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Packers Draft 2010

Packers Draft 2010




Everyone wants to talk about the draft, so let's have a spot to do so. Let this be the first Green Bay Packers draft thread of 2010. Opinions, early mocks, and whatever you want. Have at her.





Personally, I am not much a draft guy. I like to check it out, but outside of draft day it's all the same to me. I hope that Jersey Al takes over this thread, since he seems to always know what's going on.


That being said, I want a running back if we haven't already acquired one in free-agency. Screw the line, we need an impact guy behind Ryan Grant. Go ahead and bad mouth me, like I said in the Morning Minute today, it's time to scare some people.


Get it on.

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P_Nic's picture

I agree that we need a "scat back" type, a guy in the mold of Scrolls or something. But Seriously, how awesome would it be to draft Iupoti... a guard who can also be a stud tackle???? I guy who's name is prononced "I you potty."
I am sorry, but I really want a guy that is named after going to the bathroom.... It is just that simple... think of all the jokes. Its not as good as Harry Colon or something, but "you potty" is pretty good. I (want some) YOU POTTY!!!

PackersRS's picture

We trade out of the first roud, up from the third, and get Jerry Huges, Perrish Cox and Chad Jones.

I called it. I will call it again, very differently, in 15 days or so, and then again, very differently, after the combine.

Asshalo's picture

The following LBs won't suprise me in the first: Brandon Grahm OLB (MI), Sergio Kindle OLB (UT) and Brandon Spikes ILB (UF). Just don't know if a first round caliber OT will be available in the first unless we trade up. Ted is all about taking the best available player.

I can see him passing on an OT until the second-- Selvish Capers comes to mind.

Hofschneider's picture

The point is, the packers have more than just one hole to file. That is more a blessing, than a problem. Let's trade down and find sleepers in the 2nd and 3rd round. OLB, CB, OT. Please no running back. Not because I love Grant so much, but this offense already puts points on the board. All the games the pack lost this year, the defense lost it for them.
A little wishlist;
1st OT
2nd OLB
3rd CB
4th, 5th best player avalible
6th the best punter in the draft
7th the fastest guy avalible at the combine (as a returner)

jerseypackfan's picture

My wish list so far:

Jahvid Best, RB, Cal
Javier Arenas, CB/KR/PR, Alabama
Larry Asante, SS, Nebraska
LeGarrette Blount, RB, Oregon
Vladimir Ducasse, OL, UMass
Sam Young, OT, Notre Dame

PackersRS's picture

As a ND fan, I vehemently recommend we stay as far away as possible from Sam Young. He'd be better than Allan Barbre, but that's it. The whole ND OL was AWFUL. Packers' early season awful.

Mr. Bacon's picture

Any guy who wont suck, and isn't made of glass.

Bryce's picture

I like Rodgers' spleen un-lacerated, so I'm pulling for a LT, trade up, trade down, I don't care, I just want that spleen in one piece.

FITZCORE1252's picture

In order of importance

OT - "IF" it's not watered down by 23, I'd rather go a different route than reach @ 23, can find value later (see Tausch).

RB - We need somebody that "S-C-A-R-E-S" D-coordinators. Someone they "M-U-S-T" game-plan for.

OLB - Clay's counterpart. Teams will be chipping Clay all day, unless... THEY CAN'T! It would only help the Secondary.

DB - Cb and Safety need more depth/talent.



Gbpfan's picture

Offensive line is the most important position in the draft, followed, in no particular order, by the defensive secondary, kicker, punter, and and outside linebacker who can work in the system.

Go Pack Go!'s picture

A little shameless self promotion here ..check out my weekly mock and yes a runningback needs to be drafted !

FITZCORE1252's picture


Meant to hit reply, oops.

I like the I like the McCluster pick, kid's electric, I would be elated if we could land him in your scenario. So much MM could do with a kid like that.

Graham did have a hell of a SB, I don't like him @ 23 though.


You mentioned Jerry Hughes, if I could take anyone to start opposite Clat, THAT's who it would be. He's not rated as high as the Sapps or Kindle's, but I think that kid is gonna be a STUD at the next level. Best part about him, he may be there in the 2nd.

One thing we know about Rolle, the kid has his head on straight... friggin' genious level.

Nice work, I'd be pleased with several of those guys. looks like we share the same views for the mostpart on how to attack this draft class.


Max's picture

We NEED a LT in the first or second round, Clifton won't hold up much longer (she cannae take it cap'n). I agree though, Grant on his own = not a game changer. Not sure about players but we should use an early pick on an RB. We've obviously been looking for a good mix for Grant for a while and have come up short.

I would like us to draft a SS to challenge Bigby, I'm sick of that guy. He was more than happy to hype up his 'big hitter' status, but I think you could count on one hand how many impactful tackles this guy has made (plus he's no coverage expert). A couple of gimme INTs in the season just aint enough. Plus trade that fool A.J Hawk. We need more versatility from our ILBs, he just doesn't get to the ball quick enough, and he's never let his presence be known. It's time Hawk moved down and Chillar got the start.

Jersey Al's picture

First things first; While OT is the primary concern, I believe both Clifton and Tauscher will be back - the Packers have little choice. All the good FA OTs are RFAs and the odds of picking up a first-year starting LT in the draft are slim. Having said that, I wouldn't be surprised if you see Ted Trade down & pick up another second and third rounder. There will be a lot of good value in those rounds at OT, OLB CB, S and RB.

I like Selvish Capers a lot. Needs some seasoning and bulking up, but he is a future starting LT, in my opinion. I like Perrish Cox as much for his return ability as CB play. He needs work on technique, much like Underwood did, but he's more talented than Underwood. (Not that I don't think Underwood will keep developing into a good player). I like Kindle a little more than Hughes at OLB. There are quite a few scatbacks available this draft - don't discount the extra tiny, but dynamic multi-positional Dexter McCluster. Safety might be a position where Ted looks to Free Agency as opposed to the draft.

dylan's picture

Green bay packers are go to kick others teams next year.

dylan's picture

what the crap

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