this. Most Packer fans would probably breathe a big sigh of relief if the deal between Favre and the Vikings was never consummated, but that still wouldn’t change the fact that by revealing his intentions, and his lack of consideration for the fans, Favre has already crossed the line. And once that line is crossed, there is no coming back.

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Erik's picture

Very well written. I think you've hit almost every point in the saga up to this point, Greg.

Andyman's picture

Agreed - the biggest thing to me is the fact that he came straight out and said he wants to play against us. I have no issues with him wanting to keep playing (despite the fact he retired of his own will), but the fact that he said he wants to play for MIN or anyone in the North just boggles my mind.

PackersRS's picture

That's exactly my take. Want to play? FINE! Just don't play for a rival.

IronMan's picture

Well written Greg. I agree that Demovsky's article was a bad analogy.

I would also say that if indeed Favre's reasoning for returning is primarily based on getting "revenge", then its a bad reason to come back. Even if the Vikings sweep the Packers this season, and Favre plays well, it doesn't prove anything.

Thompson made the right decision when he chose Rodgers over Favre. And nothing Favre does on the field from now on will change that.

All that being said, I don't take it as personally as some fans do, that he wants to stick it to the Packers. If that's what he wants to do, fine. His beef is with Ted Thompson; not me, or any other fan for that matter.

wizard 87's picture

Ironman I would agree with you 99.9% of the time but how about food for thought. The ONLY team owned by the fans are the Green Bay Packers...Favre wants not only to stick to TT but to management that they where wrong.....the fans are management there for he wants to stick it to us...add in the Viking factor which borders on insane hatred and you gotta give in a little to the bad vibes IM.
With all that said let's play packer football and kick his ass on the field..thus ending this saga once and for all.

GPN's picture

I've been a Packer fan since I was old enough to tuck a balloon under my arm and plow into my brother on the way to the living room goal line.

Despite what Brett was able to do for this franchise, the Green Bay Packers are greater than any one man.

So, when Brett became a Jet, he became a non-issue for me. I don't care who he plays for (or doesn't play for). Is it fickle of me to be pulling for Aaron Rodgers in spite of all Brett's done for the Pack? Of course not, because I'm a Packer fan, not a player fan.

If Aaron goes to another team, I'll cease to cheer for him too.

If Brett wears purple this season (and I still suspect he won't), I'll be on the edge of my seat hoping to see him under a pile of green and gold. Not because he's Brett Favre and he turned his back on the Packers, but simply because he's not wearing the right colors.

MrBacon's picture

I respect Favre's wishes, and personally I dont care if he goes to Minnesota. I have faith that the Packers can handle him and the vikings. I just wish that when Favre does retire, he looks back and realizes what he did, and how immature he has acted over this past decade.

The facts speak for themselfs, Favre hasn't won the Super Bowl since 06-07, and realistically the average superbowls a HOF QB will get to play is at least 2. Favre already had his shares of Superbowls, and had his hands on another one but gave it away on a bad pass.

32 Teams compete everyear to be the best, and only one gets the title.

If Peterson goes down, Favres plan screws up.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I missed the 07 Super Bowl.

Just giving ya grief Bacon.

MrBacon's picture

Ack, 96-97.

I cannot believe I am saying this, but it was better for us to lose to the Giants, because New England had not been defeated yet, it would be different if they were 17-1 going into the Superbowl. I seriously didnt want New England to go 19-0.

So if we played the Patriots, I think we would have been blown away making the Patriots fans say they are the great team ever created by god.

Its because I am getting sick and tired of Boston/New England winning everything, plus the lovefest of ESPN on these guys. I like Kraft, Brady and Belicheck but all this lovefest by Peter King and Bill Simmons on the greatness of Boston makes me want to commit suicide.

Franklin Hillside's picture

I cannot believe you are saying that either.

MrBacon's picture

My List Of Hate
1. Bears
2. Vikings
3. Patriots
4. Tuck Rule
5. Randy Moss
6. Vikings First Down Celebration Horn
7. Daunte (Capt. KY - For his in ability to hold on to the football) Culpeppers Retarded False Start Celebration after a touchdown

Bleed Green & Gold's picture

I agree with what you've said Greg, accept the facts regarding his retirement are incorrect. Favre was approached by McCarthy one week after Superbowl XLII and was told they needed to know his intentions. He refuted the demand by saying he needed some time to decide. They gave him 2 weeks...contacted him again the first week of March and said they were not waiting any longer; they needed his answer that day. He, under diress said if it has to be today, I guess I have to say no, which leads us to the March 4th retirement speech. Now some of you may still consider that being "retiring on his own free will" but anyone who is faced with a life-altering decision and is told now or never is backed in it. Packer management had decided they were done with him and were going to force the divorce on him knowing he would struggle with the decision. Hence he chose, but was not ready to choose.

