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O-Line Knowledge Bomb

O-Line Knowledge Bomb




I want to show you another reason why our offensive line will be fine in 2009.





I'm one of the few who think our offensive line isn't the worst in the NFL.

I like Wells and Spitz.

I think Colledge is coming into his own(and am not alone.  "experts" agree).

I think Barbre and Giacomini have what it takes to be studs if they can stay healthy.

But just take a look at our offensive line depth chart I pulled from

That's a lot of players.

That's a lot of players.

That's a lot of players.

Just look at all those players.  SOME of those guys have to be good enough, right?

The law of averages tell me that there HAS to be a combo on there that will get the job done.  Adding Lang and Meredith didn't hurt things of course.

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Greg C.'s picture

Well, that's just the problem. We have a whole bunch of players who are kinda average, but no standouts. The coaches keep waiting for someone to emerge from the pack, and it hasn't happened. Barbre was the great white hope last summer, and he pretty much tanked. Meanwhile, Tauscher and Clifton have declined due to age and injuries (Tauscher has almost certainly played his last down as a Packer), so the line has declined overall. Maybe Colledge is finally getting there (I remain unconvinced, in spite of Dale and the "experts"), and we'll have to hope that Lang or Giacomini can step in at right tackle. Maybe the whole line will somehow gel this year. We can always hope.

Pack93z's picture

Nailed it Greg... could you take anyone on this line, maybe Spitz, and argue that he starts for most ball clubs?

Clifton and Tauscher a year or two ago.. but seriously, with as inconsistent as Colledge is I find it hard pressed to say he starts on most clubs.

Wells.. I love the effort, but between his short arms and lack of leverage, does he start for most clubs?

Barbre couldn't compete with the up and down Colledge.. maybe this year he finally builds upon his potential. What has Giacomini shown through one camp that he has "it" for the NFL game? I will say I like his attitude in college... but he displayed he wasn't ready for the NFL last season.

I watched as much tape as I could find on Lang... I will say this, he is probably the most polished technical lineman we have on the roster.. at least on tape against college talent.. and I think that speaks volumes. I hope that translates to the NFL level.

Now.. before you blow a nut Trom.. I don't think our line is horrible, but I have a hard time arguing that it is anything above average.

Oh.. and whom are these experts? Campen.. seeing the lack of growth of his young talent he has to prop them up somehow.. why not words. Because watching them in game footage sure doesn't speak of greatness or great marked improvement. ;)

Franklin Hillside's picture

How is Colledge inconsistent?

"Green Bay's interior figures to develop into a strength this season. Colledge emerged as a consistent starter at left guard last year. Sitton, a player with huge upside, appears a virtual lock to open at right guard. The Packers have said they'll let Wells and Spitz battle for the center job, but Green Bay would like more size at that spot, which makes Spitz the favorite."

He would start on most teams.

Pack93z's picture

No offense to Rob Reischel, but I will praise Colledge when he becomes something more than average.. "consistent" starter.. so that makes him a consistent player?

No.. it means they lined him up weekly there because the options were limited to replace him..

Listen.. I like him as a player.. I think his talents project naturally to a tackle, and to date, I can't say with a straight face that he has been anything other than average..

Also, I seen the same type of statements made last off season.. how we had these dynamo young players inside.. only to watch them struggle through again.. words in a newspaper don't make it reality.. when I see him line up weekly.. fire out and play with proper leverage snap after snap, I will retract my statements.. but until then he is an inconsistent guard... technique and performance wise.. but a "consistent" starter without a doubt for the Packers.. ;)

Graham's picture

Well according to MM at several different times here is what we know so far:

Clifton is our Left Tackle (MM told us this for sure)
College is our Left Gaurd (MM told us this for sure)
Wells/Spitz is our center, Spitz is either the center or Right Gaurd (MM told us this for sure)

That is what we know. My predition, Spitz wins and is our Center.

That leaves the right side prediction:

Sitton Right Guard

Giaco/Meridith/Barbre/Moll IN THAT ORDER AT THIS POINT is our Right Tackle

A long shot is Sitton at RT. If Wells is our center, Spitz moves to RG and Sitton perhaps would take RT. But I dont think that would happen.

Also I believe Mark T. is done, AT LEAST for the first 6 weeks of the season.

