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Quick Hits: Philadelphia Eagles

Quick Hits: Philadelphia Eagles

You know, I was really excited for this game before it actually happened. I was excited, everyone was excited, and I had never seen Packer nation so pumped for a game. Too bad the Packers offense couldn't manage the same kind of enthusiasm for its fan base. Here are your quick hits.

Packers 27 Eagles 20

Watch the Packers video highlights.

Watch Matthews sack Kolb.

Quick Hits

I hate eating crow, but you win Bedard. You are the supreme being of everything Packers. I thought the Packers vs. Eagles was a fourteen point win at least. I was wrong. But, it should have been.

People seemed convinced that this offense came out too hyped up in the first half. I tend to think the opposite. I thought they came out flat, uninspired, and dare I say too prepared and too confident. At times it seemed like a practice out there to me. There was no sense of urgency, no killer instinct, and absolutely no passion shown by anyone other than John Kuhn.

I'm getting sick of seeing Greg Jennings with a big ass smile every time a play goes wrong. I don't see anything to smile about. Put your head down, run to the huddle, and wipe that grin off your face.

Aaron Rodgers, can we please see some fire. I agree with the pundits that your game was off. Perhaps, if you showed any kind of emotion or killer instinct that could change. You looked like you were having a day at the spa, not a football game.

Whoever told Rodgers to quit forcing it to Finley was stupid. Yes, he got a little over zealous in the first quarter. But, as soon as Rodgers quit looking at Finley, he was open underneath a bunch of times. Rodgers never saw him and probably wasn't looking.

Someone tell the offensive line that full speed starts in the first quarter. Thanks.

Great passion by the defense.

Morgan Burnett seems invisible to me. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, but I have to fight to find him.

Sam Shields was exposed in the fourth quarter.

We need to see more out of Nick Barnett, period.

I remember bashing Kevin Greene for saying that Clay Matthews was the best linebacker he has ever seen. Maybe he was right?

Great job by the special teams all the way around (bar one live drive punt for Masthay). Absolutely outstanding effort on all fronts.

Tramon Williams, please catch easy interceptions. Thanks.

Justin Harrell, I was totally rooting for you. Welcome to the real world with a nice start most people don't get.

Michael Vick, I still despise you, although it's obvious you still have some skills. You should send a thank-you card to Big Ben.

Mason Crosby says, "Screw you guys."

That's about all I got. Don't get me wrong I am happy with the win. It's hard to go into a playoff team's house and come away with a victory, especially a sloppy one of sorts. Bottom line, the Packers probably had not done a ton of game planning for the Vick effect. If Kolb had played the whole game, I think the defense would have put up several more sacks at the very least. Vick is amazing at getting out of the pocket, and the Packers paid the price.

The defense rose to the occasion. The offense decided to just try and hang on.

Bring on the Bills, remember the Bucs.

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David's picture

-Special teams: Wow. That was a welcomed change.
-Rodgers looked decent. His two interceptions were terrible.
-Nice pass rush. Five sacks. Especially nice to see pressure up the middle.
-CM3: Relentless
-I never want to face Michael Vick again.

PackersRS's picture

Rodgers, as a normal QB, was decent.

Rodgers, for what he can do, was terrible.

TD's picture

I don't disagree with much of what you said, but I hope people don't miss the forest for the trees. Despite the off day offensively, they still had a 17 point lead early in the 4th Quarter, and 27 points on the board. They won on the road, in a place they haven't won in 48 years, and did it with 1/2 the starting secondary on PUP, their starting HB out with an ankle injury for 1/2 the game, and one of the worst performances from their starting QB in nearly a year. Given all that, I think coming away with a win is significant.

And to be fair, Clay Matthews needs to hang on to easy interceptions too!

twernke's picture

Nice work Alex. Good point about Jennings. I disagree with you about Rodgers. He was too amped up, which is why he missed a number of easy passes that he would make at the spa.

bryce's picture

What are we gonna do about the D-line? They played a 2 linemen set for most of the game.

Also, that just shows why you have 3 HB's on your roster. Brandon Jackson can't hit holes worth a darn.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I actually thought Brandon Jackson did a bang up job myself. No doubt in my mind that both Jackson and Kuhn are better the Blumpkin.

bryce's picture

I thought he was dancing too much. I'm feeling you on Kuhn, though. I kept asking why they weren't giving him the ball more. Sounds like Grant might be out long which case I think we need to trade for an HB quick. Ya, Lumpkin was not the answer.

PackersRS's picture

Neal and C.J. were inactive.

