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Quick Hits: Bears

Quick Hits: Bears

In perhaps the most dramatic battle on slate for the 2010 NFL season thus far, the Green Bay Packers took on the Chicago Bears on Monday night football. Here are your quick hits and highlights.

Packers 17 Bears 17

Watch the Green Bay Packers highlights.

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Quick Hits and Packer Highlights

First Half

Frank Zombo, two plays one sack.

Charles Woodson is getting flagged WAY too much.

The Packers should get kudos for hanging tough and getting a stop on the first drive.

Man, our offense is amazing when it's on. Absolutely breathtaking.

Great coverage by A.J. Hawk in the end zone.

Derrick Martin did his best Darren Sharper impression on the pick in the endzone.

Can the Packers special teams do anything, anything at all?

The Dom Capers "Sack Machine" is in full effect.

Why are we going back to the infamous first on none up the middle? God.

Darren Colledge with another hold at a critical time. You suck Colledge.

The special teams tried to give away the game to the Bears every chance they had. Amazing the Packers lead.

Tim Masthay has been nothing special. Never hire a guy who talks to himself, that's what I say.

Second Half

James Jones is playing tough.

Mark Tauscher has always been my favorite Packer. Not tonight Mark.

The run by John Kuhn was the most amazing thing I have seen in awhile.

I'll take the belt by Aaron Rodgers every time if that is the result. Hell. Yeah.

James Jones. Game Over. That's why no one has any faith in you.

You pressure all day then you play soft in the most critical situation of the 4th quarter. Frickin' stupid.

Packers MVP

The Officials

Nice work all night long guys. We made you earn your money.

Final Thoughts

The Packers did everything they could to get beat today, and I mean everything. From special teams, to miscues, and with lack of heart the Packers gave the game away. We all know McCarthy doesn't care about flags, and never has, so don't expect that to change. As far as the rest, we can only hope, again.

Mike McCarthy should be embarrassed, so should the Green Bay Packers. Congrats, you just set the all time record for penalties.


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brad's picture

Honestly I'd rather get blown out by 25 points then to get beat the way this team did tonight.

asshalo's picture

"James Jones. Game Over. That’s why no one has any faith in you."

It's stuff like that that holds him back. He had two crucial fumbles against the bears in 2007. To his credit he had a good game before that.

Penalties or no penalties: The offensive line should worry people. It wasn't just Peppers. The run game is also worse than I'de thought it would be. If they don't think Nance can eventually be a no. 1 they should consider bringing in someone else.

MLecl0001's picture

Eh not as upset as I should be. I guess as 1 analyst put it the Bears got lucky. The Packers had no right to be anywhere near winning this game.

A-rod looked awesome, great to see him starting to warm up.

The O-line looked bad, even when no penalties it still looked bad. I mean it was so bad this game even Sitton got a penalty.

Stupid defensive mistakes at the end of the game. Again, no one is harping on Nick Collins and that idiot 15yd personal foul penalty that was completely not needed. Also Zombo nice you got a massive hit on Cutler but you gotta no, no helmet to helmet. Stay away from the QBS head, period, you miss the tackle chase him down.

Special teams - really cant say much of anything. The blocked field goal wasnt crosbys fault. Bulaga was trying to block 2 guys, 1 of those guys being Peppers. Are you kidding me? How do you let 1 person try to block 2 people inside on a field goal attempt? The rest of the special teams was so bad that there really isnt anything you can say. Bad punt led to TD, good punt excellent hang time poor coverage led to TD.

Some one please take the red challenge flag from McCarthy. I swear hes got it in his head that he has to throw it at least once every game. Seriously, you had 3 time outs it was obvious JJ lost it. Stop the Bears O and you get the ball back with 3 TOs and like 1.5 minutes on the clock, we win.

J mike - good game, but man you gotta know where the chains are. You came up a yard short, where if you put in just a little bit more effort you would have had it. Then you go celebrating like you got it, other wise excellent performance.

Also counting the interception on the hail mary at the end of the 1st half is stupid. The NFL needs to get rid of that, almost no one ever gets a TD and its no biggy if some one picks it off.

J.R.'s picture

Why would the NFL not count an interception as an interception? Just for fantasy football purposes? It's part of the game and if it is no biggy then don't change it.

David's picture

I agree with everything, except for the Mike McCarthy stuff. As head coach, he is NOT responsible for having the team ready to play. And he is NOT responsible for what happens on the field.

What is he responsible for? Good question. But to blame him for this is a knee jerk hot headed reaction.

And yeah, he had a really bad challenge at the end of the game, but that wasn't his fault either. Yeah, you could argue that he has a history of really stupid challenges; and that would actually be a very valid argument; but rational discussion is NOT what we're looking for here.

To make a long story short, Mike McCarthy is the head coach of the Green Bay Packers. What does that mean? That means he is NOT to be held accountable for ANYTHING relating to the Packers. Ever. Period.

And this is 100 percent sarcasm.

PackersRS's picture

Fat coaches can't win SBs. You think it's a coincidence that since Belichick has been gaining wait, the Patriots have been struggling, and he has been making stupid decisions?

Moreso, Andy Reid. Wade Phillips. Mike McCarthy.

And the SB winners? Sean Payton. Mike Tomlin. Tony Dungy. Tom Coughlin isn't exactly fat, and he has also been gaining weight as of late...

PackersRS's picture

*weight. Edit button.

willis's picture

blame the screwy english language.

foundinidaho's picture

What David said.

EV's picture

Do I smell a triumphant return of the Suck List?

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Without a doubt.

PackersRS's picture

Find a way for Jarrett Bush to be on it, please. I so freaking need that.

JerseyPackFan's picture

I spoke with my brother the day of the game and said that after watching all the games on Sunday I noticed one thing. The refs have stepped up the holding calls especially in the red zone. So I told him I wouldn't be surprised if we had more of the same Monday night. Yahtzee!

jeff's picture

Bears were lucky on Monday my ass! Penalties and bad plays are part of the game. Plus that;s a sign of bad coaching if the players are out of control like they were Monday night. There was nothing subtle about those penalties. Some penalties were flat out dangerous, reminded me of the Forrest Gregg neanderthal era. I thought the Packers as a team were better than that. The fans? What morons you people are. Losers always use bad luck as an excuse. BTW what do you people do up there during the week when there's no game? Never mind don't tell me, I don't want to know.

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