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Quick Hits Cowboys

Quick Hits Cowboys




I called in to Cheesehead Nation last week and was the only person with the intestinal fortitude to predict a Packers win. Good thing I'm not an "expert."





That being said, even though your week will be joy filled, let's not get too excited about this one. Here are your quick hits. Sponsored this week by Ticket King.


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Packers 17 Dallas 7

Watch Game Highlights HERE.

Watch Woodson be a stud HERE.

Watch Aaron take it in HERE.


Quick Hits

Amazing defense, Dom Capers finally delivers what he promised.

Nick Collins had an outstanding game today. I hate to say it but his sack was very Polamaluesque.

Troy Aikman is a dumbass. I can't even list all the idiotic things he said today.

The defensive line played lights out, even Raji got some action.

I love Johnn Jolly's fire every week.

Aaron Rodgers would be dead if McCarthy hadn't switched play books in the second half.

If you think the Packer blog comments were bad last week, try being a Cowboy fan this week. They played horrible.

That means that we didn't win because we're the better team.

McCarthy has no disciplinary control whatsoever. I think we got a flag every other play all game.

Ryan Grant still sucks.

Clay Matthews is going to be a superstar.

It was nice to see Nick Barnett do the "samurai" for the right reasons this week. It was also nice to see him sack something.

McCarthy is a dumbass for challenging that TD by Nelson. It's 6 inches short Mike, don't be stupid.

What do you do with Kampmam next week? It's a valid question.

Everyone should be required to wear the yellow shoes.



Charles Woodson



Offense: D+

Defense: A

Special Teams: B


Don't get me wrong, I'll be a happy camper all week. Regardless, I don't want to hear anyone talking about how "we are back" or "the Packers are going to the playoffs for sure now." It was a must win and we won. The Cowboys played a terrible game, and we happened to prove all the so-called professionals wrong.


That's why I don't listen to professionals. Or those that claim to be.

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Mr. Bacon's picture

The era of clean, pansy football is over.

Football aint won in the trenches, its with Personal Fouls, Holdings, and Eye Gouges while rocking the long hair.


Jersey Al's picture

They did knock a bunch of Cowboys out of the game today, didn't they?

Mr. Bacon's picture

Knock them out, they put TWO on IR today.

PackersRS's picture

Where were them when we were playing the Vikings... You know you're thinking it...

Mr. Bacon's picture

Not really, its was more like "Get Favre! GET HIM!"

So close to a sack, but to no avail.

Asshalo's picture

Normally I dont cheer for players to get hurt, but when I see Flozell Adams go down I can't help but think poetic justice

Manitowish Waters's picture

Agree about Aikman. Pack fans upset about short passes? Doesn't blame Aaron about sacks against Bucs?

Disagree about McCarthy challege. People would have said "that was six points" if he hadn't challenged and didn't get six. It was close, not a bad challenge. He didn't get to see the freeze frames we did. Yes, I know he's historically bad with challenges.

Absolutely epic defensive performance. Haven't seen that in years.

The Oline is horrible. I'm done blaming Rodgers (and I've blamed him plenty). That was awful by the online and it's not going to get better.

Special teams was the difference and it will be from here on out.

Greg C.'s picture

I had heard that McCarthy had one of the better percentages in the league on challenges. He must've gotten bad advice from upstairs on that challenge on the Nelson play.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I am just not convinced that you challenge that at all.

Greg C.'s picture

When you have a lousy, penalty-prone OL, first and goal on the one is no shoo-in. I've seen lots of coaches challenge that type of play, knowing that the last yard is often the hardest one.

Apparently, McCarthy said afterwards that the play clock was running down and they were going to need a time-out anyway, so he threw the challenge flag.

TD's picture

That challenge was awful. I knew that he was down inside the one when I saw that play in real time. I didn't even need the TV replay. I'm kind of curious as to exactly what happened. They had a shot of McCarthy on the sideline at one point, and I think it was before the ref ruled on it, in which he looked very annoyed and frustrated ... as if he was learning that he was going to lose the challenge, and he was pissed at someone over it. My guess is, either a coach in the booth jumped the gun and told him to throw the flag before he had seen a good replay, or Jordy talked him into it. If he got bad advice its hard to blame McCarthy for it ... but if he took a player's word for it, and threw the flag on that alone, that's not so smart. In that situation, in a close game, you need to preserve time outs like gold. Every time out is worth 40 seconds. Obviously there is no gaurantee they score there, but odds are heavily in favor of it. I think you play the percentages there unless you are CONVINCED that you're going to win the challenge.

PackersRS's picture

There's one coach who has been outstanding all year long... Mike Trgovac. Say what you want about the team, but the ENTIRE DL has played lights out.

Yeah, the lost the game, we didn't win. GUESS WHAT? We didn't beat ourselves, like we did so many times. It's a great start to build onto.

But it's only a start. I would still fire MM if the season ended today. But it doesn't.

Here's to beating everybody we're supposed to, and upsetting Chicago, Baltimore and/or Pittsburgh. If we want to be in the playoffs, we'll need to at least do that.

