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Pissed Off

Pissed Off




I sat down to write up today's grades for your 2009 Green Bay Packers and I just couldn't do it. They say the grieving process has several stages, I think I just hit anger.




You go through this stupid list of players, and you realize just how much talent this team had going into the wildcard game. How on God's green earth could you lay such a monumental egg? I mean come on, this team went nearly undefeated down the stretch and then pisses it all away by coming out flat and uninspired? It's completely and totally unreal to me.


For everyone that wants to talk about free-agency already do you actually think we are going to have one? Seriously, do you think Ted Thompson is going to pull the trigger on any kind of impact or role player this off-season? I tell you one thing, he frickin' better.


If I have to sit through another off-season without Ted addressing any needs in free-agency I think I am going to lose it. Here you go Packers I have a list for you.



You need a veteran quarterback. You need one not only as a safety net, but as a mentor to Aaron Rodger's. I know everyone likes Matt Flynn, but he is not the answer, he is the situation. Get a smart veteran that can still manage an offense and do it right away.


Offensive Line

You need to make a decision on what you are going to with your line quickly. If you are going to keep Tauscher and Clifton for another season, you need a veteran that can play both positions. No, Duke Preston is not available. You also better find a guy that can challenge Colledge or just let him walk and work on Spitz. If not, don't expect anything to get better at guard.


Running Back

There will be an opportunity to pick up a top tier change of pace back this off-season. You need a playmaker that makes defenses think twice. Don't draft one, you suck at drafting running backs. You need to make an impact move here.



Get one, and not some guy that played soccer on an island somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean either. Get a guy who can kick the ball. I don't get what's so hard about that.


Kick Returner

I think it's about time to realize that the Will Blackmon who couldn't stay healthy in college in now the Will Blackmon that can't stay healthy in the pro's. Jordy "I look like I'm walking" Nelson is not the answer. If Will does stay healthy, you are definitely going to want to use him somewhere else, for reason's to be explained below.



Screw Atari Bigby. The players might like him, but he isn't going to be worth the price. You need a guy who is going to make plays back there, and Atari Bigby is no longer the answer. He was supposed to be able to play from the line of scrimmage and simply doesn't get it done. He's pedestrian. Find a guy who isn't.



If I see Jarrett Bush play one snap on defense next year I am going to smash my television. This is two years in row that Jarret Bush has been a liability if not a determining factor in the outcome of big games. Like I have said a million times, Jarrett Bush sucks. The second Al Harris went down, a free-agent should have been signed. This off-season it's imperative. Quit putting the hopes and dreams of your team and your fans on the shoulders of a two-bit wannabe like Jarret Bush. Quit being stupid and shore up the hole. Your bench can't stay healthy and the one guy who can is a dumbass. Don't be stupid.


For some reason that last paragraph really made me feel a whole lot better. Don't get me wrong, I am still furious that the Packers didn't do anything to address the Bush situation immediately. It was perhaps the dumbest thing I think I have seen happen around these parts in quite some time.


The bottom line, again this year, is that the Packers need to use free-agency this off-season more than any in recent memory. There are guys out there that can take this team over the hump. If Ted fails to realize that in the next two months, he's probably going to realize it sitting at home in 2011.

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Franklin Hillside's picture


Nice Rant. Nuthin' like a Friday for spewing some vitriol!

mark's picture

I think Flynn is a good option at backup.

I think Grant & Jackson are fine as RBs. Grant had a big year and Jackson took another step forward. I do however think CJ Spiller is a special player, so if that happens, I won't be complaining.

I think the O-line played pretty well down the stretch, but clearly that's a need along with our secondary. Guys are getting older.

I know it's not going to be a popular statement, but I really think that Packers are in good shape heading into 2010 and free agency isn't a necessity. One thing I think has to happen is to ship Kampman--ideally for some picks and continue to build through the draft.

mark's picture

That's the thing about a young do nothing and guys improve just based on experience/maturity. Rodgers, Finley, Nelson, Jones, Jennings, Clay, Lang, Tramon, Jackson, Raji...all these guys will get better. Just look at the leap Finley made from year 1 to year 2.

Keith's picture

1. How can you still be pissed at this team? They were the youngest team in the NFL and fought back from 4-4 and basically ran into bad luck in the playoff game. I didn't think they came out "flat" at all. Rodgers made a terrible decision and Driver lost a fumble. That's some bad luck right there. But they still battled back and took the game to overtime, despite Warner playing what was essentially a perfect game. You are obviously entitled to whatever emotion you are feeling, but I just find it confounding that you are pissed at this team.

