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Quick Hits Bengals

Quick Hits Bengals




Nothing sucks more than getting up at 3 a.m. to drive to Green Bay only to bear witness to what I did today. This may be more appropriately called "Quick Rants" because that is what I am about to do.





Packers 24 Bengals 31

Watch Game Highlights HERE.


Quick Hits

The day started off well enough. Actually, I was thinking Lambeau looked pretty good at sunrise.

I thought the black Aaron Rodgers jersey would be the ticket. It wasn't.

We started tailgating right away. Even Cheesey showed up. Some great chili, amazing Jambalaya, and good times were had by all.

At one point I remarked to IronMan that we were living the dream. We snapped this photo at that moment.

Some dude on the board of directors even stopped by. He had a sweet, sweet ring on.

Before I get into the game, the highlight of my day was meeting Greg Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal. Super nice cat. He's also younger and much taller than I thought. Bedard is the man now.

Then we went to the game.


The Game

Apparently we can't block, even with two tight ends to help on the edges. That was frickin' pathetic. Five sacks by a guy who had three all of last year? Seriously? I know Clifton went down, but it didn't matter. That was god awful. There were plenty of guys on the street ten fold better than some of this crew. Please, I heard Tauscher is 90 percent today. Give his ass a call, now.


I know Aaron Rodgers is under a lot of heat lately and probably has a case of happy feet. I don't have much to say about Aaron right now, but he looks uncomfortable, missed some easy throws, and quite frankly is going to get killed soon.


Listen up and listen up good. Ryan Grant sucks. He is worthless. The guy simply is not a good runner. I saw him miss holes all day long, and if he did hit them it was a walk. Not to mention that Grant simply cannot make anyone miss. When is the last time you saw Grant break ankles? The answer? Never. But, he'll work on fundamentals next week. What he should work on is staying off of Twitter and start looking for the hole. Nice fumble.


Speaking of Twitter, Nick Barnett can KISS MY ASS too.  I paid $115.00 to watch you get blown up most of the game. And as far as your Samuri goes after that TFL, I sincerely hope you were doing that because you were so excited you weren't getting your ass handed to you trying to get off a block again. Don't tell me to kiss your ass. The fans made you, and with play like that, they'll break you too. I did however notice that you were questioning why there was even a rotation going on anymore in the linebacking corp. That part I understand. I can see where a rotation on every series has to make it hard to gel. Still, bitching at your fans is kind of bunk dude. We're all frustrated.


On the subject of rotations, why the hell is Poppinga in there? Put in Matthews and let him grow.


I understand why Kampman is pissed. He doesn't make any impact plays.


Jarrett Bush, you suck. Hard. I watched McCarthy chew your ass, if it wasn't for Collins going down you would have ridden pine all day.


Aaron Rouse, not too bad.


Charles Woodson is the man, period.


Can we please miss a shit ton more tackles? Please?


Third and thirty-four? Unbelievable. Even I knew that the draw or screen was coming. How can you let that happen? Pathetic.


Did I mention that Jarret Bush sucks?


Where on god's green earth was Greg Jennings? Well, he was dropping balls along with Driver, Finley, and Grant.


You know what? The team that plays the most violent usually wins. That isn't the 2009 Green Bay Packers. I watched perhaps the most uninspired Packer football I have seen in years. We talked about it last year, and here we are again. The team got its ass handed to it in almost every aspect of the game today. They looked unexcited, half enthused, and downright weak. They have no toughness.

We had all this talk about spirited camps, fights, and a revived tenactiy during training camp. I don't see any of it. At least we can put all this Super Bowl talk to rest.



Offense D-

Defense D

Special Teams F



Charles Woodson

Honorable Mention: Spencer Havner


I will talk to you guys on Tuesday, this was a hard pull to swallow. I'm worried, and I think I have good reason to be. I need a Rondo.

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Jersey Al's picture

No need for a suck list this week.

Doesn't suck: Charles Woodson

The end.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

The suck list is amazingly huge right now.

Asshalo's picture

Not doing the suck list would suck

Stan's picture

everyone sucks, every last one of them.

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

I'll add the top suckass right now....

Ted Thompson.

(Feel free to jump in..)

Asshalo's picture

He sucks at bringing in o-lineman, thats for sure. I'll take rodgers over favre any day of the week though. Yes, even after today.

Stan's picture

yeah, thanks Ted for giving us 4th (and below) draft picks for our O-Line..... hell it's not that important anyway.... who needs a QB???

