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Quick Hits: Cardinals

Quick Hits: Cardinals




The game was certainly a tale of two halves. Either way, what a performance by your Green Bay Packers. Here are the quick hits from last night's game.




Packers 44 Cardinals 37

Watch the game highlights HERE.

Watch Aaron Rodgers highlights HERE.

Watch Aaron Kampman highlights HERE.



Greg Jennings suffered a mild concussion. He says he is good to go. Let's just keep Gregorious off the field until week one.

You can't say enough about the first string offense and defense last night. They were dominating. Although, some say that the Cardinals didn't prepare for the game all that much.

Aaron Rodgers looked amazing. Seriously, he was making the fourth read all night long. Brett who?

Ryan Grant seems to running with a spark in his step. Seems like the Ryan of 2007.

Terell Sutton probably landed himself a job last night. If I had to guess, the odd man out right now is Lumpkin.

Jermichael Finley is the real deal. Two touchdowns... we so need that.

Donald Driver is still a super-stud.

Jordy Nelson finally got a breakaway long touchdown. Did he lock up the third spot? Hard to say right now.

Sutton showed nothing on kick return. We really need a healthy Will Blackmon.

Brohm looked slightly improved, but not enough for me.

The scrub defense in the second half was TERRIBLE. Luckily, most of those guys won't be playing in the NFL this season. I can see why.

B.J. Raji continues to improve, making some nice plays in the second half.

Anthony Smith is going to take the starting spot from Atari Bigby.

Mason Crosby needs to get it together or he will be out of a job. It didn't help that Ruvell Martin is not a great holder.


This game was not nearly as close as the score may elude to. For all extents and purposes this was a blow out in every way shape and form by the first stringers. I was speechless after the first half. Completely and totally owned.



First Half

Offense A+

Defense A-


Second Half

Offense C-

Defense D-


Final Note

A reader sent me an funny email during the game last night. Apparently, his buddy ordered a Vikings Favre jersey. After waiting several weeks for it to arrive, he finally got it. Here is what it looked like.


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PackersRS's picture

So they didn't prepare to fumble??? That's BS. You can't credit 38 - 10 to preparation alone. They got wooped and they know that. Just listen to their coach's presser.

Max's picture

Wisenhunt's a shitkicker. he should take a beating like a man.

Erik's picture

There were at least two bigger plays that the Cardinals blew on offense they normally would not have, including Warner over throwing Fitzgerald and a dropped pass by the fourth or fifth wide receiver. In a normal game, they would have had both of those, and probably points as a result.

The defense looked good in terms of making turn overs happen, but the Cards were far from full speed or at full talent. The fact that they did anything is a little worrisome considering they were missing Boldin and Breaston.

The offense looked beyond sharp, especially considering Jennings was sidelined early. But the defense still has some problems.

PackersRS's picture

I can counter that with the absense of Barnett, Matthews, Blackmon, Lee and the failure of the connection on the helmet of A.J. Hawk forcing Capers to go with the base formation during most of the 1st half.

Erik's picture

You could counter that, but I wouldn't buy it as remotely similar handicaps. The Packers were wearing mittens while the Cards had an arm tied behind their back.

jeremiah's picture

"one arm tied behind their backs"? come on. kurt warner was under pressure the whole first half. tramon williams scooped up a fumble half a step too late, before going out of bounds. that posession led to points for the cards. you CANNOT do the "if this didn't happen, if that didn't happen" thing....that is rediculous.

the defense didn't completely dominate in the sense of getting a sack or interception or broken up pass on every play. they did do a mavelous job of getting pressure, causing turnovers, and scoring defensive touchdowns!

bring on the bears!

Erik's picture

Agree to disagree if you must, but I'm not crowning the Packers kings of anything after what is a very overrated performance by the rose colored glasses wearing faithful. The Cardinals were missing huge pieces of their offensive strategy, they are a finesse, toss the ball around team that was missing two really great receivers that make their depth arguably better than the Packers at wide-receiver. On some teams Breaston would be a number one receiver (very few, but some).

