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Quick Hits Steelers

Quick Hits Steelers

I had a bad feeling about his game all week, but I never expected it to go down like it did. I'm not nearly as upset in the fact that we lost, but more in how we did it. Here are your quick hits.

Packers 36 Steelers 37

Watch game highlights HERE.

Watch Grant make a nice run HERE.

Watch Finley continue to be a superstar HERE.

Watch the Packers defense leave a fifth string CB in single coverage HERE.

Quick Hits

Jarret Bush sucks. If you don't think so you're stupid. As for the douchebag on twitter @adam_wallman who felt it his duty to raise hell all day because I said as much... I might have a 4th rate website but at least I'm not a pussy.

Again, it is time for Mason Crosby to go.

Did Bob Sanders make an appearance today? Because that vanilla defense on the last drive is exactly what we hired Mr. Capers not to do.

Why is our fifth corner in single coverage on the most important play of the game?

Clay Matthews is a friggin' beast. Did you see him trying to punch to ball away with both fists flying? He's a bona fide animal.

JermichaelFinley is too. By the way, what's up with the lettering on his jersey?

Not Donald Driver's best day.

The special teams played fairly average.

So did Charles Woodson.

I think we went a little too psycho on the "psycho." Too much of a good thing Dom.

We totally got out-coached, plain and simple.

The lack of fundamentals is what will keep this team from contending this year. Today it was everything: tackling, catching, penalties, and kicking.

A.J. Hawk got owned by Heath Miller.

I blame this entire thing on Mason Crosby and Jarrett Bush. Maybe someone will get that figured out sometime soon. Every Packer fan knew that fundamentals and the kicking game was going to cost us a win somewhere down the line. Looks like the fans were right, again.

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Matt M.'s picture


FJ Dan's picture

Exactly my thoughts. Bush = poop. So does "prevent" defense.

Jersey Al's picture

I knew we scored too quickly. In a backwards, warped kind of way, the onsides kick worked to perfection for Pittsburgh.

West TX Cheesehead's picture

I never understand why Bush is on our team and Crosby should've been out of a job about mid-way through the season.

Ch.Martin's picture

3-man rush!??!? Are u kidding me??? Those guys were gassed by that point anyway. Give 80% of NFL QB's a soft rush and they'll pick u apart. The entire viewing audience behind the cheese curtain was yelling "sack that mofo" and he's scanning the field like it's a pre-season drill.
Blame your tools or blame the user. I blame the user, Dom, 100%
Maybe he was in a coma during the years Buddy Ryan proved that the QB can't complete a pass when his face is planted in the turf.

RonLC's picture

No question this one is scored on Capers side of the ledger. Everyone now understands GB has no depth at DB. Before the game I said this ould be the first time they would miss Harris and they did. I still don't understand the soft rush on Ben. That gave it away. Well, that and some really bad coverage in the defensive backfield. And it's hard to say it was one player. Many were resposible.

Crosby has been pushing his kicks right since the second Queenie game. Nothing has been done to fix it. WHY?

IronMan's picture

McCarthy doesn't fix things. He WILL however talk about fixing things.

Greg C.'s picture

It was a great game. Too bad we lost. But the Packers still control their destiny, with two very winnable games on their schedule.

Leaving our fifth CB in single coverage on the last play of the game is bad enough, but to do that when you have eight guys in coverage is just plain weird.

Speaking of single coverage, why on earth was Jarrett Bush in single coverage on two deep passes? Even your best CB's usually get safety help on those plays. You should never, ever put your worst CB in that position.

Crosby is a train wreck.

But mostly, it was a heck of a game by the Steelers. They played their hearts out, and I give them credit. It was almost a playoff atmosphere, and the Packers handled it much better than they did in the two games against the Vikings.

It could've gone either way. The oddsmakers in Vegas had it exactly right. Steelers by one.

Bryce's picture

"Every Packer fan knew that fundamentals and the kicking game was going to cost us a win somewhere down the line." Yes, I'm so glad you said this. That's exactly what I thought as I drove home from Buffalo Wild Wings. Did Cullen Jenkins get held on that last play? Doesn't matter, if he wraps up Big Ben on the play before it's game over. Also, Chillar continued to prove my hypothesis: big midseason contract extension = sloppy play. Hip checking Hines Ward 9 yards downfield was so dumb. Fundamentals and kicking bit us in the ass in the end.

TD's picture

"In a backwards, warped kind of way, the onsides kick worked to perfection for Pittsburgh."

