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Quick Hits Seahawks

Quick Hits Seahawks

Your Green Bay Packers, after going 6-10 last season, have officially made the playoffs. That should finally shut up the haters. Here are your quick hits. Now with even less bitching.

Packers 48  Seahawks 10

Watch game highlights HERE.

Watch Grant bust one HERE.

Watch A.J. Hawk try to run fast HERE.

Quick Hits

Johnny Jolly has turned into a machine. Do you push to keep him?

Holy crap, Jarrett Bush sort of made a play.

Ryan Grant meet Jekyll and Hyde

Jermichael Finley is officially replacing Donald Lee more every week. Nice.

How can you have Quinn, Hall, and Grant in the backfield and still give up a sack?

Nick Barnett is playing lights out. His live video broadcast this morning to the stadium was killer too.

Kapinos is holding his own this winter.

Jordy Nelson is still not the answer for returns. But, the kid plays tough down the field when he is in.

Couldn't be happier for Brandon Jackson today. That's how you make a cut back run.

I swear that old guy was trying to grab Ryan Grant's sack during his leap.

Still laughing at Hawk trying to run fast.

They did everything they could to keep Crosby off the field at the half.

At least he made it. Then, he made another one. Amazing.

I really dislike Derrick Martin for some reason.

Atari Bigby must have run out of hoes, and decided to play ball.

Watching Ahman do the Lambeau Leap... priceless.


Offense: A

Defense: A

Special Teams: A-


Brandon Jackson

IN THE PLAYOFFS. Bring on Flynn to Nelson baby.

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Jersey Al's picture

Come on Jerimah's Johnson - lets hear what you have to say...

Mr. Bacon's picture

Hawk has excellent acceleration

Jersey Al's picture

for a cow.

Mr. Bacon's picture

True. At least he caught the ball.

Stan's picture

Jarrett Bush made a pretty damn fine INT.... or was it a dream?!

Jersey Al's picture

It was adream for Bush as Hasselbeck throws the ball right to him when he actually has the receiver covered.

Greg C.'s picture

I've never seen Hasselback play anywhere near as badly as he did today. It was like he didn't even have confidence in the game plan.

Greg C.'s picture

That interception that Hasselback threw to Hawk was about the most gift-wrapped interception you're ever going to see. But yeah, Hawk looks so bulky when he runs. Not only is he musclebound, he's also thick-waisted. He needs to be thinner in the hips.

Bush got burned early (again I ask: why on earth was he left in one-on-one coverage on the outside?) but he made an excellent play on the interception. Memo to Dom Capers: Keep him in the middle of the field or at the line of scrimmage. He will do less damage there and make the occasional good play.

Jermichael Finley was listed as a starter the past two weeks. He should've been starting all season. At least they have finally dropped the charade of pretending that Donald Lee is the #1 TE.

I think Ryan Grant is consistent. He's just not an RB who can manufacture yards. With poor blocking he does nothing, but with good blocking he gets momentum and just rolls. I was surprised by the stat that he is fourth in the league in rushing yards since 2007.

At the half, they wanted a TD because they had a chance to get one. It had nothing to do with wanting to keep Crosby off the field. Kicking an extra point-length field goal would not have done Crosby's confidence any good. Later, they went out of their way to have him attempt a 52-yarder. His make on that attempt may have been the single best thing that happened in this game.

The pass interference call on Spencer Havner was ticky-tack.

Speaking of that end-of-the-half sequence, the TV announcers totally butchered it. They couldn't figure out why the Packers let the clock run down to 15 seconds when it was third and goal. It's because they only had time for one more shot at the end zone anyway, and they wanted to leave as little time as possible for Seattle, dummies!

D.D. Driver's picture

I don't understand why there are so many fence sitters about Jolly. Of course the Packers should keep him. How is this even a question. It might be a question if stud DEs grew on trees which I don't believe is true. Then again, we can roll the dice that Harrell will come back from his back injury.

BTW, I wish fans were more supportive of Jolly in his "drug" prosecution. The law and his prosecution are ridiculous. Like those cases every couple of years when some dip shit prosecutor down south tries to lock up a 19 year old black football player for banging his 17 year old white girlfriend. Yes, the case against Jolly is that ridiculous in that there may technically be a law on the books that supports the prosecution, but common sense (and common decency) should cause the prosecutors to exercise the very "judgment" that Jolly is being accused of lacking.

Asshalo's picture

"Johnny Jolly has turned into a machine. Do you push to keep him?" Great Question...

Now if only Crosby could make a kick from the right hash.

jeremiah's picture

Yes, keeping jolly is a good idea, but I doubt TT breaks the bank for him, and I am betting some team will be willing to pay him big bucks.

Is he worth keeping? Hell yes. But it depends on price.

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

Wow...another "Tomato Can" team that you beat up on...whoa..big deal..

If Arizona had something to play for next week, they'd clean your clock....

It's going to be so funny to see you get DESTROYED by the first team that you play in the playoffs and you'll realize what Pyrrhic victories these all have been against these Tomato Can opponents you faced.... won't realize..and you'll be stuck with your CRAP GM, whom you deserve, and you will never go anywhere.....

But at least you can sit at home and watch Brett Favre win ANOTHER SB this year and cry in your pillows..


Asshalo's picture

Jeremiah's Johnson, did you see Jeremiah Johnson was on TV the other night?

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

Yes...I was....

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

Favre lie/myth #3,335....

Favre can't play in cold weather...

Can't blame this one on Favre...bitches..

LT..why are you such a pu$$y banning me from, eh?

You people sicken me...Your team is a JOKE...

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