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Please Shut Up

Please Shut Up

I absolutely cannot believe the amount of bitching going on after three Green Bay Packer practices. We sit and wait an entire off-season, and then, when it actually gets here, all people can do is sit and bitch about every little insignificant thing.

Please, shut up.

To start, Mason Crosby is going to be fine. McCarthy is not going to bring in any competition, we aren't going out and signing anyone, and chances are he will miss another kick or two during practice. I wish I could tee up everyone that was bitching and let Mason take a swipe at them. For god sakes, give it a couple of weeks already.

Did I seriously hear someone suggest that Rodgers doesn't look any good so far? Was it Nagler? Nonetheless, that's like saying your 2009 top-of-the-line John Deere mower is running a little rough after sitting all winter. Give me a break. Aaron Rodgers is looking rusty... pfff.

In case you were wondering, nobody cares about Shawn Gore.

Barring injury, the fullback debate is already over. Which of the three is not a Thompson draft pick? Face it, Kuhn and Hall are the same guy. Hall stays and so does Johnson.

Let's not anoint Jordy Nelson the next Don Beebe please. He had a good couple of days. Even if Jordy continues to flash, I still guarantee it's split snaps for him and Jones.

We are going to keep four TE's whether you like it or not. Finley, Lee, Havner, and Quarless will all be Packers this season.

I know everyone loves to talk about how great Kevin Greene is because he acts all tough and was an All-Star wrestler, but, more than one inside source has told me is really isn't all that. He should get the same scrutiny as all the other coaches. Getting tired of the Greene homers.

Now, I am all for being negative from time to time, but get a grip people. There are far more important things to be talking about right now that coincidentally happen to be positive for once. How about Justin Harrell not being hurt? How about Burnett kind of looking like a player out there? How about Clay Matthews and Brandon Chillar trading places? How about guys that aren't even practicing hitting the field anyway as shadows? But no, after three days all we can talk about is how doomed we are because the kicker missed a couple and Sam Shields isn't tearing it up on punt return.

I'm almost waiting for a 2011 mock draft to show up. Shaking my head.

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Don's picture

It's the nature of the beast these days. Not that long ago, we didn't get live tweeting during practice, or blogging either. Now we get a lot more detail of what's going on. I enjoy it a lot, and I know perspective is needed. Keep up the good work, and don't let the pessimists drag you down.

Ron's picture

Hats off to the sweet rant here, I almost completely agree.

Greene should be under the same scrutiny. However, I would say his guys did pretty well last season considering the seasons both Matthews and Jones had were above expectations. So, I would say under any scrutiny he should be looking pretty solid right about now.

Also, you are right, Jordy Nelson is no Don Beebe, he will be better.

coreyb's picture


jsutlookin's picture

It is more what TT and MM should have done before this time....either cut Crosby or bring in some competition for him. I still think Mason has blackmail pics of one of them to have stayed as THE kicker this long when he can't kick under pressure or apparently anything longer than 45 yds.

PackerFever's picture

First day on the internet? This has been going on for years. Heck even way back when I would hear the griping, nothing good to say out some people. I think many of them suffered so much in the 70,s, I did too, that some fans just refuse to allow themselves to enjoy any player lest they be disappointed down the road. I mean if #4 could love us and leave us then anyone could. But by god please let some of us enjoy the beginning of the season. Lambeau in the fall...nothing like it.

globalpack's picture

I agree about the Crosby. He was underwhelming last year, and he has to have a better year than he did this year. But, as pointed out above, it is too early to write off this year. However, even if it wasn't too early to write him off for the year, the real question is, who is ready to be signed and better than him?

protege's picture

Why put Greene under scrutiny? He has turned the lb core to a very good. His high energy is what the defense needs.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Maybe he will get pissed and do something awesome? Just felt a little Arrigo-ish tonight.

Adam Czech's picture

No, don't shut up! You never want a fan base to shut up, no matter how idiotic it may sound. If they're talking, they care. When a fan base gets apathetic, it's never good. Not saying Packers fans have shown signs of apathy, but let's not take any chances.

Anita's picture

Agree, Alex. I think we've all been reading too much press lately, anointing the Packers as the next Super Bowl champs. I'd be lying if I said all those predictions and all the great magazine covers with Aaron Rodgers on them, didn't make me a little bit nervous. Don't get me wrong. I love that the Packers and Rodgers are getting respect, but the media loves to build you up so that they can tear you down. Those inflated expectations may be coloring our opinion as to what we're seeing now.

It's Day Two. Give it a few days, for chrissakes.

Unfortunately, there are some who are never going to give Crosby a break. I'm willing to let him get used to his new holders before hitting the panic button. I mean, is there a better alternative out there to even bother bringing in?

bogmon's picture

If we lose an important game this year because of a Flippin' KICKER, I am gonna freak out...I will have to drink twice as much as normal (j/k, but Crosby better not blow it big this season)

foundinidaho's picture

As previously stated on Twitter, I gave up on Crosby A LONG TIME ago. If he turns out fine, that's so much the better for me. If he continues like I think he will, I still reserve the right to wish Ted would can him. That is all.

