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Rob Reischel

Rob Reischel

It's very rare that I have anything bad to say about the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Packer coverage. In fact, I think Greg Bedard is perhaps the finest Packer reporter I have ever read. There are some apparently who need to take a cue from Bedard, because articles like this one leave me scratching my head while wondering, where do I apply?

I understand completely that this year's draft was not the most exciting thing people have ever seen. I also understand how difficult it is this year to get a rise out of anyone. Packer fans are kind of in a lull right now, no one seems to be all that excited about the draft, and the focus this year has really turned towards the start of the season, and not the months leading up to it. Sure, it would be nice to have a Raji or Clay Matthews to dream about for a couple of months, but as fans we don't.

That being said, I am seeing more and more opinion articles popping up trying to fill that void. Now naturally I am all for opinion, but if you can't back it up with anything that makes sense, it's really just yellow journalism. I understand the pressure to get readers involved, but you need to be educated to do it correctly. To quote one of the finest writers on the planet:

"Writers used to never give opinions. Now I think you have to, it's more interesting to readers -- as long as it's an informed opinion."

Writer Rob Reischel failed to do any of that in yesterday's article Packers Didn't Swing for the Fences and I will go a step further and say he comes off as not having a clue. Let's count the ways.

"The Green Bay Packers seemed only a player or two from making a title push when the 2009 season ended. But, four months into the off-season, it doesn't appear the Packers have found that player. Packer general manager Ted Thompson ignored free agency as usual. Then Thompson seemed to draft more for the future than the present last weekend. Now, it remains unclear how the Packers can take the next step after finishing 11-5 a year ago and reaching an NFL wild-card game. For now, it still seems teams such as New Orleans and Minnesota are miles ahead of Green Bay."

I mean wow. At least you got the first sentence right. The rest is just hogwash. Yes, on the outside looking in, Ted Thompson's draft may have looked like it was designed for the future, but as far as the present is concerned, no one knows. In 2009 only one pick, ONE PICK (Meredith), did not contribute on the field at some point. Ted Thompson drafted in 2010 for week's 8-16 not the year 2011. In addition, it's pretty clear how the Packers are planning on taking the next step... by staying healthy. That's the final move, and Ted Thompson drafted to ensure that if we don't, we're covered. Finally, to even suggest the the Vikings are miles ahead of Green Bay right now is just downright stupid. They lost a big part of their backfield, don't know who their quarterback is going to be, and have a secondary worse off than the Packers right now. The only one miles ahead is me, in front of you. Let's increase that gap.

"A year ago, Thompson hit a home run in drafting outside linebacker Clay Matthews, who made the Pro Bowl as a rookie. But Thompson's seven-person rookie class in 2010 doesn't appear to have any players ready to make an instant impact."

How on God's green earth do you know? In fact, coming out camp last year, we didn't even know if Clay was going to play. To project impact at this point, is quite simply impossible and uninformed. What's the impact of Bulaga if Clifton goes down? What's the impact of Morgan Burnett actually making Atari Bigby work for his job? But, I suppose you are right since everyone knew Brad Jones was going to contribute big time before the season last year. Can I get a Donald Driver here too? Again, truth is, the only thing we know about impact for sure is the rest of this facial.

"The Packers didn't address their two greatest need areas: outside linebacker and cornerback. Green Bay has a true star in Matthews at right outside linebacker. But after losing Aaron Kampman in free agency, there's uncertainty on the left side. For now, the job belongs to second-year man Brad Jones."

It's time to get off this whole need thing on the linebackers and cornerbacks. There is not a need there. Perhaps there is some uncertainty due to injury at corner, but there is not a need. We have gobs of corners, and frankly, anyone we had taken in the draft would have the same question marks as anyone on the roster. We have our guys, they just need to play. As far as Brad Jones is concerned, did you even watch the Packers last year? Brad Jones, as a seventh round pick, took over for a Pro-Bowl player and not only didn't drop-off, perhaps even enhanced the position. I have no uncertainty at all. And if I did, Ted Thompson directly answered those concerns in YOUR OWN ARTICLE by saying, "We didn't draft any linebackers this year, but still we're going to be trying to add some stuff to that position, sure." He'll add some stuff, good enough for me.

"Panic buttons are being pushed throughout Packer Nation after Thompson ignored both outside linebacker and cornerback."

