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Quick Hits Vikings

Quick Hits Vikings




I didn't want to believe it, in fact I ignored it. But I knew it all along. The 2009 Green Bay Packers are about as far from contenders as they come. Here are the quick hits from tonight's debacle.





Packers 20 Vikings 30


Watch game highlights HERE.


Quick Hits

The entire offensive line should be replaced.

Aaron Rodgers cannot get rid of the ball, period. Sorry you are not elite right now.

Jermichael Finley had a coming out party. Too little, too late.

Was that a successful screen I saw? I think it was.

Ryan Grant actually made a guy miss, twice.

Where the hell is Greg Jennings, enjoy that loot Greg.

James Jones is a bust.

You aren't going to win games if you drop balls, repeatedly.

Terrible challenge by McCarthy in the first quarter.

Terrible goal line play calling by McCarthy in the second quarter.

Donald Lee, you suck.

Speaking of sucking, when you are bringing in Jarrett Bush to replace your new safety that you let Anthony Smith go for, you're screwed.

Tramon Williams had a terrible game.

So did Al Harris.

So did Derrick Martin.

Clay Matthews is going to be a player. We could use some.

Aaron Kampman is a bust plain and simple. Impact player my ass.

Nick Barnett needs to be replaced, now. You have seen that tight end drag since junior high.

You gave Brett Favre almost 20 seconds to throw the ball. Pathetic.

Spencer Havner continues to play tough on special teams.

The refs were terrible in this game, not that it mattered.

That could be it for Blackmon, thanks for three good games in your career Will.

Jordy Nelson did a nice job all night long.



Clay Matthews


I am leaving on vacation tomorrow until next Monday, and I couldn't be happier. I will leave you with this to chew on in my absence.


Ted Thompson has failed and failed miserably. The difference between the elite teams in the NFL and the Green Bay Packers was their willingness to bring in seasoned impact players, something the front office in Green Bay refused to do. When the fans know what the team needs more than the general manager it's time to go. We don't have the talent, we don't have the passion, and subsequently we don't have a chance.


It doesn't matter how good your coaches are if you don't have enough good player to coach.


The 2009 Green Bay Packers are average at best. Aaron Rodgers is not going to last the season, and only a fool thinks that things are going to get any better. You all can go ahead with your happy wait until next week attitude if you wish. But, the only thing you should be wishing for is 2010.


See you next Monday, maybe.

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Packnic's picture

I swear to god we watch different football games. Aaron Rodgers is elite. and Ryan Grant had his worst game of the season. How can you kill Grant all year long and then give him credit this game?

Greg Jennings doesnt suck, James Jones doesnt suck. the only thing that sucks on our team is our offensive line. its that simple. If we have one single damn competent Left Tackle... we win that game going away. You are calling out all the wrong people. Its soley on the fault of our offensive line.

And i wish the blogosphere would shut the hell up about anthony smith. hes playing for the rams now and if you take a damn two second look on you can see hes 3rd string safety for the worst team in pro football.

The defense didnt get enough pressure on Favre and the offensive line couldnt keep enough pressure off Rodgers. thats the only difference in that game. no other conclusions can be drawn from it.

Asshalo's picture

the concern on our safety is legit. It's the derrick frost of 2009. I agree for the most part on the offense line, except the fact that Aaron Rodgers is elite. I don't think we'll ever know until he gets a decent line.

He's on pace to get sacked well over 40 times this year. What a great way to ruin a quarterback's career with Injuries and lack of confidence.

Packnic's picture

you're exactly right. if we dont get that line fixed we could have a matt schaub/david carr situation. all the talent in the world, but its worthless if the qb starts developing the shakes on every play because he thinks hes gonna get smeared from his blind side.

Safety is definitely a concern.... im not saying that it isnt. both guys were a second late back there. I'm just saying that is freaking idiotic to suggest (as several blogs have) that Anthony Smith.... the third string emergency safety on the absolute worst team in professional football is supposed to be the savior we let go. Our safety situation sucks ass, and it has not one damn thing to do with letting Anthony Smith go.