Now, I do not agree with his motivation for playing for Minnesota out of spite or revenge. If he wants to play for his 'love of the sport, love of the game' then he has every right...if it is because he cannot divorce himself from his one true love. However, If it is because he overstayed his welcome in GB and can't deal with it~it's time to face the music and focus on coaching college ball.

Greg C.'s picture

How could you say I got the facts wrong when I didn't even mention anything that happened in February or March? I picked up the narrative in late June. I intentionally avoided the earlier stuff because some of it is disputed and I didn't want to get into a big discussion about who said what to whom.

Jersey Al's picture

I agree with Greg. there have been some many different versions of what happened, I don't know what to believe. I guess we'll have to wait for the "tell-all" book Favre will put out at some point. Oh, you know it will happen.

Greg C.'s picture

Oh yes, I'm sure the tell-all book by Favre will clear everything up once and for all (wink, wink).

Asshalo's picture

I have to agree that he did nothing wrong last offseason. This offseason is a different story.

Tyler Bohms's picture

Awesome article Greg. You rocked just about every feeling that the typical Packer fan has experienced with this Favre saga. Favre plays the "just a dumb country boy who doesn't know any better" card, but we can all finally see right through him.

Charlie's picture

I couldn't care less where Favre plays. I just wish he would cut the will he or won't he BS. I'm not worried about Favre and the Vikings accomplishing anything unless of course their habit of choking in big games offset each other. Living in Minneapolis though and having mainly friends who are Vikings fans it''s funny how quickly they've all embraced him after despising him for seventeen years (I guess it's like the people in Green Bay who went from worship to hate) Anyways, I've watched enough Packers playoff games to know Favre is not the missing link for a Superbowl on any team.

Graham's picture

Can you get rid of this new tweet box on the side of your website, its annoying I have to scroll in order to read the damn article. Thanks -Graham

Greg C.'s picture

Thank you, Graham, for saving me the trouble of e-mailing Alex about that Tweet box. And thank you, Alex, for getting rid of it.

Jersey Al's picture

And he was sooooo proud of that tweet box...

PackersRS's picture

Quote: <blockquote cite="comment-4267">

<strong><a href="#comment-4267" rel="nofollow">MrBacon</a></strong>: My List Of Hate
1. Bears
2. Vikings
3. Patriots
4. Tuck Rule
5. Randy Moss
6. Vikings First Down Celebration Horn
7. Daunte (Capt. KY - For his in ability to hold on to the football) Culpeppers Retarded False Start Celebration after a touchdown


What? No cowboys? But I agree on the Tuck Rule though. If you put together the Spygate, it's funny that the so called "dynasty" is loaded with cheats and lies. Funny? I meant disgraceful.

MrBacon's picture

Surprisingly, I am okay with the Cowboys as a team.

I like Jerry Jones, because he is the living embodyment of Skeletor.

However, I don't like the notion that Cowboys are America's Team.

That team is the Yankees, always will be.

Now Jones legacy will live on with the Toilet Bowl ver 2.0, which took 1 Billion to build.

Not to mention the home team only plays like a total of 14 possible games at this place (Added 1 for a Superbowl game).

Franklin Hillside's picture

You are 2 for 2 on things I can't believe you are saying. Yankees are the devil. Do you think America is the devil? Why do you hate America, Mr. Bacon?!?!

I actually hate the idea of an "America's Team", period.

PackersRS's picture

"Why do you hate America, Mr. Bacon?!?!"
Instant classic.
I agree with Franklin Hillside, the yankees are, indeed, the spawns of satan playing baseball...

MrBacon's picture

Quote: <blockquote cite="comment-4275">

<strong><a href="#comment-4275" rel="nofollow">Franklin Hillside</a></strong>: Why do you hate America, Mr. Bacon?!?!.


What are you ? Some sort of PATRIOT ? :P LOL

Alex Tallitsch's picture

What? Bacon hates America now?

My hate list:

The Vikings
The Vikings Horn
The Patriots
The Cows
The Florida State chant song. (could easily be number one)

Greg C.'s picture

That's a great list. I never could figure out why Culpepper did that. And I get sick of all of the fawning over the Patriots as well. When Peter King writes about them, I just skip over it. He'll go on and on for two or three pages about the Patriots. Plus, I am a Detroit Piston fan, so I am a Celtic hater from way back. I've never hated the Red Sox, though, because I hate the Yankees more, and the Red Sox used to have really cool players like Jim Rice and Fred Lynn.

