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On 2009

On 2009




I've got so many things running through my head I don't even know where to begin. Perhaps, if I throw it all out there, I can survive the next few weeks.





On Ted

I just now looked back at what I posted last year around this time and it was appropriately this (what the hell was I thinking making that?). We were calling for this guy's head and slowly the roar has dimmed to a dull hum at least. Ted got the draft and the season he needed to live another day. I will also end this thought with the same statement I made last year. Free agency Ted, it's your only hope.

On Brent

I hate to say it but Mr. Brett Favre pulled it off. I certainly am not happy about it, but the guy won this round (at least in his own mind). I will never root for the Vikings, but if he pulls it off, I am sure to find mixed emotions as the 16 Favre cams converge on the old guy from every angle.

On A-Rod

Aaron Rodgers is the next Brett Favre. There is absolutely no doubt about it. I know they are completely different players, but there is a lot of young Brett Favre in young Aaron Rodgers. Brett could never hold on to it, and Aaron can never get rid of it. In between those faults is nothing but pure talent. Brett could never overcome his weakness, if Aaron Rodgers can, the sky is the limit.

On Nagler

Speaking of guys named Aaron, and while we are looking back at things, this whole thing has gotten out of hand. What's funny (to me anyway) is none of this really had anything to do with Aaron. Instead it all started with his d-bag partner Corey (just kidding Behnke).


Corey Behnke and I are BOTH huge assholes. I don't know if you know anything about assholes but they just don't work well together and neither did we. So, guilty by association Aaron got thrown into the whole "let's totally bash CHTV as much as possible everyday" thing.


Then came the fateful moment we all fear in our minds but are afraid to admit. Nagler decided I was not worthy of being his friend on facebook anymore. It was at that point I decided to make Nagler bashing a part of my daily routine. Spurned that I was not privy to the endless Pet Shop Boys updates, I let him have it whenever the opportunity presented itself.


Granted, we all know the guy is about as haughty as they come, but that really doesn't bother me. As far as not being Wisconsin people, that's bullshit. Being an annonying never ending kiss your behind twitterpath from Wisconsin maybe, but not "Wisconsin" is way off base. The guy is a bigger Packer fan than you - plain and simple.


Aaron Nagler puts out more material in his spare time than most of the newspapers do on the clock. He also has a job that allows him to do all of this, which means his Christmas bonus was probably larger than the net income line of my federal tax return.


Bottom line on Nagler... he talks to real Packers, his blog is most popular independent Packer site on the internet, and most of you probably wish you had half the skills he shows on a daily basis. I'd be a bit self-aggrandizing too I suppose.


Nagler has a loving family, is an honest man, and isn't anymore flawed than the rest of us. You don't have to like him, but let's at least put some perspective on the matter.


Not that I am going to stop or anything. Until I'm back on facebook anyway.

On Ryan Grant

I don't care what the numbers say; I still don't think Grant is the answer. I called for more Brandon Jackson last season and I will start calling for more again right now. Ryan Grant should not be more than an outstanding compliment to a more balanced running attack. I don't care who it is, and to be honest with you I think this should be an area of great interest during free agency. If teams ever fear our backfield, we can completely dominate.

On Donald Driver

The guy is wearing down and you saw it late in the year. We all love Donald Driver, but there comes a time when a guy just isn't himself anymore. I think in the next season we will see Driver start to join the Tory Holt's and Isaac Bruce's of this generation. Do you want him to retire a Packer? Of course you do. Perhaps the last great thing double D does for this team is accept a new role as a role player? I hope so.

On Aaron Kampman

I am sorry, but no one can convince me it's a good idea to re-sign Kampman. It wasn't a good idea before the injury and it is even a worse idea now. I like Kampman, but this isn't the place or the scheme for him anymore. Make it friendly and move on.

On Nick Collins

No way should the Packers make this guy the highest paid safety in the league. I'm not saying he sucks by any means, but the highest paid? Come on now and get serious.

On Atari

What a disappointment. Remember that three game stretch two years ago when people actually feared the middle of the field when they played the Packers? The guys might be comfortable with Bigby back there, but I don't know how much of this year's success, or as some may say lack thereof, was attributed to Atari. He's a second tier guy and should be treated as such until his body of work consists of more than two huge hits and a couple gimme picks.

On Clay Matthews

Every team needs that one guy you fear on defense. Clay Matthews is that guy. Yes, teams fear the likes of Charles Woodson too, but I think Clay will take intimidation to a whole new level. We sorely needed a guy like that.

Speaking of Charles

That was one hell of a season. If he doesn't win the overall award it's a shame, but Charles has cemented himself in the hearts of Packer fans for the rest of time. Can he keep it up? That's the question that scares me. The clock ticks on, let's hope Charles does too.

On Al (Harris not Jersey)

I really thought that leading up to yesterday we might have seen the last of Al Harris in a Green Bay Packers uniform. Now, I hope that isn't the case.

On Ryan Pickett and Johnny Jolly

The big argument is going to be which one do you keep? I say why not try to keep them both? If there is one thing that should be taken away from this season, it is the need for depth on the defensive line. You may call me crazy and unrealistic right now, but when Justin goes down in June, it will all make sense.

On Tauscher and Clifton

I love Mark Tauscher; there is no way you let this guy go anywhere but back home to Green Bay where he belongs. As far as Chad is concerned, it's been a nice run man but it all has to end somewhere.. and it should.

On Jarrett Bush

If there is one thing I will not concede it is the FACT that this organization failed to realize, did not make adjustments, and even gave this man a raise when the entire planet knew it was the wrong decision. Again, there was ample time to find a more than adequate upgrade a long time ago. I don't want to hear anything about injuries either. Jarrett Bush sucks. We all knew it a long time ago. Why on god's green earth the Packers could not figure this out will always be beyond me.

