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One or the Other

One or the Other




After the NFL draft, we will either have a great nose tackle or a great defensive endlinebacker.





Let’s face it, the 2009 draft will not be a mystery. There won’t be too many twists, turns, trades or missteps. There will be either the drafting of a stud in the middle or a stud at the end.

At least that’s how it SHOULD be.

Now I don’t pretend to be a college football expert or a know it all regarding the draft, but I read about it a lot and do my research because I like to know who might be wearing a Green Bay uniform. The bottom line is we need more defensive help and there’s only two cats available around our 9 spot who can come in and help us.

B.J. Raji
Position: DT
Height: 6-foot-2
Weight: 337 pounds

I don’t think we necessarily need a nose tackle. We have Pickett who should be able to do the job fine. Some people doubt this for some reason but we’ll see in less than four days if our coaches and general manager feel the same way.

Raji also has either attitude problems(tested positive for drugs) or intelligence problems (knew he was getting tested for drugs) and I don’t think we need that right now. At the same time, I won’t cry if we get him.


Everette Brown
Position: DELB
Height: 6-foot-4
Weight: 248 pounds

This is my pick. I will support whatever pick Thompson makes but if it is NOT Brown, I will be sad. This guy is an athlete and that’s what Thompson likes to draft. He’s also a DELB tweener who could be a monster at ROLB for our 3-4 scheme.

Anything other than us picking one of these two, unless they’re both gone already, would be a mistake, and I’ll be the first to say it.

With all this said, welcome to the Packers, Michael Crabtree.

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Packnic's picture

"Anything other than us picking one of these two, unless they’re both gone already, would be a mistake, "

so picking an offensive tackle would be a mistake? Keeping Aaron Rodgers alive is a mistake?

I think we need some help on the Dline / OLB too, but in my opinion the bigger mistake would be depending on Tausch and Clifton to hold up one more year.

Franklin Hillside's picture

Preach it brother.

Does KGB last year raise any red flags??? This could very well happen on the offensive side too.

Asshalo's picture

Dido, If Raji isn't available and Andre Smith is I will be very happy. Moving him to LT and Clifton to RT isn't a bad call. If smith comes here he will be eating Jarred Allen alive. Maybe he'll cut that retarded skullet in shame.

MrBacon's picture

Whomever Thompson picks up first in either the 1st or the 2nd round by trading down to get two picks, is going to contribute a good bit on the team. As Thompson has a good track record of getting decent players in the stage of the draft. He vetts each of his picks in the top rounds well, but we wont know what is going through Ted's mind until he picks someone.

Jennings, Nelson, Jackson, Hawk, Collins, College. - All have done more positive than negative in my opinion.

Pack93z's picture

If our pick is Everette Brown, I will be the very first to say it and I am a huge Florida State fan, the guy will not produce from the get go. In college he got overpowered time in and out and fed on tackles with slow feet. He will either beat you with his speed or he isn't going to get there period.

Add to it, he is another player that never had to drop into coverage and only had one set priority on each snap, regardless if it was a run or pass, get to the QB. I watch on average of 3 to 5 FSU games a year and I will tell you that on defense on the edges, they care less about playing the run.. it is all about pressure.. they count on the safeties and Interior Backers to fill the edges and make plays.

When teams wanted to, they could line up and run right at him, I see him as a one dimensional player that isn't worthy of a high 1st round pick.

Raji, I wouldn't balk at.

Personally I hope it is one of the four good to exceptional tackles on top of the board that is sitting there staring us in the face.

Any of the tweeners would be a mistake in my assessment, that means, Brown, Maybin, Orakpo.

We are far from being one single dimensional pass rusher away from being a solid front 7 defense. We need to focus on the down lineman on both sides of the ball if the talent level and players are rated closely. And IMO, none of the tweeners are close to any of the OT in the top 15.. none.

PackersRS's picture

Picking an OT at 9 IS a mistake.

We were the 8th best offense last year.

The D is the problem.

Franklin Hillside's picture

Do you want to stay at 8th or betrer? Me too. Draft an OT.

Picking a speed rusher at #9 is a mistake.

PackersRS's picture

With our QB 1 year more mature, our offense will only get better. Our D is the problem. I'd rather have a 10 offense and a 10 Dand making to the SB than having an 2nd offense and 29 D like the Broncos. Or the 8th Offense and the 20th D like we had last year. And getting nowhere on both situations. And being the 25th team in sacks made and 19th in sack allowed, a pass rusher is much more imperative than an OT. Unless we're talking about Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe, because then they're just better players than anything we can pick...

nameless's picture

I think I am the only one that simply wants best player available for our schemes (that includes crabtree) for out 1st pick. I do NOT want orakpo/brown/maybin. I think we can find better prospects later, this draft is very deep for this position. A. Smith and Oher both make me very nervous. I'm hoping for raji or crabtree (I know I'm nuts) or tyson jackson. Just my thoughts

Asshalo's picture

Crabtree? I'm calling my senator tomorrow Marijuana does have negative side effects.