MrBacon's picture

Apparently its called "Getting your rollon."

The same name for women's armpit deodorant.

Jersey Al's picture

Now THAT is a charming song...

Asshalo's picture

He has every right to play for the Vikings, but you're right once he crosses that line he's gone for good. We shouldn't retire his number, allow him in the packer hall of fame or to retire a packer after he's done with the vikings. He intentionally lied to the jets and fans about wanting to retire so he could play for the vikings. No marketing deals, no nothing. He can compare this to vince lombardi, but Vince wasn't holding up his middle finger as he left green bay. Even if Favre thinks he's not doing this to the fans, he's definitely doing it to the organizations-- an organization he should have no part from hence forth.

"He doesn’t care in the slightest about the feelings of the fans who cheered for him, bought his gear, and ultimately made him a very, very wealthy man."

Avoid the money arguement. There was an exchange. We paid him for a service. You act like the organization didn't get anything in return.

PackersRS's picture

I agree with you, asshalo. HE made himself rich, with his god given ability. He wasn't just handed the money.
I think, bottom line, Favre is a liar and a pretender. Since when he's like this, I don't know. From the get go? Around the time he gave the sack record to Strahan? Since Teddy came aboard and denied him his toys? Who can tell...

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I think we have seen the first appearance of the "no weapons argument."

Asshalo's picture

not sure what you're referring to there

PackersRS's picture

Wow, I surely didn't intend to... After all, I am a Teddy ballwasher. I was trying with that sentence to say that Favre is a crybaby. Guess I should learn to express myself better.
But the no weapons thing is plausible. I would go more with the "no pals" argument, since I was referring more to Steve Mariucci, but Randy Moss sure enters the argument. You see a lot of #4 asskissers still getting in TT because of that, despite of Greg Jennings, DD, Jordy and JJ...

Greg C.'s picture

Point taken about the money thing. I tried to strip this whole thing down to its essence (which wasn't easy), but the mention of money could've been left out.

And I agree that the Lombardi thing does not apply here. The same goes for Taylor, Hornung, and others. They left when the team had played itself out. They never expressed a desire to join a rival.

We'll see what happens with the legacy stuff. It may take years for the fan base and management to come to any kind of consensus on whether Favre should retire a Packer or whatever. I still think he will be welcomed back into the fold eventually, but it'll be a chilly reception. Sort of like being polite to a relative who you don't really like.

longtimefan's picture

Quote: <blockquote cite="comment-4261">

<strong><a href="#comment-4261" rel="nofollow">Bleed Green &amp; Gold</a></strong>: I agree with what you’ve said Greg, accept the facts regarding his retirement are incorrect.Favre was approached by McCarthy one week after Superbowl XLII and was told they needed to know his intentions.He refuted the demand by saying he needed some time to decide.They gave him 2 weeks…contacted him again the first week of March and said they were not waiting any longer;

LOL @ your facts

Tom Silverstien made a time line from Ted Thompson about the events leading to Bretts retirement...Then Bretts pilot,friend and business partner added to what Tom said...

so this is coming from someone directly tied to Brett and in fact (David) said all of his comments came right from Brett

David the pilot posted this on Bretts official forum days after Tom's article hit the papers.

*Jan. 20, 2008 - The Packers lose in overtime to the New York Giants in the NFC Championship Game. Both Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy speak briefly to Favre before he returns home to Hattiesburg, Miss. No deadline is indicated on when Favre needs to make a decision on whether to return 4 the 2008 season.

* Jan. 30 - McCarthy and Favre are both at the Super Bowl media center in Phoenix to collect post-season awards and spent about an hour chatting. The two talk again when McCarthy is at the Pro Bowl in Honolulu and later when McCarthy returns home. Again, no deadline is provided on when Favre needs to make a decision on whether to return 4 the 2008 season, but Favre starts feeling pressured during these conversations to make a decision in the near future despite his deliberative nature.


So right there your facts are blown out of the water..

Before spewing stuff you do not know about, maybe check, double check and triple check before making your self looking like a douche


Just for good measure this is what the pilot said happened on March 3th

March 3 - Favre calls McCarthy at a function in Austin, Texas, and tells him he's retiring, consistent with the conversation held on February 29th. McCarthy asked if he needed more time and he said no, as Favre believes that - absent any communication from Ted Thompson since February 22nd - the Packers need an immediate decision.. Favre tells him he can't commit 100% at this time. McCarthy flies back to Green Bay.

longtimefan's picture

I see bled green and gold is left speechless, thats the way I like my nutt lickers..

