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Quick Hits Niners

Quick Hits Niners




It was certainly a tale of two halves, but I guess a win is a win. There are some great things to talk about, and some other things that scare me to death. Here are your quick hits.





Packers 30 Niners 24

Watch game highlights HERE.

Watch Ryan Grant highlights HERE.

Watch Aaron Rodgers highlights HERE.

Watch McCarthy's reaction HERE.


Quick Hits

Aaron Kampman is a big loss, Al Harris is devastating. Why?

Jarrett Bush sucks.

Martin sucks too.

Underwood is no Harris.

Amazing first half. Aaron Rodgers was lights out, Ryan Grant looked good, and everything clicked.

Terrible second half, enough said. It should never have been that close.

Special teams... you were doing so well for three quarters.

Can we put it in the redzone?

Nick Barnett is back. He is playing balls to the wall and looking quicker than ever.

Where was this defense for half of the season? The X blitzes are blowing everything up.

Mark Tauscher is a much better lineman than Lang.

Amazing run blocking all day long.

Jermichael Finley is a must have going forward.

Better job on pass protection, better job getting rid of the ball.

I love that the announcers are calling Quinn the "Rookie Sledgehammer."

Greg Jennings made a big play... finally.

There is only one question to be answered right now. Is the Pack back?



Offense: B

Defense: B

Special Teams: B



Gregorious Jennings


I drove two hours to catch the game at my buddies house. Like I said, great first half, sketchy second half. As a team you have to be able to close and the Packers barely did it. Yet, they walk away victors and the only thing to worry about now is Al and Aaron's health and taking the Lions to school on turkey day.


EDIT: Al Harris is done for the year. Sad, sad day. This is terrible news, and it doesn't sound good for Kampman either. I really am beside myself right now. This totally sucks. However, we went through this last season (it wasn't pretty) and we have to endure it again. I take this moment to say thanks to Al Harris who may have played his last down as a Packer. This is a huge loss for the organization. As far as Al is concerned, best of luck in the future. As far as the organization is concerned, please, please keep Jarrett Bush off the field.


I will leave you with an article from last year when Al Harris went down. Said best, by the esteemed Dale Z.

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Darryl Coleman's picture


I would like to put a link to your site on my blog roll if you want to do the same for mine. It would be a good way to build up both of our readerships.

thank you.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I'd like about a thousand bucks and twenty hot chicks that my wife doesn't care that I have too. Doesn't mean it will happen.

Stan's picture

it doesn't?

PackersRS's picture

I'm very pissed about the abandon of the pressure packages and the constant use of the innept "same 4 man rush and no bump-and-run" that Capers called during the second half...

That being said, I think if we play like we did in the first half, we can win from everyone everywhere.

FITZCORE1252's picture

MAN, losing Al is gonna F up the whole D. More Jarret F'ing Bush... BUMMER!


Jersey Al's picture

Derek Martin is a former corner, so maybe they'll consider using him there - so we don't get "all Bushed out".

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Martin sucks too.

Jersey Al's picture

pick your poison

RonLC's picture

poison indeed! This is going to ensure the vanilla defense for the rest of the year. And we saw how good that was in the second half. Shit!

Greg C.'s picture

It was a very nice win, although they did let the Niners almost get back into it at the end. I say "almost" because once the Niners got within six, with nearly six minutes left in the game, the Packer offense dominated and ran out the clock. The Niner offense never saw the field again. It's good that this team is able to close out games, even if it took them longer to do it than it should have.

The O-line had its best game of the season. I did see Tauscher get torched for a sack on one play, though. I think he is still a little rusty, and he does not have much left in the tank. Lang is the future at RT, in my opinion, even if he's not as good as Tauscher yet.

The injuries to Harris and Kampman are bad--especially Harris. It looked like both of them got injured without any contact.

Stan's picture

Jarrett Bush... NOOOOOOOOO!!!



Bush was playing getting a lot of playing time, so there's no reason to think they wouldn't use him as the nickel.

Give young Brad Jones a week of practice and I'm sure he'll be good for us (was against the 'boys after a weeks practice).

Asshalo's picture

I'll take it one game at a time. I am slightly worried about Pettigrew and Johnson after watching the secondary get torched in the second half.

And I am officially not a fan of the five wide. Doesn't even work when our OL is having is best game. Scratch it entirely for 2010.

Special teams continues to hurt this team in big ways. And less than a year removed from firing Mike Stock. To me this reflects very poorly on McCarthy. Just saying, if it's close decision in January, look how many asistants he's fired in the last 14 months.

Greg C.'s picture

I've been hating on the five-wide for two years now, so I'm definitely with you there.

I also agree that the firing of so many assistant coaches does not look good for McCarthy. I do think that the DC needed to go after last season, but some of the other firings, particularly of the special teams coach, seemed like just a way to keep the critics at bay.

PackersRS's picture

I don't think that. I just think that, when you have a large lead, you run the ball.

There's definitely a place for the 5 wide IMHO. Just not when we have the lead.

Greg C.'s picture

Here's my problem with the five-wide: The defense puts a defender on each receiver, and they then have six guys rushing against five blockers. That means one of them is going to come in unblocked, leaving the QB with only a couple of seconds to throw the ball. So most of the time you end up with either an incompletion or a very short gain, and often the QB takes a big hit.

Asshalo's picture

meant to hit "like". Also, 5 wide was the death of our offense in the second half of SB 32. Holmgren needed to get a clue and so does McCarthy

PackersRS's picture

Quick screens, slants, and reverses take care of that. If you rush 6, and leave man on man on a WR screen, it's a TD... Specially if you put Finley and Nelson blocking for Jennings...

I really like the spread, specially with an athletic TE and QB which we have... But it has it's time and place, and it is not when we need to run the ball to run off the clock...

FITZCORE1252's picture

5 wides is great IF you make 'em pay with it. You MUST give the QB a little time for it to have a chance, otherwise DB's will be jumping the quick slants. But there is definitely a time and a place for it. When trying to shorten a game... I'd think one would get away from it and pound the rock.


Bryce's picture

Why all the Jarrett Bush hating? He'll be a decent fill in.

Just kidding. We're screwed.

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