Like I said, the offense was beyond sharp. In the face of losing one of their biggest playmakers on offense they clicked and pulled out great performances out of guys lower on the depth chart; that's a huge difference between them and the Cards.

The fact that the Packers D just did what would be expected of them, keep in a check a team severely limited by loss of big play potential and the continuity and rhythm gained from Boldin and Breaston, doesn't make them anything other than adequate. And adequate doesn't win Super Bowls.

Max's picture

Great game for the starters. The O-Line looks very comfortable, they're holding the pressure well (even though the Cards didn't blitz all that much). Aaron Rodgers looks amazing and has developed into a solid, dependable QB (yeah I know "it's only the preseason" but what the fuck, he's great!).

Okay, now the backups in the second half. DEAR GOD!! Brian Brohm, I do not care that you were a 2nd round pick (how you got THAT high is beyond me) but you STINK sir, and stink bad! Luke McCown can't come soon enough, he may not be starter material in Tampa Bay but at least he'll make a good backup.

Backup D sucked to the extreme. Do any of these guys even care about playing well??? They virtually lost a HUGE lead and would have done had the Cards made theyre 2 point conv. and Ruvell not run the on-side back for a TD.

Manitowish Waters's picture

The scrub offensive line in the second half played horrible. I'd like to see Brohm play with a group who blocks for him. He didn't have a chance in hell, and still completed 4 of 5. It's somthing.

PackersRS's picture

Giacomini (a.k.a. guacamole) played HORRIBLY.

Manitowish Waters's picture

I thought Danny Lansanah was going to be a player. A little disappointed with that guy. Looked like he had some good opportunities last night and didn't cash in. I don't think we were going to see him on the roster anyway.

Greg C.'s picture

"Jordy Nelson finally got a breakaway long touchdown. Did he lock up the third spot? Hard to say right now."

That was a great play by Nelson, but he has been thoroughly outplayed by James Jones throughout the preseason. Jordy is our #4, but he's a darn good one.

ACDC84's picture

"That was a great play by Nelson, but he has been thoroughly outplayed by James Jones throughout the preseason. Jordy is our #4, but he’s a darn good one."

I agree. Rodgers-Cromartie (or "DRC" as those Cardinals announcers kept saying) simply got burned on the play-action fake. Nelson did his job, but its not like he made a spectacular individual play or anything.

I'm looking for Jones to have a huge season. The Packers use all four WRs extensively in a variety of packages so its hard to define a clear depth chart, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if Jones' stats are better than DD's this year. Not at all a knock against DD, but I think Jones could be a special #2 WR in this league.

Have you ever seen a guy posterized as much as DRC did in that first half??

Lace's picture

<blockquote cite="comment-5147">

<strong><a href="#comment-5147" rel="nofollow">Greg C.</a></strong>: “Jordy Nelson finally got a breakaway long touchdown. Did he lock up the third spot? Hard to say right now.”That was a great play by Nelson, but he has been thoroughly outplayed by James Jones throughout the preseason. Jordy is our #4, but he’s a darn good one.


Well, he's been thoroughly outplayed by Jones through training camp. It's just that Nelson really hasn't had the ball passed to him much. It's not like he drops balls or gets lost in coverage.

I look at Jones and Nelson as being the same "type" of receiver. Huge, powerful, extremely sure-handed with around average speed (for WRs) but tight route-running. In my opinion, you could just about interchange Jones and Nelson and they'd do similar things in the slot.

I do like Jones a little more but only because he has a half of a year of experience over Nelson (he didn't play much last season, so it's not exactly 2 seasons of reps). The two are so close, though, the battle doesn't worry me either way.

Max's picture

Jones will be injured by week 2 so get used to Nelson as our 3rd receiver.

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