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Prepare To Be Mad

Prepare To Be Mad


You may think the ninth pick in the draft is an easy decision but there’s a good chance when the pick is announced, you stand up and yell “WHAT?!”






That’s the PG version of course. If we don’t get Everette or Raji or one of the other favorites, vulgarities will be shouted. Furniture will be kicked, things will be thrown against walls. I mean I told that remote not to be in the room today… I’m sorry, where was I?

Right! The draft.

When we had the fifth pick in the draft the other year, it was pretty obvious we would get Hawk. It made sense for several reasons. The further you get on that draft list, the more crazy and unpredictable things can get.

Especially when your general manager is Ted Thompson, the man who picked Justin Harrell with the 16th overall pick in 2007. Not Greg Olsen. Not Michael Griffin. Justin Harrell, who I have no problem with saying is a bust.

Thompson took a risk with Harrell and it did NOT pay off. Thompson does what he think is best for the team, and sometimes it’s risky and not very popular. Let’s all recall the 2005 draft when we drafted a quarterback in the first round! This was a year after Favre led the team to a 10-6 record and a trip to the playoffs!

But that’s just how he rolls. It was risky in 2006 to draft a wide receiver from Western Michigan in the second round. Western Michigan! Are you kidding me?! We all know that little boy turned out to be Greg Jennings.

I can go on and on about how some of the unpredictable draft moves made by Thompson have gone off to pay dividends but hopefully you get the point. Hopefully I won’t have to write several versions of this like I did with my free agent “be patient” pieces. It’s up to you guys to be cool if you want to avoid that! Be cool. Be cool like the other side of the pillow.

Where was I?

The draft! I remember now. My point is there’s going to be some craziness during draft weekend. Be prepared for it. Be prepared to be mad! Be prepared to be happy! Be prepared to know that while Green Bay’s 3rd round pick is coming up, Ted will likely trade it so we pick in half hour, and then when that pick comes up, he’s traded it again!

When that ninth pick comes, expect the unexpected.

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Asshalo's picture

There's a lot of talk that more teams might be trying to trade down (not just us) because this year's 1-10 are presumed to be not really better than the 11-20. At least that's what the Eddys at ESPN are saying. If we trade down and end up taking Tyson Jackson (DE, LSU), I would be more than happy-- especially if Raji and Orakpo aren't available.

BTW, I just got my federal tax return: $444. I really am A Favre Firster.

jeremiah's picture

i would rather take wells or moreno than orakpo. and i don't want everette brown either. only picks that won't make me yell the f word are in this order #1 andre smith #2 bj raji #3 malcom jenkins. anyone else at # 9 will piss me off.

Asshalo's picture

"i would rather take wells or moreno than orakpo."

Marijuana use is officially an epidemic in Wisconsin. Call in the DEA. You would rather have two overrated RBs than Orakpo. I would rather have the three that would piss you off than Wells or Moreno. Give me Donald Brown in the second or Shonn Green in the third over those two anyday.

jeremiah's picture

that's just the thing. i agree with you about moreno and wells being overrated. but orakpo is a BAD fit for us. he prolly won't be a bust, but if TT is looking to pick up a player who will never reach his full potential in the 3-4 he should pick orakpo.

Asshalo's picture

Disagree bout orakpo, but I'de much rather they trade down for Tyson Jackson, periah jerry, Cushing, Matthews, or Jenkins

Graham's picture

I love LSU Jackson, I hope we can get this guy at 20 ish after we get a few more picks. Did anybody read about how TT turned JJ Jenson into a 7th round pick (maybe we dont know) TT is the man

Paul's picture

Get to tha Choppa!!!!

Thats all i can think of with that picture, but I know i'm expecting the unexpected, I think this could be the year he trades up espectialy considering how it's know how much the team likes Curry, or maybe one of the OT's

nameless's picture

I agree with asshalo. No RB is worth #9, especially for the packers. I don't like Jenkins that high. Actually, unless Raji falls I think anyone we pick could easily be considered a reach. Everyone wants to trade down this year, we may be forced to overpay a Tyson Jackson or someone.

