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Packers Average at Best

Packers Average at Best

No quick hits today. I've held my tongue for the most part, noting how up and down the Packers have been this season. But it's clear right now, the Green Bay Packers are an average team at best.

I get that the Lions and the Bears are improved teams, but the Packers were supposed to have something special. The only thing special about the Packers right now is just how average they are.

The Packers are a team with a lot of talent. They are also a team with plenty of underachievers and no direction. The coaching is average, the discipline is average, the moves are average, the attitude is average, and thus the play on the field is all of that and more.

Charles Woodson is a shade of himself. The defense is terrible, and the adjustments on defense are even worse. There is no running game, and Mike McCarthy or Ted Thompson for that matter don't know what to do about it. The special teams are atrocious, their punter is a nut bag, and the offensive line isn't any better than last year.

The Packers were dominated today in all facets of the game, if it wasn't for the penalties it would have looked even worse. You can have all the talent in the world, but in order to have a shot at the title you have to have leaders on the sideline and in the front office.

It's pretty obvious that the Packers have neither. Enjoy this 3-1 start while it lasts, because unless some serious changes are made, it's going to be 4-4 in no time at all.

Like I said, average... at best.

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Bruce's picture

Would have to say here a fairly idiotic post at best. I had liked CheeseheadTV for being good on info and not overly reactionary good or bad, but I am beginning to rethink the idea of non-reactionary.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

People don't like when you tell it like it is I guess.

Chris's picture

@Alex. That is exactly what people don't like doing! They're not upset because you have an extraordinarily poor judge of talent, it's because you told it like it is. Well done, Alex!

brad's picture

I agree with the coaching, but pretty much disagree with the rest.

The Packers play down to their competition. That comes down to the coach. There is no accountability, and that's coming from a coach who preaches accountability. I don't get it.

The running game isn't that bad. The run blocking stinks. Jackson runs well when he has a chance. Most plays he has no chance. Yes, there have been holes where Grant would have gotten 40 yards, but they've been few and far in between. They get great yards when there's a hole, but there never is. Kuhn is fine when he's not asked to run east-west.

Honestly I have no idea what happened on D today. But they're far from average. They're a good defense who suck at the middle linebacker position. They're MLBs can't pass rush, and this D requires them to do so. In a 4-3 the MLBs would be just ok.

I predict the Packers will beat the Skins next week. I'm not at all suprised the Lions almost won today. They're a division team and they're better.

I'm starting to question MM. Somthing is not right there. Dom can't really adjust at all. Derrick Martin sucks. Calvin Johnson is really good. Again, our MLBs suck ass.

Relax Alex, it will be ok. Thanks for the column though.

barutan seijin's picture

I agree that the game @ Washington looks to be a tough, Miami too, and Minnesota will give them problems, but that 2nd half schedule looks even more imposing. I think 7-9 wins, unless the wheels fall off. Last year's schedule was easier.

JohnRehor's picture

Sometimes you just have to say it like it is. So far, the Packers have looked average is 100% correct. they have yet to play a full game, and have looked below average at times (2nd quarter Bills game). A win is a win, but they sure don't feel like they're 3-1 right now with some of the issues they have.

PackersRS's picture

We're not playing like a SB bound team. No doubt about it. In fact, MM's teams have never put up a full game. There's always something keeping the team from playing at an elite level in all facets.

But not a playoff team? You're a betting man, Alex?

fhornplayer83's picture

The Packers have looked great in individual units at individual times during the season... but the only time they looked great all at once was probably during the second half of the game against the Bills (not saying much).

I know it's cliche, but if the Packers can play a complete game, they will rock the house.

Average team? Not really. I'd say they're a great team who needs better coaching. I like McCarthy, but he needs to hold his players more accountable and stick his foot in their rears when they aren't playing as well as they can be.

asshalo's picture

I agree, but I would add they are a very talented team with far too many mental lapses. Duno what's causing these lapses in focus. Can they not handle the pressure? Are they shrugging off their shortcomings too much? Duno, but a come to jesus meeting is in order. For the last two weeks, we've really only heard excuses from players and coaches.

