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Quick Hits - Falcons

Quick Hits - Falcons

The biggest game of the season so far. I predicted a Packer's blowout. Right now, I'm worried. That's usually a good sign. Here's how things went down. Gameday Conditions: Going with the standard stream and TV setup with two gameday chats. Pre-game meal was coffee, might do some homemade chocolate chip cookies along the way. Custom Packer's Reggie White tribute sweatshirt is going.

Packers 17 Falcons 20

Watch the Packers NFL highlights. Watch the Packers highlights.

Quick Hits

First Half Really nervous. Too many big plays to start. Saved by a penalty. This could be the play of the game already. I really think you have to challenge that slide spot. Jarrett Bush making a bone head play. He's back. Those are the little things I said the Packers could not do and still win. ZOMBO It's time to just dump Pat Lee. A useless player if you ask me. Absolutely LOVE the adjustment to the no huddle. Daryn Colledge is getting owned today. Every week the announcers say Aaron Rodgers never gets any credit for rushing while praising his rushing. Just say he's awesome. Thanks. Good call to take the field goal on fourth down. Bad call to give it to Nance up Colledge's rear. Harry Douglas is still the best name in football. Brett Swain just made my day. Jordy is quietly having a nice half. James Jones WILL replace Driver next year. Seriously, Mike McCarthy is the worst 1 yard goal-line play caller in the business. Get your quarterback killed. Moron. The front four on defense are saving this game for the Packers. Why the hell did McCarthy not challenge that catch? Even I saw it. MM is losing this game for the Packers so far. Dumb Comment of the Half: "Mike McCarthy should be considered coach of the year." Second Half The run blocking is completely non-existent. Complete and total failure. It's Atlanta's first drive of the third. If they score here, the Packers will lose. I know it worked, but trick plays are not the answer. Bad play call. The ref's continue to not call personal fouls on Aaron Rodgers. It's blatant now. JORDY.FRICKIN'.NELSON It's a whole new ball game now. Aaron Rodgers for the win! Wow. The tackling on the third and ten was so pathetic words can't describe. The three man rush was even more disgusting. I can see that costing us the game. Clay Matthews had been shut down for the most part so far. Desmond Bishop is playing lights out however. Could almost say the same for A.J. Hawk. Solid for the most part. This pass at the goal line should be ruled a drop. Let's see. Ruled complete and no touchdown. I'll take it I guess. Crap. Clearly getting out coached here. That is a bullshit call on Shields. Total and complete bullshit. How many third and shorts can you get in one game? Apparently, a shit ton. Aaron Rodgers held the ball WAY too long on 4th and one. The guy has no clutch, no clutch at all. Shutting everything down for this drive with 5:15 left. Daryn Colledge with the obligatory drive killing penalty. Wow. Holy shovel pass batman. Wow, just wow. Street ball baby. Yeah, you can say, "looked like Favre" there. It's 4th and goal. Again. HELL.YES.JORDY! I take back that whole Aaron Rodgers hasn't been clutch thing. First time for everything. And the Packers lose. Great. Dumb Comment of the Half: "Do you think Popeye had people buy spinach for him?" MVP Jordy Nelson Final Thoughts I don't have any. Coaching killed this game. McCarthy got out coached, and the three man rush killed us again. Nothing new there. Home field advantage is probably a thing of the past as of now. Perhaps the playoffs.

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willis's picture

Shades of 2008

I think Rodgers is totally clutch, but just like 2008 the defense and special teams give up the game, 2008 Rodgers had a bunch of comebacks. Poor playcalling on our first two trips to the goal line and some poor non-challenges.

lebowski's picture

Keeping Pat Lee and cutting Al Harris is just asinine. I don't care if Al is only a solid vet in the locker room and doesn't play much. Pat Lee could get hurt wiping his ass. Useless.

Hofschneider's picture

I have a feeling, we will be back in late january in this dome.
And we will win! Simply because Atlanta isn't a spectatular team. they just don't beat themselfs. What is enough for the regular-season, but not for the playoffs. Homefield-advantage or not!

BTW: Rodgers is the best QB in Football! Period!

PackersRS's picture

"Home field advantage is probably a thing of the past as of now. Perhaps the playoffs."

Don't go denying later this statement. Don't go saying that "perhaps" was a key word in there.

Too quickly to jump off the bandwagon...

FITZCORE1252's picture

After some time to soak things in...

I think Chicago beating Philly is a good thing. If we take care of buisiness we could quite possibly get a bye.

We own the tie-breaker over Philly (who's got another loss or 2 in them)...

The bares will lose another game or two (we must beat them)...

Atlanta looks to have one of the bye's wrapped up but even if the Saints finish with a better record than us only 1 bye can come out of the South.

The East will be beating up on each other (check out their schedules) and the West is a non-factor as far as bye's go.

If we go 11-5 (I see problems in New England)and that wins the division, I think we get a bye.

You heard it here 1st.


FITZCORE1252's picture

Oh, and I'm gonna be rooting for the queens weeks 14-16 (Giants, beighurz, philly). Need them to play spoiler now that they are zero threat to us.

PackersRS's picture

I'm not doing any math.

We take care of business (SF, NYG, CHI at home, DET at DET) we make the playoffs.

That simple.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I have no doubt we will make the playoffs, really don't. Just sayin' a bye is completely attainable, especially if we win out.

PackersRS's picture

I'm working with the average. The average, to me, it's winning against SF, against NYG and against CHI. Those are games at home, must win games.

Winning against a though DET team should also be very much attainable, because we are simply a better team than them.

At NE, I can see a win, and if we do, yes, chances are we get a bye. But I don't expect it.

Chad Toporski's picture

Sorry, Alex, but you can't blame the coaches on this one. Sure, the missed challenge on 4th down was big, but that's not what hurt us.

Most of it was the little things the players didn't do, and those fall under two categories: penalties and tackling.

These guys know how to play solid on both those fronts, because we've seen it before. That means it was player error, not coaching error.

FITZCORE1252's picture

When did the Lounge get into the business of deleting comments? Totally your right, just never seen it here before... I was just trying to lighten the mood. Why does everyone get so uptight about abortion???

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I originally meant to leave it closed all-together. Nothing personal.

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