Particularly the Brett nutt lickers

Elmo's picture

Spoken like a true TT nutt-licker, LT...

Your nonsensical, paranoid, rantings are not worthy of a reply. Why did Thompson fly down in May to give Favre his locker then, numbnutz...if he wasn't trying to force Brett out?

He knew full well that Brett was considering coming back, and that's when the Packers tried to bribe Favre with $20 million to stay retired. You TT nuttlickers live in a complete fantasyland of your own making.

MrBacon's picture

Just remember, somewhere out there in the great state of California, lays a Al Davis Nutt-licker.

Jeremiah&#039;s Johnson's picture

It's funny, Greg...that you don't seem to mention that since the Packers didn't want Favre, he is free to do what he likes. This is a free country, right? I can't tell you how many times I've heard dickwads like Tromadz say that , "the Packers don't owe Favre a thing", so why is it now reversed all of a sudden?

You can cut the hypocrisy with a knife in this article. Just what does Favre "owe" to the Packers...tell me that. And if Favre still has something in the tank and takes the Vikings further than the Packers, then why the hell wouldn't you be mad at Ted Thompson. He's the scumbag in this whole mess, imo....

You Packer homers have got this thing completely backwards...

Greg C.'s picture

It's pretty bad when you have to fall back on the "It's a free country" defense. Nobody is saying that it is against any law or rule for Favre to do what he is doing, so that's irrelevant. We are perfectly free to do all kinds of things that are legal but that also happen to be stupid or wrong.

Also, I didn't say that Favre owes the Packers anything. That's why everyone here would probably be okay with him continuing his career with almost any other team. But to play for a rival for the sake of getting revenge on the Packers is taking things way too far.

Anonymous's picture

Quote: <blockquote cite="comment-4339">

<strong><a href="#comment-4339" rel="nofollow">Elmo</a></strong>: Spoken like a true TT nutt-licker, LT…Your nonsensical, paranoid, rantings are not worthy of a reply. Why did Thompson fly down in May to give Favre his locker then, numbnutz…if he wasn’t trying to force Brett out?
He knew full well that Brett was considering coming back, and that’s when the Packers tried to bribe Favre with $20 million to stay retired. You TT nuttlickers live in a complete fantasyland of your own making.


You have a hard time reading don't ya?

Show me where I said they were not forcing him out?

You can't because I merely stated what Brett's pilot stated on Brett's own official message board back when that article-timeline came out...

Since your buddy bleed was busted with posting wrong information you have to divert the attention away form him and use typical troll tactic.... which is change the subject when your argument is shot to hell

Have a nice day Pete

longtimefan's picture

Quote: <blockquote cite="comment-4339">

<strong><a href="#comment-4339" rel="nofollow">Elmo</a></strong>:
He knew full well that Brett was considering coming back, and that’s when the Packers tried to bribe Favre with $20 million to stay retired.


Ahhhhhhhhhhh, and the bribe thing?

Right from Andrew Brandt

The Packers planned marketing deal with Brett Favre was something I discussed with President/CEO Mark Murphy when he arrived in January.

Notice it says JANUARY...

Before the playoff games...

Yup the Packers only offered the " bribe" after Brett wanted back

shall I blast another lie your posting?

Jeremiah&#039;s Johnson's picture

..and the Locker thing...and the "tampering thing"...and the quickie "retirement of the jersey" thing...and the no signing any Free Agents or "weapons" for Favre to win now...

But no, TT didn't want Favre to retire or he wasn't trying to force him

Any other BS regarding Saint Thompson that you want me to stick in your ***?

longtimefan's picture

I never said Ted wasnt trying to make it happen me where I denied that?

I hated the retire jersey ,but in all fairness Reggie Whites was done just as fast. Reggie was 1999 placed on reserve/retired list by Packers, Feb. 16. and Oct of that year his jersey was retired..

So while it was pretty sneaky of Ted to do it real fast on the jersey retirement, they have done it before with Reggie.

Ted didnt sign any free agents last year or this year when he knew Brett was gone, so how is that argument valid?

Tampering thing? why did the NFL head up an investigation with it? they only do a handful of those a year and will only do it if they fele there is enough evidence to do an investigation..I dont see how having the NFL investigate him talking to Minnesota was his way of forcing him out tho?

Locker thing was just plain stupid, a big time asinine thing to do...

so out of your complaints, maybe 2 have valid claims to them..The tampering and the locker.

altho the tampering charges your referring to doesnt show me how he was forcing him out,..

So out of you complaints I guess only one really showed Brett we are forcing you out

Got anymore?

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