Only by the people that read your uninformed piece of slosh and are now three times worse off as fans than they were a few paragraphs ago.

You've been served.

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Erik's picture

Brilliant. I'd love to hear this dude respond, but that will never happen.

JohnRehor's picture

After reading the MJS article yesterday, the only thing I could say was uuuggghhh! Complete nonsense! Well said Alex.

jsutlookin's picture

Well said. Thompson always drafts for the future, which is why we have a decent team from the last few years of drafting for the future. I believe some of these new players will be impact players, but let's let their plays speak for themselves. Grade it at the end of the season instead.

Dan at Marquette's picture

Well played.

Only a few minor disagreements. One, I DO feel like Ted is making a few too many assumptions regarding the health of Harris, Blackmon, and Lee, as well as Lee's on-field progression. Obviously, they have access to the medical reports that we don't, and they see Lee on the practice field, but that's still a lot of stake in something that carries a lot of risk. You're correct in the fact that no one Ted would have acquired (save maybe Cromartie, who's athletic and has starting experience) would have less question marks than the CBs on the roster. What we do know is we're not going to stop (or even slow down) top flight QBs with Josh Bell and Jarrett Bush at nickel and dime.

I agree that Brad Jones is a player, and is completely getting the shaft from Packer nation right now. The mobility, versatility, and coverage at that position improved when he took over for Kampman, but the pass rush DID take a dip. He did have 4 sacks, but didn't match Kamp's numbers in overall QB pressures/game. In fact, I think Kampman led the team for the year even in his absence for the final four games. Still, Jones is a rookie, and I'll hedge my bets and say that he'll bulk up a little more, learn A LOT more, and be a breakout player this season. There's no reason why he can't.

Above all, we just have to trust Ted. He didn't get us to 11-5 by mistake, and I've seen him pull rabbits out of a hat before in areas of supposed need. Remember '07, when our running backs going into the season were Vernand Morency, Noah Herron, 2nd round pick Brandon Jackson, and 7th round pick DeShawn Wynn? Things turned out pretty well after the sky had fallen with Ahman Green departing and us not finding a suitable replacement.

Our core players are hitting their peak at the same time. We'll let them carry us, and we'll let Ted fill in the gaps as they arise without compromising our franchise with heavy contracts and panic draft picks for need.

Hofschneider's picture

What if TT had drafted for need in his first pick als GM in 05?! You just hate rethorical questions, don't you?!
... I watched the Queens at Lambeau-Game from last year a few days ago. I noticed one thing; the packers did not lose this game because of their DBs or OLBs. In fact; the packers defense had a few 3&Outs against Favre. The Packers lost this game because momentum was never on their side. And if they had it - after a fumble or a failed 4&1 - they gave it straight back. The reason were three things; the O-Line; Babre and Lang started the game. Special teams. And because of penalties. We all know the most stupid -headbutt-penalty against Jolly, who was on the field again only two plays later. What I'm saying is; with Bulaga, Neal (who could've stepped in for Jolly) and a better running- or screengame (I hope Starkes can make an impact in that area) we might had won that game. It all belongs together. If the OL is better, Rodgers gets into a rhythm. If Rodgers gets into a rhythm the defense can rest and feels comfortalbe. It all belongs together. Look at the Colts. Their defense is average at best. But their offense is so good, it makes their D better. So it doesn't matter who TT drafts as long they are good players. And this is something we can judge a few years from now.

Go Pack Go and greetings from Germany.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Solid take Hof, very solid. You've made my 'must-read' list. That makes 7.


PackersRS's picture

Brilliant, Alex!

It took Globalpack's and Mr. Bacon's articles to get you to rise your level to where it can and should be at all times, uh? (not that I'm complaining) Well, you rose to the occasion...

Specially THIS:

"How on God’s green earth do you know? In fact, coming out camp last year, we didn’t even know if Clay was going to play. To project impact at this point, is quite simply impossible and uninformed. What’s the impact of Bulaga if Clifton goes down? What’s the impact of Morgan Burnett actually making Atari Bigby work for his job? But, I suppose you are right since everyone knew Brad Jones was going to contribute big time before the season last year. Can I get a Donald Driver here too? Again, truth is, the only thing we know about impact for sure is the rest of this facial."

That's just a great point. CM3 hadn't play more than 15 games in college. Jones was considered too small to even take the field. The only player expected to make an impact actually didn't, was Raji.