I completely agree ... in fact, I bet Tomlin felt like, if he gave the Packers that kind of Field postion, regardless of what the Packers did, his team was going to get the ball back with time on the clock ... and with Crosby struggling so bad, that a FG was no sure thing for the Packers. If you look at it in that context, the decision to kick the on-side doesn't look all that dumb. If they kick it off, and the Packers drive into the red zone, they aren't getting the ball back should the Packers score. And given the way the Packers moved the ball after the first couple of series, I suspect Tomlin figured the Packers were going to move the ball regardless of the starting field position. I personally think it was a decent move ... and they were half a yard away from pulling it off.

TD's picture

Well, as a guy who figured them for no better than 7-9 after the Tampa Bay Debacle, this probably doesn't mean much ... but I don't know how this team, with the current makeup of their secondary, has any chance of winning a road game against Arizona, Minnesota, New Orleans or Philadelphia in the post season. Dallas or the Giants are about the only 2 teams who might be in the play-offs I could see them beating. I hope I'm wrong, but they simply can't hide from the hideous lack of depth in the D-Backfield against teams with QB's like Warner, McNabb, Brees or Favre. I do hope I'm wrong ... but I don't think I am.

TonyWilson's picture

The lettering on Jermike's jersey -- I noticed it a couple weeks ago, and I think Chillar has the same. It looks like he's wearing a youth-sized jersey.. What the hell's up with that, it's really bothering me!

Greg C.'s picture

This was mentioned last week in an article about Finley in the Green Bay Press-Gazette: "He’s switched to a form-fitting, futuristic jersey that will make it harder for defenders to latch onto him at the line. "

TonyWilson's picture

Also-- For me, I'm not really all that bummed about the loss. Sure, it would have been great, but I personally think 10-6 will be more than enough, with win No. 10 coming next week. It's definitely a bummer to lose that game in that demeanor, but not season-ending. What roethlisberger did will likely not happen again. Our defense is solid, and we know that, but got exposed a little. That can be fixed. All's not lost.

PackAttackUK's picture

I can't believe how much Jarret Bush sucks. Seriously.

Stan's picture

A tough loss, but I'm not getting too down about it. We're still going to the playoffs.

Yes Jarrett Bush sucks, he simply can't cover. He's far too slow recognising the play, and by the time he does the receiver is half way down field with the ball. It's clear that TT is going to have to F.A us a good CB to replace some of the underwhelming talent we have there. In the mean time I'd replace Bush with Josh Bell at nickel.

Agree on the last play, I'll bet it was Jarret Bush who forgot who he was supposed to be double covering, leaving Josh Bell one-on-one. Bell did about the best he could, it WAS a pretty amazing throw.

I'd try bringing in an old vet kicker right now. Crosby is of no use to us. Let's face it we can't get much worse than Crosby, so bringing someone else in shouldn't be too risky.

Anyway, let's not get too down, we'll leave that to the Vikings fans.

PackersRS's picture

I'm calling it now.

Jarrett Bush = Ahmad Carroll

Mason Crosby = Derrick Frost

Jersey Al's picture

Too late on Bush/Carroll. I called that on Sunday. But then, as someone else pointed out, at least Carroll got close enough to the receivers to be called for holding or interference. Bush is never even within reach.

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

Big Ben = 500 yards passing...

You're Packers are "Paper Tigers"...they beat up a few "tomato can" teams and a Dallas team that had it's head up it's ass, and you're all arrogant and shit...It's funny when they face a real team...and you see what happens. And Pittsburgh doesn't even have a great defense anymore with Palalamalulu out....!

You guys have ALOT more problems then Jarrett Bush...

Nobody is taking you guys seriously as a playoff team...


Stan's picture

you out of your mom's basement yet?

Asshalo's picture

Dallas just beat NO, meanwhile The vikings have got killed in two of their last three games.

Asshalo's picture

The officating was incredibly one-sided. Not that any of our penalites weren't necesarily penalties, it's just it was consistent for both sides.

Jarrett Bush did have a terrible game. Far too many big plays.

Didn't we learn after the vikings games we can't give QBs all day to throw.

doorknob's picture

Our losses all have shocking simularities on the defensive end. Even the 49ers spread us out and started eating us up. Two major things need to happen: 1) Bush needs to step up or Bell needs to speed up to take his place and 2) Chillar needs to show his worth. We needed Chillar to make the right plays, but when it counted, he made the wrong ones. Very disappointed in him. I expected a bad performance from Bush, but Chillar needed to show up and he did not.

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

That's what you get for having the "youngest team in the NFL" for 5 years now...

TT's a douche..

pharmacy technician's picture

Amazing as always

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