Jersey Al's picture

Asshalo said ir best: "the concern on our safety is legit. It’s the derrick frost of 2009"

If you don't want to hear about Anthony Smith, then how about Aaron Rouse? How do you cut Aaron Rouse when you are so thin at safety? Explain that one. Jerry Reese and Tom Coughlin were grinning from ear to ear when they were talking about being so fortunate to find a guy like Aaron Rouse on the waiver wire.

RonLC's picture

I'll guarentee that 25 NFL teams would come running if Aaron Rodgers was available. The problem is and always has been, 1. The O Line, 2. The D Line, 3. Safety, and 4. TT. TT's primary objective is to build this team on the cheap. 4 years in a row the youngest team in the NFL is not a strength, it is a weakness.

TT's primary objective is to feed retained earnings, in order to recoup "market losses" from last year. That requires a low payroll and what better way than to employ as many 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year players as possible. With all the UFA's this year look for a further deteriorization.

Packnic's picture

Ron if thats the case... then wouldnt that be on the Share Holders or the BOD's?
They would be telling TT to do what they needed in order to turn a profit.

And if that is the case, then you should be bowing at the alter to Thompson for delivering a team that is this good under those restrictions.

Asshalo's picture

Ron, the scary thing is Our starters on both sides of the ball in the top five in the league in age. So is it our depth players? The coaching? Poor roster management? If we're still asking these questions a few weeks from now and near the end of the season, I think we all know what should happen.

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

So basically, you're saying they hired a banker/accountant to be GM of the Green Bay Packers....

Oh Joy...

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

There are lots of dudes in America who can do that.

Asshalo's picture

I would say an accountant posing as an investment banker. He wants to get the most out of his investments, just doesn't have the best grasp for value-- analyzes cost too much

Manitowish Waters's picture

I don't understand Rodgers inconsistency in the pocket. Sure, we have liabilities along the line and our left tackle situation is in the crapper. But Aaron isn't stepping up and getting rid of the ball. He has good feet and can move, but he's not doing it consistenly. He had time on a lot of those sacks. Other times he's running backwards instead of stepping up.

Our safety problem is killing the defense.

This defense looks no different than Sanders'. Any blitzing easily gets picked up. And our middle linebackers are as underperforming as I've seen.

Even if Brett gets 10 seconds to throw, how do we let a guy get that open when we have eight in coverage?

We seem to have really soft players who have no instincts across the board.

James Jones and Jennings have fallen off the face of the earth.

Ryan Grant is as average as they come.

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

Aaron Rodger sucks..

Ted Thompson sucks...

Packnic sucks....


Brett Favre doesn't suck, he's a WINNER!

(AROD and the Packers are losers!)

It's that simple. yo.

Asshalo's picture

Brett Favre made some great throws tonight against a defense (1) overcommitting to stopping the run. 2.9 ypc goes nowhere when you're that vulnerable against the pass (2) when you don't have a replacement for Bigby. Martin is the Derrick Frost of 2009.

Let's see how he's doing by the end of the season.

Asshalo's picture

I've said it once and I'll say it again: Thompson is great at bringing in talent from nowhere, but average at building a comprehensive roster. It's like we're always in rebuilding mode. We're a small market team with mid to upper-market revenue with much more spending power in free agency than we show. You can't build a team completely through the draft. Yes we've brought in free agents but our roster has 10% less free agents than average in the league. Throw in the fact we're supposedly spending all our salary money on keeping the players we have.

Favre is dead to me. He saves it for tonight to have the game of his career-- granted we put all of our eggs into stopped AD (2.9 yards does nothing when you that vulernable against the pass). Two of our last three playoff runs ended with INTs in OT. So many times he shit the bed in emotional games and he saves arguable the best game of his career for tonight. I don't care how many green bay fans still root for the guy-- after tonight he never deserves to have his jersey retired. Doing it would be a complete load of shit and I would gladly show up to boo the ceremony. Enjoy it now big guy, because you have 12 more games left. We all remember that career game against AZ last year. Let's see how you're doing in week 12.

