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Quick Hits: Redskins

Quick Hits: Redskins

First off, I suppose I do owe everyone an apology. An apology for not posting all that much the last three weeks. It's terrible I know, but I've been busy.

School is insane right now. I also have some exciting things going on with my little freelance business and on the side I re-designed the Cheesehead TV auction page with the little spare time I had left. So pardon me if I have not put out my opinion on every single dynamic of the Packers football team in the last few weeks. Contrary to popular belief, I do accomplish exciting things outside of this page.

I just prefer not to jabber about them every chance I get.

Anyway, on to the Packer game. Here are your quick hits.

Packers 13 Redskins 16

Watch the NFL Packers highlights.

Watch the Packers game highlights.

Quick Hits

I just got back from a backwoods canoe trip in the middle of nowhere without any internet or phone service. I should have stayed there.

This was my first radio game in nearly five years I believe. There is also something to be said for that. Fall colors, driving, listening to Larry and Wayne. One hell of a fine way to end the weekend.

That said, I wrote that the Packers were average last week, and I stand by that.

Hats off to Desmond Bishop. I know a lot of people have wondered about the effectiveness of Nick Barnett. I think Desmond Bishop really took his chance and ran with it today. Perhaps better than his predecessor.

Losing Jermichael Finley is going to hurt whatever way you dice it. However, the offense does not start and stop with Finley. It certainly can be overcome...

...if you run the ball, which again the Packers failed to do. Actually, let me re-phrase that. Something Mike McCarthy failed to do. The Packers running backs ran the ball great. Too bad the featured guy only got the rock about 10 ten times.

Aaron Rodgers is just simply not ready to carry the entire team yet. I still think he is an elite talent, but he has yet to be an elite leader. Just because a guy can make a brilliant throw, doesn't make him the next coming. Yeah, I said that.

All the injury homers are out in force today. The same guys who were hollering for Bulaga last week are now crying about how we would have won that game if Mark Tauscher had been in, or Grant, or Barnett. Bulaga played as well as Tausch, Jackson played as well as Grant, and Bishop played as well as or better than Barnett. The only injury we could have hoped for was to the mouth of the guy calling the plays.

It's been about three years since the Packers have been able to convert a third down inside the two.

It's time to stop riding the DPOY wave from last year. For every play Charles Woodson has made, he has been flagged for two huge penalties. In my math book that kind of just makes you serviceable.

Tramon Williams should be the one getting praise. In all honesty he's been our best corner this year. That 52-yard return was for all the haters too.

Dom Capers does not know how to call a close game, period.

Mike McCarthy on the other hand, doesn't know how to call a game, or coach his team up, or discipline his team, or hold any one accountable for anything.


Tramon Williams

I by no means have mailed it in, thank you very much, but the truth of the matter is that this team just isn't very good right now. Blame it on the refs, blame it on the coach, blame it on whoever you want. The rock bottom line is that your 2010 Green Bay Packers are only a shade of what you we thought they'd be.

It's going to take a radical change of mindset for this team to have any kind of shot. From the coaches, to the front office, to the players on the field, this team has absolutely no chance unless they figure out a way to play serious football. It's the drops, it's the poor clock management, it's the play calling, and it's the attitude. When you play like a bunch of trust fund elitists this is exactly what you get.

Take out the silver spoon and start acting like a football team.

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Asshalo's picture

"I by no means have mailed it in, thank you very much, but the truth of the matter is that this team just isn’t very good right now"

I agree. They aren't out of the playoffs by any means. They are actually out-playing many of the teams they play in a lot of areas. But I can't overlook the fact that this is an easier part of the schedule, You have Dallas, @NYJ, MN, @MN, @NE, NYG, @ATL, CHI. Seven of their remaining 11 games are going to be very difficult.

It's not a horrible loss but it is one that hurts their chances of winning the division, getting a first round bye and even returning to the playoffs. The rest of their schedule is too difficult for them to be losing to teams they are better than. I said the exact same thing last year after a road loss to Tampa. But if Green Bay wins that game and the cincinatti game last year, they probably get a first round bye and even win the division.

That's not to say I am assuming they're in the playoffs. At this pace, they're definitely not one of the final twelve. Something has got to give. This team must turn it around or it will quickly find itself left behind.

Mr. Bacon's picture

They will turn it around, or not. I'm sure they will call a players meeting like last year and get their act together. If the fail to make the playoffs, then thats life. We win some, and we lose some.

Asshalo's picture

couldn't put it any better. That said, if it's the worse of the two maybe they can sweak into the playoffs and get the guys some experience. If not, the franchise still has a pretty good structure to contend in years following.

aristotle's picture

enough with Mike McCarthy calling the plays.....4th and 1 and no field goal which would have been the difference and why pass when you are in field goal range in OT and throw a pick.....inexcusable....we need a play caller who has common sense....

bozz_2006's picture

"It’s going to take a radical change of mindset for this team to have any kind of shot."

Like last year? I'm not saying it will happen and I am seriously upset about the (complete freakin lack of) execution. But they may shape up yet. Stranger things have happened. This team has done it before.

Aaron's picture

"When you play like a bunch of trust fund elitists this is exactly what you get."

Spot. On.

Herb Kohl's picture

I'm a trust fund elitist and I'm a U.S. Senator, for God's sake! Btw can you get me Clay Matthew's digits?

David's picture

Has McCarthy lost a little bit of his humility? See comparison of remarks after bills game a few years ago versus now.


Then = "I probably need to learn from that"
Now = "I stand by my decision"

Not trying to call for his head, just pointing out an observation.

David's picture

Until MM holds somebody accountable, this team will continue its sloppy habits.

I suggest we start by firing Slocum, it took Aaron Rodgers counting the number of players on the field to make Slocum aware that he had 12 before Martin ran off the field. Just imagine had the flag been thrown, instead of the field goal, the Redskins would have had a first down. Secondly, on a punt return, the 11th Packer player entered the field of play after the ball was snapped, should have been a penalty. It was like the Keystone cops out there. Granted firing Slocum is not "The Answer" to solving all the problems but its a huge first step in establishing accountability out there.

NickGBP's picture

Only thing I disagree with is the quip about Capers not being able to call close games.

He had a brilliant game plan all day. The problem wasn't his calls, it was that Matthews got injured.

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