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Quick Hits Playoffs

Quick Hits Playoffs

It is with great regret I finish this season's quick hits. That was an amazing game. That was a heart breaking finish.

Packers 45 Cardinals 51

There is no need for highlights this week. If you are a Packer fan you will never forget this one.

But, look if you must.

Quick Hits

We all knew Jarrett Bush would cost us dearly in the off-season, during the season, and after the season. Everyone knew it except the Packers.

Dom Capers is not the answer yet.

Aaron Rodgers is a superstar, period.

So is Greg Jennings.

Too bad they can't make the easy play.

Mason Crosby makes that field goal and we win.

Terrible playcalling on the final drive, totally and completely unacceptable.

Terrible officiating on the blow to the head non-call in overtime.

Jermichael Finley is going to scare people for years to come.

So goodbye to Atari Bigby, Ryan Pickett, Aaron Kampman, Mason Crosby, Al Harris, and Donald Lee.

Possibly keep on eye on Donald Driver too.

I can't bear to write another thing.

I want to thank everyone for all of their support this season. It was an amazing off-season, an amazing season, and well we made the playoffs.

I am going to take a much needed rest for a couple of weeks so don't expect a whole lot of action around here. It is going to take some time to absorb this one before I am ready to talk free-agency.

It was a great 2009, but moving on to 2010 is going to sting a little more than usual this season. Until then...

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Tony Wilson's picture

Couldn't agree more on the roughing the passer no-call. Alas, all he needs to do is hit Jennings and we're popping champagne

Manitowish Waters's picture

Great Packers Web site Alex. Please keep it going. Nagler is a smug dude IMHO. I've taken the whole season to diagnois this. He's not WI people, he's a douche and he tweets so much he offsets him self. I've enjoyed PackersLounge all season, thanks. I'll be back, in February (tomorrow) as the draft shit starts and classes start again.. Take care. Manitowish Waters.

Aaron's picture

(sigh) Not Wisconsin people? I was born in Sheboygan and raised in Appleton, where I lived for 20 years. My earliest memory is my grandfather (who along with my grandmother was at the IceBowl) taking me to Lambeau when I was 3. Give me a break...

cheesecurdboy's picture

relax aaron that was uncalled for by that guy. I agree u can be a little smug sometimes sure, but that was over the line. U have a good site too man, i visit both sites every day

Aaron's picture

Thanks cheesecurd - oh, I know I'm smug as hell. I don't mind the truth. But saying I'm "not Wisconsin people" is just asinine.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Where the FUCK was the defense? One or two plays would have been the difference... NOTHING. Capers is great, as long as he's not facing an experienced veteran QB with weapons.

At least it's clear what we MUST HAVE this off season (O-line and secondary help).

All in all, better than 6-10.... STILL SUCKS THOUGH

I'll check in in the offseason



Bryce's picture

Absolutely agree guys. I'm still wearing my Packers tie to work tomorrow, because it was a good season and a good game.

RandomDrunk's picture

You must just be upset about the loss because you're wrong on quite a few things.

Dom Capers is there, but the Packers secondary isnt. They are simply not good at zone coverage.

How exactly did Jarret Bush cost us in this game?

Packers are talking contract extension with Pickett and will be re-signing him.

Why is Al Harris gone? He's under contract and should be ready for next year.

Dont even try to blame Mason Crosby. He makes that FG and the whole trajectory of the game changes. Woodson probably doesnt cause that fumble etc. Blame the Packers offense for not scoring a TD before the end of the half. That would have been an extra 4 points. Or even nlame MM for not going for two at the end of the game when our D had forced them to punt only one time the entire game.

Terrible playcalling on the final drive? Really? They were the same plays that got us to come back from a 31-10 3rd quarter deficit. If AR doesnt misfire on that deep pass to Jennings are you still complaining about the playcalling?

Alex Tallitsch's picture


1. Dom Capers needs to utilize his talent and play within its limits. He has not done that well.

2. Jarrett Bush was late and out of position all day long. He grabbed the wrong receiver several times when they were stacked.