Dale Z's picture

I didn't write this. Alex, if you're going to 'edit' my work you could at least have the courtesy to shoot me an e-mail and tell me why, or even tell me to edit it myself. Bad form. Getting tired of this.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Don't start with me. That was in poor taste, and more than one person far more accomplished than yourself mentioned it. The courtesy should be not to post things that are completely inapproriate. This is the end of this discussion.

If you want to open up a discussing on the virtues of talking about the subject, feel free.

I'm getting tired of having to explain this to you.

Dale Z's picture

This isn't the end of anything.

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

This is why Ted Thompson is a ******* retard!

The Packers take a look at Duke's Greg Paulus -- yes, that one
What a tremendous statement about the Duke football program it would be if Duke had a basketball player taken in the NFL Draft, and not a football player.

But the Green Bay Packers, much like the rest of us who have witnessed his basketball career, are apparently looking at Duke's Greg Paulus and thinking, "Clearly, this man should have chosen football." The Packers gave him a workout in advance at the NFL Draft.

In high school, Paulus was a stud quarterback who could have played anywhere he wanted in college, including Miami or Notre Dame (that sounded a lot more impressive when he was being recruited four years ago). He got 53 scholarship offers to play football. He also happened to be a stud basketball player, and ended up choosing to play basketball and basketball only in college.

All jokes aside (except for this one, because it's awesome), I don't see why the Packers wouldn't take a look at Paulus. Here's a snippet from a 2004 USA Today article about his gridiron exploits:

Paulus has been the starting quarterback for Christian Brothers for three seasons. He has passed for more than 8,000 yards, holds five state records and his teams have lost just three games in three years, playing in New York's largest class, AA.

The numbers are nice, but what intrigues recruiters is Paulus' ability to throw accurately on the run from a sophisticated spread offense. Christian Brothers' scheme has taught him how to handle blitzes and read a variety of coverages.

There is also the toughness factor. One of seven children, including six boys, Paulus was indoctrinated by older brothers, three of whom played college football at Georgetown.

"It's very competitive in this house," he says. "My older brothers had great careers and you don't want to be in the shadow of that."

If that talent was once there, maybe it still is. And if he catches on with some professional team as a quarterback, he won't have to play defense, and that eliminates a large portion of his weaknesses, right there. Ask any point guard who played at North Carolina in the last four years.

Again, I give the Packers a lot of credit for exploring the possibility. Certainly, Paulus would be a project, but it's not like it's out of the ordinary for NFL teams to draft quarterbacks who they know would be projects. Talent is talent. The young man was once considered the best quarterback in the world in his age group. It's definitely worth poking around and seeing what he's still got.

Related: Green Bay Packers, NFL Draft

Bobby.O.Shea's picture

i didn't even read the article, but its already a win because of the angry baby face!

Graham's picture

Jeremiah's Johnson, are you serious??

Dude I've got news for you Christian Brothers is a far cry from the Green Bay Packers. Greg Paulus wont get drafted, and if he gets another work out or two I'll be shocked. The guy is 6' 1'' (Cade McNown anyone?) and is 185. Real QB's are 6' 3'' or 6' 4'' (favre was an exception at 6' 2''). Listen we worked out a UW - Something basketball player to be a TE last year, and we didn't sign him or give him another look?? Hell no. TT looks every where for talent, including Wal-Mart, the guy is relentless he is always looking for a deal. Its what makes him great.

Oh and it is hillarious that somehow you think Greg Paulus has become a better QB having not played since high school. I'm not sure how that works, all I know is this Paulus wont be on the field on sundays, and you are not very bright for trying to convince youself he could be.

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

Why is the mentally challenged, 'tarded TT wasting his time then when he could be looking for FA's to fill the massive holes that the Packers have..

You must be TT's 'tarded half brother Graham if you think that's a good idea...

TT collects talent and builds shitty mediocre football teams.

It's time for you TT butt-lickers to wake the **** up!

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Ok thats the last straw. I'm clamping down on morons from here on out. People are free to come here and say whatever they want pro or con about the organization. If you can't do it with tact, and in an intelligent fashion, then your not going to be around.

I am not sacrificing true Packer fans like LT for shit like this.

Final warning, this includes elmo too. If you can't make intelligent bashes, we don't want you.

IronMan's picture

That is the funniest picture ever.

elmo's picture

Great article on Thompson's "Philosophy"...