Bryce's picture

Yes. We need to almost win out to make the playoffs.

Stan's picture

"There’s one coach who has been outstanding all year long… Mike Trgovac. Say what you want about the team, but the ENTIRE DL has played lights out."

Totally agree, he has brought a ton to our DTs.

Manitowish Waters's picture

Alex, your right, we're not back and every game from here out is a must win. Especially the '9ers game.

BTW, with Jordy back and Jermichel next week that will help a LOT.

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

The Cowboy took the Packers lightly today...

The really would have/could have won if they didn't commit/or REFS give the Packers so many turnovers....and if Romo wouldn't have taken a dump all over Lambeau field...

Let's see if the Packers let this win go to their head like they've let other wins go to their heads in the past.

I smell a let down this week. We shall see how things go....

Dallas lost this game more than the Packers won it, imo...

jeremiah's picture

sure dallas gave it away, like when woodson forced two fumbles, or when th packers went on a long TD drive, or when the packers D was in romos face all night....

yes the cowboys made some mistakes. but our defense WON this game for us. nobody handed us the game.

Jersey Al's picture

As MM says, I have to look at the tape, but my first impression is that the Capers finally did what I've been asking for: brought more pressure off the edge. Not just the inside crossover blitz. When the offense is worried about outside pressure, makes that inside blitz more effective. And it helps that Hawk played with a pulse.

After the game, MM said he called the second challenge because he was late gettinging gthe play in and was going to have to call a time out anyway. Not that there's any excuse for that.

Asshalo's picture

The difference today was the defense. Cowboys blew a couple opportunities on offense, but so did we. What team doesn't have a couple let-downs every game.

Say what you will about Dallas but 5 sacks went a long way today. Even if the fumble get's overturned Dallas had the ball at the 15 with 3rd and 25. With the way we were moving the ball in the second I have a hard time believing we don't get at least three there. No way that affected the outcome of the game. Are we to really believe Dallas would have came back from double digits with 6 minutes remaining and one timeout.

Too many penalties and too many missed assignments on offense for me to change my opinion on McCarthy. Capers on the other hand...

Greg C.'s picture

The Packers were only a three-point underdog, and a lot of people predicted a Green Bay win, as they had their backs to the wall and Dallas was due for a letdown after the big win against Philly. But after the last two weeks, I wasn't expecting anything from the Packers. I'm glad they finally showed some heart.

Kampman will start next week if he's healthy, but maybe Brad Jones has earned some playing time. He looks less awkward in coverage than Kampman does, and the Cowboys were not able to exploit him by running the ball at him, as I thought they might. It was a good debut for him.

Tramon Williams almost had the ball stripped out of his hands by a punter. That would've been embarrassing. It's lucky his knee was down.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

<blockquote cite="comment-6788">

<strong><a href="#comment-6788" rel="nofollow">Greg C.</a></strong>: The Packers were only a three-point underdog, and a lot of people predicted a Green Bay win, as they had their backs to the wall and Dallas was due for a letdown after the big win against Philly.


That may be, but not on the networks this morning. Every single one picked Dallas, mostly the reason for the tone.

Greg C.'s picture

Ah, I didn't see any of the shows.

By the way, I agree with you about Aikman, at least in this game. Usually I think he does a decent job, but he seemed unprepared. He said some things that were flat-out inaccurate, like that Spencer Havner was a practice squad player a couple weeks ago (he's been on the roster all season) and that Roy Williams' fumble set up the Packers' field goal at the end of the half (there was another exchange of possessions after the fumble).

Alex Tallitsch's picture

What ticked me off about Aikman was when he said, "This year no team in the NFL runs the quick slant and the screen more than the Packers."

Come on, if there is one fanbase that was yelling for MORE screen and MORE quick slants it was the Packers. We have not gone that direction all year.

Franklin Hillside's picture

I laughed at that.

Although, he did say Cullen Jenkins is one of the best DT in the league which is very accurate.

TD's picture

I about jumped off my couch when he made the slant the comment. Honestly, I find Aikman to be generally good ... not great ... but good. But he was walking blind without a cane most of the telecast yesterday.

Greg C.'s picture

Maybe Aikman had mistakenly watched Packers game tape from the wrong season.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Never felt so good being so wrong, WOOT! Overall, quite a few positives to take from that game. YES, Clay is a BEAST. I'd love to sit #74 another week to see what we got in Jones. Yeah, the penalties are just fucking disgusting... they're not going anywhere. But hey, we beat li'l D, I'm gonna savor this one!


Stan's picture

I never predict anything right.... so no change here then. I'm still not convinced one bit that McCarthy is the right man for the job (especially after his amazing "extra-challenge-flag" was thrown). The Offense stalled for most of the game, really not getting anything going until late... after the D had given them many chances to make something happen. The O-Line wasn't much better, although it helped not having Alan Barbre in the lineup. I'm VERY happy we went for quick slants for the majority though, although it often didn't amount to anything we haven't driven the ball up field like that in a while.