3. Pickett wants a contract, but I say the Pack goes after Jolly instead.

4. Al Harris will never be the same again.

5. There is nothing to blame the offense for except number six.

6. Exactly why you change it up. That first down play was fine, it should have been a TD. You don't drop deep the next two plays. You get the first down, period.

cheesecurdboy's picture

they need to go after pickett because he is unrestricted and the most pivotal part of our defense. Jolly will be restricted, plus he still has a long way to go to get to pickett's level of consistency

Bearmeat's picture

Epic. Fail.

Every wart the Packers had was exposed by Kurt Warner and the Cardinals coaching staff: Sacks, penalties, poor secondary communication and inadequate backups for Harris and Bigby, no running game, Mason Crosby misses. Point blank, Warner played well and the Packers choked.

Season over. At least it's a young team - there's always next year. Hopefully the Saints or Cards win the NFC. I can't stand the Vikings and Cowboys.

Greg C.'s picture

I don't think it's valid to blame this loss on Jarett Bush. He got burned no worse than the others. And blaming it on Crosby for missing a 54-yard FG in the first half does not make any sense either.

The defense--the entire defense--completely melted down, just like against Pittsburgh. I really thought they had gotten that one bad game out of their system in Pittsburgh. But this one was even worse.

The game was bookended by turnovers by Aaron Rodgers, so as well as he played for most of the game, he has to take some of the blame.

But mostly it was just a wild game that could've gone either way. It was like a game of pinball. I think the Packers had it in their power to avoid that, though, because they should've had the advantage with Boldin out of the Cardinals' lineup. It should not have come down to the wire like that. The biggest disappointment was the near-total lack of pass rush.

I didn't see any problem with the playcalling on the final drive. The first play was almost a TD and game over. The second play was a nine-yard gain, but it got wiped out by holding. On 2nd and 20, they gained 14 to get themselves into a makeable third down. Then they let a blitzer come free and Rodgers got stripped. The hold by Colledge was the killer. Too bad the refs missed that blatant helmet-to-helmet hit on Rodgers. The Steelers got away with one of those too.

Jersey Al's picture

Jarret Bush got beat all over the field and blew some coverages, but he wasn't alone.

Al Harris will be back. Tough dude. Whether his knee will fully recover, we'll see.

Packers should go after Jolly instead of Pickett.

Had no problem with the Play-calling on the last drive. Only thing that sucked was the execution.

The only thing that surprised me on defense was how Arizona ran on them. That I didn't expect, but I did expect Warner to do what he does.

Still a great season after 6-10. Future looks bright!

Greg C.'s picture

I just realized that the Packers' D got lit up in all four games against elite QB's this year: Favre (twice), Roethlisberger, and Warner. That's why they call them elite QB's, but the point is that the defense needs to get better so that they will not be totally at the mercy of these QB's, as they were this season. They need a better pass rush and/or better coverage--plain and simple.

Bryce's picture

Good point.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Since our D gave up 51, Did Revis just win the DMVP? I sure hope not.


Greg C.'s picture

The voting took place last week. I think they are going to announce the winner this week, though I'm not sure.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I saw they will announce it Tue or Wed, wasn't sure if the voters could vote up 'till then.

PackersRS's picture

It's apoligies for Bush that got us into this. Stop with that. When he makes a play instead of constantly costing us a game, then he'll get his praise. Saying that others also were bad isn't a valid point, because it doesn't change the fact that Jarrett Bush sucks and allways did.

Nobody on the D played well. Jarrett Bush never played well.

FITZCORE1252's picture


There should be NO scenario next year (or any year) where bush is on the field in any capacity other than to play special teams. The kid is a liability in coverage, that's all there is to it. I trust Ted and Mike have seen enough as well and will ensure he is relegated to ST (where he is pretty good).


Greg C.'s picture

I've never liked scapegoating. Sometimes there really is one player who costs you the game, but not usually, and certainly not this time. Scapegoating is unfair and makes problems look a lot easier to solve than they actually are.