PackerHQ's picture

"The Packers are a team with a lot of talent. They are also a team with plenty of underachievers and no direction. The coaching is average, the discipline is average, the moves are average, the attitude is average, and thus the play on the field is all of that and more."

That quote sums it up right there ! Thank you Alex.

Also he is anything but a reactionary..whats worse is the boat load of fans that can not and will not see issues when there right in front of them.

We came dangerously close to losing to the Lions at home which has not happened since 91 !

Let's take that 3-1 and work are tails off during the week because the skins won't roll over as easy as the Lions.

Morli's picture

You're right, the Packers haven't performed to their hype up to now.
But is there a single team in the NFL, much more the NFC, that has done so? Saints, nah. Falcons, lost one, had a tough time today. Cowboys, are you kidding me.
as long as we're winning, i can live with average performances.
And don't you dare mocking Woodson, he was incredible today!

Mr. Bacon's picture

Boo! *Chucks a beer.* The Packers are always a 2nd half team with Mike McCarthy. You got to have faith. You live and die by the Packers sword.

PackersRS's picture

Anyone at the game? From the stream, it seemed like the crowd was actually playing against us, thinking that "it's the Lions. It will not matter if we boo our team right now".

Well, in the end I did see the crowd play with the team, but not during the entire game. Any word?

Nikko's picture

Nobody said winning a superbowl would be easy. We're 3-1. They just need to clean up some mistakes which they have plenty of time to do. Just enjoy the win against a team that played great today!

PWC's picture

Just wondering, what made you change your opinion on the Packers from your previous post. The Packers have pretty much played exactly like today for most of the season.

BigSchwag's picture

Nice post Alex. I haven't seen anything that makes this a SB team. As far as coaching, mediocre at best. No discipline, too many mental mistakes.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I wish you would step back from that ledge,
my friend
You could cut ties with all the lies
that you've been living in
And if you do not want to see me again
I would understand
I would understand

But yeah, we are looking pretty average right about now. It's about getting hot at the right time though...

Keith's picture

"The Packers are a team with a lot of talent. They are also a team with plenty of underachievers and no direction. The coaching is average, the discipline is average, the moves are average, the attitude is average, and thus the play on the field is all of that and more."

Boom. I was thinking this tonight while watching the Giants game. After playing two sh*t games with sh*t effort it was obvious Coughlin laid into them this past week and the team came out guns-a-blazing.

Also, their GM goes out and acquires veterans like Keith Bullock and Deon Grant to solidify weak spots. Oh, and their #3 RB, DJ Ware, is better than any back in the Packer org (actually, Andre Brown, whom they released in camp and is now in Denver, is also better than anyone we have.)

I've always given McCarthy and Thompson the benefit of the doubt, but I am starting to grow tired of MM's blase attitude and Thompson's refusal to push his chips to the middle of the table and go all in. Guess what fellas? You now have an ELITE QB on your hands. When you have an elite QB, every season is a potential Super Bowl season. You cannot waste precious years of Rodgers' career screwing around with 4 TEs and 3 FBs on the roster and Brandon Jackson and John Kuhn at RB.

One last thing - is it time to reconsider Greg Jennings? Have we overrated this guy as Packers fans? Yeah, I know he's good, but he sure seems to get lost in the shuffle an awful lot for a #1 guy and he flat out got beat by Alphonso Smith today on that interception.

Ok, end of rant. I may not totally agree with you, Alex, but all is not bubblegum and lollipops in Packer Land.

bryce's picture

Wasn't it just last week that you were telling us to be Packers fans?

I agree with your main premise, the Packers do not look very good right now. But, last year they were 4-4 and had just lost to the Bucs and everyone wrote them off.