I used to think we needed a demarcus ware at OLB, but now I am much more concerned about the trenches. That's where it's won an lost. Raji, Jackson, or Smith would all make me happy. I might puke if we draft Crabtree.

Pack93z's picture

Quote: PackersRSW

<blockquote cite="comment-3081">

<strong><a href="#comment-3081" rel="nofollow">PackersRS</a></strong>: Picking an OT at 9 IS a mistake.We were the 8th best offense last year.The D is the problem.


So late in games when you couldn't get an effective push up front to fuel a time chewing running game going to help protect our defense late in games, that isn't a problem?

We have aging, pass protection first tackles to couple along with inconsistent interior line play as well.. and that isn't a concern. How many sacks did we give up last year?

That #8 offensive ranking is somewhat deceiving if you ask me, because when we needed to we simply couldn't run the ball effectively. Remember the phrase "Pad Level"... that is mostly aimed at the hog mollies on the offensive line.

We need to solidify the offensive line in my book, along with depth on the defensive line for rotation and linebackers that can actually shed a block and plug a freaking running lane.

So honestly, yes we need defensive help, but a one dimensional tweener who can't effectively take on a blocker isn't the correct answer to the pick at 9.

If you have concerns about one of the OT, that is fine and valid, then move down or pick the best player available regardless of position. Period.

Personally, my favorite boom pick in this draft is Peria Jerry.. but I think 9 might be a tad high.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Since we won't be at 9, it may not be.

You said Pad Level, I know it woke up Dale.

Franklin Hillside's picture

Way more eloquent than I could have been, 93. Well said.

PackersRS's picture

1) Late in games when our Defense gave up?
2) You want run blockers in THIS draft, where almost evvery college team plays in the shotgun?
3) Now numbers are deceiving... I guess 20th ranked defense is deceiving too, we actually played well... Clifton DID surrender 6,5 sacks, but he had injury problems, and seems to be recovering well...
4) Agree that we need offensive line help, and not only in the tackles, we could improve in the interior line too, but I don't see enough quality in this draft to improve in that area.
5) One dimensional tweener? I never said a name. And btw I don't think neither Orakpo nor Brown are one trick ponies, watch the tapes, they show a very varied mix of twsists, punches and speed variations, not just speed rush (though I agree that they could bull rush a little more, but playing OLB bull rush skills are not that valued , in oppose to playing DE). And I never said that we needed to pick an OLB in the first round. DT and DE play a major role in the pass rush.
6) BPA is the way to go. But you have to be reasonable. Picking Stafford or even Crabtree isn't going to help, unless they fall to our 2nd round pick, which won't happen. That's why probably TT's draft board is "molded" to our needs...
7) Jerry, to play DE? or NT? I don't think he can play neither in the 3-4, don't have the bulk to be a NT and don't have the pass rush skills to be a DE.

My point is, if you're picking out of need, our front 7 have much more pressing needs than our OL. We can win with Clifton and Tauscher, but with Poppinga, Jolly or whoever we cannot...
And for value, Raji, Orakpo, Jackson and Brown are far more valuable than Andre Smith, who loves fried chicken more than football, or Oher. Like I said, Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe would be blessings, and even they need to work on their run block.

jeremiah's picture

93 your statement is rediculous!!!!! sure there will be OTs later in the draft but none of them are as good as the top 4. if one of the top 4 OTs is available at #9 TT HAS to take him. sure our defense sucked, the drop off from the top 4 OTs to the rest is WAAAYYYYYYY less than the drop off from guys like everette brown and robert ayers and orakpo and the rest of the defensive players available in the first round. not to mention we have no legit starting RT and our LT is about 45 years old and fell way off last year. i am pretty sure that clifton gave up more sacks last year than he had in the rest of his career.

just in case you missed it, i can't stress it enough....

if one of the top 4 OTs is there at #9 TT needs to draft him.

jeremiah's picture

Everrette brown is garbage. He IS kgb. If he is our pick I will shit a brick

Andyman's picture

We have plenty of picks after the first round too, guys (and lord knows it will probably be even more with the way TT usually works) So if we go after a guy like Oher or Smith or - heaven help us - Crabtree, that doesn't mean our defense is doomed. There are plenty of guys that will be around in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and so on rounds that will be able to contribute - maybe even more than reaching for someone in the first round.

nameless's picture

I couldn't agree more with that statement andyman. Not that we should take the most over-hyped player out there, and I agree we need to address OT and D-line (I'm okay with late round OLB's, there are a ton with potential), but let's focus on getting the best value in a draft that does not have a lot of superstars.

Asshalo's picture

Either way I would love two picks who will make an immediate impact on either side of the trenches-- because thats been our biggest weakness the past two years (yes even in '07). Raji/Andre Smith in the first and Jason Gilbert/Ron Brace in the second. I would be very happy

Greg C.'s picture

Last I heard, Raji did not test positive for drugs. Apparently it was a false report. Based on what I've read about this draft, he's the player I would feel best about getting. But admittedly I don't know squat about the draft. I just hope we end up with a good DE, NT, OT, or OLB with that first pick. They are all positions of need.

Graffin's picture

We got both, ha

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