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Quick Hits Ravens

Quick Hits Ravens

I've been waiting a little bit longer for my thoughts on each game so Aaron Nagler can't steal my talking points. With that out in the open, here are your quick hits for the Raven's game.

Packers 27 Ravens 14

Watch game highlights HERE.

Watch Rodgers in action HERE.

Watch what MM had to say HERE.

Quick Hits

Sloppiest game in the history of my game watching career.

Can we please let the guys play football?

Quit bitching about Tramon Williams. Al Harris did the same things a billion times. The refs were right in making the calls if you go by the book, but last night was a little over the top. Tramon Williams is making plays, that's good enough for me.

Aaron Rodgers is frickin' amazing.

Ryan Grant is certainly not.

Mark Tauscher turned this offense around.

James Jones is still greater than Jordy Nelson.

Did Ahman Green have more yards than Grant in like three carries? It sure seemed like it.

Not Donald's best game.

Not Greg's either.

It was for Jermichael Finley.

Donald Lee has been taken out of the offensive playbook.

Shame on everyone for not being prepared for a cold weather game. Luckily, the Ravens weren't either. I blame that on Mike.

Mason Crosby should go. I hate saying it because I was his biggest fan, but you can't keep him.

Jeremy Kapinos is going to punch Desmond Bishop this week.

Holy A.J. Hawk. More of that please.

Barnett didn't play so hot.

Clay Matthews played more than hot.

So did Raji.

The whole defensive line seems mean now, I can't contain my happiness.

Shawn Slocum equals fail.

Why is everyone bitching about Gruden today? Besides calling Green Jackson, I like the guy.

Just another is a string of really weird games to watch.


Offense - C

Defense - B+

Special Teams - D+


Clay Matthews

Hey, we got a win. I would say we make the playoffs. Not to throw a jinx out there, but I am pretty confident right now.

If we do, we are going to lose the first game.

You cannot have nearly 175 yards in penalties, and turn the ball that many times, and expect to win even one game. We say it every week, and since we went on a win streak no one really seems to care. Well, you better start, because come the wildcard games, the Packers are a one-and-done team right now.

That being said, nice work.

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RonLC's picture

They have got to get Crosby's head on straight NOW. In the last four games and hopefully the playoiffs, he will almost surely be called on to win a game. I don't want to see him in that position now. He is not reliable at all and his KO's suck too. He was a major contributor to the KO return that could have turned the gme around again.
ST player of the game - Dez Bishop for fair catching the KO after Balts last score. Hope you were paying attention EDS.
Green has earned more carries and his blocking could be a case study in the way a back should block for his QB.
Heard Hub Arkish say Finley is a superstar in the making. Agree. After a less than stellar rookie year he has really made progress. He is starting to play with that you can't stop me attitude.
Tauscher has made a big difference in the Oline play.
The Packers can now legitimately be considered a "Physical" team. Bob Sanders, eat your heart out.

Erik's picture

I know everyone will talk about penalties, how it's sloppy, ugly shows a lack of discipline, blah, blah, blah. But let's not forget that the Browns are the second least penalized team in the league. While stupid mental error penalties are frustrating and need to go, like false starts and the like, aggressive play penalties are just what you get when you play that type of football. I'd rather see Tramon Williams firing on all four cylinders every play and drawing a few flags than a guy that just mirrors his cover man and calls it a day.

The thing I'd be worried about is how sluggish this team looks at the beginning of every second half lately. McCarthy is not getting these guys mentally prepared for 60 minutes of football. If football games where only 30 minutes, McCarthy would be the greatest coach in the history of football. The other big problem is obviously special teams, seven times out of ten that fumble by Evan Dietrich-Smith on the kick off is going the other way, that awful coverage unit, the missed makable field goals and inability of the return teams to generate much momentum or make shorter fields.

Those are the two things I'd be worried about a lot more than the easy headline of penalties by two, tough, aggressive defenses.

povertyrich's picture

I agree about "Tray-mon" Williams. He's filling in admirably for Harris. And I'd coach him to not worry about the ridiculous interference calls in that game. Even Steve Young complained about it in the post game. Let the corners play football.

Williams got away with one obvious call for which the officials threw what could only be a make-up flag on a questionable play later. They handed Woodson a gift with that offensive interference call, but I'm sure there are a dozen or more push-offs that have been ignored this season, so I'll take it.

To give Crosby some credit, the hold by Flynn on that miss was awful. Can't blame Crosby for that. But that still leaves him in the hole for credit this season. Just don't think we should count that miss against him.

And to end on a positive - I think Jarret Bush looked less than befuddled last night. He was flying around near the play when he was in, and I didn't notice any glaring mistakes. Maybe he'll never be good, but at least he played hard!