I'm happier that the D kicked it up a knotch. I was fearing that the Dom Capers signing was a blunder, but it obviously has the potential to be quite something. Young Brad Jones had a good game with 7 tackles (behind leader Woodson). Extremely pleased with the way our DTs played (especially Jenkins). In fact everyone on that D played like they were in the playoffs (various hats off to them).

P.S - A lot of people seem to want to run down Aaron Kampman after this game... please, get a grip!

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I don't think you need to run down Kamp, but I imagine there might be more of a rotation in the near future.

TD's picture

I don't think its because people dislike Kampman. I love the guy, and I hate how the 3-4 has taken him out of what he does so well. But really ... its obvious, and I think has been for a few weeks now ... he is totally miscast as a LB in a 3-4. Its not his fault. But I don't think it was completely a coincidence that the D got better all around play from the front 7 with Kampman out and a real linebacker in, even a seemingly pedestrian one like Jones. I agree with those that say we should have traded him for whatever we could get before the deadline.

TD's picture

Nothing in football makes me happier than a Packer win over the Cowboys, no matter how it comes about, so I'm writing this with a smile on my face ... having said that ...

Thier offense was a disgrace yesterday. The penalty situation, the awful play of the O-Line in pass protection in the screen game and Rogers continued lack of pocket presence were all still glaring problems yesterday. They had one TD drive yesterday, and if my memory serves me correctly it was helped a long by 3 Cowboy penalites. They were lucky to score yesterday.

The defense did look fantastic, and there are a lot of guys on that side of the ball that I think are, or are rapidly becoming, excellent football players. If there is a cornerback out there playing that position better than Charles Woodson, I'd like to know who. He is the one guy on the roster who is capable of being a complete game changer. Yesterday, he put that team on his back and carried it. Clay Matthews is getting better every week. That guy is going to be a superstar. I haven't said that about a Packer in a very very long time. I thought everyone on the D-Line played very well yesterday. I think Cullen Jenkins is one of the most intelligent and instinctive defensive linemen I have seen in a Packer uniform since Reggie and Sean Jones played together. Pickett and Jolly both are beasts. If they can figure out how to consistently generate a pass rush, week in and week out, games like yesterday will become the norm rather than the exception.

But until they get the O-Line, running game and special teams cleaned up, this team is going to be what it has been for the last season and a half. Mediocre. I don't think those things can get cleaned up without a major upgrade in personell, and better coaching. That's going to mean fundamental changes in the philosophies of the GM and Head Coach. I see no reason to believe that is going to happen.

I'm still smiling though ... the Packers punked the evil empire.

IronMan's picture


- Nick Barnett continues to improve as the season goes on.
- CM3 is everywhere. What a player. Some guys just have "it" , and CM3 certainly does.
- That was the best game by our D line in quite some time.
- Brad Jones was a pleasant surprise.
- Chris Carter who? All Spencer Havner does is catch touchdowns.
- Aaron Rodgers was given more responsibility at the line of scrimmage
- The only injury coming out of this game was Colledge's ankle, and Mike McCarthy said it was not serious.
- Woodson just makes plays. What a stud.


I wasn't at the game.

TD's picture

Did anyone else happen to catch Jarret Bush's blitz in the 4th quarter?? When he completely whiffed on Romo and ran full speed into some Cowboy's Lineman's Ass, sending him flying backward into a crumpled pile?? I haven't laughed that hard during a football game in a long time.

TD's picture

Converesely, did anyone happen to catch CM3 (I like that!!) blitzing up the middle, leaping a lineman, summersaulting as he landed, springing to his feet and narrowly missing Romo for sack? Also in the 4th Quarter I think. Everything about that was fantastic. The leap. the Roll. How fast he was back on his feet. And his knowledge of not only where he was on the field as he came to his feet, but also where Romo was. I actually thnk the play resulted in the Cowboys converting a 3rd down right before Woodson's pick ... but I still went back and rewatched it like 5 times, because it was such an athletic and instinctive football play. Barnett is a pretty athletic Linebacker when healthy ... but I don't think he could even dream of making that kind of a play. CM3 is scary good.

Aaron's picture

Alex - could not agree more on the Nelson challenge. Forget how close he was or wasn't to a TD - it's a first down either way. Why waste a challenge/time out? Stupid.

Mr. Bacon's picture

One reason is that the Packers suck at Redzone Offense.

Ether grant runs for a loss, or we fumble the ball or a sack.

Jersey Al's picture

Conversely again, did anyone notice AJ Hawk get cut block on a blitz, and on all fours, struggles for a few seconds, as he just couldn't pick himself up and get back on his feet. As funny as Bush's play.

Scott's picture

MM should have challenged the spot of the ball, not that it was a touchdown. I think the spot was off , but correctly called short of the touchdown. If the officials then deemed it was a touchdown, great, but more likely a bad spot , even by inches would have made a successful challenge instead of a lost timeout.

Scott's picture

Why trade Kampman? His work ethic, talent, and athleticism are fantastic. Learn to utilize his strengths rather than hamstring him. Let him loose on qb's !!

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