Ted Thompson’s Top Draft Prospects
Written by: Tufu McMoney

April 16th, 2009 No comments Ted Thompson has largely ignored many important positional needs this off season and with the NFL’s restricted free agency period ending on Friday (April 17), it is unlikely Thompson will sign any more restricted free agents. Thompson managed only to sign two players who will most likely warm the bench and pick up Mike McCheeseburger’s wrappers. This has many in Packerland dumbfounded, including sport radio talk shows, newspapers, and even Thompson’s players (see Nick Barnett). This inactivity in restricted free agency leaves only the NFL draft and unrestricted free agents for Thompson to fill the gaping holes on the offensive and defensive lines, as well as in the secondary and linebacking corps. Thompson will, as always, rely on the draft to provide unproven, immature, and non-experienced bodies to fill the remaining roster spots. Due to Thompson’s ineffectiveness at running the team, the Packers have the ninth overall selection in the draft. So let’s take a look at the draft prospects Thompson is eyeing up at the ninth selection. The NFL Draft will occur on April 25th through the 26th.

Travis Beckum, TE, Wisconsin

Thompson loves drafting injured potential
Beckum is projected to be selected well after the first round, but don’t be surprised if Thompson pulls the trigger on him with the ninth selection. Beckum had a great early career as a Badger, but unfortunately for the undersized, pass-catching specialist he broke his fibula this past season. However, a broken fibula will not deter Thompson from drafting him. The Packers already have good players at the position and Beckum is hurt, therefore he is a lock to be drafted in Thompson’s book.

Everette Brown, DE/OLB, Florida State
Brown is a top 10 prospect who is a tweener between DE/LB. Brown declared for the draft a year early from Florida State and he typically gets pushed around by larger and stronger athletes. This player reminds me of one of the many Packers bust this decade, Jamal “too small” Reynolds, and that is why Thompson may draft him.

Aaron Maybin, DE/OLB, Penn State
Maybin is leaving after his sophomore year and won’t make an impact on any team this year, but has potential in a few years to be a disruptive force. In the meantime Maybin will be a good fit as a third down pass rusher. That is why the Thompson may draft him, sign him for big bucks, then watch him develop for a few years, and as he is ready to make an impact watch him leave via free agency.

Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech
Crabtree is the best wide receiver in the draft. The Packers are stacked at wide receiver. Look for Thompson to trade up from the ninth spot to get Crabtree, because Thompson will never pass up a receiver no matter the current depth on the receiver roster.

Robert Ayers, DE, Tennessee
Ayers would be an incredible reach at nine, but that has not stopped Thompson from reaching for Tennessee talent before (see Harrell). Ayers struggled early in his collegiate career and had some off the field issues. However, his senior year he flourished and earned team captain, but the main reason the Pack may draft him is because of Reggie McKenzie. McKenzie is still Thompson’s top scout. That means he will press for athletes from his alma mater, Tennessee, without proper evaluation as he has done so before (Justin Harrell, Jonathan Brown, David Martin).

Andre Smith, OT, Alabama

Thompson’s infatuated with Andre Smith’s size and body
The Packers desperately need an offensive tackle and could select Andre Smith. Smith showed up at the NFL combine overweight and out of shape. Smith became the laughingstock of the draft class and then blamed and eventually fired his agent. Many scouts and insiders believe he has maturity issues. These issues won’t scare off Thompson even though Smith is suspected to slip down in the draft as teams will avoid him like Rosie O’Donnell’s snatch.

Don’t expect Thompson’s selection at nine to make any sense as he will draft the player he thinks has the most talent no matter the position that player plays, and with Thompson’s scouting team’s horrendous talent evaluation don’t even expect that player to be the best on the board. Also watch for a possible trade down from the Packers ninth spot so Thompson can horde more picks in later rounds. With those later picks Thompson will then draft this coming years starting defensive and offensive lines. Oh yeah, and don’t expect the Packers to finish better than third in the NFC North this year, unless the Packers fire Ted Thompson now!

Aaron's picture

Tufu McMoney - always funny when a Thompson hater can't even use their real name. What a spineless loser...

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Nice, Nagler blowing it up.

elmo's picture

Is Aaron your real name?

Dale Z's picture

Stalker alert.

Aaron's picture

Aaron Nagler. Yes it is.

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