Greg C.'s picture

I thought every single one of the pass interference calls was correct, plus they missed one on Tramon. He needs to play better than that, plain and simple.

Another great game for Aaron Rodgers.

Grant had nowhere to run, but I agree that Ahman looked better. He's smaller and he has a lower center of gravity. He can fit through smaller creases in the line.

I don't think Tauscher is very good anymore, nor is Clifton. They are average or slightly below average. But that is still a lot more than can be said for Allen Barbre. It's good enough for a team with our offensive talent.

It was good to see James Jones get involved early and often.

Yes, Donald Lee had a diminished role, and I have to say that he was not missed very much.

I think Crosby's miss was caused by a poor hold. They showed it on the replay. Flynn bobbled the ball and was late getting it down, which probably caused Crosby to hesitate. I'm not sure what the deal is with the short kickoffs, though. That started even before the weather got cold.

I thought Nick Barnett played well. I'm not sure what you saw in his game that you did not like. I thought that Hawk was the only linebacker who played poorly, but then he made up for it with that great interception.

It was good to see Brad Jones get his first NFL sack. May there be many more where that came from.

RonLC's picture

I watched the DVR on the missed FG multiple times. Yes, Flynn bobbles the ball. However, he recovered placed it correctly before Crosby's kick. It still should have been made. That was not a difficult kick. And his short KO's are still contributing to poor coverage on KO's. Bring in one of the kickers cut for a trial this week. Maybe that will get his head straightened out.

PackersRS's picture

Like I thought... When I saw the instant replay, I saw him place the ball correctly with the laces to the right side, but didn't saw it a second time. Thank you, man.

Greg C.'s picture

I think the bobble still could've thrown off Crosby's concentration and/or timing. He's missed very few short field goals in his time with the Packers, and I don't think it's a coincidence that he missed one when the snap was bobbled. A kicker needs to be able to focus on the ball before kicking it. If the ball is not set as he begins his kicking motion, he's essentially aiming at a moving target.

Stan's picture

Tramon was penalized on virtually nothing. It was a bit of tussle playing Flacco's high pass. Refs need to just accept that this was a physical game and there's going to be a bit of pushing for the ball.

I was impressed mightily by our D. Lots of plays by just about everyone. Lovin' our two 1st round picks. Woodson is a King, the King of Lambeau!

Rodgers continues to impress and I thought for the most part McCarthy was designing our plays well (good mix with the run, even though it didn't get a huge amount, it still kept the Ravens D honest). HOWEVER third quarter and mental mistakes start to get made... no surprises there then :(

Still credit to the D who were magnificent once again. ROLL ON THEM BEARS!

Asshalo's picture

I disagree slightly on Harris and Williams. Yes, Harris is going to get the benefit of the doubt more often than Williams with the refs. But williams needs to play the ball a little better. He certainly atoned in the red-zone though.

I thought the same about Green. But he's usually only running the ball late in the game. Teams tend to run the ball later in the game. That being said, I would like to see more of him. His average per carry is too high not to.

With the way Finley and Havner have emerged I wonder what happens to Lee in the off-season. Would be a decent way to free up cap space. Not sure on the specifics of his contract though.

Stan's picture

Donald Lee was a big disappointment in '08 and now again in '09 (ridiculous amount of drops). Didn't we just sign a TE to the practice squad? perhaps the team are looking at other options...?

povertyrich's picture

Mason didn't cause Woodson to fall, he just touched him on his way past, and kept his eyes on the ball. Not a good call by the ref. Woodson got burned in much the same way against the Vikings. With his eyes on the football, he touched the receiver's back, then dove in front of him to catch the football. The ref threw a bogus flag, and robbed Woodson of a pick.

Demetrius Williams jostled Tramon Williams in the endzone just as much as Tramon jostled him. Tramon just beat him. The ref should have called both or neither on that play. My preference is for neither.

Asshalo's picture

So when woodson fell to the ground it just happened to look like Mason had his arms around his torse and threw him? looks can be deceiving.

povertyrich's picture

Looked like Mason made only incidental contact to me, and his eyes were on the ball. I wouldn't throw that flag. Football is a contact sport.

Plus, conservative calls on plays like that favor the Packers' style of defense. In the long run, it is better for Packer fans if refs don't throw flags like that.

Bryce's picture

Agreed on the one-&-done playoff run. But, after starting 4-4 and losing to the Bucs, I'm not very bothered by that. Does that make me a bad fan? Or just a realist who will take what he can get?

ACDC84's picture

On the other hand, despite poor special teams play, all the flags, and no rushing game, we dominatd 56 minutes of the game. Not bad.

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