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

YOu Packers fans shit your own emotional bed and you are wallowing in your own crapulence....

Ted Thompson blows...admit it!


Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

Admit it, you tried to stop AP because you didn't think that Favre coujld beat you, AND HE BEAT YOU!!

There, don't you feel better now?

Asshalo's picture

"Admit it, you tried to stop AP because you didn’t think that Favre coujld beat you, AND HE BEAT YOU!!"

That's probably true, but two coughing the ball up three times when you're about to score doesn't help. Neither does 7 sacks Homer. I'll end my trolling for tonight and leave it to you JJ. Not worth it.

IronMan's picture

-Our offensive line is garbage.
-Mike McCarthy does NOT hold the team accountable for mistakes. (penalties/drops)
-We have no pass rush
-James Campen should be fired. Now.

Stan's picture

<blockquote cite="comment-5997">

<strong><a href="#comment-5997" rel="nofollow">IronMan</a></strong>
-James Campen should be fired. Now.


Now THAT I agree with. I remember sending a question to Tom Pelissero at P-G right after we switched to the 3-4 asking what was going to happen about our awful O-Line in '08..... Now we're seeing the problems magnified by further poor coaching. I would suspect McCarthy will try and replace Campen at the end of the season..... problem is he'll likely not get a chance as I can't see mccarthy keeping his job after bringing this humiliation on our team.

Packnic's picture

come on stan... humiliation though? really? Mike McCarthy is now 5-2 against the Vikings with yet another game to go this season at home.

I hate losing too. but like Aaron Nagler said ... Minnesota held serve at home on a hyped up game. we got game two coming up soon.

-Our offensive line is garbage.
- Not a whole lot i can argue about that except the humungous descrepancy between call against the packers and calls against the Vikings. I saw Loadholt hold a guy at least 7 times last night and no call.
-NO pass rush.
-absolutely... and not just because of this game either. nothing he's ever done has warranted him keeping his job if you ask me.

Asshalo's picture

Statistically this is probably the worst pass protection I have ever seen by a packers team-- they're on pace to break records. Last year I saw one of the worst packers defenses of all time. McCarthy might not be a terrible coach and usually finds a way to stay competitive in games.

I just fear we're going to scrap out a 9-7 record and he's going to keep his job. I'm sick of watching a team that has flashes of brilliance that don't amount to much on the bottom line. Entropy has set in on this bipolar football team and if he doesn't make changes quick, he should definitely get the ax.

Jersey Al's picture

With the bye week coming up, wouldn't NOW be the perfect time to bring in an OL or two that can actually play? Two weeks to learn the offense...

Asshalo's picture

Definitely. And you have the lions and Browns after that to ease the transition.

RonLC's picture

Amen! And a new safety wouldn't hurt. I still can't understand the rush scheme from last night.

Jersey Al's picture

How crazy does cutting Aaron Rouse look now?

The Giants' GM and coach were grinning from ear to ear as they announced their good fortune to find a player of his caliber on the waiver wire.

Asshalo's picture

The problem with pick-ups this late in the year is: these players are available for a reason. Not that I am against bringing new players in. It's just only going to do so much.

And if they're on the trading block, the trader, not the tradee (as in the Pack), are going to have the bargaining power. So it will cost us. I'm afraid these problems won't be able to be fixed this year. The key is minimizing your weaknesses-- which we haven't even come close to.

Stan's picture

O-Line needs someone, ANYONE. Just some SOME stability at Tackle would be a start, some experience. Hell I know Levi Jones aint the best but at least he'd offer us something. The O-Line's been ignored and now Ted's going to have to break the habit, go get Levi Jones, go get Mark Tauscher and lets try and shore up this Mutha Fucka!!!

