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Quick Hits: Dolphins

Quick Hits: Dolphins

I imagine everyone is expecting some hell fire speech, or perhaps a "don't worry we're fine" type spiel, but honestly I really could care less.

I knew the Green Bay Packers would eventually end up in this kind of position. Been writing about it for years.

Packers 20 Dolphins 23

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Quick Hits

Mike McCarthy has lost this football team. In all definitions of the word.

I would get on any kind of fire McCarthy bandwagon right now.

Aaron Rodgers seems to be who a lot of Packer fans thought he was. Not Brett Favre.

Anthony Smith is the answer.

Today is why I laugh at people that thought Bulaga could step in and dominate. Tauscher is our best tackle right now.

Desmond Bishop is making a case for a whole lot of interesting things.

Tramon Williams is going to be rich soon. That means he won't be in Green Bay.

Is it just me or do the Packers only have two plays: Shotgun up the middle handoff and Shotgun throw it 50 yards down the field?

Some people cry when they're wronged and others get up and shove it down your throat. Our guy cries.

Pat Lee sucks.

If you don't like people bitching about the Packers on the internet, stay off the internet. Thanks.

I knew this week and the weeks to come were/are going to be a disaster. The only way to overcome adversity and the type of injuries that Packers have suffered is through solid leadership and adjustments. These unfortunately are the two things that our coach and general manager are either unable or unwilling to do.

I'm sick of being a Packer fan today. For the last decade it's been the same thing over and over again. It's like going to the county fair for me now. You know you're going to have a good time, and that most likely the food is going to awesome, but in the back of your mind you never forget that Weird Al Yankovic is still the headliner.

Hang on folks, it's only get to get worse next week. No way we win that game. Absolutely no way.

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Anthony's picture

If you're sick of being a Packers fan, STOP BEING ONE. You aren't one then. I have a Rams friend that after the first loss of the season was thinking about jumping ship, but he never did, and we aren't even near that bad. You get so frustrated with the way Packers have been playing, NEWSFLASH: We still arent as bad as the Raiders, nor many other teams have been this season! Every team has their bad and good moments. Get over it, okay?!

Anthony's picture

I saw your post on twitter.

Another NEWSFLASH: YOU basically said you were tired of being a fan of the Packers: "I’m sick of being a Packer fan today. For the last decade it’s been the same thing over and over again. It’s like going to the county fair for me now."

So don't bitch at me for just responding to what you said.

djbonney138's picture

Ouch! I completely feel the frustration but ouch! We are playing like a mediocre team. We have been in it at the end of the last two and should have won them both. This team still has potential and we are not even close to playing the way we are capable of. We are playing a lot better football than a lot of teams. We have identity issues for sure but we can still pull our heads out and fix this! We were 4-4 the first half of last year and look what we ended up accomplishing. Don't lose faith. GO PACK GO!

LACheez's picture

I'm pretty sure i also said "pat lee sucks." during the game. i cringe every time we receive any kind of kick.

Anita's picture

As someone who's earliest Packer memories are of the "suck years" sandwiched between Lombardi and the first Super Bowl era (who I only read about because it was before my time, before you make any wisecracks about my age), and the mid-90's Wolf/Holmgren Super Bowl era, I can only roll my eyes at the bloggers jumping off the Rodgers band wagon tonight. I remember the not-even-fucking-close-to-elite QB tenures of Randy White and Don Majkowski, and names like Anthony Dilweg and Blair Kiel, all the way back to vague flashes of David Whitehurst and Lynn Dickey. My Packer memories go before the arrival of #4 and the idea that Rodgers is suddenly not good enough is laughable. Suddenly he's what the psycho Favreophiles-who-can't-let-go, say he is? Right. It's all on him. Has nothing to do with having half his team on crutches. Has nothing to do with a rookie being schooled on the field to protect him. Has nothing to do with his receivers dropping his passes, a sub-par running game and a defense who couldn't even put a grass stain on Chad Henne's (are you KIDDING ME?) uniform for a game. I doubt the Dolphin equipment manager even has to do laundry this week. Just spray some Fabreeze on Chad's jersey to get the sweat smell out of it, and he's good to go for the next game.