Also we know that Preston is a backup TT said that earlier in the offseason. We need a starting 5, and the RT is the big question mark. Hopefully Meridith can come in and sure that up. Then we will have to cut quality backup players because half of our roster is OL men. A good problem to have in my book.

Greg C.'s picture

I mostly agree with your analysis, Graham, but you forgot to mention Lang. He was drafted higher than Meredith, so it's hard for me to believe he's not even worth mentioning.

As for Tauscher, if he's gone for the first six weeks of the season, it's unlikely they will keep him on the roster. I think he will not be resigned, and he would only come back if he healed up well AND the RT position was a complete mess.

Jayme's picture

Greg: Colledge was horribly inconsistent in '07 and the beginning of last season, and I think that has stopped people from realizing that his name was basically not called after game 8 last season. For a lineman that's a good thing. He dramatically improved his game, but many are still looking at the where Colledge WAS instead of where he IS in his development. He's become a pretty good left guard.

Pack93z's picture

Disagree, does a pretty good guard whiff on pass rushing stunts time and time again, run a simple twist at him and watch his head spin. Or watch how about every third or fourth rushing play he fires out to high and gets stood up and pushed.

Did he show well in some games yes, but so did he in 07'... remember him getting called out in the Cowboy game by MM.. after that.. guess what his ass started firing low and staying focused.. he improved for a number of games and played solid.. then it slipped again.. 08 wasn't any different.. he would have a solid game or two, then just seem to lose focus and revert to the same old tactics.

The JSonline article, looking at the age and experience of the players on the inside they should be the strength of the oline considering both tackle spots have questions surrounding them.. does that all of a sudden award them as being better than they are?

If this oline was as good as some touted, then there shouldn't have been any reason that we collapsed late in games last season by placing the defense in positions where they were allowed to collapse time and time again. Simply.. late in games when we needed to play ball control offense we couldn't partial due to the fact our offensive line couldn't take control and allow us to grind out the clock when we had the chances.. watch the game footage closely.. they just aren't collectively anything but average.

Asshalo's picture

"Just look at all those players. SOME of those guys have to be good enough, right?"

I want to laugh, but it kinda makes me nervous too. I think we have three solid linemen, but the two tackle positions are a major concern. Like always, it's the good teams that worry me. Even in 2007, when you wanted to beat the packers you just pushed them around.

MrBacon's picture

For every sack they let on #12, McCarthy shall take away 3 Bigmacs and replace them with 3 Celery Sticks.

retiredgrampa's picture

OL are among my favorite much depends on them. TT has belatedly realized this and has brought in several candidates who will fight it out for recognition. Unfortunately, numbers alone won't get it done. My longshot hope is that either Lang or Meredith can step in and take hold. I have very little faith in Giacomini and no faith in Moll to step up. IMO, the time for Wells is up. Spitz must take over and provide what Wells could not. Sitton must also establish himself at RG. Unlike most here, I fear that it will be necessary to bring Tauscher back late in the season (maybe 10 games left) to nail it down. If so, it will be an indictment of Campan's abilities. He was a good OL for the Pack, but so was Forrest Gregg.

Pack93z's picture

Good offensive line play is almost poetic to watch.... I miss that consistent poetry.

Tyler Bohms's picture

That o-line roster painfully screams average! Your article has me even more worried about the run blocking and pass protection.

Dale Z's picture

Because there's no pro bowler at every position? You should write something about it.

Tyler Bohms's picture

Yeah that's what I meant. I expect there to be a pro bowler at every position. While there is potential at every position on the line, there is also a depth of uncertainty at every position as well. While depth helps, it doesn't win on the offensive line. Talent and working as a unit do, and this group hasn't progressed yet.

Not everything needs to be puppy dogs and rainbows, there can be a level of doubt as well to the Packers.

By the way, for being a "write whenever u feel like it" situation, I've gotten a few comments from you guys on my lack of writing.

longtimefan's picture

Sometimes a lineman looks average at one spot, or even sucky, but you switch him to another spot and bingo you got a stud

Thats how they figured out Wahle was better at guard, if I am not mistaken

Dfosterf's picture

We get to complain about our offensive line here?


What Pack93z said, only more so. (My long version gets somewhat "ranty")

(Hey guys)

IronMan's picture

Hey dfoster welcome to the lounge! Feel free to rant away.

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