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Quick Hits Cards

Quick Hits Cards

I really don't take much away from a game like this one. It's always nice to go out with some momentum, and a win is still a win. Here are your quick hits.

Packers 33 Cardinals 7

Watch game highlights HERE.

Watch Jordy grab a bad ball HERE.

Watch Wood in the replay you will see all week HERE.

Quick Hits

Charles Woodson for MVP.


Offense: Pass

Defense: Pass

Special Teams: Pass


Aaron Rodger's celebration. What do you call that thing?

Like I said, you can't put much stock into anything but staying healthy and making them think twice about next week. This team is ready, this team is hungry, and this team is severely overlooked right now. I can't think of anything I like better.

We will be hitting it hard and heavy this week in preparation for the playoffs. I haven't been this excited in quite some time.

Go Pack Go!

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FJ Dan's picture

"This team is ready, this team is hungry, and this team is severely overlooked right now. I can’t think of anything I like better."

Maybe a home game, but we'll let that slide this year. Certainly the most excited I have been since the the kickoff of the NFC championship game a coupla years ago.

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

Forget Favre
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Originally Posted by A-Rod_is_God
Strong Agree. Were in le Playoffs!

And with A-Rod I feel a lot, lot better about our chances than having Burnt.


#8 12-29-2009, 06:51 PM
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After the "Philly Toss to the Moon" and the 07 Championship game "WHOOPS MY BAD" throws. I'm happy to NOT have Brent here any more.


#9 12-29-2009, 06:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Murgen
After the "Philly Toss to the Moon" and the 07 Championship game "WHOOPS MY BAD" throws. I'm happy to NOT have Brent here any more.


Typical douchebag "Packer" fans....

I can't WAIT til' Arizona smacks your cocky smug asses back into REALITY and send you home next week.

This team is NOT for real....

They beat a team that wasn't playing this week, and a buncha "tomato cans" all season...

The Packers suck...

Favre will be representing the NFC in the SB this year!!!

cheesecurdboy's picture

To the idiot Viking fans, including this last one-

Typical vikes fan... go ahead and keep talkin. Once u win a playoff game then come talk to us. Let the cobwebs sit in that empty glass box u call a trophy case while we display our 3 LOMBARDI TROPHIES, u know, the tall silver things u get for WINNING SUPER BOWLS! Not that any of u fags would know anything about stuff like that... Look, Favre is decent, but if ur moronic enough to fool urself into thinking the vikes are goin to the super bowl then u seriously need to lay off the crack. And for the record, last i checked we played and beat the same teams as u for the most part, because except for 2 games at the start of the season when half our damn roster was hurt and we still were getting used to our defense, we are the better team. We probably wont make it to the super bowl either, but i know for a fact that right now we're better than ur candy asses. Its D-Bags like u that make me really wish that A- we could play u again NOW, in the playoffs, to wipe that ugly smirk off ur face with a good, old-fashioned beatdown, and B- That i didnt live in Minnesota where i have to listen to ur bullshit on a daily basis anyway

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

Then maybe some of you jackasses will finally STFU and understand what the REALITY is...

Bryce's picture

My wife asked what Rodgers was doing. I said it looked kind of like he was flashing a WWF belt or something.

I texted my brother at the end of the game, after they announced Rodgers season passer rating, "Sure is nice to not have Favre in there throwing tons of picks."

Graffin's picture

I'm pretty sure Aaron's putting the guns away when he does that. Back in the holsters

Alex Tallitsch's picture

That could be too. He needs to refine that.

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture he threw "tons of picks, this year", right doofus?

Favre myth # 3,399 exploded...

You guys are kind of slow arent' you. You just don't "get it", do you?

Bryce's picture

I didn't say that he threw tons of picks this year, dilrod. I meant every year he played for the Packers you could count on him throwing plenty of interceptions, and it's nice to be going into the playoffs with a QB that actually protects the ball. Go choke on a Viking horn.

Anonymous's picture

dillhole... That's old school and awesome. Kind of like dickweed.

TonyWilson's picture

Hey Jeremiah's Johnson-- Look at his stats from, let;s say, his whole career. He's the NFL's interception leader. Go lurking around your own team's sites. Favre's blown a lot of games for the Packers, but he's won a lot. The Vikings have won a lot this year. Ask Packer fans in 2007. Ask the Jets last year. You will get yours, just wait, pal.


TonyWilson's picture

You just don't "get it," do you? "It" being the ability to read STATISTICS

Greg C.'s picture

Another game, another demolition of an opposing left tackle by Clay Matthews. He was in the Cards' backfield all day long. They need to figure out a way to slow him down next week or they will be in trouble.

Johnny Jolly continues to be disruptive in his own way.

The Packers broke the franchise record for points in a season.

Mason Crosby was one-for-one on field goal attempts, and most, if not all, of his kickoffs went past the goal line.

Our punter still stinks, though.

Another great game by Rodgers, although I was disappointed that he threw for only one TD.

The Cards had a weird strategy. They clearly mailed it in, and yet they put their starters out there for a long time, exposing them to injury. They should've picked one or the other: Either play to win or put in your backups. This in-between strategy was the worst of both worlds. Two of their key players suffered injuries that may affect them next week.

Great block by Quinn Johnson on Grant's one-yard TD run.

Matt Flynn singlehandedly threw away the Packers' chance at a shutout and also prevented the team from setting a new franchise record for turnover margin. He took a step back from how he played last week, although he only threw three passes, so it doesn't mean much.

Boo to FOX for using the Crap Cam on kickoffs. I couldn't tell what the heck was going on. Maybe some Dramamine would've helped.

Stan's picture

Speaking of teams that, "weren't playing this week" how about the Giants, who clearly couldn't give a rats about their last game and did a great impression of a carpet. Favre was given an easy day.

Can't wait till we meet the Vikings again, you'll find out just how FOR REAL this team is. But yeah, keep underestimating us, makes beating you when it matters all the sweeter.

Aaron's picture

Obviously Jeremiah's Johnson and Pack66 over at CHTV are the same douchebag.

TonyWilson's picture

I fig'd that, Aaron... you have to be really sad to lurk around other blogs rather than cheering for your team on their blogs... I'm going to love it when the Vikings get a taste of a Favre collapse... it will be beautiful

cow42's picture

i hate favre.

Ben's picture

Viking fans can love it up for now but they wont have a bandwagon to be on once 4 retires. I'll take our guy whose stats match that of the old man this year, oh yeah, and ten years from now, ARodg will still be 4-5 yrs younger than Favre is right now. I think the Pack will be just fine. I like our chances against the VIkes or anyone else for that matter in the playoffs. We just need to take em as we get em and take em out!

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