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Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold-At Lambeau Field

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold-At Lambeau Field

I remember it like it was yesterday.

January 20, 2008.

I was watching the NFC Championship Game in the living room at my old house. The chili I had prepared that morning was ready for consumption, and the beverages were ready to wash it down. I was surrounded by only my dog, as my wife went out to run errands for the afternoon.  The scene was ready for a special day, one that I knew would never be forgotten.

And forgotten it would never be.

I watched the game in earnest, gradually moving from a sitting position to a rocking position on the couch. Eventually, the rocking gave way to pacing in the living room, running my hands across my face with each incomplete pass by the Packers. Along the same lines, every pass completed by the Giants caused a face palm which I am surprised did not peel layers of skin off from the pressure applied to my face.

By the time the game reached overtime, I was a mess. Physically ill, my stomach hurting from a combination of the chili and the play on the TV. Sweat was pouring off of me, not from heat but from nerves.  I could barely watch anymore, but I had to. It was a Shakespearean tragedy waiting to happen, and I knew it.

And then this happened.

I remember watching the pass float into the secondary, and watching it fall into Corey Webster's hands, like it was a gift from the heavens. As soon as he completed the interception, I raised my entire right leg up in the air and slammed it onto the ground with such force, I shook the entire downstairs of the house.  There may still be some profanities floating in space which accompanied the slamming of the foot.

A few minutes later the game was over, and a former hero became the tragic figure yet again.

We all have our memories of that day, and I am certain that day will live on for the rest of our days, perpetually asking the question "What if? "among others

We know what has happened since then-the Giants went on to win the Super Bowl that year, the Aaron Rodgers era began in Green Bay, and the Packers have won one Super Bowl of their own.

As part of their own journey to the Super Bowl, the Packers had to play the Giants at Lambeau Field last December as part of the two must win games they had simply to reach the post season. A number of people called this a game of revenge. Pouring it on the Giants as a psuedo act of avenging the loss in 2008. I was in the stands at Lambeau that day, and took great pleasure watching the Giants stroll out of Lambeau losers. I felt a sense of redemption, as did many others around me.

But was it really a revenge game?

Not even close.

With the Giants victory over the Falcons today, they earned a trip to Lambeau Field next Sunday. A rematch of the NFC Championship Game that none of us will ever forget. This is a game of revenge. Nobody has forgotten that game, least of all, the players.

As Greg Jennings tweeted today:

The team that kept us from our potential Super Bowl in 08 is back on OUR turf now.Trust me,we haven't forgotten.Here.We...GoPackGo! #BeGreat

If that doesn't sound like a player ready to extract a little revenge, I'm not sure what does.

There is a saying that revenge is a dish that is best served cold. I can think of no better place to serve up revenge that at the cold of Lambeau Field, in January, in the playoffs.

The Giants better be hungry-revenge will be served next Sunday.



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Wiscokid's picture

That was a terrible memory. The only saving grace was Brent served up the same Dirigible ball in the NFC Championship when he played for the Queens. Thus balance was restored to the universe.

We will beat the Giants this year. Bank it.

michael engles's picture

MR. Rodgers does not make turnovers; as brett did, if our defense plays inspired we will take it to them 38-20.

Sunnie's picture

That video still makes my stomach turn.. that day was awful. I loved this article.. I firmly believe we will beat them. We have a QB that rarely throws INTs and a defense like likes to intercept. I have faith.

asshalo's picture

LOT of players on the '07 team, even Aaron Rodgers. That game ripped everyone's heart out.

Seifert made a good point today that B.J. Raji also stressed last week on ESPN Milwaukee (pack attach): Everyone is talking about how beatable the packers are almost to the point where they are expecting an upset. It's criticism like this that fuels a lot of these guys to be better, including Rodgers.

foundinidaho's picture

Probably the angriest I have ever been in my life (except at my ex-husband) is at Brett when he threw that INT. That problem is of course, now gone, and QB1 is ready to take care of business.

bomdad's picture

I look forward to Jarrett Bush's redemption. When he kicked the muffed punt instead of falling on it...took me until SB XLV to love him again.

arodg's mustche's picture

Geez, I remember this day like it was yesterday. My father in-law was getting married on the same day for the fourth time (do you even celebrate getting married 4 times), to top it off it was a destination wedding in Key west florida (not so bad, I live in DC). He deciced to have the wedding at 5pm and the recepetion around 630 (dohhh!! right at the start of the game on the east coast). After about 10 minutes at the reception I snuck away to the Ritz Carlton bar to watch the game. The place was full with giants fans (and we all know how the game went). When Tynes missed the field foal at the gun to bring overtime I was the only one up shouting, in my untucked tux no less, "there's a new LT in town in NY and he sucks!!!" (the whole place, full of fans in blue wanted to kill me, even the nice old ladies.) Then Burt threw THE PICK (I used to call the pick in OT of the playoff game in philly THE PICK until this little didy) and the place erupted. I remember tearing up on the corner of the ritz elevator while my wife was pissed in the other corner because after a long night of fun she would get no nookie because of Burt. WHAT A TRAGEDY!

Please please please Pack, apply the victory salve that makes this loss easier to swallow even today and allow my wife to get some!! ;)

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