I'd expect this kind of reaction from "fans" like this , but not from a "journalist". But then again, that term is tossed around too loosely nowadays...

FITZCORE1252's picture


That link is an all-time great. If that kid only knew what a bust Harrell was gonna be, I think we might have seen someone video tape their own suicide.... When I see that clip, one thing sticks out... That is one helluva man-cave. Slightly envious.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

"It took Globalpack’s and Mr. Bacon’s articles to get you to rise your level to where it can and should be at all times, uh?"

Been busy man, real busy.

PackersRS's picture

Like I said, not complaining. Never one to judge, and certainly am not in a position to do so. Just a remark, thought that some of your past articles weren't as comprehensive as they usually are. Don't take it as an offense, as it was meant to be the exact opposite. Sorry if I wasn't able to express myself correctly...

But then again, if I didn't like it, I wouldn't come to your site every day, and if I thought I could do better, I would do it myself...

Alex Tallitsch's picture

None taken.

Jersey Al's picture

Where do I apply, indeed!

Matthews52's picture

Fantastic article. Which brings me to a question I have wondered for a while now - WHY is it the JS is so terrible when it comes to Packer coverage?

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I usually am a pretty big fan of JS. This is a rare exception.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Gotta agree. JSO (Bedard in-particular) have the best/most reliable Packer coverage of any of any of the on-line papers I visit on average. The GBPG is really gonna miss 'what's-his-nutz'. God Damn DEFECTOR!


PackersRS's picture

I disagree with you. I like their coverage very much, IMHO it's better than the GBPG's one...

But they should stick to their A game, Bedard and McGinn...

They lack coverage during OTAs and Minicamp, but it's understandable, since the GBPG is much closer to the Packers' organization than the JSO...

FITZCORE1252's picture

Yeah, the GBPG is almost 'too close' to the Packers' organization. Like, appear to be swingin'-from-their-nuts close, at times.

PackersRS's picture

Damn, that's one ugly mental picture...

Stan's picture

HA, I remember reading this thinking the same thing. Rob Reischel writes like a man who has only a passing interest in the Packers. It's blogging at it's worst (and this is for a respectable news site). His article reads like, "The Packers didn't appear to find another Clay Mathews or Charles Woodson in the Draft..... oh well that's them f**cked" LAZY, LAZY, LAZY!

Ted Thompson is a man with a plan. He's cool and calm under pressure and often makes roster moves that, on the surface, make no sense but later we all go, "oh yeah, hey thats pretty good". He's made some blunders, but then he's made some of the toughest decisions a man is likely to make, and come out on top.

Mr. Bacon's picture

When a article of my pulitzer prize for baconosity comes onto the Lounge, it only forces Alex to swing for the fences.

My greatness doesn't come from my wording but from the gatorade coolers I destroy in the process.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Dude, your name makes me hungry. fer serious tho.

Globalpack's picture

Awesome stuff. I know they say that revenge is a dish best servedcold, but I love the spicy burn that this article is. If cartman was here he'd say that dude just got f'd in the a.

I think the article in question (non alex one) is an example of the short sited view that the pack has a CB need. If Harris comes back to form we have the top 1-3 CB group in the game. If either Lee, blackmon, Burnett or underwood step up it up at the dime position there is no area of need and we can keep bush on ST where he belongs.

FITZCORE1252's picture

People forget, we ended the season with T-H-R-E-E CB's on IR. Granted, Lee hasn't shown anything, Will appears to be just 'a guy' and nobody knows how Al will comeback or when he will come back.

That being said, We have plenty of CB's on the roster, as Alex stated, they just need to be available. I think we might be better off there than people think.

We are thin @ OLB that's a fact (talking quality folks, not Brady f'ing Poppinga). It's no secret that I was pining for Clay's partner-in-crime early in the draft. After some time to reflect... maybe Brad Jones IS Clay's partner-in-crime. Perhaps it's the fact that he's a 7th rounder and he's not huge or flashy, but the kid came in AS-A-ROOKIE, and the Defense didn't miss a beat (I would argue it got better/quicker). This kid could take a huge leap going into year two. I'm sure we will end up with an undrafted FA or two going into camp, but I would like to see Ted pursue a proven commodity like Adalius Thomas. If Clay or Brad goes down... then what? Are you comfortable handing the reigns to Brady (cold shiver down my spine)?