I don't like having Jarrett Bush on the field on defense. But he is our #6 CB. I expect to have problems when we get down to our #6 CB, no matter who it is. If some of our STARTERS played better, we would not even be having this discussion because the season would not yet be over. The starters are the guys who earn millions of dollars and are expected to rush the passer, stop the run, and shut down receivers, and none of them did those things very well today, with the possible exception of Charles Woodson.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I'm not saying Jarrett Bush cost us the game, but you get a guy in there that at least makes a play or two - I don't think Bush had any - and suddenly you maybe get a punt. There was ample time for this organization to pick up someone who would have performed better than Bush.

They gave him plenty of chances already, he should have been replaced after the Steelers game with any of the available veteran free agents.

I agree the big time guys, coaches included, didn't come up today. The only reason, in my mind anyway, that we should not be having this discussion is because Bush was no longer a Packer.

I guess I don't agree that wasn't an easy problem to fix. Again, anything would have been an upgrade.

But, if I was to scapegoat I would take the refs over Bush first.

FITZCORE1252's picture

There is WAY to much blame to go around to put this loss solely on Bush!

I just know that if he is playing defense for ANY reason in the future, somebody with an office is not doing their job! The kid is a good ST contributer lets keep it at that. I know he was our 5th or 6th option, next year I expect him to be our 7th or 8th.


FITZCORE1252's picture

I knew we were really screwed when I saw Giordanno (butchered it, don't care) in there. Not that Bigby was doing anything, but I knew that couldn't help!


Alex Tallitsch's picture

Something no one brought up and I will be interested in seeing is how hurt Atari Bigby really was. If he for any reason shut it down thinking about staying healthy for a payday, I will be pissed.

Greg C.'s picture

Sounds unlikely. He seems like a hard-nosed kind of player.

Hofschneider's picture

I think the biggest need for the Packers in the Offseason just shifts in this game. I mean, we had a weak O-LIne again and stil put up 45 points. The offense, especially Rodgers kept the defense in the game. All this team needs is a pass-defense. DBs, ILBs, who can run faster than Jenkins.
Btw, the playcalling was great. Good use of the (solid!) running game, great timing on homerun-balls (Jennings, Rodgers just need to connect on at least one of them) and the moment before the short-kickoff, I fought that this would be the only way to get this team back in the game. You can't blame the playcalling, if a play doesn't work, all the time.

But in the end, it was a good season. I have a scary feeling to see Kampmann twice next year, in purple. It will be interessting to see, how many and which free-agents will be here next year.

Jersey Al's picture

Are you forgetting the age, physical condition and free agency status of both our starting tackles? OT is still priority #1. Then DB.

Hofschneider's picture

... and Bush sucks! Period.

Greetings from Germany

Max's picture

This Defense NEEDS a shake up! Our players our simply letting us down in a BIG way. I don't think it's the scheme I think it's the execution. More than once guys looked confused at who they should be marking and where they should be. All it took was Arizona to dial up a few multiple-receiver sets and we were done for.

Yes, we've had to rely on rookie's (Mathews, Jones, Raji), and we've done remarkably well with that. Yes we lost a key component in Al Harris (and again we managed the best we could with that). But at the end our deficiencies were always on display. This team needs to be assignment sure on all offensive schemes. I never want to have to watch a team march all over us like the Cards did.

I will say this, Rodgers is king, hell this offence rocked Packer fans everywhere with a heroic comeback. But just like against the Steelers, just like against the Vikings, it was our Defense that was the dagger. Something needs to be done. Guys need to put in extra time, get to know this D like the back of their hand. Otherwise we can expect Rodgers to be throwing his helmet down at the end of more games in the future.

cheesecurdboy's picture

am i the only one who saw all the calls the refs missed? fitzgerald's catch should have been negated, he completely rammed over woodson, blatant PI, rodgers was consistently hit helmet-to-helmet, if ur gonna have that rule u'd damn well enforce it both ways, and on the fumble his facemask was obviously grabbed and yanked. Defense cost us the game, but refs sure as hell didnt help

PackersRS's picture

Alex, it took me a while to think about it, maybe you're away from the site...

But some may say that, although the Packers may have caught some fish in the game, ultimately their car got totaled...

Max's picture

ooooooh, good one.

Alex Tallitsch's picture


Hofschneider's picture

like it.

jeremiah's picture

pickett going nowhere.

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