On Mike

It had to be tough on the old ticker to be McCarthy this past year. Coming off a 6-10 season with the eyes of Packer nation (IronMan) scrutinizing your every move must take a lot out of a guy. On the whole, I think he did okay. His play calling can be brought into question of course, but I think the biggest issue is his apparent lack of team motivation. He just can't get the guys focused and ready to attack. If he can't get the team to want it, they are never gonna get it.

On Social Media

I don't think you can look back on this season without remarking about the amazing change in how we got our Packer's news. With help from guys like Greg Bedard and Nick Barnett, we got to get that much closer to the game. For god sakes, I watched Nick drive live from home to Lambeau one morning while he answered my questions. I mean come on, that's frickin' cool man.


I got to talk to Jermichael Finley on the phone, have questions directly answered by players, and talk to minions of people I would never have had the chance to interact with. Hell, even this place is now on the sidebar of the Milwaukee Journal and Pro Football Talk. This place... let that sink in for a minute.


I would never have had a snowball's chance in hell of being a part of anything like this a couple of years ago. We all know I am no reporter, nor would I ever want to be one. Honestly, I get up in the morning, grab a coffee and a smoke quick, then come upstairs and decide what I want to bitch about. There is nothing more to it. I am a fan plain and simple, and I will never claim to be anything more. Yet, all the while you suckers keep coming back. Good thing we have Jersey Al and Greg C. to make us legit.


I am just a dude with a propensity for everything Packers. And, as you all know too well...


I'll keep doing my own thing because that is what I need to do as a fan, for me. I live by a simple philosophy.


"Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you."


Doctors know everything.

On The New Lounge

I'm building it. I don't know when it will be done, but it will be fairly cool.

On "Around The Lounge" a.k.a. "Shut Your Box"

Our next episode of "Around the Lounge" will be this Thursday night at 8 p.m. Lambeau time. Guests will include Dale Z, JCLombardi, Brian Carriveau, and an ace in the hole. Join us for show number two which is guaranteed to waste a solid half hour of your day.

On 2010

I think we as Packer fans have a lot to look forward to. God knows it will be an easier haul than it was last off-season. I of course am still pretty upset about Sunday, but this time I am just going to let it go. It was a pretty exciting 2009, and there is no reason to believe that 2010 won't be just that much sweeter.


Go Pack Go

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Robert Greenfield's picture

Alex, you dug deep with this post a day after it was sounding like you might be taking a break. You lay it out there for us plan and simple (as usual). Nicely done.

"I am just a dude with a propensity for everything Packers."

Me fucking too, man. Me. Fucking. Too.

Asshalo's picture

GB has a lot of potential free agents this off season with some already obvious needs for the draft. It will be interesting to see how Ted responds this offseason and how the team responds next year. Let's not have another 2008.

BTW, slightly entertained by the Nagler drama. Can you explain the drama between you and Dale Z too? I want more As the Lounge Turns

Robert Greenfield's picture

I agree. There's some rich stuff there. Let's hear it, Alex!

Greg C.'s picture

Thanks for writing all of this, Alex. I'm still too numb to write anything. Also, other people in other places have written pretty much the same thing I would've written anyway. About how it was a great season and the future is bright, but the defense needs to improve, etc. You've said a lot of what I would've said too. Plus a whole lot more.

The Donald Driver thing is interesting. I didn't notice it until the last couple weeks, but he really did seem to wear down toward the end of the season. Knowing him, he will go all-out to make sure that doesn't happen next year. And maybe it won't. But it might be a good thing for James and/or Jordy to get a few more snaps at his expense, especially on early downs, when it is more important to stretch the field. Maybe Driver could become more of a third down specialist. That's when he's at his best, when he needs to fight for every yard.

I feel a little better about Tauscher next year than I do about Clifton. The problem is that although in T.J. Lang we have a young guy who looks well-suited to be our right tackle of the future, we don't have a prototypical left tackle. It just may be that Lang plays that position anyway. The knock on him as an LT is that his arms are too short and he's not athletic enough, but he may be able to overcome that. It's not looking like the Packers will be in good position to grab an LT in the draft, and good ones are almost never available in free agency.

If it's Pickett vs. Jolly, I take Jolly because B.J. Raji can replace Pickett a lot better than he can replace Jolly. But I would like to keep them both, and the Packers may be able to do that. Pickett is a specialist who does not get a lot of snaps, so he may not necessarily command a high price.

Atari Bigby is okay, but Ted should at least try to upgrade at that position. I appreciate Atari, though, because that position sure was a mess when he missed some games early in the season.

I don't think Nick Collins should become the highest paid safety in the league, but I bet he will be darn close. And it's hard to argue with that when you look at his interception totals the past two years, and his continued improvement.

Kampman could come back if nobody wants him due to his injury, but he will probably be worth more to a 4-3 team than to the Packers. Please don't let it be the Vikings, though. Please.

FITZCORE1252's picture

So lemme make sure I got this, You and Nagler live in Vermont together???

Just messin', nice post. I really enjoy this site keep up the good work.

Don't know if anybody got a chance to hear Chmura on Homer Monday. He said, we should be bummed right now, BUT, when asked about Rodgers he said this kid WILL be an MVP. He also said this team WILL have a SB title in 2-3 years. He said that there are a few holes, but he could be GM and fix THESE holes (NOT THAT BAD).

I was bummin' pretty bad 'till I listened to that, and then I put things in perspective. The only thing that is gonna keep this squad out of the playoffs for the next 5-7 years will be injuries. This playoff experience will only help in the long run, bad as it may sting now.


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