Other than that Alex, good calls. Especially with Hall staying around. :)

Mr_Fastbucks's picture

My expectations this season are high. So far I am very happy.

Wardr85's picture

Whatever bitter resentment you're harvesting and continuing to stash away until times like these, you gotta let it go.

It's called passion...Passionate fans jump to outrageous conclusions at times, but cut them some slack. Still, I agree with almost everything you said, except the Crosby stuff. He will not be fine. He's not fine.

Homerism, stupidity, outrageous claims, passion, true love, over-the-top, insightful, Packer fans. Gotta accept them all. I love Green Bay Packer fans, however crazy we can be at times.

David's picture

No one is bitching about Aaron Rodgers. Nagler tweeted that Rodgers didn't look very sharp, and people started accusing HIM of freaking out.

It reminded me of what Dale Z. Does in the gameday chats. Example:

Me: "Man that was a bad pass by Rodgers"

Dale: (sarcastic laced reply) "OMG Rodgers threw one bad pass. Cut him! The season is over"

Shit like that gets really annoying. Never did I say the season was over. I simply said he threw a bad pass.

Look, Aaron Nagler is going to tweet what he observes at camp. If someone doesn't look good, he is going to say so. Its ironic that the people that are accusing Nagler of over reacting, are the ones who are over reacting. All he said was Rodgers didn't look sharp. That's. All. If people can't read that without jumping to conclusions, then that's their problem.

If you want lolipops, rainbows, and sunshine blown up your ass, go to

As far as Crosby, he sucks. He's been a below average kicker his whole career. I don't know why you are giving him the benefit of the doubt. But he is going to end up costing the Packers at least a few games this year. I'm more pissed at MM and TT for not brininging in any competition. They are doing what's in the best interest of Mason, not what's best for the Packers.

coreyb's picture

well said

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I get it MWF. But this is the Lounge.

Wardr85's picture

"Now, I am all for being negative from time to time, but get a grip people."

From time to time? Very hypocritical statement.

Anyone who has followed you on Twitter for the past 6+ months

Oppy's picture

***Alert, Alert***

JS-Online reporting that Harrell left practice early, disappearing into the Hutson Center never to be seen again.

Apparently, he was never spotted in the locker room after practice, and an equipment guy eventually went to his locker and gathered his street clothes.

A player told JSO that Harrell complained he was having issues with heat exhaustion, but stated he didn't know where he was.

Hope this is nothing more than a little heat stroke. Crossing my fingers.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Are you fer cereal?

Jersey Al's picture

Alex, Alex, Alex... Well, I give you credit for willing to go down with the ship. Still waving that Mason Crosby flag as the water's up to your eyes...

of course, anyone who says "cut Crosby" is an idiot if they really believe that is the best thing to do 3 days into training camp, but the Packers have mis-managed their kicking game horribly over the last few years (punters and kickers). They have painted themselves into a corner with no other option. That's what people need to be upset about.

Oh, and as I have said before, Jordy > Jones, and this year, you will see it happen with your own eyes. Of course, you'll still be waving that Jones flag next camp... :)

pitts's picture

shut up why? if you didnt care about the team then say bitch about a players. you bitch WWWWHHHYYY because you want improvement this yr.WWWWWIIIINNNN /win it all or none.bitch is for a reason.walken and talken dont get it done the field of dreams.want a autogragh.prove to me on the field your ready to play ball vince lombardeget it done.

asshalo's picture

"Please Shut Up

I absolutely cannot believe the amount of bitching going on after three Green Bay Packer practices."

LOL. You really are a charming with your titles (its what keeps me coming back).

I agree somewhat on Crosby because (1) He hasn't performed much-- small sample size (2) Every complaint I've heard doesn't compare his performance this camp to past camps. He was sloppy in camp last year, but it wasn't as trendy to criticize. I have a hard time believing he won't improve upon his 2009 % of 75.

In regards to everything else you have to take it with a grain of salt. You can't compare practice, preseason stats to gameday stats. That old adage of practice how you play just doesn't translate that well. Anthony Smith would still be on the team and Dez Bishop would be starting if that were true.

warvette's picture
Packerdan77's picture

Angry little fella today , eh?
If you are actually completly content that Crosby will be just fine and there is nothing to worry about then I hope at very least you remove the rose colored glasses before driving.
As for Shawn Gore , you are wrong . It may only be a few homerish Canadian Pack fans , but I assure you there are at least a hand full of us.Heaven forbid a guy want to see a long shot , lightning fast receiver make it out of no where to join his favorite team.
Thanks none the less for all you do in making training camp info available but last time I checked the reason for all the blogs to exist is because people care and are interested in getting info and sharing info and ideas.
peace from the great white north.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

"The reason for all the blogs to exist is because people care and are interested in getting info and sharing info and ideas."

It's working I see.

Packerdan77's picture

True story , told by you:)

FYI , Gore will get a job on ST and after I'm gonna say week 9 ish , will be a return man in some capacity .
signed, you never hit a home run if you never swing big.
p.s. you think we can get Jon Ryan back in exchange for J. Bush?:P

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