2. Re: Veteran QB - Rodgers doesn't need a "mentor." In fact, you could argue that a veteran QB could be a bad influence as much as he could be a good influence. Further, Rodgers had one of the best "mentors" a young QB could ask for in Favre. Sure Favre was a jerk to the kid, but he learned by watching and is now one of the top 5 QBs in the league. He doesn't need to be mentored. If you want a vet to back him up in case of injury, I would argue that it is ultimately a waste of money because if Rodgers gets hurt the season is over. So while I see your point, I don't think it's that big of a deal.

3. Offensive line: if they keep Clifton/Tauscher why do they need a vet who can play both positions? Can't Lang do that?

4. Running Back: Totally agree. Need an impact back. If Spiller is available in round 1 he would be tough to pass up.

5. Punter/Kick Returner: Agreed again. Need a new punter and KR. Although, we could draft a change of pace back who could also fill the KR duties (like Sproles.)

6. Safety: Agreed on Bigby. I liked him, but I am done with him. Not reliable at all.

7. Cornerback: Obviously no one wants to see Bush on the field unless it is on Special Teams (and even then, many would rather not see him at all.) So I can understand your frustration, HOWEVER, the Packers lost Lee, Blackmon, and Harris, all of whom were ahead of Bush on the depth chart. The Packers never planned on him getting that kind of playing time. It happens. Would it have been preferable that the Packers be more proactive in addressing this situation? Obviously, with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight the answer is yes (and yes, Alex, I know you were probably beating this drum when the Harris injury happened, but I'm just making a point.) But it's easy to say "sign a free agent so Bush doesn't have to play" but who were these great options and would they have been able to grasp the scheme quickly enough?

Ultimately, I think Thompson has done a good job building this team and I actually like that he isn't so reactionary. Rather than rushing out and making a rash move, he takes his time and makes a prudent decision (although, his glacial pace can be maddening.) Let's also remember that he crushed last year's draft (even trading up (!) to get CM3.) I just don't see how you can be so pissed when this team seems positioned for a long run of success.

Jordan's picture

Ok, I disagree... Not with everything you wrote, just a few points. Mainly, I don't think free agency is the answer to nearly any of the questions on the team. However, I will challenge you to prove me wrong (and would like nothing more); put together a list of free agents that you believe could solve problems at any of the positions you mentioned, then we can have a more positive conversation.

On to what I think could be solutions.
Other than backup QB I'm thinking the draft is the way to go.
I'm only going to use a couple of examples off the top of my head because 1) I'm at work and shouldn't be on here anyway 2) I'm going to do a little more research and try to write a full blown article about the draft; but here goes.

Tackle/ O-line: There are a lot of good tackles in this draft a couple of names I thought would fit with the Pack are a 1st rounder and a 2nd respectively: Bryan Bulaga, Iowa & Selvish Capers, West Virginia

Honestly, with the 23rd pick TedT could afford to trade down and build picks. There are a lot of good players in this draft.

I don't keep up with punters. I don't have the time or inclination to do so, albeit one of the most important positions in deciding the field position battle.

Kick returners: I only have one player I've been watching, but I've been watching him his whole career. Javier Arenas CB, Alabama. He is not only a fantastic return man, but this guy is a player. He's undersized to play NFL, but I think he would be an improvement over Jarret Bush

RB: IF we could get Jahvid Best, I'd be elated. Outside of him, I haven't done enough research to make any good picks.

Safety: Read this, mainly the last two paragraphs, it has all the good safties that will be in the draft. I like Earl Thomas, but to save time, check the link.

Corner: I think this is the position of greatest need outside of Left Tackle. The CB position should be addressed with either a first or second round pick. I like what I've seen from Patrick Robinson, FSU; Perrish Cox, Ok State; Syd'Quan Thompson, Cal; Brandon Ghee, Wake Forrest.
This is the position I've looked at most. There are plenty of talented corners in the draft, no Woodsons, but a possible replacement for Al Harris could be found here. On another note, Pat Lee could be a very good CB if he can stay healthy, I've seen flashes but an injury free season from him would really help the pack next year. If Ted thinks Lee won't be able to make it, maybe we two corners in this draft.