Asshalo's picture

Colledge, our best D-lineman, is a 2nd rounder. Vary interesting

Paul's picture

Wow it only took one game for you guys to turn on the team and for everyone to jump at TT's throat. I know we didn't look good but we kept it close til the end and if the ref's weren't retards we could've tied it up.

I know it was bad and there is alot to improve on but we still have 14 more games and sit at 1-1, the sky isn't falling just yet.

IronMan's picture

The officials didn't do anything wrong. I wish fans would stop blaming the officials for the penalties. We have led the world in penalties since McCarthy took over, and its going to continue to be that way as long as he is the coach.

Paul's picture

I wasn't blaming them for all the penalties, I was blaming them for the end of the game where they said that time had expired when there was clearly 2 seconds left.

IronMan's picture

There WAS time left on the clock, but since the Packers committed a penalty with under a minute left, it resulted in a 10 second run off.

In the NFL, if a false start occurs with less than a minute remaining in the half and the clock running, then a 10-second penalty is also assessed.

Stan's picture

Aw man, seriously, some fans can't see the wood for the trees. This team is in SUCKSVILLE right now. We have more problems than a psychotic cross-dresser.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Jennings committed that penalty too.

Asshalo's picture

It's not that we lost, it's who we lost to and how we lost. In a lot of ways they even looked worse than last year. You got to win the games your supposed to. It's just going to be that much harder. It's the difference between winning and losing seasons. If they team is going to pick up where it left off last year, the fans should too.

Not going to go through this again tho. I'll continue to look at the results and hit the blogs, but I'll just stop watching games.

Terry Ott's picture

Tyrell Sutton didn't suck today. Didn't have a chance to because he was inactive behind 2 Panthers running backs who combined for 190 total yards, running and receiving. But we don't need an instinctive, smart, tough as nails change of pace guy with excellent hands in OUR backfield. Not when Grant is sole ball carrier all day (besides Rodgers who almost outgained him --- 46 vs. 43) and he gets you nearly 50 yards on 14 carries. No, we're fine. It's Carolina who is burning up a roster spot with Sutton.

It sucks to be so pathetic at the running back position. Yeah, I know, there were no holes. Which is exactly why you need a guy who will find one that doesn't seem to exist until he is in it.

Stan's picture

Dear Ted Thompson,



Packers fans

Packnic's picture

The sky is falling.
Worst. Team. Ever.
Ted Thompson sucks.

yawn. its week 2 of a 16 game regular season. if you thought we were going undefeated, you might seriously be retarded and may need to get checked out.

Stan's picture

I'm guessing you didn't watch the game. If you did you'd see we are no better than last season, meaning NO improvements have been made. We're still playing down to supposed "lesser teams" then only turning it on for the bigger games.

PS - Yes I am totally overeacting to just one game. SO WHAT, I'M PISSED!

IronMan's picture

Typical Packnic. Instead of breaking the game, he mocks everyone for being rightfully pissed off after an embarassing performance.

Its not time to panic, but there is nothing wrong with fans being pissed off after a pathetic game like yesterday.

I think its funny how some here act like there's nothing to be pissed off about. We continue to be one of the dumbest, most undisciplined teams in the NFL. We were uninspired, ill prepared, and poorly coached. THAT'S why I am pissed and if anyone doesn't like it, tough shit.

I paid a lot of money to come up here to watch that crap, and to me their performance was unacceptable.

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

That's because Packnic is a woman...

Asshalo's picture

Embarrassing is the perfect way to describe it

Jersey Al's picture

Very poorly coached... Marvin Lewis badly out-coached his old buddy...

Packnic's picture


just because I can control my emotions after an ugly loss to a supposed weaker team doesnt make me the weird one. get pissed all you want to, let me know how much better it makes anything next week.

Look we played a team that plays in a division with 3 teams that play the 3-4 defense and do it spectacularly. Ravens, Pittsburgh and Cleveland all run the 3-4 defense and have been some of the most dominating to do so. Cincinnati has seen it, everything we could have throw at them (in our second game under a new defense)... they've seen it. Did I expect to win this game, Yes. Was I disappointed in a loss, Yes. But they got the better of us, they get paid to play too. We just installed a new defense, one that they have been playing against 6 times a year at least for the past god knows how many seasons. Aaron Nagler said it last week that the Cincy defense wasn't a joke... and apparently he was right. Offensive line shit the bed and we got beat.