C.J. can't play yet. We need another body in there. But Neal, Jenkins, Raji and Pickett makes for one hell of a DL.

And lol at BJ not hitting holes.

bryce's picture

I guess they intentionally only had 4 lineman for the game, wanted to play the pass. McCarthy said something that insinuated that Neal was injured. I must have missed that one.

CJ in Guatemala's picture

Yep, Neal had an "abdomen strain" on Friday on the last play of practice. They didn't want to force him out it seems.

Chad's picture

I think this was a good game to have gone through for the Packers, at least from a mental perspective.

It reinforced quite plainly that the road to the Super Bowl won't be easy, and some obstacles won't be foreseen. But they were able to overcome the circumstances and pull their heads together for the win.

If they approach each game with this one lingering in their minds, then I hope it will make them prepare and focus that much harder.

Alex Tallitsch's picture


j4a1's picture

The best thing about this game was the fact that the team adapted. Rodgers had an off day and Grant got hurt and they still managed to score enough points to win. On defense they planned for Kolb and lots of 2-4-5 and after 2 dlinemen got hurt they got Vick instead. And yet players stepped up and made plays. Raji and Pickett gutted it out. The coaches adjusted. This is the way playoff teams and championship teams play and adapt.

Great win.

Mr. Bacon's picture

The pass rush was awesome. The worse part was that Vick was the quarterback. It brought back old memorys of the day when Vick owned us hard at Lambeau in the playoff game. When I saw him break the 33 yard scramble I knew this game was about to suck hard. We still got the win, and thats all I care about. 9 more to go.

jerseypackfan's picture

After watching highlights of Gameday on NFL Network. I have to say Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders must be allowed to be on the same program. These two knuckleheads are ruining that program and cannot shut up. Half the time I cant understand what they are saying because they are either laughing and talking over one another.

ACDC84's picture

Yes, Rodgers had a bad game and his two INTs were terribly brent-like. However, I love that he's not overly emotional. If a RB is trucking guys and making plays, be emotional, yes. If a WR is having his way with a corner all night long (a la Plexico in the '07 NFC CG) then yea, get pumped. If a DE is running right through the line and wreaking havoc, by all means, be emotional. But I like having a level-headed QB who's not going to get over-excited until the obese-lady serenades the win. The QB position takes WAY to much concentration and focus. It also seemed to me that we were playing a prevent offense for much of the fourth quarter which isn't all that exciting for a QB.

Leave Harrell alone. Yea, he's come into training camp out of shape a few times and likely could have kept himself in better shape to reduce injury-proneness. That said, this guy just has the worst luck ever. It's not his fault TT reached for a guy with so many red flags back in his draft. Unless he doesn't care one bit, I'm sure he's 50 times more frustrated with his career than us fans are. He's obviously played his last snap as a Packer, but I would be at least a little happy for him if he can get healthy in a couple years and contribute to an NFL team.

CJ in Guatemala's picture

First interception, the CB just ate D.D's route, and Donald didn't do much to attack that ball. The CB just knew exactly what to do, given just cause of tendencies study / experience.

On the second interception the ball slipped... it is still Rodgers' fault I guess but it's not like he forced it hoping for somebody to make the play.

This is the impression I got anyway.

I completely agree on your take on Harrell, to me there is a distinct difference between "prone to injuries" and just plain bad luck. I mean you are not going to tear your ACL just cause you are prone to injuries, if somebody of 200+ pounds lands at your knee in a certain way or if you are standing and you get your knee bent backwards (kinda like what Weaver from the Eagles suffered) it is not your fault specially since Harrell was moving guys out, playing after a full off-season and being good at a backup role with "potential" to see after this year if that back held up to take it to the next level finally... I guess it is too many "what ifs", anyway that was quite surely his last game as a Packer.

Hofschneider's picture

Rodgers is calm not un-emotional. That is a big differnce. It is one of his biggest strengths to be cool and collected. That is the reason he is so good on 3rd-downs and in the redzone. When the game is on the line, Rodgers is at his best.
And btw: Do you saw Rivers last night. This hole offense as a group was not a unit. I I don't stuff like that in Green Bay. And Rodgers attitude leads to the point that this offense will be as good as they were last year or even better. Let jennings smile and DD dance. They will figure it out.

Before the game I was concernd about the young secondary, the pass-rush (espacially from the inside) and special-teams. And look; they all looked great. because of that reason; that wasn't a ugly win, that was a true convince-builder in a great season.

If this team plays in Dalles in February, it will be because of the defense.

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