Elsewhere on defense, we will need to start adding depth to the line and a good linebacker never hurts. But this is my take on the draft and where the team needs to go. Sorry it's a little disjointed but like I said, I'm at work.

Jersey Al's picture

Perrish Cox is also an excellent returner. Should be available with pick #2. Has some attitude problems...

Alex's picture

QB - Bringing in a Kitna or a Culpepper to sit at #3 is not a bad idea. Guys familiar with the division and the area.

RB - Leon Washington or Darren Sproles. Both guys who can return the ball as well.

OL - Jeremy Trueblood, Donald Penn, Logan Mankins.

S - Antoine Bethea

PackersRS's picture

RB - maybe leon washington. No way Sproles gets out.

OL - Maybe Mankins. Maybe. The other two won't leave the bucs.

S - no way bethea leaves.

Jersey Al's picture

YES! Alex is BACK! This is so much more you than giving out grades...

tuck's picture

Is it just me or is every off season deemed the one that we need to utilize free agency the most? Last years holes were MUCH more glaring (O-line injuries and new D system) and we managed to put a pretty good team on the field.

I agree that a veteran QB does little or no good. Rogers has a mentor, usually assigned the title QB coach. If he needs another "mentor" then let's get rid of Tom Clements!

I also don't understand signing an OT to a contract. No starting caliber OT will want to start the season as a back up but whoever we bring in should be ready to start in the next year or two (that has draft pick written all over it). Unless Tauscher or Clifton are not signed, then I say go for it.

I would looove washington or sproles but are they going to be worth the price?

I do agree that signing a punter, corner, safety, or even OLB would be nice if we find one worth while (punter for sure). I admittedly don't know much about Bethea and other safeties but CBs are traditionally tougher FA pickups without breaking the bank.

I would feel better if we had one or possibly two good (non-punter) signing(s) this off season, but needing free agency more than any other season in recent memory??? Let's be rational.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"Screw Atari Bigby."

Couldn't of said it any better!


PackersRS's picture

Alex, I do think we need to hit FA, but to one of those problems. Maybe two. I think most of our needs can be adressed in the draft, but definitely not all of them.

I don't agree that we need a veteran QB.

The rest, I totally agree, and would add OL. We need IMHO a LG and a LT. Lang may be the LT, I don't count on it. Tauscher didn't lose a beat, as is playing very well. But he could worn down.
I have a dream. In that dream, either Joe Haden or Eric Barry can't perform/perform terribly at the combine, or for some reason falls to us.

It's too soon for that, But I see us picking in the first round Spiller/Bulaga/Charles Brown/Iupati. If the first is not available, then the second and so on...

Hofschneider's picture

Of course older players worn down. But it's not like tauscher didn't lose a beat in week 4 and becomes an Allen Babre in Week 6. So, I hope Tauscher will be resigned. BTW, I can remember, that last year around Feb we talked about Woodson to be a worn-down-candidate. But I coulkd be wrong. Furthermore, this young team needs some vets. On and especially off the field.

This team has playmakers all over the field. What they need is depth. But FA isn't a good option this year. So I would be very pleased if TT finds ways - liked he used to do before the 09 Draft - to collect Draftpicks. Hawk, Kampman, Kuhn/Hall are mabye worth a 3rd to 5th rounders. Or cut Hawk. Yeah, Im some kind of a hawk-hater.

Whatever... I like this team more than you, Alex.

Greetings from Germany.

andy's picture

PackersRS, I LOVE the idea of drafting Iupati. Pair him up with Josh Sitton, and we've got ourselves a couple of big nasty guards again. We could then say 'see ya' to Colledge, who is constantly pushed on his ass, and keep Spitz to back up both center and guard. Lang is the heir to Tauscher. The left tackle situation is dicey, not sure what the solution there is.

andy's picture

By the way Alex, this rant sounds like it came right out of my mouth. Love it, keep up the good work.

Max's picture

"If I see Jarrett Bush play one snap on defense next year I am going to smash my television."

I want that shit blown up and nailed to TT's office door.... !!!!!!!!!!!!

Gbpfan's picture

"How could you lay such a monumental egg?"

You just summed up our entire season. We could have won the division if we hadn't fallen apart against Minnesota and Tampa Bay. Now that makes me mad.

Go Pack Go!

PackerMax's picture

I would love it if Ted Thompson even took one sliver of your advice. Great rant!

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