Cry about penalties and tell us about how undisciplined and stupid the team is... even though the team that won had 2 more penalties called on them and the game was officiated by the most trigger happy crew in the league. But i guess it is a lot easier to pretend your smarter than the coaching staff instead of calming down and seeing it as a sloppy game that was poorly officiated on both sides.

So if it makes you feel better, stomp your feet and slam your fist and call for the coaches head after every loss, see if I care. But when we beat the Rams and the Vikings next week.... dont show your face around here telling everyone how great the Packers are gonna be again. There are 16 regular season games, not 2.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I love it when Packnic gets all fired up.

Packnic's picture

seriously though think about.
rookie 3-4 scheme wasnt gonna fool em.
their defense was underrated.
crappy officiating (on both sides, not just us... hard to get in rhythm and function confidently in that enviroment)
Let down game after a hard fought win, against a team that got its heart ripped out.
I have no excuses for the Offensive line though. we may be in trouble there.
Still think we beat the Rams and the Vikings.

I still love IronMan though and fully admit hes a better Packer fan than I am. With all the time he gives as a fan, he actually deserves the right to call for a coaches head after a game. the rest of em can eat me though.

IronMan's picture

"he actually deserves the right to call for a coaches head after a game"

Even though I didn't call for his head. I didn't call for anyones head. I simply stated, as I have many times, that he fails at holding the team accountable for their mistakes. Same shit over and over again. I won't be calling for his head unless we have another losing season.

Stan's picture

I understand where you're coming from Packnic, but please allow people to show a little emotion after a bad game. We're all passionate about the Packers and we'll show it if we're doing good or bad. I envy anyone who can remain objective even in as tough a loss at that, but hell I'm weak OKAY!

Packnic's picture

believe me, half of what i just said, was to talk my own self down off the ledge.

just trying to remind myself that its a long season and I'm sure the Cardinal fans and Giant fans of the last two years had some crazy suicidal Monday mornings too.

Go Pack Go.

Asshalo's picture

Some good points:
-Look we played a team that plays in a division with 3 teams that play the 3-4 defense
-We just installed a new defense

Penalties was something we could control though, it's that simple. Point is, it was a home game against a team we absolutely should have beat. It's just going to make our mission that much harder. Our schedule was set-up with bunnies early to ease our transition with the hard games later. It just puts that much more preasure on our later games

"But when we beat the Rams and the Vikings next week…. "
I'm going to take it one week at a time. And if they loose one or both of those games, no one is going to tell u not to show your face-- at least I won't

Greg C.'s picture

The performance of the offensive line was what was really discouraging. Last year, when the Packers went 6-10, I don't remember the offensive line ever playing so poorly two games in a row.

What a drag that Alex and Ironman and Cheesey went all that way to see such a crappy game.

My MVP was the fan who stuck up his middle finger when Chad Ochocinco jumped into the stands.

I think the Bengals are a better team than we thought they were, but this was still a pretty bad early-season loss. On the other hand, I take some solace in the fact that the world champion Steelers got beaten by the team the Packers beat last week.

PackersRS's picture

Guys, I'm not pissed that we played poorly. I'M PISSED THAT WE MADE THE SAME MISTAKES WE MADE LAST YEAR, IN CLOSE LOSSES. AND WORSE, WE HAVE AN EVEN WORSE OLINE! It's not just how we played, it's that we didn't improve. I am panicking.

bluebill's picture

Rodgers is too flat footed in the pocket. He does not know when to step up. He appears to have limited peripheral vision and lazy feet for the quarterback of a team whose offensive line lacks blocking skills. Trading #4 for #12 may prove to be one of the worst decisions in professional sports ever.

PackersRS's picture

Sorry, but that's not true. MM has called for big plays, instead of quick slants. You wanted Rodgers to throw the ball faster like Brett did and get picked like Brett did? Go cheer for the queens... Yes, Rodgers shoudl've played better, but the comment is plain dumb.

Ben's picture

MOst of you have gone crazy. It was week 2. Get over it. If they pissed and moaned half as much as you do we be facked for the whole year. I didnt know this was a site for Packer fans to wine and cry about their team after a shitty game. Get behind your Packers with some support.

IronMan's picture

"Get behind your Packers with some support."

I just spent over $1000 in Green Bay over the last 4 days, and I am going back in December, no matter what their record is. I support the team just fine, thank you very fucking much.

PackersRS's picture

People are mistaking pissed fans with TT haters. There's nothing wrong with complaining about a shitty game, specially after the mistakes you see in the game are the same mistakes you saw last season. It's another issue when you complain and rant illogically all the time about the same person.

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