TD's picture

Much has been written recently about how Ted Thompson's obsession with youth has cost this team depth. I don't think its ever been more obvious than it is this morning. They're lack of depth at OL is among the worst I have ever seen. The lack of depth at safety is absolutely horrid. They're lack of depth (both in numbers and talent) at QB is inexcusable. How many more games is it going to be before A-Rod gets hurt? Getting sacked an average of 5 times a game there is no way he lasts the season. I see no signs the relentless pounding is going to stop, particularly if Colledge is out for any significant amount of time. The way Ted Thompson has constructed this team is reckless and irresponsible. It has never been more clear than it is to me this morning.

Stan's picture

<blockquote cite="comment-6019">

<strong><a href="#comment-6019" rel="nofollow">TD</a></strong>The way Ted Thompson has constructed this team is reckless and irresponsible.

100% correct. bang on the mark.

PackersRS's picture

<blockquote cite="comment-6007">

<strong><a href="#comment-6007" rel="nofollow">Jersey Al</a></strong>: Asshalo said ir best: “the concern on our safety is legit. It’s the derrick frost of 2009″If you don’t want to hear about Anthony Smith, then how about Aaron Rouse? How do you cut Aaron Rouse when you are so thin at safety? Explain that one. Jerry Reese and Tom Coughlin were grinning from ear to ear when they were talking about being so fortunate to find a guy like Aaron Rouse on the waiver wire.


Aaron Rouse? Did you watch the Bengals game?
Alex, I'm with you on this one. On every point. Screw Ted Thompson. If you play solely through the draft, like the Steelers, you cannot miss. He has missed too much, for that style of management. Cut the losses, I say.

Jersey Al's picture

Did you watch the Vikings game? You're happier with Martin and Bush? If so, then you're smoking some really good stuff.

PackersRS's picture

What's your point? Rouse is slightly better than both of them? Shit is shit. Rouse can't play and that's proven. I'd rather have Smith. I'd rather have Bigby, actually, but he's hurt.

Jersey Al's picture

At least Rouse knew what to do back there. Martin was missing coverages all over the place. Cost us a TD and some big 3rd down plays. Which is why he ended up on the bench. And Bush is Bush.

The timing of the Rouse cut was awful. At least wait until all your guys get healthy again.

Jeremiah&#039;s Johnson's picture

Hey numbnutz..

What happened to your beloved Ted Thompson?

I thought Brett Favre was washed up and through....?

He didn't look so last night as he was shellacking the Packers' asses...hehehe...

(What..too busy bouncing at McD's Happyland to see the game?)

Thompson is washed up, you fool.

Asshalo's picture

Thompson is too average. Favre is too old. The Favre decision wasn't and still isn't the problem, JJ. Sorry you still fail to see that. Let's see how he's doing in week 12. Hats off for his career performance, but I'm still pessimistic that you'll still be bragging come December or January.

By the way, after cheering against the green and gold are you really going to wear those colors again once all this has passed? I would expect something like that out of a kid in grades school, but not an adult. All these homers wearing Purple better remember their stance when this storm has passed. Yes, Packer nation will welcome you back, as we do all fair-whether fans.

Tim's picture

Hate to say I told you so, but the only person to blame for this team is the man who built it, Ted Thompson.

Clock's ticking...

Jeremiah&#039;s Johnson's picture

Now that you guys recognize Ted Thompson for what he is, it's not fun anymore. It's just sad.

I want the Packers to get rid of Thompson and get somebody in who can turn this franchise around in a positive way.

Who can do it though? Parcells? Shanahan? Holmgren..?

Jersey Al's picture

So now you want to be a concerned Packer fan? OK, you're new nickname is "Two-Face".

Stan's picture

Minnesota's that-a-way BUD!!!

PackersRS's picture

You want anything for the Packers? Oh you're a Packer now? F*ck off you cheered for the queens. Stick with them. Go cheer for Favre when he retires and go play baseball.

pyledriver80's picture

Again, I told you so you friggin idiots. Stuffed ya in the locker as I usually do.

Brett Favre&gt;TT

Jeremiah&#039;s Johnson's picture

You know what...forget it.

You Packer fans are a**holes....

(Thought you guys were supposed to be so....Classy)

Guess you're too bitter once Favre and I proved that you made a mistake in letting him go, and that you realized that your GM is a slack-jawed, MORON.