Those who think that Aaron Rodgers isn't good enough are those too young to remember anyone except #4 as QB. And contrary to Favre worshippers opinions, Brett Favre did NOT take us to glory on his own. His lone Super Bowl win came with a defense led by a Hall of Famer (see anyone like that on the current Packers roster?) and a supporting roster built to compliment Reggie White perfectly (Sean Jones, Santana Dotson among many others). A running game that featured two underrated and durable 1000 yard per year capable running backs, and a weapon on special teams that stole the Super Bowl MVP out from under Favre's nose, and yeah, a kicking game (which includes the punter) that was a bit more reliable than what Rodgers has. Yet, Rodgers was supposed to lead this team to the same glory as the '96 team, with less than Favre had, and because it's not happening, he suddenly sucks. Doesn't matter that he's spitting his chicklets onto the turf at Lambeau Field, getting his brain scrambled, and taking shots that referees never let anyone get away with when Favre was on the field. I saw guys on Twitter saying that "Mark Sanchez led his team back this week" as a comparison to what Rodgers should be doing, and insinuating that Sanchez has passed Rodgers in status. Are they seriously comparing the team Rodgers has left standing around him, to the Jets right now? The Jets, who have a relatively healthy team, and all their model citizen/problem children off suspension?

When #12's contract expires and he leaves town after finally having enough of the "you're not good enough" crap he's had to endure since the circus retirement of his predecessor, it will not surprise me one bit. Who wants this fucking job? Toss a three hundred yard game, pass for a TD, run for a TD, leave parts of your dental on the field, and still get blamed when your defense can't stop a second rate QB after your punter gives him the ball on the 50 in OT? Okaaaay.

P.S. Why isn't Charles Woodson taking some of the Rodgers heat from you guys? You remember him? Our defensive MVP leader? The guy who was supposed to be just as valuable to the team on the defensive side of the ball as Rodgers is on O? All I hear are crickets so far this year. Well, crickets and yellow hankies hitting the ground all around him.

foundinidaho's picture

Wow, Anita, I may just post this over on my entry to Pocket Doppler tomorrow and give you full credit. Amen and Amen.

PackersRS's picture

Completely agree.

And because of that, because I believe Rodgers has the talent and the capability of an elite QB, he SHOULD overcome all of this and play like it.

He is not.

foundinidaho's picture

He still can RS. And I think he will - WITH some support from the coaching staff. Therein lies the rub.

Lumpy Gravy's picture

*Thumbs up.*

Aaron Nagler's picture

It's ok if we point out that he's not playing well though, right? Because he's not.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Good shit.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Dickey and Majik were good though... when healthy.

Dayne's picture

I want to punch Rodgers in the face every time he starts crying. It thought he was going to flood Lambeau yesterday.

PackersRS's picture
fhornplayer83's picture

"Today is why I laugh at people that thought Bulaga could step in and dominate."

You mean at a position he never played once before last week? Riiight...

Tripp's picture

I have no idea who Anita is but she needs her own blog/space.

Best post I have read in years.

foundinidaho's picture


FITZCORE1252's picture

SHIT... it was so long I skipped it. Guess I gotta read it now.

Lumpy Gravy's picture


Mr. Nagler, et. al. may want to consider talking to this Anita individual about becoming a contributor, as she produced the most lucid (and best written) post I've seen here, or at most any Packer site, in a while.

foundinidaho's picture

Nope, PocketDoppler is already after her. :)

Lumpy Gravy's picture

Finders, keepers, then - my apologies.

David's picture

I seriously wonder what Mark Murphy is thinking right now. How can you watch a team sputter and fail and never make an in game adjustment to what is happening right in front of your eyes? He can't be thinking that MM is the guy?

Mark Murphy can't watch as the Seahawks grab Lynch for a 4th rounder and tell himself that TT is going to get us over the top.

I might be the only person that thinks this but both MM and TT don't need to be fired, just re-asssigned. MM could be a great QB coach and TT is a great head scout. If they decline the demotion in title and salary, then fire them but clearly they are both prime examples of the Peter Principe, promoted to their level of incompetency.

asshalo's picture

"Some people cry when they’re wronged and others get up and shove it down your throat. Our guy cries."

I agree with this statement the most. All it shows it childish feelings of entitlement. Players need to leave it to the media and fans to make that argument. When a player starts believing this, it's a sign of trouble. At least wait until the end of the game so you have visual evidence.

"If you don’t like people bitching about the Packers on the internet, stay off the internet. Thanks."

Everytime there is a "freak-out" as packer fans like to say, it seems there's always a bunch of holier-than-thou comments about how people need to be less cynical and more positive. That's pure rhetoric. Many people back up their claims with some type of evidence (some points better than others). At least work through the argument instead of giving me dogmatic small talk. I don't mind people disagreeing with me, just tell me why.

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