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Not That Good

Not That Good




Everyone I talk to, Packer fans and otherwise, seem to have a giant purple chubby for the Minnesota Vikings right now. Sorry folks, they're not that good.





Maybe it's just my hate for everything Minnesota in general, but anointing these guys Super Bowl Champions already is pathetic.


Great, you got through the Browns, the Lions, and the Niners.  If that's not any reason to brag I don't what is. Barring the Browns game (perhaps the worst team in the NFL) the showings weren't all that impressive either. You were down to the Lions, down to the Niners, and only a last second LUCKY pass saved your ass and welcomed mine to the world of Favre is amazing all over again.


Gimme a break. That pass gets completed maybe one out of 50 times, if not less. It was a miracle pass, in a desperation moment, which has somehow turned the Minnesota Vikings into America's darling, again. It's not godlike, it's not historic, and it certainly isn't biblical.


Brent Favre, please reacquaint yourself with Al Harris and Charles Woodson. These are the two gentleman that are going to wreck your day on Monday night. We all know you can't play against the 3-4 defenses. It didn't take many Patriot games over the years to figure that one out. Al and Chuck will be eating the leftovers all day long.


Face it, you got a guy who can run, two fat asses on the defensive line, and a backwoods hick on the end and that's it. That may be enough for the cellar dwellers, but won't be enough against the Green Bay Packers. Consider Monday night your first step to 4-2. Exactly where you'll be after the Raven's game.


I remember a team last year that went 2-0 to start the season and was already headed to the big show in many people's minds. We all know how that worked out.


I expect the same thing here, a whole lot of hype followed by a colossal meltdown shortly thereafter. We all know why the Packers dumped Brett on the street. He can't win the big game.


This could be the biggest of them all.


I'm not buying it, drinking it, or even giving it the time of day. The Vikings are average, and trying to convince me otherwise is going to lead to the longest comment section ever.


Try me, you'll regret it.

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Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

"Those grapes are probably SOUR anyway", said the fox.

Dude, you are a JOKE!

Favre has been in Minnesota...exactly....1 MONTH, and they are 3-0..

(Anyone remember that!)

They are only going to get BETTER!

AWAD and the Pack have been together HOW LONG NOW? How long has Teddyboy been trying to build an offensive line and a DEFENSE?


Now Tauscher working out with the Chiefs and Teddy-boy isn't going to give him a sniff?


When are you going to figure out that Teddy-Boy just likes to look at his "young boys" in the shower?

I can't WAIT til' the VIKINGS shove those hollow words right back down your throat!

yie yie

Alex Tallitsch's picture

They will only get older and more tired. The curve is already headed downhill. To pose another question... who have the Vikings beat? No one. Could barely hang with the Lions.

RonLC's picture

Sorry to say I have to agree on the Tauscher point. Don't take your hatered out on Rodgers. Your issue and mine is with TT. He has destroyed the O line with his complete incompetence/ignorance of how to develop an O line.

Matt M.'s picture

I have never quite understood people who troll other team's sites, especially when nothing *truly* constructive is added. Jeremiah, next time Mommy gives you permission to use the 'puter, please look up the words 'flamebait', 'infantile' and 'nice try.'

Lace's picture


Jeremiah's Johnson's picture


Exactly WHO did the Packers beat?

The LAMBS with a backup QB (and Kyle Boller, no less)


Lost to the Bungles in their house, and were LUCKY to beat the Bears, even after Cutler gave them 3 picks..


Stan's picture

Oh dear, it appears the Packers Lounge has got a virus... Alex you need to run your Anti-bitter-asshole software a.s.a.p.

Asshalo's picture

"You were down to the Lions, down to the Niners, and only a last second LUCKY pass saved your ass and welcomed mine to the world of Favre is amazing all over again."

Thank you. People have a right to be worried about that pass rush against our line and AD, but this is a division game. It's going to be close. I like our chances with our defenses turnover production (a la Mr. Woodson) and with their special teams coverage: "Why yes, purple people eaters! I will take the ball at the 45 after every punt."

Plus playing a padded schedule doesn't do you any good. We had a week to recover in St. Louis, now it's time to pick up where we left off with that season opener. People might take some of these points as hyperbole but there's no reason why this team can walk in there and steal a W.

And Stan, it's not a virus, it's a personality disorder. You should be more understanding...

PackersRS's picture

I think it depends on what "that good" means. That good to reach the playoffs? IMO yes. That good to advance in the playoffs? NO.

They still have a great DL and a great running game. Both our weakness...

Favre Haiku's picture

The 49ers
Dropped more of Brett Favre's passes
Than the Vikings did

Alex Tallitsch's picture

The Haiku bandit strikes again.

Holly's picture

A+ comment.

TD's picture

There is only one team and corresponding fan base in all of sport that brings out more hatred in me than the Minnesota Vikings (That would be the Cowboys and it comes from having lived in Dallas in the mid 90's when they were perennially drumming the Packers out of the Playoffs every year), and I too am pre-disposed to assuming everything about them is over-hyped and over rated. I have seen there annual charge out of the gate and subsequent death spiral act often enough to know this team is NEVER as good as the hype that surrounds them. They may be a play-off team in a milquetoast conference, but they ain't goin' anywhere when they get there.

Having said that, there are 5 things that scare the crap out of me heading into this particular game ...

1. AP, perhaps the one thing about this team that is truly NOT overrated.
2. Our inability to stop the run the last 2 weeks.
3. Their defensive line
4. Alan Barbe
5. Ryan Grant

We all know Brett Favre (from here on out referred to by me as 'That QB Who is Now Dead To Me') has a fairly predictable propensity to come out in highly emotional games way to amped up sailing the ball all over the field. The Packers will get plenty of opprotunity to get picks from that QB who is now dead to me. But if he doesn't turn the ball over, I suspect this one could get away from the Pack.

I just don't see them having an answer for AP, and I don't see them being able to run the ball and keep him off the field. If they don't get some easy scoring chances, I'm fearful about how this turns out.

Graffin's picture

I agree completely

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