Jeremiah&#039;s Johnson's picture


"egotistical, slack-jawed, moron"....

Stan's picture

JJ, dude you only sound a little bit "stalker crazy" with your "once Favre and I proved that you made a mistake......." line. Seriously it's time to take up the medication again, you don't want to piss off nurse.


Anyway, looks like THE MAN that is Tauscher is coming home (yayyyyy!!!). Finally, with Clifton back and Tauscher shoring up the right side we might actually get some offense going. Ya-see watching the game back we were most definately a good O-Line away from beating the Vikings...... and you can take that to the bank and smoke it.

Jeremiah&#039;s Johnson's picture

I doubt it. The Vikings will smoke you in Lambeau too, as I predicted.

I agree with bringing back Tauscher, but why did Thom P. Tedson's back have to be against the wall to do something logical?

And can you believe that there are still some Packer fans who are against this move, and think that Barbre is the better option than Tauscher?

(These are people who are accolytes of Ted Thompson and NOT the Green BAy Packers...the have bought into the "Cult of Ted" rather than supporting the Packers..It is really sick!)

FITZCORE1252's picture


Jeremiah&#039;s Johnson's picture

This is the difference between Favre and Rodgers...(Read it..Remember it..Know it!)

“The quickness of his decisions trumped the strength of his arm. That’s what Vikings fans have been missing in big games for years — a quarterback who can read a defense like it was a fast-food menu, and deliver quicker than a pizza guy with a new Camaro and heavy debt.”

That’s the diff between FAVRE and AROD…Favre can and AROD can’t.

Aaron Rodgers is an ok quarterback but the problem with the Packers is that they DON”T have a leader. Brett Favre is also a gifted quarterback (despite turning 40 on Saturday) but the difference between the two QB’s is ….Brett Favre is a LEADER ! If you don’t believe that….just ask his teammates, past and present! They believe in him…they did in Green Bay as they do now in Minnesota!

posted by marcom on Oct. 6, 09 at 5:41 AM |
10 of 12 people liked this comment.
Maybe premature to say this, but last nights performance makes me wonder what might have happened if Favre were on a “good team” for most of his previous 16 years?

posted by Moderate on Oct. 6, 09 at 6:22 AM |
5 of 6 people liked this comment.
Good QB. Great Stats. 8-12 record as a starter. He is the new Packer version of Lynn Dickey.

TD's picture

"Good QB. Great Stats. 8-12 record as a starter. He is the new Packer version of Lynn Dickey."

I'm not usually one to run to A-Rod's defense, but lets get real here. Brett Favre was 11-9 in his first 12 games as a Packers (His first two games may not have been starts, he certainly played enough to have them attributed to his first 20 games record. Despite our selective nostalgia, Favre had his own issues that drove a fairly strong contingency of fans to be insisting they dump Favre as the starter for Ty Detmer, and later, Mark Brunell. Favre was guilty of not getting the ball either, so much so, that I can remember with great amusement him throwing the ball away in a game early in his career, and watching the entire Lambeau crowd rise and give him a standing ovation. People also tend to forget just how good the Packer defense was his first year. They were dominant in the during a 6 game winning streak in the 2nd half of the season.

I think its impossible to judge what kind of QB A-Rod is really going to be until he has played at least 2 full seasons, has had the opprotunity to play with a line that offers consistently good protection, has a running game that garners at least a little respect from the defense, and has a defense that doesn't keep putting the O in bad situations (either consistently haveing to play from behind, and/or consistently starting drives with bad feild position, and often unable to hold leads Rogers gives them late).

FITZCORE1252's picture

Nice read... MR. GRUMPY PANTS! What tune will you be singin' when WE are 6-2 on a 4 game W streak heading into the cowgirls game?? Dude, Clifton, Tauscher and YES Bigby will be the difference in us beating the queens @ Lambeau! And we WON'T lose to detroit, cleveland OR tampa, 6-2, you heard it here 1st. Now "TURN THAT FROWN UPSIDE DOWN"!


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