Rob Reischel was looking for an "easy" story, and he wrote it. The only problem is, none of it's actually factual. And what's not flat out false, can't be proven (does this guy have a crystal ball shoved up his ass?). Good thing there are some diehards out there to call "BULLSHIT" when they see it. Nice work, everyone.


FITZCORE1252's picture

Just watched Bulaga's press conference... I'm sold.

PackerHQ's picture

I have heard you and several others time and again discuss freedom of opinion and forums and blogs that try to shove there viewpoint down others throat... so the guy thinks there draft wasn't great and has concerns.
"It’s time to get off this whole need thing on the linebackers and cornerbacks"
That's your opinion and I respect it but other folks disagree. That doesn't make Rob a bad writer .

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Dude, that was the most uneducated Packer article I have ever read. It sounds like the guy doesn't even know the team. Respectfully totally disagree.

FITZCORE1252's picture

HQ, gotta go with Alex on this one.

Rob seemed intent on pointing out just how poor the Packers draft was. Perhaps, time will prove him to be correct. BUT, as it stands right now, there is no way of knowing if this draft was a home-run or a swing-and-a-miss, anyone that says different... will have a red flag representing them in my mind.

There is no way to know what role any of these Rookies will play this season, once again, does Rob have a crystal ball shoved up his ass? Last year was a great example, did anyone think that Brad Jones would play a larger part in our Defense than Raji? Didn't think so, no way to project that kinda thing.

I dunno, it just seemed like this guy's assignment was to "find holes in the draft" or something. It really came off as forced.


PackersRS's picture

It's this. It's okay to say you didn't like the draft.

But to affirm, before the guys even take the field, that there won't be any impact players from this draft, and that Thompson played safe, is plain ignorance, to stay in that term...

Brady Augustine's picture

I think this draft, though not sexy, was one of the good ones especially since TT got OT out of the way early and didn't have to draft five other "projects" that won't pan out anyway. The D line rotation is improved and I have said that Bulaga WILL start. Maybe not be the starter for the season but he will start when Cliffy gets a tweak and you are absolutely right that he will be invaluable to the team at that point. Plus he may start at other positions. Starks is a player and Shields could be a returner too. This one could pan out but you are right there is no way to really tell til they play the game.

Joe's picture

I started reading these articles when they came out and had to force myself to finish reading them. Nobody could have guessed what the Packers got with Clay last year. One or two players from a championship? Ask the Vikings how that worked out for them. I may not agree with all of the picks that TT makes but I have faith in his choices. TT does this for a living I'm just a fan and can't dedicate all my time to evaluating potential draft picks. As for the reporters it'd be nice to have a wait and see attitude before saying that TT failed to put the Packers over the the top.

Asshalo's picture

Last year, GB needed bona-fide starters. This year they just need depth and the only position I really see that as a problem is OLB. As Carriveau pointed out at RBC, GB cut a lot of fat in their current selections. Burnett and Collins could prove to be the best ball-hawk safety tandem in the entire NFL.

If both Matthews and Jones can remain healthy and their production can stay the same -- CM3 with 10-15 sacks and Jones with 7-10 sacks (prorated for 16 games) -- GB is fine. That's healthy production from your OLBs and you're bound to get more from the DL and ILBs. If either Matthews or Jones go down for an extended period of time then I am very worried. Barring some major improvements from Cyril Obiozor, that pass rush then might be as bad as 2008. Greene is high on Obiozor tho and if he could start contributing then he is just begging for a cool nick name: Obiozaurus Rex?

Although I see depth at corner as a potential concern, the reality is you have three of them coming off injury. Statistically, I don't see injuries plaguing that position as bad this year.

PackersRS's picture

Like I said before, I don't see the CB depth as a problem, considering at least 2 CBs are back from injury, and that Capers tend to use a S in nickel and dime, now that he has one in Burnett.

I am worried, however, with the OLB depth. Not lack of starting quality, but the depth is nonexistant. At least considering last year's production...

Asshalo's picture

Obiozaurus Rex?

FITZCORE1252's picture

let's hope so dude.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Peep this BULLSHIT.

This mofo best comeback, we got his ass, and I wanna show these 10,000 simulations the difference between 'taking-the-field' and 'plugging some #'s into a program'.




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