My observation: the years the Packers went to the superbowl, they were kicking the crap out of everybody at the beginning of the season. They were a dominant force. Well, they're obviously not that this year. But, who else in the NFL really is? The Saints are eeking out games. Indy lost to the Jags. Favre is old. The Eagles are nothing without Vick. The only dominant team that I see so far will be the Steelers when "she said no" gets back. The Jets might come together too. But the NFC's a wreck.

I think this team still has a chance for 3 reasons: the rest of the NFL, or at least the NFC, isn't looking so stellar right now either, I have to hold out hope that TT will pull his head out and sign an RB (or that Starks or Nance is decent), and that this team might gel as a unit before we're all said and done.

TD's picture

Charles Woodson is a shade of himself? Good lord, that guy singlehandedly won that game for them yesterday. Aside from the pick 6 that was the decisive score, he made 3 straight plays, 2 of them extrodinary, on all three of the Lions last 3 plays and forced them to punt. The Lions never got the ball back. I get where you are coming from generally, but statements like yours about Woodson seriously detract from your credibility.

bryce's picture

Good point. Yeah, he got scored on, but not because he was out of was more due to the fact that he's not 6'6"

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Woodson had a decent 4th quarter. Up to that, he has been a shade of himself last year.

Packnic's picture

or maybe just maybe the NFL isnt a game played on paper.

The only thing wrong with the Packers is peoples ridiculous expectations. The other teams are trying to win too.

As far as being dominated, I would have to agree. The lions took the game away from us by controlling the ball and keeping our offense off the field. That is to their credit, like i said they want to win too. They dont come into the game thinking ..."aw man these Packers sure do look good, we might as well lay down." The Lions beat the Bears (they did, the refs just didnt like that) the Bears beat us. The NFL is tough as shit(except Buffalo). If you are disappointed that we won against a division opponent, but didnt do so by 100 points.. then i dont know what to tell ya cause that aint happenin.

They dominated the game and we still won. I like that a whole lot better than last week where we dominated the game and lost.

true parity in the league means no easy games. The horrible horrible horrible horrible Carolina Panthers just about beat the defending Super Bowl Champions at home yesterday.

We are not dominant by any means but we are a tough 3-1 and I think that makes us above average and contenders.

JerseyPackFan's picture

Yes I agree they are playing like a average team. But so is every other team in the league. There is no dominate team right now.

Every Kid Boos's picture

panic is fun. I remember when I was the first to say "This team won't get to the playoffs." It worked every year they didn't go to the playoffs and no one remembered when they did go.

Scored tons of tail with that line.

Alex Tallitsch's picture


Tarynfor12's picture

We have alot of talent on this team.Other teams are playing average also.

Let's see just how much talent we do have and how other average playing teams won't be average when it counts.

List the teams that will be in the play-offs with the higher rating to do so.
I did leave GB off for the reason of this question of comparison.

These teams have something in common which eludes the Packers and that is the number of players,other than the known stars of each,can walk-on another of these teams and start.

How can a team expect to win it all if your players can't start on the teams your trying to beat!!!

calpackfan's picture

I have to agree with most of the concerns pointed out by the article and the comments that followed. It is always interesting how the season plays out though. Injuries and luck can change a season in a heartbeat. There is plenty of games left, and actually in a way it feels good to be 3-1 after pretty much playing below their potential. However...playoffs? Playoffs??!! Are you kidding me?? No they are not playing their best ball...but I would take on any bet against them being in the playoffs. Anyone care to wager...Alex??? Pretty accurate post otherwise though ;)

bryce's picture

I retrack my comment from last week. You're right, they're average, or maybe below now with the injuries. I doubt their ability to make the playoffs.

TD's picture

Just curious if you are all still on the 'This isn't a play-off team' wagon?

I implore you all ... all of whom have been watching NFL football most of your lives ... remember that Season's are made or trashed in November and December, not September and October.

ClaysWife's picture

Umm, are we still "not a playoff team" ?

Do you even watch any other games?

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Through this entire site that's the best comment you could come up with? Don't look now but the sixth grade is calling wondering why you never showed up.

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